7 things squash helps weight loss

Who is not familiar with the pumpkin? The fruit is often used as jargon in a celebration of Halloween and shaped in such a way that seems daunting. But besides that all the pumpkins turned out to have excellent benefits for the body and as a means to support weight loss programs. There are many reasons why this vegetable is round one of the recommended. There are at least 7 reasons you need to know why the pumpkin really help you lose weight:

1. Squash Are Very Calorie Diffuse

You feel bad and being eat an entire acorn squash. You've only done about 100 calories worth of damage, if that - which is almost nothing!

Squash contain a lot of water and fiber and other stuff that's not calories. I will go so far as to say that it's hard to put on fat just eating squash (not impossible, but definitely hard).

2. They Have Lots of Fiber

Squash have a relatively high amount of fiber in them, which help you lose fat. Why's fiber good? Well…

For one, fiber lowers the glycemic index of anything it's with. This is why, from an insulin hormonal perspective, apples are more healthy than apple juice - the juice has no fiber, so you get a higher insulin release with it, and consequently more of the calories are stored as fat by default.

The fiber in the squash also helps mitigate the insulin release of other foods you eat with it. So it makes your whole meal more 'healthy'.

3. Squash Fills You Up

From a caloric perspective, squash fills you up without a lot of calories. 600 Grams of acorn squash (a heaping plateful), is only about 200 calories. That's less than most yogurt cups!

Butternut, acorn, and other squash help you lose fat by filling you up without a ton of calories. You don't have that empty feeling, since you're not cutting back on the volume of your food.

4. Low Glycemic Load

Squash has a very low glycemic load. It causes a very low insulin release since there's not a lot of sugars in it, but a ton of fiber!

Really sugary foods (cake, doughnuts, hot chocolate, etc.) elevate your insulin and cause you to put on a lot of fat fast. Foods that don't trigger that much of an insulin release don't inherently put on as much fat - though you will still gain weight if you eat too much of anything.

5. It's Easy to Prepare

This aspect of squash passes most people by. Squash gets lumped together with all sorts of other difficult to prepare recipes to help you lose weight when it really is easy.

For example, I will roast a big batch of squash when I'm home on the weekend - usually a Sunday. Like three or four acorn squash. Then once I've taken them out of the oven and let them cool, I can just put them in the fridge and eat them throughout the week.

It only takes two or three minutes to microwave them into a meal during the week. It's super easy, and I'm sure you can find at least an hour on the weekend to devote to squash roasting - just slice them in half, remove the pulp, bake at 375 degrees for 60 or 70 minutes, and you're done!

6. Easily Transportable

Once you've cooked your squash, it's pretty easy to take anywhere. Put it in tupperware and take it to work or put in a plastic bag for lunch. Squash are tasty cold or warmed in a microwave, and you can even take them on planes to eat instead of the usual revolting meals they serve.

7. Squash Taste Good!

Squash taste good. This is a big reason they'll help you lose fat!

If you eat a diet that tastes horrible and that you hate, it's not sustainable. You'll never stick to it.

Squash is delicious and a bit sweet and you can eat a ton of it. If you add it to your diet year round, and not just in the fall, it can really help you lose fat by eating less calories
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