This Is The Omega 3 Benefits For Men

We all know the health benefits of omega 3, especially in women who want to look beautiful and healthy. Lots of research has been done in the last decade and the community has buzzed with newly discovered knowledge. Many food manufacturers in droves pinned Omega 3 into their food products. We are now seeing in milk, yogurt, frozen dinners and even bread.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential unsaturated fatty acids that are available from various sources. These acids are essential to overall great health and well-being and also have specific benefits when it comes to certain ailments.

Women from all walks of life swear to these benefits which include better heart function, increased energy, clearer skin, silky hair, improved circulation and reduction in pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms. So we know how women benefit from Omega 3, but are we aware of the Omega 3 benefits for men?

While men reap some of the same benefits of Omega 3 as women do such as healthier heart and cardiovascular systems, there are many other distinct Omega 3 benefits for men. Some of these benefits include:

1. Longevity
2. Sperm count increase
3. Decreased clotting risk
4. Lessened risk of hardening of the arteries
5. Increased prostate health
6. Lowered cholesterol
7. Protection against certain cancers
8. Improved mental health
9. Prevention of degenerative disorders
10. Arthritis pain relief
11. Improved immune function
12. Reduced inflammation

As you can see there are many Omega 3 benefits for men. These oils can be found in a variety of sources and are very easy to incorporate into the daily diet and lifestyle of anyone. Some sources include flax seeds, olive oil, and fish oils such as salmon, krill and cod. Other sources include milk, some vegetables and a variety of packaged products. Although it will depend on what brand you buy and the type that you buy, if you plan to purchase Omega 3 supplements in a bottle, the dosage can range anywhere from one capsule a day to several capsules with each meal, or a tablespoon once a day if it is in liquid form.

Omega 3 supplements can be purchased at a variety of places such as grocery stores, drug stores, specialty food stores and natural health stores. The latter will have the most expensive products and they may be of higher quality than those bought at a grocery store. A typical bottle of one hundred capsules costs about $12 but some bottles can be as high as $30 depending on the brand, the source and where they are bought.
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