5 Ways To Lose Weight

Are you the one that had a weight problem? You may have done a lot to do various kinds of diet programs, and whether the results satisfy you? Maybe even some of you on a strict diet of torture, only to expect a satisfactory result.

In a study of health and beauty supported by expert health and beauty doctor described some of the secrets of the ideal body, slim and healthy. In this presentation you will not do a program of torture and the small likelihood of success. But you will be invited to do the things that is fun and easy to reach a goal and ideal of a slim body as you dreamed. At least five meets these secrets you need to know to achieve that goal. With five of the following ways when applied properly, it is expected to lose weight.

1. Hungry?
To get the body that you lose weight, you do not need to suppress hunger. Order food three times a day also did not need to be avoided, because if avoided would only harm the body metabolism. So, when you feel hungry, it is highly recommended to eat.

To be held that is when you feel hungry because of emotion. Emotional hunger occurs because of stress, sadness, boredom, anxiety and anger. Usually in this situation can cause excessive hunger and without feeling will eat more than what is needed by the body.

2. Preferred Eat
The second way of eating that is judged to be desired. But the food portion gradually decreased. For example, you have been accustomed to eat until the two plates. This time try to eat only one plate only.

3. Conscious Eating
Eat consciously can make you enjoy all the food being chewed. This way, we can make you automatically have to stop eating when satiated. With that level will decrease overeating.

4. Stop Eating When Neutral
If you're not physically hungry (feel faint and dizzy), it is highly recommended to stop eating. Stop eating when similar neutral means to stop eating before satiety. This habit can be trained by the body naturally gives a signal to stop eating when no longer physically hungry

5. Walk More
add a walking frequency. You also need to step on your feet longer. This can help you lose weight faster.
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