For Child's Nutritional Balance, Do not forget milk

Child's Nutritional Balance
Child's Nutritional Balance - Milk that has four hundred and nutritional components in performing the function helps balance the body's nutritional Indonesia and the world, says clinical nutritionist, dr. Samuel Oetoro, Ms.., SpGK. "Indonesia still ranks 111 out of 182 countries in Human Development Index and one of the causes are still very many health problems related to poor nutrition or over nutrition," said Samuel as Launch New Brand Identity Frisian Flag in Jakarta, Friday (10/12).
According to him, improved nutritional status of young generation is very important. The easiest way is to consume a variety of foods to meet the balanced nutritional intake including milk that has the best nutrition consists of calcium, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

"Consumption of milk is enough, to help children have a short-term memory better and help the growth of their bones," said Samuel. He added that the lack of substance in the milk will result in slower growth of children.

"Consumption of milk in Indonesia has increased from 7.7 liters per capita per year (2008) to 11.7 liters per capita per year (2010)," said President Director of Frisian Flag Indonesia, Cees Ruygrok. However, he said that figure is still on the order of the lowest compared with other countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand or even Vietnam.

According to data from the Coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare, the number of cases of malnutrition in Indonesia continued to decline from 5.1 million cases in 2004 to 4.42 million cases in 2005 and in 2007 to 4.1 million cases.
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Obama Has Stopped Smoking, What trick

Obama Has Stopped Smoking
Obama Has Stopped Smoking, What Trick to stop smock - White House stated: President Barack Obama has kicked the habit and quit smoking. "It's been about nine months since last smoked cigarette butts," said Presidential spokesman, Robert Gibss, in an interview with CNN. "He actually stopped. It is a commitment which I think he did for himself as a concern for health, and by two daughters," said Gibss.

Obama is like other smokers, had quit smoking before returning again. This time may be different. Gibss said so far the longest time that he was in the President without a cigarette. The reason a lot of research showing people who quit smoking during three months of often do not recur.

Gibss say, President Obama stop with the aid of Nicorette chewing gum and exercise and a lot of passion. For those of you who want to quit can follow the example of U.S. President follows.

1. Set targets for the date stopped. "Set one or two weeks," says clinical psychological experts from the National Cancer Institute of Tobacco Research Branch, Glen Morgan. "Think about the challenges you might encounter.

2. Talk to your doctor about anti-smoking treatment. "Get guidance from them," said Morgan. "They may recommend a particular treatment rather than changing behavior."

3. Get rid of all cigarettes. "Let no cigarettes around you, in your house," said Morgan. "That's important if you want to get rid of temptation,"

4. If you need to use nicotine replacement products, such as Nicorette and Commit, and drugs without nicotine.

5. Tell family and friends. You definitely want them to know, so they can support your
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Pain because of weather changes

Pain because of weather changes
Pain because of weather changes, now the weather is uncertain, in one hour can be changed from hot to rain, or vice versa. Weather like this make us vulnerable to disease. So, what is option to Us?
Health experts see humans as 'electromagnetic beings'. If there are changes in the outside (which happens when there is a decrease in air pressure or a sudden magnetic storm), then it will affect our bodies.

Our body automatically adapt to new conditions, which occur in large changes in small blood vessels that tried to maintain blood pressure levels earlier. The first thing to react when there is fluctuation in weather is a person who has the problem of cardiovascular disease. The low air pressure is also often a problem for those who have a problem hypotensive (low blood pressure). They tend to feel tired, nervous, and drowsiness. Meanwhile, people who hypertensive (high blood pressure) is very sensitive to the increase in air humidity and increase air pressure.

If you want to try hard, then you can slowly reduce the symptoms of sensitivity to weather changes with the fight:

1. Focus on the process of overcoming your health problems due to weather conditions often make existing illnesses worse.

2. Check the thyroid gland. Iodine deficiency will exacerbate sensitivity to weather.

3. Reduce or stop consuming carbonated or caffeinated beverages.

4. Support your immune with adaptagen, such as ginseng, vitamin C and vitamin E. Exercise also can help you, such as jogging and walking, to help repair blood vessels and strengthen the body's nervous system.

5. Whatever the weather, try to spend much time in fresh air.

6. If you have high blood pressure problem, then make the body as warm as possible when the weather is cold.

7. If you have low blood pressure problems, then start your day with physical exercise to stimulate blood circulation.

8. Eat a balanced diet. Do not start a diet for the maintenance of the body, but avoid overeating. Here's what you can add in your daily diet: beets, raisins, dried apricots, dried plums, oranges, beans, onions, and honey.

9. Always prepare for extreme weather changes. Always bring an umbrella and jacket.
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Total Folate in Food Portion

Total Folate in Food Portion
Total Folate in Food Portion - To lead a healthy life, we should consume folic acid every day, but we need to know, that folic acid is the best of natural foods, although folic acid can also be obtained from synthetic vitamins.
So, for folit acid can eat every day, we need to know the source of folic acid. The following are sources of folic acid that we need to know:

Cereals are equipped with folate (for breakfast), bread wheat, other wheat and processed products.

Meat and beans
Eggs, salmon, sunflower seeds, beans, green peas, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, and peanuts (no salt).

Vegetables (best folic source)
Cabbage, cauliflower, onions, rice bran, potatoes, parsley, parsnip, eggplant, and other green vegetables.

Bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, avocado, beets, melons, grapefruit, cantaloupe.

Beyond our expectations, milk, yogurt, cheese, fats, oils, and sugar, it was not a good source of folate. Except for maternal milk, which usually comes with folic acid.

All you need to consider, certain drugs can affect the absorption of folate in the body. For example antibiotics, drugs used to treat arthritis or cancer, or anti-inflammatory. Alcohol use also can affect the way the body uses folate.

The people who apply the low-carb diets may also reduce the intake of folate, because a lot of variety of carbohydrates (such as cereals, bread, pasta and brown rice) that are equipped with folic acid.
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Anemia in Pregnancy | Pregnant Disease | Heaelth Pregnant

Anaemia in pregnant women is still common, especially in Indonesia, Disease Anemia may be because there has been anemic as before pregnancy, or anemia can also occur because of pregnancy.
Pregnancy can cause anemia during pregnancy is an increase volume of blood so that red blood cells is relatively lower. In addition, reduced food intake because of nausea and vomiting and risk of bleeding at the time of delivery will also increase the risk of anemia.

If the hemoglobin in the first trimester of pregnancy under 11 g/dL, and the second and third trimesters below 10 g/dL, it was considered anemic. Effect of state of anemia on pregnancy depends on the degree of anemia.

If the anemia is mild, may influence barely existed. However, if the hemoglobin below 6 g/dL, the mother will feel quickly tired, and even cardiac dysfunction can occur. Routinely in pregnancy usually need to be examined hemoglobin so it can be therapeutic. The cause of anemia in pregnancy is often due to lack of iron.

Symptoms of anemia in anemic pregnant women the same as that experienced by adults, the mother becomes not fit, lethargic, weak, tired, tired, neglected (5L). Pregnant women also become frequent headaches, dizzy eyes, even to fainting, easy drowsiness, shortness of breath, decreased immune system, and easily fall ill.

Anemia in pregnant women can not be allowed, because this can cause fatal, both in pregnant women or in infants, because it can cause deformed babies, long labor, premature birth, and congenital defects of the baby.

To overcome Anemia at pregnant women should eat iron and folic acid, and this can be obtained by eating a balanced diet. In case of anemia, the doctor will usually give iron supplements and folic acid. If it comes to severe anemia, the handling is like a blood transfusion may be needed, depending on how it case.
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Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms

Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms - Complaints of heart attacks do not always like what we saw on the screen while the actors act out soap operas hold the left chest, while the glaring eyes, body bent, then fell to the floor.

There are a wide variety of complaints and symptoms of heart attack is not the same in every person, especially in women.
Heart attack in medical language is called acute miocard infark occurs because of blockage of a blood clot in the coronary arteries. There are many things that can trigger heart attacks, including the factors age, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, alcohol consumption, stress, smoking, and unhealthy eating patterns.

To recognize the potential for heart attacks as early as possible, recognize the important signs of heart problems following:

Fatigue and shortness of breath. Excessive fatigue and short breath are the two signs that try to sent the body so that you get some rest. However, these symptoms can also be a sign of heart problems in response to extra pressure on the heart.

If you often complain of fatigue without obvious cause, it could be a sign there is something wrong in the body. Short of breath and fatigue is most often experienced by women and occurred a month before a heart attack.

Cold sweat. Sweating more than usual, especially if you are not doing the activity, could be early symptoms of heart problems. This happens because the body works harder to pump blood through the coronary blockages so the body sweat more to maintain body temperature.

Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain Complaints of heart attack is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and cold sweat so confused with common colds. As a result, patients are not taken to the hospital. Relief that should be given to late.

Pain and stress in the chest. Although not all heart attacks have chest pain symptoms, signs are most commonly recognized as heart attack. Chest pain is described as a sensation experienced by depressed body weight or an elephant stepped on his chest.

Pain throughout the body
. The pain and stiffness throughout the body are also often experienced by people who have had a heart attack. Most experienced pain and numbness in his left hand. However, this pain can also appear in various parts of the body, such as the upper abdomen, shoulders, back, even the jaw.

First aid. When there is a heart attack, immediately bring the patient to the hospital. If possible, give the patient an aspirin to chew. The goal is to wage a blood clot.
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Slowing Hair Loss | Hair Health

Slowing Hair Loss | Hair Health - Growing age, both men and women will experience hair loss that leads to baldness or thinning hair. In men, 25 percent of hair loss begins at age 30 years and two thirds in the age of 60 years. These conditions are part of the aging process that we can not prevent, but can be slowed. The following tips:

1. Avoid styling hair that are interesting, such as pinching, or hair tie. Pull on the hair can cause hair loss, especially at the side of the head. This type of hair loss called traction alopecia. If the hair pulling causes scarring of the scalp, the result is permanent hair loss.

2. Combing hair too frequently can make the hair break. Therefore, avoid excessive hair combing. Use a comb with teeth infrequently and a soft brush. In wet conditions the hair is more fragile than when dry. Therefore, be careful combing of hair after shampooing.

3. Washing hair with shampoo too often can be bad for the hair. Use a conditioner or cream for hair after shampooing the hair more easily combed.

4. Using hair oil or hair care ingredients other continuously will cause inflammation in the hair follicle. As a result of hair so easily fall out.

On average we have about 100,000 strands of hair. Every day the hair will fall out up to 100 strands. In general, the hair will last up to 4.5 years and grown a half inch every month. In the fifth year, the hair will fall out and within six months be replaced by new hair.
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Breakfast Quality for Kids

Breakfast Quality for Kids - Breakfast is very important for children who are in a period of growth and is always moving on. A healthy breakfast, not only inadequate nutrition of children but also makes the brain learn and concentrate well.
For children 6-12 years, ideally breakfast menu consists of whole grains or whole grains, fruits or vegetables, nuts, milk or other animal products. Serves breakfast should not be too much because a large portion would interfere with the digestive system. We can add a snack in the morning so that children will be provided for energy until noon.

Carbohydrate source also did not have rice, we can replace it with a group of other cereal like wheat or oats. Cereals are an ideal choice for breakfast menu considering the completeness of the nutritional content and value of practicality. Cereals made from natural ingredients and contain more fiber which is equipped with a variety of vitamins. Thus, the cereal will not only meet energy needs, but many essential nutrients. Choose cereal for breakfast then it meets a quarter of the adequacy of calories in addition to the adequacy of many vitamins, and fiber.

Tip prepare a healthy breakfast for children:
1. Prepare healthy and nutritious breakfast menu balanced.
2. Choose a breakfast menu that are practical and varied from different kinds of food.
3. Breakfast does not have rice. Cereals, bread, potatoes and noodles can be an alternative.
4. Processed products such as milk or yogurt is highly recommended.
5. Could be supplemented with fresh fruit or a blend.
6. Give adequate drinking water.
7. Give also an opportunity for children to plan and prepare breakfast.
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10 Foods for Child Intelligent

10 Foods for Child Intelligent
10 Foods for Child Intelligent - Research shows, a lack of minerals and vitamins that are important to the brain can reduce mental alertness of the brain. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, combined with meat and fish to provide for major minerals and vitamins needed for physical and mental health.
What are some foods that can stimulate the growth of brain cells, improve function, improve memory and concentration and thinking of children? Here are 10 foods recommended by Dr. Saridian Satrix W, SpGK:

1. Salmon
Salmon is the best source of omega 3-fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are both essential for growth and development of brain function. The new research also showed that people who earn more fatty acid intake has a sharper mind and recorded satisfactory results in testing capabilities. Omega-3 fatty acid content per 100 grams of fish for salmon is 2.2 grams. Needs of children in omega 3 per day is 1.2 grams.

2. Eggs
Eggs are known as an important source of protein which is relatively cheap and the price is quite affordable. Egg yolk was solid part will contain choline, a substance that can help the development of memory or memory. The content of choline in 1 large egg is 126 mg. Compare with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter that contains only 20 mg and 300 grams of beef degan content of 66 mg choline. Children's needs will choline 200-375 mg per day.

3. Peanut butter
Groundnut (peanut) that many processed into peanut butter is one source of vitamin E. This vitamin is a source of antioxidants that can protect nerve cell membranes. Together with vitamins, vitamin E helps the brain and nervous system in use glucose for energy needs. Every 2 tablespoons of peanut butter contains 2.9 mg of vitamin E, while the needs of children between 4-10 mg per day.

4. Other Nuts
Peanut is a special food because these foods have the energy derived from protein and complex carbohydrates. In addition, nuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Nuts are also good food for the brain because they can maintain the energy and thinking ability of children at its peak in the afternoon if consumed when maakn afternoon. According to the research, red beans and pinto beans contain more omega-3 fatty acids than other nuts, especially ALA, omega-3 type of origin are important for growth and brain function.

5. Whole grains
The brain requires glucose supply or preparation of the body that are constant. Whole grains have the ability to support those needs. Fiber contained in whole grains may help regulate the release of glucose in the body. Wheat also contains vitamin B which serves to maintain nervous system health. Wheat contains vitamin B, 1.5 mg per 100 grams. While the requirement of vitamin B in children is 1 mg per day.

6. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is one of the most popular types of cereals among children and rich in essential nutrients for the brain. Oatmeal can provide the energy or fuel for the brain a much needed children's activities started in the morning. Rich in fiber, oatmeal will keep your child's brain needs are met throughout the morning. Oatmeal is also a source of vitamin E, vitamin B, potassium, d of zinc which makes the body and brain to function at full capacity. The content of vitamin E in 250 grams of oatmeal is 0.08 mg. The content of vitamin B 0.26 mg per 250 grams of oatmeal and zinc 6.19 mg per 250 grams of oatmeal.

7. Berri
Family groups berries (strawberries, cherries, blueberries), the stronger the color the more nutrients they contain. Give contain high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which is useful to prevent cancer. Some research suggests those who get the extracts of blueberries and strawberries experienced improvements in the functioning of his memory. Seeds from these berries was also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Colorful vegetables
Tomatoes, red sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, and spinach are the vegetables that are rich sources of nutrients and antioxidants that will keep brain cells strong and healthy.

9. Milk and yoghurt
Foods derived from dairy products containing high protein and B vitamins. Two types of nutrients are essential for the growth of brain tissue, neurotransmitters, and enzymes. Milk and yogurt also can make a full stomach because the content of protein and carbohydrate as well as a source of energy for the brain.

10. Lean beef
Iron is an essential mineral that helps the children stay energized and concentrate at school. Lean beef is one source of foods high in iron. The content of iron in 100 grams of beef is 4.05 mg. While the need for iron in children is 30-10 mg per day.
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Activate Brain by Food

Activate Brain by Food
Activate Brain by Food - Along with age, body and organ function we also experience the process of aging. So what can we do to sharpen concentration, improve memory and brain function? Just add this to eat in our daily menu, then the brain healthy until old age we will enjoy.

1. Coffee will make us more focused
Do not expect any magic wand which could improve IQ or make us smarter. However, certain compounds, such as caffeine, can energize and help us stay focused and concentrate.

All the benefits that can be found in coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, and some medicines. Although only provide short-term effects, caffeine is a pretty effective alarm. Remember: too much caffeine will make us nervous and uncomfortable.

2. Sugar can increase alertness.
Sugar is fuel for our brain. It's not sugar, but the question is glucose, a compound which digested by the body from sugars and carbohydrates that we eat. That's why a glass of sweet drinks may improve memory and thought processes of short-term. But do not directly depend on the sugar. Because excessive sugar consumption can make a memory impaired, plus add a number on the scale of our body.

3. Fill gasoline brain with breakfast.
Rarely breakfast? A study found breakfast can increase memory and alertness quickly. Students who have breakfast perform better in school than students who did not. The recommended breakfast menu is whole grains, dairy products and fruit. Avoid choosing a breakfast menu high in carbohydrate content, because it will make us disturbed concentration.

4. Fish is the friend of the brain.
Source of protein that is associated with increased brain works is the fish. The content of omega-3 fatty acids in fish is an important substance for brain function and development. These healthy fats can reduce the risk of dementia or stroke, and plays an important role in improving memory. Take place mainly in the elderly. Enter the salmon, sardines or mackerel in our menu three times a week.

5. Add a daily dose of peanuts and chocolate.
Nuts are a source of antioxidants vitamin E, which could reduce the cognitive decline that often occurs when we age. While dark chocolate, has a powerful antioxidant, plus caffeine which can make the brain better focus and concentration. Get a low intake of calories, fat and sugar by eating beans, peas and 10 grams of dark chocolate every day.

6. Input avocados and whole grains to the plate.
Every organ in our body depends on blood circulation, especially the heart and brain. Eating whole grains and fruits, like avocado, could erode the risk of heart disease and lowers bad cholesterol.

These natural ingredients will reduce the buildup of plaque in arteries and increase blood circulation which ends to make the working brain cells more agile. Whole wheat is rich in fiber and vitamin E. While avocados have monounsaturated fats are good for our bodies.
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Sleep Deprivation Can be Very Deadly

Sleep Deprivation Can be Very Deadly
Sleep Deprivation Can be Very Deadly - Death for man is an inevitable, sooner or later is just a matter of time. In relation to health, one of the factors that hasten death is a physical and mental fatigue due to sleep deprivation.
Quoted from AskMen, Sunday (19/12/2010), following several deadly effects of sleep deprivation.

1. Traffic accidents
An estimated 100,000 traffic accidents occurred within a year due to drowsy drivers, 15,000 of whom took the death toll. The main drivers of drowsiness while driving is fatigue from lack of sleep.

2. Work accident
Fatigue due to lack of sleep definitely affects performance in the workplace that can affect the development of a career or even job loss. Worse effects can occur when working with heavy equipment, because the risk is that workplace accidents can cause death.

3. Irritability, depression and suicide
Sleep quality is also a prerequisite to be able to think clearly and relax. Lack of sleep can make a person irritable and feel sad, which if allowed to drag on a while can cause depression or the effects of the worst suicide.

4. Obesity and heart attack
Unhealthy eating patterns are a major factor in triggering obesity, but also affect sleep patterns. Fatigue due to lack of sleep can hamper poduksi leptin or appetite-suppressing hormone, so the size of the meal not being in control. If weight loss is out of control, the risk of heart attack can occur at any time.

5. Diabetes
Various studies have shown sleep deprivation causes impaired metabolism of the food making it easier to increase blood sugar levels. The effects can be deadly, ranging from the difficult wounds healed up to the failure of kidney function and heart attacks.
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Unique Recipes from Different Countries to Solve Drunk alcohol

Unique recipes from Different Countries - Head dizzy and could not stand up straight is a symptom hangover from drinking liquor (alcohol). Apart from having to immediately stop drinking before vomiting and poisoning, several countries have traditional herbs to relieve symptoms.

Although to some degree, alcoholic beverages, especially red wine can be beneficial to health, the impact could be very bad if excessive. Drunk and vomiting early symptoms only, because if continued alcohol can lead to dehydration, blindness and even death.

Quoted from The Sun, Sunday (12/19/2010), here are some recipes from different countries to relieve headache due to drunk liquor.

1. Korea
Wine enthusiasts in Korea have a traditional recipe of proven hereditary relieve symptoms of headache due to hangover, which is a bowl of soup Haejangguk. Potions only consist of pork ribs, dried cabbage, cow blood that has been frozen, dried shrimp or dried prawns and some vegetables.

Secrets of alcohol drinkers in Ireland quickly so as not drunk was very simple, that ate half a dozen oysters while drinking alcohol. Oysters contain zinc (zinc), which increases blood flow so that it can counteract the effects of alcohol which tends to make the body weak.

Shamans magic in Haiti to teach the power of Voo-Doo to mitigate the effects of alcohol. Difficult to accept common sense, because it does not use any potions, simply by entering or re-cork the bottle cap into a bottle whose contents had been drunk. How strange, but reportedly powerful enough to prevent drunk.

4. Mongolia
Potion of Mongolia arguably the most disgusting, the eyeballs of sheep that had been acidified and then mixed into a glass of tomato juice. This herb should be drunk in one gulp if you do not want to choke or vomit because it's supposedly really like hell.

5. Poland
Poland know many recipes overcome drunk, but essentially the same that is used to neutralize the acid effects of alcohol. Some people use a very sour fermented milk, and often lead to problems in the stomach, but more popular is pickle juice mixed with vinegar or apple vinegar.

6. Ancient Rome
A general and philosopher of ancient Rome, "Gaius Pliny Secundus" aka "Pliny the Elder" teaches a unique way to cope with headache, by draping a series of leaf Parsley to the neck of people who are drunk. An alternative that also he taught was the swallow raw eggs mixed with garlic and olive oil.

7. Russia
As a country that has a tradition of drinking vodka held a national competition, Russia also has its own recipe to overcome the alcohol hangover. Quite simply because the only form of cabbage stew eaten with gravy after drinking alcohol in large quantities. However, before using the cabbage, 700 years ago, the drinkers in this area using the potion made from a mixture of dried eel and bitter almonds.
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Leg Cramps Prevent Tip

Leg Cramps Prevent Tip
Leg Cramps Prevent Tip - Leg cramps often occur at night and very painful. Cramps usually last less than a minute, but could also more than 15 minutes. The following steps can be taken to prevent leg cramps.
- Drink 8 glasses of water a day This not only prevents dehydration, but also reduces the possibility of electrolyte imbalance in the body. Sufficient amount of fluid in the body must be maintained, both before and after heavy activity or exercise.

- Exercise regularly Stretching legs regularly during the day will make the muscles relax and prevent cramps. If leg cramps occur at night, gently stretch your legs. This will help stimulate blood flow in the legs.

- Increase intake of potassium and calcium The minerals are important to help the process fluid in the body. Eat foods rich in potassium, like bananas, poultry, and fish. Fill calcium by eating low-fat yogurt or fat-free milk.

- Wear proper footwear with soles which support the body properly. Footwear or high heels should be avoided.

- Warm water bath before bedtime. This will loosen the muscles in the legs and reduce the possibility of cramps.

- Use a thick blanket thick blanket to put pressure on the foot. In cold weather, wear warm socks so much.
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Strengthen the Body, Stay Flu

Strengthen the Body, Stay Flu
Strengthen the Body, Stay Flu - The rainy season has arrived. Humid air temperature increase makes the body more susceptible to disease. Therefore, we must try harder to keep the immune system to keep it strong. What is a healthy action that had been done enough to protect the body from disease? Find out the answers of experts expressed the following:

Healthy Habits: Wash hands frequently
The word experts: Wash hands as needed. For example, when finished using the toilet, before eating, after visiting ais ill friend ,or after handling dirty objects . Which must not be forgotten also, wash your hands everytime we got home after traveling.

Healthy Habits: Always wash hands with soap.
The word experts: Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. "Also of note is getting used to wipe hands dry as possible after being washed for germs and bacteria does not stick," says Harley Rotbart, MD, a microbiologist from the University of Colorado, as well as the author of Germ Proof Your Kids. Currently in public toilets, should dry hands with paper towels instead of hand-dryer.

Healthy Habits: Close your mouth when sneezing.
The word experts: Use handkerchiefs instead of hands. This was suggested by William Schaffner, MD, professor of medicine and disease prevention at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Healthy Habits: enough rest when sick
The word experts: an adequate period of rest is not only necessary when you're sick, but every day. This is the key to making the body's defense system against disease to function properly. The experts also recommended that we balance adequate rest time to exercise. Therefore, diligent exercise can help boost the immune system and white blood cell production, and reduce the risk of influenza illness by 50 percent.
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When Male Menopause

When Male Menopause
When Male Menopause - During this time of menopause is always synonymous with women, whereas men may also experience periods like menopause. Should the male menopause is handled properly? Some of the men experienced certain symptoms when his testosterone levels are below normal. In some cases, the transition has led to a collection of symptoms known as male menopause.

"The level of testosterone gradually declines with age, usually around the age of 40 years. Even though natural, does not mean do not have physiological consequences that are not to be treated," said Alvin Matsumoto, MD, a professor of geriatric medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, as quoted by CNN on Tuesday (14/12/2010).

Menopause in males are similar to changes that occur in women aged over 40 years so anything with symptoms that appear, so some doctors began to agree with this condition.

Symptoms such as decreased libido, fatigue, insomnia, taste like burning (hot flashes), sweats, and weight gain was morose.

However, different from the changes of menopause in women who happen quickly, testosterone levels in men decline slowly over the years and not always visible. Only a small part that shows some problematic symptoms.

"There are always levels of" low testosterone "are blamed for these symptoms, they usually assume that condition due to other health problems such as stress, depression or heart disease," said David Zahaluk, MD, of Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton, Texas.

Zahaluk said earlier this year British researchers showed symptoms most closely associated with low testosterone, that is erectile dysfunction, erection in the morning a bit and reduced sexual thoughts.

The study concluded that very few men who actually do experience menopause, which is only about 2 percent of men aged between 40-80 years. Testosterone therapy is effective in young men, but if associated with decreased testosterone due to age is still uncertain.

For it is necessary to check first, so is unknown whether this decrease in testosterone levels require further treatment or not.
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!The Spirit in Morning, Drink Sweet Coffee

Drink Sweet Coffee
The Spirit in Morning, Drink Sweet Coffee - Good news for coffee lovers and enthusiasts of sweetness. Researchers from Spain have found good coffee with sugar, or drink black coffee but while the consumption of sweet foods in the other.
Apparently this is a step for a better morning. the article, which combined glucose caffeine will help activate the brain so that it has a fast response to attention, concentration, and memory. Similarly, a Legal Genius quotes from Beauty, Tuesday (14/12/2010).

So the next time you want a more vibrant in the morning, make a cup of hot coffee with extra sugar. The drink can increase one's cognitive abilities, in order to maintain the rhythm of the maximum attention and memory.
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Avocado Fix Dry Hair

Avocado Fix Dry Hair
Avocado Fix Dry Hair - On his way round the world, Rona Berg, author of Beauty: The New Basic find various beauty recipes from the regions he visited. Here is a recipe that she got when visiting Shanghai. This recipe is intended to restore moisture to dry hair after dyed. Ginseng is believed to help overcome impotence, restore hair from dryness due to colored.
½ avocado
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 egg, take the yellow

How to:
1. Avocado crush, mix with ginseng powder and egg yolk.
2. Massage this mask to the entire scalp, wrap a thin towel, let stand for 10 minutes.
3. Rinse, then wash as usual.
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Ways to Overcome Dry Hair

Ways to Overcome Dry Hair
Ways to Overcome Dry Hair - Dry hair is often distracting. Dry hair is usually easy to tangle, and if tangled, the edges are so easy to fall out. Try to observe, lest your true hair normally tends to be dry because you are wrong to treat.

1. Rinse with cold water
You must be very like a steam bath or hot enough water to rinse your hair. But hot water is not to keep moisture in your hair. For that, use cold water to maintain the hair moisture it needs.

2. Remove the lock of hair when sleeping
Let your hair free when sleeping. Hair also needs breathing room after a day of activities with you. Ties are too strong will cause the strands of hair are interested and eventually fall out.

3. Rest your hair from styling tools
Like humans in need of rest, the hair also needs time to rest. Styling tools that emit heat, like curling, blow dryer, and others, can make your hair become dry.

4. Observe the condition of hair
By looking at the condition of the hair more thoroughly you can find out the factors that can nourish your hair. For that you need to consult a dermatologist.

5. Do not shampoo every day

People who tend to be oily hair may be advised to wash their hair every day. But if your hair is dry, you should not do this. Washing your hair every day will deplete the natural oils present in hair. As a result, hair become dull, dry and wrinkled. Shampooing once every two days is enough.

6. Do not comb wet hair
In wet conditions, dry hair will be a little fragile. Combing or brushing your hair while still damp and wet can cause broken hair. The most well hell, let your hair dry naturally.
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Style Solutions for Thin Hair

Style Solutions for Thin Hair
Style Solutions for Thin Hair - Actually, there are many factors that cause hair loss or thinning hair. Call it disease, hormonal imbalances, stress, poor nutrition, or are undergoing a particular treatment. Compared to just moody lament the fate, let us prevent the loss and add volume to crown us with the following tips.

1. Give a touch of color on your hair
Such drugs can make hair become weak making it more vulnerable to damage and loss. But not with semi-permanent coloring, provided done and well cared for. This step will not bring destruction to the hair and the same time can make hair look more volume.

For optimal results, do not hesitate to consult the experts on choosing colors that fit with our skin. For the selection of the right colors will make us appear more fresh and hair more volume. Tip: Because basically colored hair that is more easily damaged and can lead to hair loss, hair care either still needed.

2. Use Developer's hair products
Because developers typically hair products containing paraffin or beeswax, if used often can cause buildup and make the hair brittle. So, more carefully select the product developer's hair. Choose which do not "burdensome" and destructive. For example, use mousse.

We can apply the mousse on the roots when the hair is still in wet conditions. Then, continue to dry the hair roots by using a hair dryer and use a comb to help create a fluffy hairdo. Give the final touches with a light spray hair spray for long-lasting hairstyle.

3. Hair Wash when dirty
To provide protection to the hair, the best step we can do is to familiarize yourself with shampoo when the hair in dirty conditions. Since this type of fine hair dirty faster, then the owner of this type of hair needs to wash more often. The bad news, this type of hair is also susceptible to fractures. So to minimize the negative effects of frequent shampooing, shampoo and conditioner choose the right developer.

4. Choose a hair style that fits
Use a hair dryer is not a problem, just that we should be more careful with exposure to high heat in our crown. Weapons beautiful like catokan straightener or curling can cause damage and broken.

In addition, also get the right hairstyle. Short Cuts is strongly recommended for hair owner of this type. Give a little extra wave or curl and add the shortest layer in the outermost reaches of our hair. Hair Pieces like this can lift and give volume to hair. Avoid having long hair, which will give weight to the hair and make it look thinner.
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Painting Hair will Add Gray hair ?

Painting Hair will Add Gray hair
Painting Hair will Add Gray hair - Each strand of hair has melanin, a pigment that gives color to the hair. However, for reasons that even the doctors did not know, pigment cells near the root of each hair began to retire. So when the hair is black or other colors started to fall out, his replacement is often white or gray hair.
White or gray hair is actually still the same with your hair that long, but now has no color. Sooner than appears gray in someone's head have a very strong connection with heredity. If you are among the older generation there is a gray-haired since he was young, it probably is too.

The most popular and easy way to cover gray hair is by painting. In fact, hair dye latest technology can restore your hair color tone in adolescence, even childhood. Thus, you can look younger with dark hair color that looks natural.

You do not need to worry, the paint will increase the amount of gray hair as long as these myths exist. "If we paint the hair, the hair will be more automatic and all the roots of black hair covered with paint. That is, if there is a new gray hair that appears, will be more visible. This is what is frequently thought to be growing more gray hair," said Jasmine K Karsono, Manager of Scientific Communication Procter & Gamble, told Prevention.

Be sure to select the gray hair care products with gentle formulation. Plus, with color levels are not much different from our original hair color.
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Keep Calcium in Blood | Bones Healthy

Keep Calcium in Blood | Bones Healthy
Keep Calcium in Blood | Bones Healthy - Expenditures of calcium in the body will be greater in adults, while the body can no longer accumulate calcium. Therefore keep calcium levels in the blood to remain normal to prevent loss.
At menopause the amount of calcium in the blood must be high, it is important to keep the amount of calcium in the blood remain within normal limits. Because calcium will continue issued, while the body can no longer hoard.

"Because if calcium in the blood is low, it will take calcium from other sources such as from bone, porous so fast," said Dr. Samuel Oentoro, MS, SpGK, clinical nutritionist FKUI-RSCM in the launch of a new logo and Frisian Flag Campaign 'Raih Esokmu 'in the Ballroom of the Ritz Charlton, Jakarta, Friday (12/10/2010).

Dr. Samuel also added at the age of 30 years, calcium in the bones will start out so that the calcium deposits that have been stockpiled since childhood through adolescence began to decrease. For that one must keep the amount of calcium in the blood remained normal so as not to take from other sources.

But do not think bone loss or osteoporosis, this only occurs in women, because men can also experience it, especially after experiencing andropause which aging or hormone system has decreased.

Calcium is consumed for example derived from milk will be absorbed and enter the blood. Whereas if you want to transfer calcium entry into the bone require assistance osteorotegerin compounds.

These compounds will transfer calcium into bone, forming the matrix (core), which makes bones become strong. If the matrix is formed is not perfect or it does not form would make the bones become brittle.

"For it's never too late to drink milk. As in adults especially those who have menopause, the milk can help keep the amount of calcium in the blood remained within normal range," he said.
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Tips for Keeping Body Metabolism

Tips for Keeping Body Metabolism
Tips for Keeping Body Metabolism - Lately, you feel easily tired and sickly? Condition your body must be maintained. In order to keep the daily routine, try the following tips to keep your metabolism is.

1. Keep your diet. Eat regularly, morning, noon and night. You are not accustomed to breakfast? You can start the day with a glass of fruit juice or milk. Lunch menu was not arbitrary. Four healthy 5 perfect you'll want to try. Avoid fast food. You need a source of energy, therefore, look for the best source of energy.

2. Meet the needs of your night sleep. Lack of sleep certainly makes you tire easily. angry and could not concentrate. Keep your night sleep as much as 9 hours. If a portion of your sleep has not been able to meet, try to substitute with a nap break.

3. Stress could be one factor that makes your metabolism down. Stress can make a disease enters the body and slow the healing process. Take time to chat with friends or hang out at your favorite place. Be someone who is always filled with happiness.

4. Exercise regularly, of course, will improve the freshness of your body. Just do light exercise such as cycling or jogging with your friends. Do it happily. Because the sport is done can not be forced to bear fruit also maximal.

5. This tips the ones you hear. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Two liters of water we consume it seems like the slanting point to regulate body temperature, blood flow and distribute nutrients throughout your body. So there is no harm in you getting used to consume water with the proper dose.
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Walk After Eating

Walk After Eating - Jakarta, after eating is usually a person will feel sated and lazy to move. But it was running relaxed after a meal can provide benefits for digestion.
Walking casually referred to here is not directly walk after supper, but give time for the body to rest for a while about 10-15 minutes. After that hoped someone could walk leisurely.

As quoted from, Thursday (12/09/2010) conducted a leisurely stroll after meals not only burn a few calories, but also helps the digestive process in this case makes the body organs work better. Leisurely walk after a meal also increases the food trips and help people with stomach ulcers.

Walking casually or slowly will stimulate peristalsis in the gut thus avoiding the buildup of food, making blood circulation is increased and the enzymes that work during the digestive process are sufficient to digest the food consumed.

In addition, walking leisurely for 10 minutes can be a cheap way to calm the mind, relieve stress, can prevent a person to think snacking, additional increases energy and also helps lower blood pressure.

Relaxed way this can be done anywhere, if it be at home enough to make the road back and forth in the house, whereas if it is outside can walk leisurely while enjoying fresh air.

According to the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center in Rochester leisurely stroll after dinner can help a person sleep more quickly and helps reduce cravings and snacking on high fat sweet foods late at night.

But someone is not advisable to walk fast or run after a big meal, because it can make the blood supply that should help the digestive process to be diverted to run fast. As well as making the heart work twice as big.

Meanwhile, for people with diabetes need more time before starting to run relaxed, ie 1-2 hours after eating. This is to wait when insulin and blood sugar levels remained decreased. Because if the direct current will disrupt the work of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels.
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Nutrition Secrets on Facing Exam

Nutrition Secrets on Facing Exam - Just before the exam, the student or students usually have to learn more extras. As important as learning is consistent, the brain also needs proper nutrition for the exam. Anything?
Reported by LIVESTRONG on Saturday (27/11/2010), here are some essential nutrients to the brain before the exam schools:


Eggs, nuts, seeds and nuts are the foods rich in protein that the body uses to produce amino acids. Amino acids are precursors (the originator of the formation of a compound) to the neurotransmitter which is a certain brain cells, which help maintain mental acuity and motivation.

Although eggs are generally regarded as a breakfast food, but eggs can also be eaten as a snack anytime during the day. Half a cup of cottage cheese (low-fat cheese) and 1 cup of yogurt can also sharpen the brain before the exam.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Humans have known fish as brain food since more than 2,000 years. Omega-3 oils are very important for development and human survival.

Omega-3 is also the nutrients that are necessary for learning, concentration and memory, because it is very important to provide enough energy for the brain.

Foods that contain lots of omega-3 such as salmon, sardines, walnuts, hazelnuts or cashews. Omega-3 supplements are also available in capsule form.

In addition there are foods that can help improve the performance of the brain, there are also foods that should be avoided, namely:

Simple carbohydrates
Simple carbohydrates can indeed increase your energy quickly, but carbohydrates such as white rice can also stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that calm the brain, and create calmness and relaxation. This is usually quick to make people sleepy, it should be avoided for students who will school exams.

Replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread or boiled potatoes. These carbs will make you feel full longer and increases energy.

Coffee and soft drinks
By the final exam, students also must avoid the consumption of coffee and soft drinks high in sugar. Caffeine in coffee and soft drinks can cause anxiety and interfere with the brain's ability to focus.
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Healthy Prostate with Vitamin C

Healthy Prostate with Vitamin C - A good and healthy prostate is essential for men, because of an unhealthy prostate can cause various problems. One way to keep the prostate healthy is to consume vitamin C.
The prostate is a small gland of a walnut that surrounds the top of the urethra. The prostate is served out mixed fluid and enzymes needed by the sperm to stay healthy.

Various diseases can arise if someone is not healthy prostate, prostate enlargement, such as interference or the most serious is prostate cancer. In addition, disruption of the prostate will also affect the emergence of problems in urination (pee).

As quoted from the LIVESTRONG, Saturday (12/04/2010) consume vitamin C through foods, beverages or supplements can provide benefits to prostate health in several ways, namely:

1. Reducing the risk of prostate cancer
National Cancer Institute says that a person who consumed vitamin C rich vegetables like broccoli tends to have lower risk for developing prostate cancer.

In addition, Prostate Cancer Foundation, reported consumption of 400 grams of broccoli per week can help stop the growth of tumors in prostate cancer.

2. Reducing the risk of prostate enlargement
Mayo Clinic said that consumption of vitamin C in vegetables may reduce the risk of prostate enlargement. Daily amount of vitamin C that is recommended for adult males was 90-2000 mg per day.

Vitamin C is found abundantly in vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, peppers and peas.

3. Helps fight bacterial prostatitis
Scientists from the University of Maryland Medical Center have observed that vitamin C can halt the growth of bacteria that can infect the prostate.

This condition can cause inflammation (inflammatory) prostate known as prostatitis. Some doctors recommend consumption of 500 mg vitamin C per day to help combat the prostatitis.

In addition to vitamin C, should be balanced with regular exercise, reducing koleterol and fat intake, reduce diuretic drinks such as coffee or tea as well as sexual intercourse regularly.
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Pregnant outside of Gynecology

Pregnant outside of Gynecology - Condition pregnancy outside the womb or an ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized in the oviduct (fallopian tube) had not reached the uterine cavity, but the embedded and grow outside the uterine cavity. Pregnancy outside the womb can occur in the oviduct, the ovary (ovarian), the cervix (cervical), and others.

Pregnancy outside the womb occurs due to interference on channel function in channeling fertilized egg into the uterine cavity. The inside wall of the oviduct of normal mucous membrane covered by the vibrating hair, which serves to push the embryo into the uterine cavity by way of peristalsis, as happens in the gut.

However, the function can be disrupted if infection had occurred in the channel, so consequently the result of conception remain in the oviduct. Apart from infections, impaired function of the oviduct may occur because of the endometriosis, adhesions, or insistence on the oviduct due to a tumor, and others.

In early pregnancy, women who become pregnant outside the womb have symptoms and signs of pregnancy as usual, the late period, nausea, and pregnancy test in urine showed a positive sign. But this pregnancy is not usually last more than 6 weeks, for prospective tissue or umbilical cord into the fallopian tubes will make the oviduct ballooned along with the growth of embryos. Furthermore, the oviduct walls will weaken and eventually rupture because it is not able to keep up the growth of the embryo.
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Faeces Color and Infant Health

Faeces Color and Infant Health - Twenty-four hours after birth, the baby will defecate. The first dirt is usually greenish black, and is called meconium.

Meconium is formed from ingested amniotic fluid when the baby is still in the womb, and was in his intestines since 3 months before birth. Soon after the baby starts to suckle, meconium will push out, because the milk stimulates the baby's digestive system to begin doing its job.

Change of color and shape. After removing the meconium, the stool that infants issued will change the color and shape, according to the composition of compounds in breast milk that you gave to them. The following changes and transition colors based on nutrient intake of breast milk:

1. Form of green or yellow-colored liquid. Usually this is a transition between meconium dirt and impurities that are formed from the "trash" mother's milk. Stools like this come out for a few days after birth.
2. Shaped like a grain of rice, bright yellow color and smell a bit sour. This is usually the feces produced after the baby is consuming milk regularly.
3. Shaped somewhat dense, pale yellow or yellow-brown, slightly sour smell sharp. This is the manure produced by the infants fed formula milk, in addition to breast milk.

4. Form of liquid, without the pulp, and green. It is a appearance of dirt, indicating that the baby has diarrhea.
5. Shaped like a round of goat manure, solid and hard, blackish color. It is a appearance of dirt that indicate a baby has constipation.

If the baby pup suddenly change shape and color of the reaction accompanied by crying and fussing, you need to give extra attention. Especially, give attention to the foods and beverages you consume can affect the nutritional composition of breast milk that your production.
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Specific causes of hair loss

Specific causes of hair loss - Occur due to hormonal changes, irritation or damage, a few holes in the scalp hair has a short growth phase and produce thinner hair. You will experience hair growth cycle and rest. Of course, this cycle is different for each person.

But in general the phase of the scalp (anagen), at least two to three years. Also at this time, your hair may grow less than 0.5 inch (1 cm) a month. Resting phase called telogen. This phase occurs between three to four months. At the end of the resting phase, hair will fall and new hair will grow at the same place. Once hair loss, stage of growth will begin again.

Most people normally shed 50 to 100 per day. But with 100,000 hair on the scalp, hair loss calculation will not cause baldness.

Gradually baldness hair is normal in old age. However, hair loss can lead to baldness when the amount of hair loss is more than the hair that grows.

1. Pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Pattern baldness is a short time of growing hair, and hair that grows not thick or strong. With existing growth cycle, hair roots that grow more shallow and much easier to fall out. Hereditary factors play a role. The presence of family history of androgenetic alopecia increases your risk of baldness. Descendants also have an impact on what age you start experiencing hair loss and speed the formation of new hair, and broad patterns of your baldness.

2. Cicatricial (scarring) alopecia. This type is a permanent hair loss that occurs when there is damage and inflammation in the pores where the hair grows. This prevents new hair growth. This condition can occur in several skin conditions, including lupus erythematosus or lichen planus. It is not known what triggers or causes this inflammation.

3. Alopecia areata. It is classified as an autoimmune disease disease but with an unknown cause. People with alopecia areata are generally healthy. Some people may have an autoimmune disease, including thyroid disease. Some scientists believe that some people have a genetic predisposition to alopecia areata experience and a trigger, such as viruses or other things that exist in the environment, making this condition. Family history who have alopecia areata makes you more likely to experience it too.

4. Telogen effluvium. This type is usually a normal cycle you change your hair. This happens when a few surprises your system - emotional or physical - causes hair roots to be pushed prematurely. As a result of growing hair will fall out. In one or two months, the hair pore becomes active again and begun to grow new hair. Telogen effluvium caused by emotional stress, such as death of family members or physical stress, such as high fever, sudden or excessive weight loss, extreme diets, decreased nutrients, surgery, or metabolic disorders. Hair grows back to repair itself, but it normally takes many months.

5. Traction alopecia. Excessive grooming or styling hair is too strong a pull to cause Traction alopecia. If this is stopped before the damage the scalp and create permanent damage to the hair root, hair usually grows back normally.
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7 Food Makes You Old Quickly

7 Food Makes You Old Quickly - Who is not tempted by the delicious fried sausage, potato chips, pastries, steak or soft drinks like soda and cola. All of these foods can indeed give you the sensation and pleasure.

But try to start to think twice to not eat these foods too often. According to nutrition experts, the type of food as it can accelerate the aging process.

The reason, most of the food contains fat and sugar content is very high, which would give unfavorable impact to body. Here are seven types of food / drink according to a nutritionist to make you older faster:

1. Carbonated Drinks
These drinks have high sugar content and low in nutrients. Sugar in these drinks can also lead to obesity, thus increasing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Research on nutrition conducted by experts at the Harvard School of Public Health found a can of carbonated drinks every day can cause a person to gain weight 7 kg a year.

2. Sausage
The one ni was very tasty, but unfortunately, according to new research in Europe these foods may trigger colorectal cancer risk. The culprit is the N-nitroso substances which are carcinogenic. This substance is formed when nitrite is mixed with additional ingredients of processed meat.

In addition, the sausage is usually made from lean meat. Chemicals and other additives in organ liver sausage can make someone work harder to neutralize it.

3. Coffee
Coffee contains caffeine. The important thing is not many people know about caffeine is the substance proved to increase stress hormones, and its effect can last for hours after consumption.

In fact, one of the greatest contributions of premature aging is a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol levels that rebound makes the muscles become fatigued, so that makes it a fast shrinking.

4. Chips and French Fries
Food is processed by frying at very high temperatures, thus triggering the formation of trans-fat-fat kind. Habit of eating foods containing trans-fat is associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease.

5. Sugary pastry
These foods contain lots of sugar that can lead to obesity. Pastry is also often made with hydrogenated oils that contain trans-fat.

Hydrogenated oil is made by adding hydrogen to liquid oils to make it more compact and easier to be stored. However, this chemical process also produces trans-fat. Examples of this process Hydrogenated fats are margarine or butter.

Trans-fat increases the risk of heart disease more than saturated fats, because it can suppress good cholesterol (LDL) and increase bad cholesterol (HDL) in blood circulation. In addition, the combination of sugar and trans-fat will make the pancreas and liver work harder.

According to the views of experts, forcing the organs work harder just means inviting free radicals. If the anti-aging food intake is insufficient to fight free radicals, meaning that the body may age more quickly and more susceptible to disease.

6. Red meat
Red meat does contain proteins that are important for tissue repair. However, eating too much animal protein can also trigger the loss of calcium from bone, thus inviting the risk of osteoporosis. Some research suggests that high protein intake in middle age poliartritis associated with inflammation, in which inflammation occurs in more than one type of joint.

7. White rice and white bread
These foods contain little fiber, so into the category of foods with high glycemic index. Such foods digested and absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly, thus making sugar levels soaring in no time.

This also will make the cell change and ripen more quickly thus increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, gall bladder, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and some cancers. Other foods with high glkemik index is mashed potatoes, wheat, processed and sugary cereals.

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Benefits Tasty Shrimp

Benefits Tasty Shrimp
Benefits Tasty Shrimp - Shrimp is a delicious seafood group and tasty. Shrimp containing protein with essential amino acid composition complete. However, until now many people are afraid to eat shrimp because of the reasons cholesterol content. Indeed levels of cholesterol in shrimp is not so high.
Let's recognize other benefits of shrimp:
1. Maintaining cardiovascular health because the content of essential fatty acids will lower bad cholesterol and prevent blood clotting pieces.

2. Meet the needs of the protein with amino acids that are easily absorbed body.

3. It is suitable for the diet because it contains low energy.

4. Maximizing the various functions of the body's vital organs because of the content of vitamins.

5. As an antioxidant that is able to maintain healthy immune function.

6. Helping working more than 70 kinds of enzymes, hormones, and the process of biosynthesis.

7. It is vital for intelligence and growth of children with high vitamin D and B12, and omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Prevent anemia and plays a role in the formation of red blood cells because iron and zinc mineral content is high.

9. Maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and joints with vitamin D, calcium, and potassium is high.

To note the shrimp is a food that is very easily damaged. Decrease the quality of shrimp caused by enzymatic reaction, chemical, and microbiological. One of the important treatment is to maintain the "cold chain", which is handling at low temperature, since from the shrimp caught up to ready to be processed.
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Family Support for Stroke Patients

Family Support for Stroke Patients - Brain obtained blood via two systems main artery. If until there is interruption of blood flow, called a stroke on one of these systems, though only a few seconds, can cause a variety of dramatic effects in many brain functions. In general, patients will experience a disability, even death.

Disability is so sudden it often makes the stroke patient difficulty adapting to new conditions so that the effect on mood. Some stroke patients are also more emotionally labile, being easily offended, easily crying or acting childish.

M. Nur (53), patients who have suffered disability due to stroke a year, admitted that he was now so easy to anger. Retired from the Department of Transportation is grateful for his wife and three children always be patient and support him.

"Now my emotions easily explode. There are things that are not pleased with just a little, I get angry and cry. Especially if the family treats me like a person with disabilities," said the man who was paralyzed half his body now.

In contrast to Nur, Lena (60) are grateful because her husband, Endang (63) who had a stroke 10 years has a stable emotion. "When compared with other stroke patients, my husband was quite calm. Only he is often lazy to do the therapy so that my recovery continues to nag him a therapy," he said.

Emotional changes, said Prof. U.S. dr.Teguh Ranakusuma, Sp.S (K), is normal. "The reduced capacity of brain tissue from stroke would also affect brain function, in addition to the function of motion also affects the psychological and attitudes. Moreover, the majority of stroke patients lose their independence," he said on the sidelines of the seminar Happy Life After Stroke in Jakarta (3/12).

Physical changes experienced by stroke patients can make them feel alienated from the people and they have the perception that he is no longer useful because they now rely on others. "Just imagine all of which become the foundation of the family now must become a family burden," said Prof.Teguh.

That is why, post-stroke recovery is intended not only to restore the independence of the patient but also restore the social aspects so that they feel life is meaningless. Prof.dr.Harsono, Sp.S (K), one of the speakers at the seminar said, the principle of rehabilitation in stroke recovery is defined as education and problem-solving process to reduce disability experienced by a person as a result of the disease.

Rehabilitation starts from the onset of stroke and continued for the long term, especially in the patient's home. Therefore, the family also needs to be trained in practical patient care in the home.

Activities that need to be considered for patients feel there is variation in life are social activities include family meetings, moderate exercise, and sharing with other stroke patients.

Lena, for example, she patiently encouraging her husband to continue to perform routine therapy and taking medication. After nearly 10 years, now Endang originally could only lie was able to walk and communicate again. She is also active in the club stroke.

Meanwhile, Nur, now trying to keep his emotions and with the limitations he tried to help his wife shop business. "Since the stroke I can no longer work, now wife to sell rice. I had a guard booth," he said.
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Miscarriages Frequent, Beware of Heart Attack

Beware of Heart Attack - Women who have had recurrent miscarriages are advised to better maintain the health of heart, because they are at high risk for heart attack in his life.

The team of researchers from Germany, the Heart journal published the results of research conducted on more than 11,500 women aged 30-60 years. Respondents who had experienced heart attacks seen a history of pregnancy and compared with the incidence of miscarriage in women other.

The results found that one in four respondents had experienced a miscarriage, although the figure may be even greater because many women who actually had a miscarriage but did not realize it.
When the trigger heart attacks are considered, such as weight, alcohol consumption and smoking, researchers found women who had miscarried three times or more, 500 percent higher risk of heart attack in the future.

Therefore, experts of the "Germany Cancer Research Center" was suggested for inclusion in a history of miscarriage follow medical records and is regarded as an important indicator of when the doctors will know a person's risk of heart attack.

Meanwhile, from 2876 women who experience miscarriage, there were 82 cases of heart attacks in a period of 10 years.

Even so, most experts do not see any strong link between heart attacks and miscarriages. "There are many factors why someone can be up to a heart attack, recurrent miscarriage alone can not increase the risk," said a spokesman for the British Heart Foundation.

If there are cases of heart attacks in women who had a miscarriage, she figured she might previously have experienced changes in the heart that are not detected.
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Blood Type A: Expand Vegetables

Blood Type A - Blood type is key to the whole body's immune system. This is an important explanatory factor in our bodies. Antigen contained in the works to produce antibodies in the blood are useful for fighting viruses that cause disease.

When antibodies recognize antigens from microbial invaders, there was a series of reactions called agglutination or clumping. There are many factors involved in the process of clotting, one of which is food.

There are several types of food that has the potential to agglutinate cells of certain blood types, so that certain foods can be very harmful to one or more blood group, but also can be beneficial to other blood types.

Blood type A
People with blood type A sometimes often face problems such as hypertension, heart disease, blood vessel problems, cancer and ulcer, even obesity.

A blood type is basically well-developed with fresh vegetable-based foods that are beneficial to the body.

There are 3 types of food to people with blood group A:

1. Very useful (as a drug reaction)
Carp, salmon, cod, sardines, mackerel, nuts, spinach, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, olive oil, bananas. rice flour.

2. Neutral
Tuna, yellow tail fish, maize, wheat bread, red onion, cucumber, taro, melons, grapes, cantaloupe, pears, dates, guava, chicken, ostrich, wild duck, pigeon.

3. Avoid
Eggs of fish, lobster, shellfish, mussels, octopus, shrimp, oysters, eel, shrimp, squid-cum, beef, buffalo, sheep, duck, cheese, ice cream, tomatoes, yams, potatoes, oranges, coconut or coconut milk , soda water, papaya.

Also, avoid pure milk-based products and limit consumption of eggs. Dairy products that can be consumed for people with blood group A is a fermented dairy products like yogurt. Fresh goat's milk also can be used as a substitute for pure milk of the cow.
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Six Nutrients For Healthy Eyes

Nutrients For Healthy Eyes
Six Nutrients For Healthy Eyes - Nutrition and antioxidants play an important role in maintaining eye health. The studies found that 6 of nutrients, including antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, is essential in maintaining eye health.

What food is rich in essential nutrients? You can get these vitamins from a variety of vegetables and fruits such as oranges, kiwi, grapefruit (grapefruit is acidic), dried apricots, tomatoes, peppers, raw carrots, green leafy vegetables including kale and spinach, green peas (beans/string beans .) In addition, this vitamin can also be found in nuts, grains, dairy products and eggs.

While lutein and zeaxanthin are also found in vegetables and fruit. Lutein can be found in yellow peppers, mango, and green vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and broccoli. Zeaxanthin found in orange peppers, broccoli, corn, lettuce, spinach, oranges, and eggs. Most of these foods also contain vitamins A, E and C.

Destroyer eye

Nutrition and antioxidants protect the eyes from the role of damage caused by the wave of red, blue, green, yellow and ultraviolet (UV). UV light, in particular, is very damaging lens of the eye, while blue light damage to the retina (a sensory membrane that lines the eye and serves to receive the image formed by the lens of the eye). In addition, free radicals (the rest of metabolism) also contributed to the damage. If not neutralized by antioxidants, then this process over time will damage lipids, proteins and other components of the lens. This will obscure the view, known as cataracts.

Antioxidants are components of food that helps maintain healthy cells and tissues in the eye and other organs. In the eye lens vtamin C and E contained high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin as well as some. Medium carotenoids concentrated in the retina of the eye.

The role of nutrition has been proved by studies miraculous. A study found that women with intake of vitamins C and E, riboflamin, beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin highest risk of impaired lower their eyes compared with the lowest intake of nutrients. In addition, those taking vitamin C supplements for more than 10 years 64% lower risk of having eye problems than those who never used supplemental vitamin C.

To prevent eye disorders, here are some tips that can be your guide:

* Consumption of diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Eating foods rich in vitamins is key to maintaining healthy eyes.
* Exercise regularly.
* Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke.
* Take a multivitamin.
* Use protective goggles. (OL-08)

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Vitamins and Substances for Eye Health

Substances for Eye Health - Although located at the top, there are several other substances that are also good for eye health. Although vitamin A is very beneficial for the eyes because it can prevent blindness and Xerophthalmia or dry eye condition that can lead to cataract disease.

Vitamins and Substances for Eye Health

1. Lutein and zeaxanthin
The substance of lutein and zeaxanthin may also help maintain the health of the retina with not only delay the changes in the retina, but also capable of being ancillary proteins. Lutein and zeaxanthin can be found in green leafy vegetables especially spinach and corn.

2. Vitamin C
Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant is also good for the retina and is able to prevent cataracts. This vitamin also helps the healing process and strengthen the eyes. If you are a smoker, drinker, or people with diabetes, it is better to increase intake of vitamin C because these groups usually have a little vitamin C in the body. Try the consumption of citrus, berries, peppers, potatoes and green vegetables.

3. Selenium
In addition to vitamins A and C, minerals are also important for eye health. For instance selenium which helps the absorption of vitamin E and produce antioxidants. Foods rich in selenium include Brazil nuts and seafood.

4. Zinc
Meanwhile, zinc helps the body absorb vitamin A and act as an enzyme that helps reduce the total content of free radicals in the body. Zinc is also capable of protecting us from macular degeneration. Foods rich in zinc which is wheat and beans.

5. Fatty acids omega 3
Food sources of omega-3 fatty acids that type of cold water fish rich in EPA and DHA such as salmon and mackerel. In addition to fish, we can get these substances from vegetable oil. In fact, omega-3 fatty acids have been packaged in the form of supplements.[]

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Signs of a Healthy Sperm

Signs of a Healthy Sperm
Signs of a Healthy Sperm - Sperm or semen for men is one thing that determines the sex life. In the semen or semen have millions of sperm that will determine the level of fertility. What kind of healthy semen?

For men experience erection and ejaculation are strong with a lot of semen is an enjoyable sex life.

Indeed, some people are naturally gifted to produce semen in large numbers. The problem is that not all men produce semen that much because cement production is also strongly influenced by the way of life.

But one is for sure, all men are able to increase production of semen is a lot to enjoy a strong ejaculation. One way to do a healthy living habits.

As reported by and, Sunday (28/11/2010) no signs to see whether a man's semen into the normal category or not, namely:

1. A healthy sperm or semen usually white or gray, sometimes yellowish. If semen pink or red it means there is a serious problem you should ask your doctor because the sign contains blood which will be diagnosed with a doctor.

2. When ejaculation semen fluid to form a sticky like jelly. If too thin can cause fertility problems.

3. The average normal volume of semen produced at ejaculation is 2-5 ml (half to 1 tablespoon of the size of England).

The volume of semen becomes problematic if less than 1.5 ml of the so-called hypospermia which makes a dry ejaculation. Meanwhile, if the amount of cement is more than 6 ml on an ongoing basis, the condition is called hyperspermia.

4. In each 1 ml of semen there should have 20 million sperm. Or at least the number of sperm for infertile men is 40 million sperm with 75 percent must live.

5. From the number of sperm that live before, then 25 percent should be able to swim rapidly toward the egg. And 30 percent had normal shaped perfect alias.

Normal number of sperm that is great for men's health because it can:
1. Improving the quality of sperm
2. Increase libido.
3. Produce healthy offspring lot.
4. Rejuvenate your body
5. Look youthful.
6. Gives energy and strength to the body.
7. Build immunity against disease.

So keep the volume of semen was normal and healthy by doing things like avoid smoking, alcohol consumption. Avoiding things that can trigger testis as hot as its frequency of wearing tight pants, too long sitting. Increasing circulation in the body by eating healthy and exercise.

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Prevent Breast Cancer with ciplukan Plants

Prevent Breast Cancer - Ciplukan plant, a clump of plants that are easily found on the farm was able to prevent breast cancer. Plants with latin name Physallisa angulata L has cytotoxic effects and suppressed the growth of cancer cells in vitro.

prevent breast cancer

Ciplukan contain "Fisalin compound" and "Withanolid" that was allegedly from the various reports containing anticancer activity. These plants also are cytotoxic in several cancer cells, could inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells MDA-MB 231, cell NCL-H23 lung adenocarcinoma, leukemia cells, and have anthihepatoma activity of human hepatoma cells Hep G2, Hep 3B, and PLC/PRF/5.

"From research conducted, confirm if ciplukan has the potential to be developed as an agent kemopreventif," said Ameilinda Monikawati on the campus of the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, on Wednesday (12/01/2010).

Benefits of these plants proved to inhibit breast cancer cells after the extract used. Extracts obtained from processing the "fruit ciplukan" which has eliminated the root.

Ameilinda said kemopreventif activity etanolik herb extract "ciplukan" be an alternative treatment of breast cancer patients. While breast cancer treatment with chemotherapy has been considered less effective. With chemotherapy often results in the resistance, as well as some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, toxicity to normal tissue, cardiac toxicity suppress the immune system.

"Because it takes an alternative cancer therapy safer, more affordable and effective," he said.

By "in vitro" of this research successfully suppress cancer cell growth by 20 percent. It's just not only in vitro, to support the research potential as an agent ciplukan kemopreventif on breast cancer test is also conducted in vivo. In vivo test is aimed to observe the effect of EHC on test animals strain Sprague Dawley female rats.

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