Foods Trigger Headaches

Foods Trigger Headaches | Migraine is type of headache which is quite annoying. Arrival of a sudden and caused by many things. Starting from body fatigue, stress, to food. To prevent migraines, of course you have to maintain the condition of your body to stay fit, avoid stress and be careful of some of these foods.
Foods Trigger Headaches

Foods Trigger Headaches

1. Foods containing tyramine
Tyramine is a type of amino acid that is thought to be the cause of headaches. Tyramine can reduce the levels of serotonin in the brain, making the blood circulation is not smooth. Tyramine, as quoted from indiatimes found in the diet such as cheese, chocolate, alcoholic beverages.

2. Drinks or foods containing alcohol
Dr Sunita Dube, a dietitian says that the alcohol (eg wine), there are also substances called phenols phytocemicals. Phenols are headache triggers. This is why most people who like to consume alcohol, then felt dizzy and headache.

3. Chocolate
Tyramine is also found in chocolate. However, the difference at the same time, chocolate helps release endorphins so it does not eat chocolate every person experiencing headaches. Generally, the chocolate will aggravate headaches when someone is experiencing severe stress or hormonal changes.

4. Coffee
"Coffee is a beverage that get people hooked." Drinking coffee has both good and bad. On the bright side, high in antioxidants, in addition to coffee also helps facilitate digestion. However, some people can not stand coffee consumption, as it is sensitive to caffeine. If you have a headache, you should avoid coffee and more rest.

5. Sugar
Natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption category. That is because there are not too excessive and easily digested body. While refinasi sugar chemical composition has changed. This is what causes sugar can trigger headaches.

Well, now if you experience frequent headaches or migraines, you rest better and avoid inadequate menus above.
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