Vegetable Diet

Diet method is a clue that should be done by dieters who will get the desired target weight and how far the target weight loss within a certain period. And many experts reveal the various methods of diets derived from a variety of foods. One is what is introduced by researchers from the University of Toronto who have discovered that cholesterol can be lowered with the aid of plant-based diet and seeds. The research was done to 400 groups of volunteers with high cholesterol levels. They volunteered to conduct this research, and of the group was divided into three groups each have different levels of cholesterol.
The first group had a diet with low levels of saturated fat. The first group was doing a diet for six months which refers to animal fats and obtained results that the decrease in levels of low density lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol reduction on dieters average of 8 milligrams per deciliter
The second and third group tested two versions of the vegetable diet. They are doing the program for six months as well, and the results obtained are in this group decreased cholesterol levels 24 and 26 milligrams per deciliter respectively. And on the other side of the baseline level was typically about 170 milligrams per deciliter, while the level of 160 milligrams is considered high.
Plant-based diet, including natural fats in the form of nuts, and seeds. Because the plant, which contained practical dietary cholesterol.
So it can be concluded that a diet based on the consumption of nuts and vegetables into a diet is the most effective method compared with methods based on dietary saturated fat.
And indeed become a vegetable that has a content of knowledge is good for human health.
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Papaya Leaf for Health

Papaya Leaf for Health

Papaya Leaf for Health - In addition to consumption as fruit, papaya is also used as the efficacy of traditional medicine, especially by the Aborigines in Australia, the population of Vietnam, and several other Asian countries. Following a review of the content and benefits contained in the leaves of papaya based on research and facts on the ground.
Papaya leaves a bitter taste indeed, but apparently that's behind the bitter taste of papaya leaves a lot of benefits to our bodies, but unfortunately many of us who still do not know, but there are some who loved the papaya leaves. They are usually made with rice consumed as fresh vegetables.

Healthy Papaya Leaf
Healthy Papaya Leaf
Healthy Papaya Leaf

Of the several studies described in plant stems and leaves of papaya contains lots of white sap like milk (milky white latex) are likely to do as anticancer. Benefits of papaya latex proved health fatherly are natural anti tumor or cancer. The role was made possible by the content karpain compounds, alkaloids laktonat ringed with seven groups of methylene chains.
With that configuration, not only the tumor and skin diseases are cured karpain was also potent inhibit microorganisms that interfere with the performance of several digestive functions. So effective to suppress the cause of typhoid fever. Papaya leaves also contain various substances such as vitamins A, B1, calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron and water.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Women Health

A. Pimple
Drying the leaves 2-3 old papaya, mash with a given water, wring it out. Apply the juice on the acne.

B. Whitish
Take a papaya leaves, a piece of reed grass roots, fennel pulosari taste. Furthermore finely chopped papaya leaves, then boiled with other ingredients with 1.5 liters of water to boiling and filtered and then drink one glass once a day and be done regularly

fresh papaya leaf
Fresh Papaya Leaf
Fresh Papaya Leaf

In addition, more than 50 Amini acid contained in the sap of papaya, among others, acid aspartate, threonine, serine, glutamate acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysine, arginine, tritophan, and cysteine . The material is usually incorporated in the cosmetic industry raw materials for smoothing the skin, strengthens skin, strengthen the network to be suppler and keep your teeth from plaque deposits.

Benefits of Papaya for Health Include:

1. Improving digestion
Papaya leaves contain chemical compounds that can kill microorganisms karpain that often interfere with the digestive function.

2. Increase appetite
for children who are difficult to eat can be overcome by the way: take a fresh papaya leaves and the size of your palm, add a little salt and half a cup of warm water. Mix all and then blended and filtered water. This drink can be used as appetite enhancer.

3. Anti acne
Papaya leaves can cure pimples by making a mask

4.Menstrual Pain
For women who frequent pain during menstruation may try to use papaya to relieve the pain, how: take a leaf only, add the tamarind and salt. Then mixed with a glass of water and boiled. Drink when cool.

5. Dengue Fever
Papaya leaves can also be to cure dengue. The trick: take 5 bay leaves, add half a liter of water and boil. Take the water if it is left behind three-four of them alone.

6. Anti cancer
there are several mentions of discourse that papaya leaves can also be developed as an anti cancer. But this is still just a discourse so needs further research.

Traditional Processing of Papaya Leaf for Health

Launch period. Two pieces of papaya leaves are washed, finely crushed with a given 1/4 cup water, juice, with salt. Drink once a day at a time.
Smooth milk. Some papaya leaves are washed,. Warm placed around the breast.
Malaria and fever. Mashed papaya leaves up to 1/2 cups, add water 3/4 cup and salt, squeeze, strain. Drink 3 times a day, do five days in a row.
Increase appetite. Fresh papaya leaf washed, mash, give salt and water bit by bit as much as 1/4 cup, squeeze. Drinking water as well.
Malnutrition. One papaya leaves boiled with 1.5 cups water to boiling, then filtered to take water. Then drenched in toddler 2 tablespoons per day.
Flu. Wash three young papaya leaves, mash, squeeze, with salt. Drink twice a day for children, and four times a day for adults. (Various sources)

green papaya leaf
Green Papaya Leaf
Green Papaya Leaf

papaya leaf tree
Papaya Leaf Tree
Papaya Leaf Tree

Efficacy Papaya Leaf, In research conducted by Dang known, papaya extract will produce a molecule called Th1 type cytokines that help improve the body's immune system. This would support the therapeutic use of immune system to fight cancer.
Experts say, papaya extract has no toxic effect on normal cells and thus more secure than cancer therapy in general. In research, 10 types of cancer cell cultures killed with papaya extract and then observed for 24 hours. Apparently, papaya slow the growth of tumor cells in all types of cancer. So regular consumption of papaya leaves can keep us from germs.
Our health is very important of all. Prevention is better than cure and also Health is very expensive. Without health in our body, we can not do anything. So don forget to drink Papaya Leaf for Health

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Stress Management

You live in this world is an extraordinary gift that is given Allah (God). In this world we are mandated by God to be a leader to maintain and sustain life. But there are some people who think that life is an endless challenge. And because of our lack of gratitude and outlook on life is wrong then we often hit by stress. Indeed, stress is a part of everyday life. Many of these people are trying to manage stress much better than others. There are these individuals manage stress without the help of others, but it turns out there are many factors that may influence the ways to control stress in everyday life.
It is important to realize stress can come from many different sources and may enter your presence in a variety of different ways. It can come from work or home and family, can be derived from a lack of money or the inability to manage yourself. There are many reasons why individuals experience stress, but there are also many ways in which an individual brings stress on themselves.

Procrastination is one of the causes of stress in yourself to be larger. Because the reasons for the delay is of most people so they feel as if there were under pressure.. Waiting until the last minute to get something to put a tremendous amount of stress on individuals and can actually make the pressure of everything began to build. One of the best things that they are under large amounts of stress can do is keep a list in order to ensure that they get their things done in a timely manner. Let stress control your life that continues to mean you want a problem to yourself and this became one of the causes of a health crisis if you are not careful.
Controlling stress also means taking care of yourself. In the end those who exercise regularly, eat right, and get plenty of rest and down time can usually handle what is thrown at them and they can better manage their stress upon the people who eat lots of sugar and lack of sleep. While these people may feel that they work fine they are very likely under a large amount of physical pressure and when they begin to add to the emotional stress that they will very likely give into pressure and folding.
Meditation is something that is very helpful in controlling stress, but a walk or a regular exercise routine can be just as effective. Individuals who want to manage their stress and their life need to understand that meditation is very effective although it is not the only way to cope with stress and that there are many things a person can do to help them stick together under pressure.
One of the most effective stress management and the teaching of religion is always close to God Almighty to worship and are always grateful for the blessings granted by Him. And become a belief is God will not give trials beyond the limits of his servant. So believe in my heart that no matter how our burdens and problems that we face is certainly no solution.
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Subtract The Calories For The Brain Is Always Young

There is an easy way to boost brain power and prolong life, is skip dessert. According to one study, reduced food intake makes a sharper memory and create good health.
Eating is an activity we do every day to meet nutritional needs, calories, and other minerals that need to transform and our survival. And each of us to eat us know of any dessert, a dish usually has a high calorific value. But it turns out desserts that often we eat have some unfavorable effects on health. Some studies even say that one way to boost brain power and prolong life is skipped dessert. Due to reduced food consumption makes memory more sharply and make good health.
In mainland Europe Italy precisely caloric restriction studies have been conducted, differences eventually found that reducing food intake in a certain portion will be improved its health and prolong life. The study lasted for a long time because this has been known for years by experts, and scientists are finding out how much calories you should be pruned to improve health. Hence the study was carried out continuously until the can be found how many calories it takes real human body.

The study focused on the protein called CREB1, known as an important part in terms of memory and learning.
In experiments on mice, he found, reducing calories will drive a sharp memory if these animals can produce CREB1. He also showed that reducing calories increases the amount of protein made in the brain. By cutting 25-30 percent of calories, or about 600 calories every day, people can sharpen the brain's performance.
Thus found that a cup of tea or coffee also increase the number of CREB1 in the body, and this would be a chain effect in our lives and increase the power of thinking.

This research helps explain why the Japanese island of Okinawa residents over the age of 100 years per 100 thousand population than anywhere else in the world. Okinawa residents were eating fewer calories than the average person as a result of cultural Hara Hachi Bu, or eat up to 80 percent full.

This will reduce the amount of free radicals that lead to the heart. Thus, a healthier body. In addition, the Okinawans consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables and good fats as well as physically active.
That way it can be concluded that reduces 25-30 percent of calories as the same as not eating dessert. And a knowledge also that cutting calories can keep the human brain stay young, so it becomes an incredible discovery that could be one mediator diet program for our brains.
In the future there is hope to find how to activate CREB1, so as to create a drug or a cloth so as to keep the brain young without having to do a strict diet program. So little share from us, we should start from ourselves that eating it is necessary and required, but also should pay attention to our body's health factor. There is also a popular doctrine that "eat before hungry and stop eating before satiety" is a very valuable lesson to keep the body and organs of our body is always healthy.
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Stress Medications - Herbal Methods

When you experience something that makes you feel uncomfortable means you are under stress, a lot of ideas for the treatment of stress that goes to anyone who is suffering from stress. Actually this is not an easy job for you, you should get a drug that can stress you get from your doctor your therapist. Maybe this is one of the answers for you to overcome stress you are experiencing. In this article we will try to help you solve some problems concerning the treatment of stress.
And if you are one people with stress and in a long time, you should begin to consider all available options as presented by your doctor. And if you object or not done, then you should ask a doctor, therapist, or health care professional to get a good suggestion to reduce stress in you.

One thing that definitely can help is to improve diet or exercise plan. What you eat and drink has a lot to do with the chemistry of your brain, your brain has a lot to do with the way you feel and how much stress you experience. Alternative treatments such as hypnotherapy and biofeedback are also effective in many cases. Sometimes, depending on the severity that the person is experiencing stress, prescription drugs may be the only alternative. Your doctor may suggest trying something more herbal in nature such as Valerian root for your condition. Herbal website on the Internet often recommends Valerian root for sleep problems, although it can be used for stress-related problems. If you have a lot of stress in your life, this herb has been shown to help in situations related anxiety. Valerian has been shown to be effective as a prescription drug for many people with stress and anxiety. But although Valerian is a natural herb, it does not mean it is without side effects. Side effects to look out for include headaches and migraine type of digestion after using this herb. Valerian never be taken for more than three-month period of time. You can find these supplements in various forms, such as in tea or as capsules. Valerian, often compared with smelly feet, has a terrible odor and aftertaste prompted many to swallow it in tablet form.

Factors such as genetics of your body, and daily activities, can contribute to stress that you go through every day. If you have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, this may be the reason why your stress level is so high. If you have seen violent crime, or experiencing situations of violence, this time you may have post-traumatic stress disorder. To reduce your symptoms, medication is usually recommended. If you're seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist, they might give you an anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medication for your PTSD. Because stress can affect people in different ways, you have to decide, perhaps with the help of a professional, the best way to deal with it. Whether or not you have to take medication stress is the question you should approach with caution, especially if you have not tried every other possibility first. When other options are not successful, the drugs can help reduce symptoms of stress so you can begin to regain control of your life.
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Diets Effect On The Stress

It was common knowledge that foods that have a high fat content, sugar, and processed foods is a factor in obesity. And a less healthy lifestyle is also a trigger obesity in a person. And when you start a diet program to address obesity, then you will be confronted many diet programs that you can follow. But if you have the wrong take a diet program it will be psychologically pressure member for your body.

Many studies reveal that everything they eat and enters the body can affect a person's mood. This is in said in a book "Happines Diet", written by Drew Ramsey a psychiatrist from Columbia. And in principle the right food is the foundation of good mental health.
According to research at American levels of obesity and depression has doubled over the last decade, and it is a pretty alarming rate due to possible increases in subsequent years. And the main cause of all the above problems is the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is done by the actors a lot of diet programs there. The truth is the human brain is made up of nutrients that enter the body and the food is good and right is the foundation of good mental health. And this opinion is also supported by nutrition experts as well as expert psychiatrist.

Lose weight by simply cutting fat and calories, only ended in failure if not reinforced with food to improve mood, which triggers the feeling of happiness such as magnesium, vitamin B12 and conjugated linoleic acid. Without these ingredients in the diet, a person tends to be difficult to feel satisfied that he could not reach the target weight loss.

Conversely, a diet rich in healthy fats, like olive oil, grains, vegetables, and meat quality can provide mental health as well as streamline the waist size. The reason, the feeling of happiness to make an effort to lose weight more easily.
And for that reason above then when you just focus to get a lean body by eating low-fat, low calorie, you'll get is a failure and it is also accomplished by dieters. All that relates to the consumption of the brain are lacking. Brain eating what you eat . You can not do the best when the brain starvation.
Many argue that good food is relatively expensive. It was a big mistake because there are lots of good food choices but not expensive. You can eat healthy foods from affordable materials without damaging the budget.

That's enough to make you not too extravagant in running a good program and healthy diet. Although no doubt you would be better to invest in health food such as organic food is expensive indeed, centuries ago, humans spend the budget in food than in modern times, because it has different priorities.

And became an important understanding is more important to mention that which, has luxury goods and expensive, or give your brain a good and necessary nutrients. Surely the answer lies in your self each. So the conclusion is to do a healthy diet and not detrimental to your mental health even though it might be a bit expensive. From the extreme dieting are harmful to your health. And here a lot in the said articles related premises such diet programs for men, diets for women, suitable for a diet food, diet even the famous fruits good for health. Good luck ..
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Effects Of A Strict Diet

For some people, especially women, diet is considered as a powerful way to lose weight. Many methods and diet programs are offered and can be run by everyone as in the previous post revealed a lot of methods such as diet diet for men, diets for women, easy steps to lose weight and others. All of that is supporting the success of a diet program will be undertaken by the actors as well as you. And many promises in the offer there, supported by highly motivated and consistent then the result is that you can see yourself. But in addition to benefits that are so big of course there are side effects that caused, as saying there is no ivory that is not cracked, it needs to be aware of the effects you may experience especially if you are strict dieters because there are adverse effects to the memory for the perpetrator.
There are studies done in America that a strict diet is to reduce the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates, and since a considerable shortage of carbohydrate affects the person's brain memory and cause people easily forget.
A study involving a number of women aged 22 to 55 who go on a diet for a week. After a diet, the women were then conducted a test of the ability of memory tests. Result, the ability of respondents to be less than a week before the diet of carbohydrates.

The results can be concluded that the body in desperate need of carbohydrates to be converted into glucose which is needed for brain activity. Although the protein is converted into glycogen is also able to provide nutrients for the brain, but can not function as effectively glycogen glucose

So with the diet method that does the extreme reduction of carbohydrate (strict diet) the body deprived of glucose supply is very influential in the human brain works. And if that happens then the system causing the brain to decrease and the result offender will experience memory loss.
So for the record that not every diet is good for health especially diet that leads to instant weight loss. So just do a normal diet can also refer to the articles that are here. Do it with patience and make yourself a motivation in the success of the diet programs that you do. Thus you will avoid the risk of harm for your health.
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7 Cause of your trouble concentrating

7 Cause of your trouble concentrating - Each person would have had situations where difficult to concentrate. This condition can occur in anyone regardless of age status.

To learn about what trigger it, here are 7 reasons why your mind is accompanied by floating easily organized by the members:
1. Low hormone levels

Mind tools are scattered signals that you may be lacking vitamins or hormones, especially if accompanied by unusual fatigue. "If there is deficiency in thyroid hormones, so your metabolism slows down to reduce blood flow and function of brain cells in different parts," said Dr Orford, Staff Member of the Mayo Clinic, Preventive Medicine Division, in Scottsdale.

Do this: Make an appointment with your doctor to simply consult. After that, make a list each time a change of health disorders to help detect problems related to resource concentration disorders.

"You can also make a comprehensive medical examination, including blood tests," said Dr Orford. In addition, you also can ask your doctor to test for cardiovascular risk factors, such as hypertension, cholesterol, metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes. Because, if not immediately treated, can cause cognitive decline.

2. Hormones have been damaged

It is hard to concentrate is the most common complaints from women who experience perimenopause, said Kimberly Pearson, MD, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital Center, Women Mental Health.

Do this: If other signs point to perimenopause (hot flashes, sweating at night, vaginal dryness), to consider short-term hormone replacement therapy.

"Most women already do feel like getting back his memory," he said.

3. The influence of drugs

Several drugs such as anti-depressants can affect mood (mood) and concentration when you decide to stop consume it. Antihistamines, for example, the sedative can trigger long enough sense of drowsiness.

Try this: Post all of your drug consumption and ask your doctor, is there any of these drugs can cause interference concentration.

4. Cigarette

In addition to the general crock, the effects smoking can also affect your concentration. More and more and the longer you smoke, the gray matter of the brain more quickly lost. In fact, when trying to quit smoking, you will have difficulty concentrating, said Christopher Kahler, PhD, from Brown University.

"This is a common complaint for smokers. But, you will be getting more psychological advantage if you stop smoking," he said.

Do this: The more happy you feel when trying to quit, the more likely you to succeed, says Kahler. The point is how you can to improve mood (mood).

5. Does not Eating healthy

What do you eat a large impact on mental clarity, said Laura Middleton, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Poor eating habits increase the risk of diseases such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and other diseases that could interfere with cognitive function and trigger obesity-making more difficult to remain active, which is important for brain health.

Do this: "If it is good for the heart and cardiovascular system, it is good also for the brain," said Middleton, who suggested to adhere to the principles of the Mediterranean diet (high diet of fish, vegetables, and low in saturated fat and processed foods).

6. Busy

Residing throughout the day job behind a desk or behind the wheel of a car not bad. Jobs that tend to live and do not involve physical activity can affect the mind. Some minds remain sharp, you have to keep moving. Sports can increase the production of substances that slow the formation of plaques of Alzheimer's disease trigger.

"Need a few weeks to feel the benefits. But, after that you will experience positive changes very quickly," said Middleton.

Do this: Make a cardiovascular activity for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week period. "If you can do it for an hour, it was nice," said Middleton, who also recalls to include the training load. Middleton and colleagues found evidence that by being active throughout the day can help keep your mind still sharp.

7. Excessive anxiety

Excessive anxiety can be difficult to concentrate your cause. Because, with a restless mood, a person usually become hyper-alert to the surroundings.

Do this: If you can not concentrate because it is too worried, stop doing the work and do something fun to remove the tension in your head, says Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, PhD, professor of psychology department at Yale. Try to go to the streets, trying new recipes, or play with friends.
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Diet Program For Women

An effective diet program for a woman who seemed a highly improbable homework from your place. But is also influenced by a less precise approach that will help you find the destination that you always wanted. A key aspect of losing weight is to control what you eat and the portions you consume. And one of the causes of obesity is our habit of eating out, because they are often served portions that are designed to feed three people.

This becomes something good to eat in small portions of what you ask for when dining out. You start saving leftovers for tomorrow and you'll eliminate a lot of calories into your body. And with this method you will be able to save money and will allow you to stay strong when you really want to eat the excess. Another important thing to consider is what you actually eat and if it contains sugar. Avoid juice, coffee and soda high in sugar will give you the best chance to lose weight.

Once you pay more attention to these things, you should start an exercise plan. Getting a personal trainer would be a great idea for anyone who does not have the motivation to achieve weight loss. If you can find the will to go to the gym on your own, make sure that you set aside an hour to exercise every day. There are many exercise programs that claim you will be able to achieve weight loss in just minutes a day, but it just does not happen.

Design a workout routine that will allow you to work all muscle groups. This approach will allow you to begin to build lean muscle on your body and get rid of fat you have stored for long period of time.

Another important step is to start eating healthy and getting rid of foods that will cause you to become fat. Choosing foods like tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, corn and beans will allow you to start improving your energy levels to make the exercise less taxing on the body. Changing your diet will also help you to reduce calories and start living healthy.

Even if weight loss for women it seems like something that you can not reach, take the right approach will take you far. The key to weight loss for women is to take a comprehensive approach offered in this article.
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Prevent Infectious Bacteria in Formula Milk

Prevent Infectious Bacteria in Formula Milk - The presence of bacteria in the milk formula is not something new among food researchers. Association between bacterial milk formula in infants with the disease have been identified since 1983.

Need to know is the infant formula and baby foods are not sterile products. For this reason, milk should be brewed with boiled water at least 70 degrees Celsius temperature and consumed immediately after thawing.

After a scene with E.sakazakii bacteria in Indonesia, currently parents in the United States made anxious by pollution cases Cronobacter sakazakii in infant formula that circulates there.

To prevent bacterial contamination of infant formula, there are many steps we can do, as an appreciable portion shown by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. following:

  1. Use hot water to make infant formula milk powder of the formula. Hot water should reach 158 ° F (70 ° C)
  2. If possible, do not use milk powder. You can use liquid formula milk usually more sterile.
  3. Follow the instructions as stated in the manufacture of bottled milk.
  4. Discard milk or formula if you do not immediately drink it within 24 hours after being prepared.

Meanwhile, Lorry Rubin, head of infectious diseases at the Cohen Children's Medical Center, New York says, the most important thing parents need to know is, how to prepare infant formula correctly.

Glasses and bottles should be cleaned and sterilized and the water should be boiled and cooled before adding the powdered milk formula. "If you try to warm or wrong in catering, bacteria can proliferate and you have a higher risk to get sick," he said.
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5 Diets Celebrities Choice.

Having a sexy body shape and ideal is something longed for each person and also that the points are very necessary to the artists or celebrities on the go not aside Hollywood celebrities. In many ways they are doing to maintain their body condition.
And the most popular choice is exercise and diet, because two things are the most effective way to lose weight is always haunt them. Diet was common when they do a mold for a few people who admire them. And when you admire one of the Hollywood celebrities, you'll want to know what their diet programs do.
Here are five other diet programs rising among Hollywood celebrities:

1. Celebrity diets are supported by stars such as Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes. They both identified with menu-based diet on Harley Pasternak's, with five factors prior to abstain from food articles.

2. Controls portions of 100 calories per pack, is a requirement if you want a particular food snacking or eating out of hours have been scheduled.

3. Organic diet.
People who go on a diet with organic food has a certain belief. They are sober, without the content of organic food preservatives, and other foodstuffs. So if they abstain from organic food when diet, can help the digestive system of the body become more smooth.

4. Delivery diet.
This dietary treatment a special distinction. Reasons, day-to-day meals packed in frozen food fresh nan, who are ready to be delivered directly to your home. Food delivery services will provide healthy food portions. They control the content, total calories, and how much food should be consumed by its customers. The way this diet a distinction expensive, but many celebrities who underwent a diet that is, call it Denise Richards and Uma Thurman.

5. Think of Cookies diet,
recommended Dr. Siegal-which originally started in 1975-one of Hollywood celebrities who undergo this diet, is Jennifer Hudson. He was so fond of cookies. As for the daytime, you can try the philosophy of French women with eating lots of vegetables.

That's five diet programs on the current trend among Hollywood celebrities. If you are currently planning a diet program that suits you, then you can recommend any of the above diet program. Of course that suits your self because it is one factor that supports the success of a diet program. To note also is a strong motivation, so you can live with a consistent diet.
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The Exilis New Method Of Fat Absorption

Having a slim body ideal into many people's dream. Not merely for the sake of aesthetic appearance, to control the excess fat is also important for health. No wonder the number of beauty clinics and fitness centers compete to offer slimming programs.

There are a variety of program options. Start a conventional manner with exercise and diet, liposuction, or liposuction, the fat until the decay method using high-tech tools.

In the midst of a promising trend of liposuction weight loss in a short time, is now emerging new technology of fat burning using a device that relies on radio frecuesi vibration and ultrasound, the Exilis.

The principle use of this tool is to increase the temperature in the layer of fat that stimulates the metabolism and melt fat, It can also serve to tighten the skin.

Radio frequency vibrations contribute to heat the deeper layers of skin. This heat will shrink the fat cells, and stimulates collagen production. "This method does not require incisions or general anesthesia," he said.

One beauty expert said that the use of these tools have to go through a medical consultation. Examination of kidney and liver conditions is important because the fat will be absorbed whole lymphatic system. "Prior to this method the condition of kidney and liver must be healthy."

He said that the use of the tool is suitable for reducing the volume of fat and reshapes specific body areas with problems. For example, face, neck, or abdomen.

The technology that was offered in the capital city is also popular in a number of clinics in foreign countries. "This tool is a viable alternative for those who want to reduce fat and tighten skin in certain areas safely and without pain," said Robert Weiss, MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
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Honey for Health

Honey for Health

Honey for Health - Since ancient times, honey has been known as a beverage with many benefits for human life. In addition to being sweet and delicious drink to drink, honey also has many advantages in various aspects of human life, from healing illness, and for beauty.

Drink Honey for Health
Drink Honey for Health
 Drink Honey for Health

Benefits of Honey for Health

Here are some of the benefits of honey for your health:

  • Benefits of Honey which first helps you reduce the pain when you have felt the pain.
  • Honey adds energy during pregnancy and childbirth and also gives strength to the fetus.
  • A mixture of honey with herbs and eggs can accelerate the healing process of wounds in the abdomen or uterus after childbirth.
  • Orange juice plus honey can overcome heart problems.
  • Honey is very useful to normalize the function of organs, nerves and refreshing work.
  • Sugars and minerals in honey serves as a tonic that provides the energy source for the heart.
  • Mineral content of honey can reduce the degree of acidity and help to prevent stomach bleeding.

A Glass of Honey
 A Glass of Honey
 A Glass of Honey
  • Mix the honey with the juice of papaya. It is beneficial for growing children or pregnant women and also to facilitate breastfeeding.
  • Nutritious coconut water and honey mixture negate the harmful effects of excessive sexual desire.
  • Benefits of Honey then good for keeping blood pressure
  • Honey can reduce weight and cleanse the blood.
  • Honey is good for consumption by patients with anemia.
  • Honey can prevent osteoporosis.
  • In addition to overcoming a cold, honey is also a remedy for coughs.
  • Each gram of honey worth 1,000 calories 3280. Calorific value of 1 kg of honey together with 50 eggs or milk l 5.575, or 1.680 kg of meat.
  • All natural honey to treat wounds because of blisters or burns.
  • Honey is good for ulcer patients.
Honey Bee Hives
Honey Bee Hives
Honey Bee Hives
  • Diabetics are also safe to consume to get the benefits of honey, under the supervision of a physician
  • Mix the honey and carrot juice. This has benefits for the sight and good for those who often linger in front of the computer work.
  • Benefits of Honey can relieve the symptoms of asthma later if consumed as a juice with black pepper and ground ginger.

Now you already know the benefits of honey for your body. So what else is there to doubt? Fast, have a spoonful of honey every day and feel healthy.

Wild Honey Hives
Wild Honey Hives
Wild Honey Hives

honey bee picture
Honey Bee Picture
Honey Bee Picture

Our health is very important of all. Prevention is better than cure and also Health is very expensive. Without health in our body, we can not do anything. So don forget to drink Honey for our health.

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Food Myths And Answers

In the midst of research on food, not infrequently appear confusing instructions. Coffee for example. Some say coffee is very good for preventing breast cancer cells, but there's also say that coffee is not good because it can increase the risk of stress and heart.

A book by a health writer, Robert J Davis, titled 'Coffee Is Good for You' to try to answer the myths surrounding the health benefits of food. "Although the food should be one of the pleasures of life, some of which have caused anxiety and confusion," he said.

His writing is quite surprising. He called coffee drinkers just do not have the risk of heart disease or stroke. But, they have less risk than those who did not drink coffee.

He also added that the research evidence says that coffee does not increase cancer risk, but it lowers the risk in some cases. In conclusion, coffee far from unhealthy.

Just make sure not to add sugar and milk in coffee because it will increase the calories. And this is exactly what makes the coffee becomes unhealthy.

Not just coffee, Robert J Davis also explained some of the myths that are not true about carbohydrates can add weight. Faculty of Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health also explain why carbohydrates will not help you lose weight.

Another point of controversy is his opinion about organic food that is not always good for humans, and even called MSG is not harmful to the body.

According to him, which presented many nutritional benefits of research are not always black and white. "Meanwhile, following the nutritional advice will be very important for your health, not to ruin your dinner," he said.

Here's a list of myths contained in the book 'Coffee Is Good for You', as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Not true
- You need eight glasses of water every day for good health.
- Sea salt is healthier than regular salt.
- Detox diet makes you healthy.
- MSG is dangerous.
- Carbohydrates increase your weight.

Half right
- Raw vegetables more nutritious than cooked.
- Chocolate is good for you.
- Vitamin C fights colds.
- Gluten dangerous.
- Yogurt improves digestion.

- Wheat lowering cholesterol.
- Trans fats are dangerous.
- The Mediterranean diet is good for you.
- Dairy products can cause cancer.

- Mercury in sushi is a poison.
- Garlic lowers cholesterol.
- Tomatoes prevent prostate cancer.
- Organic produce is more healthful than conventional products.
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5 Foods Are Not Fattening

Being slim ideal is the desire of all people, but do not have to always run a strict diet of torture. Without having to perform in extreme dietary restrictions, you can realize all the five food premises following the selection of this
Now a lot of foods that claim to offer and low in calories, but be careful because maybe it's just a marketing strategy of producers to sell their products.
. And from now on you have to learn to know what is good food, in the sense that the food was good in consumption without affecting your weight.
Here are 5 foods that you consume that makes sense of fullness last longer and increase calorie burn:

1. Oatmeal
Being the best breakfast menu while undergoing a slimming diet that is rich in fiber and low in calories. Getting used to eat oatmeal for breakfast is also quite effective in lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Choose oatmeal without artificial sweeteners. If you want to add flavor, just add berries, like raspberries.

2. Almonds or nuts
Consumption of nuts, like almonds, triggering an increase in hormones that make the stomach full longer. Consumption of peanuts can also stabilize blood sugar levels and is a high-fiber foods that help lower bad cholesterol.
Nuts increase the excretion of the hormone serotonin in charge decrease appetite, increase happiness and improve heart health.
3. Olive oil
There are quite a lot of scientific studies that prove the role of olive oil control cholesterol levels, while reducing hunger. Olive oil is also known as skin cancer-fighting substances, and intestinal diseases, also serves to maintain a healthy heart.

4. Vegetable
Always serve green vegetables in the daily menu. Fish, green vegetables, olive oil, and fruits are the mainstay of the Mediterranean diet. Not only healthy for the heart and body, but also beneficial rejuvenate the skin.

In addition to spinach, broccoli, vegetables that you can select include eggplant, because it has low calorie content, so popular among health-conscious dieters. Despite potassium content and high fiber, eggplant has a positive effect on heart health.

5. Tea
Leave the fizzy drinks and coffee. Switch to plain water and tea fresh for long-term health. Consumption of fresh tea every day can help the process of fat burning and metabolism.

Green tea could be the right choice. Content of antioxidants called catechins in them to help speed up metabolism and fat burning. Green tea also affect the hormone leptin, which is responsible for controlling appetite.
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Effects On Diet Myths

When we go to the hospital for health checks, weighing the body must be done. And when you see the needle moving to the right scales in a moment make you surprised . Jump crossed a strict diet is the answer to get the ideal body. But there are still many believe the myth among dieters in the diet or mystical things in doing the diet.
Many health institutions reveal the truth about the myths surrounding diet developed in the community. Many of the knowledge obtained from books published as Sure-You-Can-Do Diets issued by Tim Nutrifood Research Center and among its contents are as follows:

Skip your breakfast

Myth: Diet is the reason a person leaves the breakfast. Not to mention if one is not familiar breakfast or too busy to do so. According to them, skipping breakfast can help reduce calories and lose weight.

Fact: Do not look at a breakfast with one eye! Breakfast is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. During sleep, your body does not get energy at all. To that end, breakfast can affect the entire daily activity.

Breakfast is an energy intake that can make the brain is much more focus and concentration, mood even better. In contrast, skipping breakfast will actually increase hunger and increase the share of lunch. Slim body even further away from you.

Diet free day

Myth: Some people liberate themselves from the diet on certain days. Establish a special day like this cheating, regarded as reward after you made it through the days of dieting before.

Fact: Diet is actually one of lifestyle. Giving cheating day will make your brain think that the days of dieting you've passed is a day full of misery. The result, you will be exhausted on a diet. With this pattern, your diet will only run until the ideal weight. In fact, a good diet is a diet-oriented healthy lifestyle prolonged.

A good diet not only provides ideal weight, but also a healthy life, even without the need for . So, ready to live a healthy diet every day. So start today to do a good diet, and create a strong motivation in running your diet program. And starts cutting a myth to believe in the diet so that the results you expect to be a reality.
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Easy Ways to Increase Metabolism

Easy Ways to Increase Metabolism - Metabolism is the process by which food and calories are converted into energy the body needs to perform the activity. Some related metabolic disorders frequently associated with decreased health status.

Actually, there are some easy and simple way to overcome the problem of metabolic disorders. Here are some Easy ways to increase metabolism through nutrient intake and nutritional as quoted from MensHealth:
1. Diet foods rich in iron

Iron intake is especially important to carry oxygen from the muscles to burn body fat. Shellfish, lean meats, nuts, cereals, and spinach are the best source of iron. But keep in mind, taking iron supplements is not the best idea, especially if it gets excessive. Too much iron intake has been associated with greater risk of heart disease in men.

2. Vitamin D

The researchers estimate there are still many people who have not quite meet the intake of vitamin D through their diet or eating patterns. In fact, vitamin D is essential for preserving muscle tissue metabolism. You can provide for the amount of vitamin D through food, especially salmon, tuna, fortified milk, cereals, and eggs.

3. Drinking Milk

There is some evidence that calcium deficiency can slow the body's metabolic processes. Research shows that eating calcium in the form of fat-free dairy foods and low fat yogurt can reduce fat absorption from other foods.

4. Watermelon

A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition claims, contain of amino acid arginine is abundant in watermelon fruit, can promote weight loss. The findings are based on the results of experiments on mice that are obese and arginine administered for more than 3 months. The result, researchers found that a decrease in body fat increased by 64 percent.

5. Stay hydrated

All the chemical reactions that occur in the body, including metabolism depends on water. If you're dehydrated, calorie burning process may be 2 percent less, according to researchers from the University of Utah, who monitor the metabolic rate of 10 adults related to the consumption of water per day.

In the study, researchers found that those who drank eight, or twelve glasses of water a day, have higher metabolic rates, than those who drank less than that amount. Thus some easy ways to increase metabolism.
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Select The Day Of Starting The Diet

Diet proved to have a particular ritual, namely the selection of the day to start a diet. According to a new study on Tuesday was the worst day to start dieting.
Undergoing a diet program required a high consistency in maintaining caloric intake into our body. That way we hope to do a diet program that you will get satisfactory results. Indeed, many factors that influence success in a diet program. Whether it is also an internal factor and external factor in the appeal of the internal factors external factors is more difficult to resist. Apart from these two factors there is another factor affecting the success of a program of diet, namely the determination of the day to start the diet program.
On this occasion will lay out how effective the diet plan in view of the time someone started the diet. In the hope you can plan your diet carefully in order to achieve satisfactory results as in the ads.

1. Monday and Sunday
The diet starts on Monday and the week is the most recommended diet because when we start a diet on Monday psychologically dieters have high motivation to continue their spirit to go on a diet.

2. Tuesday
Start a diet on this day, dieters may be a failure, because the dieter will lose a determination before the weekend dating. As a result when the diet has not been started, then the spirit could be extinguished.

3. Wednesday and Thursday
In two days if you start a diet program, it will experience a failure because as it is known that the actors need more motivation and adjustment of diet programs that are on the run .

4. Friday and Saturday
In addition to day and week Monday, Friday and Saturday is the day to do the diet. Because psychologically dieters gain more spirit because it has been ahead of the weekend.

The explanation is:
According to some experts change their eating habits can be a tough challenge in a week, especially when women are too busy and struggling with work-life balance as well as mental and physical affairs.

You need to set up a special grocery list and read the products on supermarket shelves carefully, so do not get the wrong information about food products you buy.

The study also found those who started the diet on Saturday and have a clear goal, especially in their minds tend to be more committed to their body weight to meet the targets.

One trap that makes diets fail, namely the lack of satisfaction of eating, food boredom, and discomfort eating. The most important thing and most probably the rest of the way women eat unhealthy.

There are many barriers that prevent women no longer control her weight. Boredom is one habit that must be combated by providing a convenient food choices and tailored to the experts who support the demands of their lifestyle. From there, came the decision to start a diet on Friday, where they have gone through a stressful day at work during the week, so Friday's release is deemed suitable.
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"MOTIVATION" Is Key To Successful Dieting

Each time you do a diet program, you must do it wholeheartedly. But all was not going to get maximum results when you conduct your diet program is run by not consistent. So many of the failures encountered in the program. Is a high motivation to be a key to success in dieting.
Do you have trouble reaching your target decides to diet during this? Let's look back a dietary pattern that you run. Are all regulations are met perfectly, including consuming foods that are recommended, accompanied with considerable activity, and perform appropriate treatment. If all these things have been fulfilled and your diet is still a mess, it could be the factor is your motivation or mental affairs is less and less likely to be consistent in living.
Actually we are at an early age and especially women have been taught how to stay healthy even we know that what needs to be eaten and also sports what is suitable to keep track fitness and keep track of weight, but still it's all just go by and not make us consistent in run
With these habits of diet plans just a mere discourse. What happens is a lack of commitment and motivation that will not produce maximum results.

For this reason, mindset women need to be changed that diet alone or exercise alone can not resolve a resolution that proclaimed diet. The best thing to a successful diet is the discipline in consuming a balanced nutrition, exercise the right to do, as well as the correct treatment,
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Effective Dietary Choices

Many people believe that the diet is the most effective way to realize the desire to have the ideal body shape. And for reasons of health and appearance as well that people eager to do the diet. But of the many diet programs available, there are some programs that are proven effective diet to lose weight.
To clarify, the scientists from the University of Copenhagen Denmark studying all that is now popular diets. They invited several groups of participants with the problem of overweight, both women, men, and children alike.
To clarify, some nutritionists scientists from several universities to learn all that is now popular diet as has been done by scientists from the University of Copenhagen Denmark. By way of inviting groups of participants who have weight problems, both women, men, even children.

In two months, each group doing a special diet, and at the end of the experiment, the scientists compared the results obtained. In particular, adult participants are offered a low-fat diet, which is 800 calories per day.
Among them:

1. Low-protein diet (13 percent of total energy consumed) with the glycemic index (GI) high.

2. Low-protein diet with low GI.

3. High-protein diet (25 percent) with a high GI.

4. High-protein diet with low GI.

In addition, a group that has been researched nutritional standards followed by recommendations. As many as 45 percent of children who previously excessive weight also follow the diet.

The results, which follow this diet group attained an average reduction of 1.67 pounds (approximately 0.75 kg) in two months. The most effective form of dieting is the third and recognized as the most simple diet.

For those high-protein diet, weight gain on average less than 0.93 kg compared to those with a diet low in protein. In the group of low-GI diet, lost weight less than 0.95 kg of high-GI diet group. Thus as reported by Genius Beauty.

"Therefore, for those who want to lose weight is expected to focus on lean meats, low fat dairy products, and nuts. Limit foods rich in starch, such as white bread and white rice, "suggested the researchers
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Diet According To Genetics

Many have complained that it has done a lot of diets but body fat is still no change. So consider this, especially if you also experience it. Because may be the diet you are doing nothing wrong. So this time we will try to explain one of the so-called diet program diet as genetic. Diet is an introduction and advised by Interleukin Genetics Inc.. They do some sort of genetic tests to recommend a diet that fits for you.
In a meeting of the American Heart Association, the researchers said a small study of 140 obese women to lose more weight than those who do not follow the diet as genetic.

"With genetic information can achieve weight loss without pharmaceutical intervention. And help those who are experiencing problems BB, "said Christopher Gardner of Stanford University, California.

There are three types of genes, namely FABP2, PPARG and ADRB2. It said 39 percent of Americans were white genotype have low fat, 45 percent have a type with a low-carbohydrate diet. Then, 16 percent had a gene mutation, so it must be careful with fat and refined carbohydrates.

More than a year, people who diet to follow genetics, weight loss reached 5.3 percent. While the diets that do not correspond to genetic, losing only 2.3 percent.

"One of the gene variations affect the absorption of fat from the intestine. So they have to avoid fat in order to reduce weight, "said Ken Kornman as Chief Scientific Inc. Interleukin Genetics.
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Factors Cause Delays in Pregnancy

Factors Cause Delays in Pregnancy - Many couples have been married for many years but have not also given a baby. They usually have a variety of obstacles to get pregnant and have children. Therefore, should the couple seeking for a solution to solve the problem.

Factors that cause delay pregnancy

or cause trouble getting pregnant include:

A. Hormonal abnormalities in women.

There are several hormonal abnormalities that become difficult for a pregnant woman, namely:

1) hormone imbalance that causes disruption of a woman's menstrual cycle.

Women who experience menstrual cycle problems tend to have low fertility. So it can affect the quality of eggs produced. Whereas low-quality eggs would be difficult for a fertilized consequently becomes difficult pregnancy. Women who experience this problem, it is advisable to consult your doctor to get treatment and healing therapies.

2) Experiencing allergy hormonal abnormalities in sperm.

Women who experience hormonal abnormalities sperm allergy caused by the woman's body produces antibodies each penetrated by sperm, resulting in rejection of the sperm cells. This causes difficulty conceiving and difficult woman to have children. Women with this disorder should perform paternal leukocyte therapy Immunization is beneficial to reduce the levels of allergic antisperma hormonal abnormalities in the woman's body.

3) Have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that causes the release of eggs a woman's menstrual cycle disruptions. A woman who had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, should conduct a strict diet therapy, if it has a history of obesity. If it does not have a history of obesity, do check the gynecologist to get a drug that according to the condition of his body.

B. Low sperm quality.

Low sperm quality is usually caused by abnormalities in the formation of spermatozoa. In addition, the good and bad lifestyle can affect a man's high and low sperm quality.

C. Psychic conditions

The cause trouble conceiving may also be influenced by psychological conditions of husband and wife. Marital relationship is not likely to cause problems harminis difficult to have children.

D. Genital Abnormalities

Genital abnormalities can occur in men and women. Abnormal genitalia, can not function properly, thus causing the problem difficult to conceive in a couple.

Causes of difficult pregnancy can occur in men and women. Intensive examination of the gynecologist can be done to determine the cause of difficult to have children that occurred in the couple. So that it can be therapeutic and appropriate treatment to address these problems. [healthy food]

___other health news Vitamin for breast growth Healthy
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4 Diets That Are Suggested

The desire to have a beautiful body is to be the desire of all women. But when the session diets lived, many people just can not afford to retreat due to the restriction taking a fairly dense. Before you chained to it, looking for alternatives as a distraction diet can be the best way.
And today there are many choices of diet programs are fun and do not restrain you with a variety of rules limiting food consumption. Here are some references that you can try the diet.

1.Diet ornish

This diet was developed to keep the heart disease that often haunt the mind. Ornish diet is usually characterized by being a pure vegetarian and eat a diet very low fat content.

Observers suggested diets, the perpetrators may consume 15 percent of calories from fat sources. Outside food, considering this diet is a diet rich in fiber is focused on physical exercise regularly.

2.Diet rotation

This diet is a diet that is usually done for those who are allergic to some foods. One of them is to eat foods that do not make allergies for four consecutive days. This will help a person with allergies have more energy pascapemulihan food does.

The result, this also will reduce the occurrence of other food allergies. Typically, this diet is usually done under medical supervision. So, first consult with a nutritionist before embarking on this diet.

3.Diet elimination

This diet is to eat foods from each food group and may cause your allergies. Basically, this elimination diet focuses on replacing foods that cause you are allergic to other foods is still of the same food group.

For example, if you are allergic to rice which includes carbohydrate group, then you can replace it with corn that is still in the same food group.This diet also requires medical supervision. So, do this diet after you consult with a nutritionist

4.Diet macrobiotic

This diet encourages a person when he wants to do preventive against health or want to cure him of an illness. Although there is no strong evidence to prove that this diet helps a person in driving the disease, but the best thing about this diet is healthy lifestyle patterns.

For this one diet, the main foods consumed are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and brown rice. This diet is very effective in fighting foods that have high fat content. Analysts expressed, in addition to eating vegetables and fruit, dieters should also stay away from this animal and dairy products.
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5 Steps To Healthy Eating

You want to eat healthy that can affect your lifestyle? Then you must know how to eat healthy. In today's era of many bad choices but impressed comfortable and easy to live a lifestyle that's ugly. But in fact we have many reasons why we must learn to eat healthy. Because then we can keep our bodies from a variety of deadly diseases such as cancer, heart and others.
If you have never tried to make changes to eat healthier, you may need some advice. Here are five steps you need to take to learn how to eat healthy.

1. Evaluate your current diet.
You need to start by determining how bad your current diet. You may not eat that bad. Then again, you may. All you need to do is get a good understanding of what kind of food you consume and then you can decide which changes you can make.

2. Think about the meat you consume.
Many people worry that any meat is bad for them, but the actual meat is an excellent source of protein, which you need. Instead of cutting the meat of all, you may only need to change what you choose meat. Consider options such as poultry or fish, are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Do not forget about the drinks.
When you learn to eat healthy, it can be easy to overlook what you drink. However, an important beverage. Soda is very high in sugar, which is very unhealthy. Also, beer can contribute to getting fat. You need to consider healthy beverages like water and fruit juices.

4. Stop going to fast food restaurants.
These restaurants renowned for offering foods high in saturated fat and very unhealthy. You will need to stop eating these foods or you will continue to cause your cholesterol to rise.

5. Know that you need a diet plan unanimously.
When you learn how to eat healthy, you will need to understand healthy eating pyramid so you can make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

Learning how to eat healthy will help you avoid illness and achieve your desired weight goals. You can make this happen by following the five steps listed above.
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The Basic Of Weight Loss

Among today's society is many myths and beliefs about weight loss.And with a variety of diet programs that are emerging today, the question of how to lose weight naturally even that question is very often encountered . And many people do them suitable diet according to the condition and their condition. But the fact is that we should return in understanding the basis of weight loss program you are undertaking.
Why is obesity increasing

Every supermarket stocked full of food or food that claims low-calorie diet or low-fat, but food items are not available a few years ago. People eat normally. Staple diet of bread, butter, jam, meat and potatoes, but this is a food item we are told quite often do not eat because they will change us into the obese or overweight in the least. This is kind of strange that all so-called good food available and consumed per day did not reduce the levels of obesity in fact they have increased at alarming levels.

Tips to lose weight - do not eat artificial food

Many people believe that they are the best weight loss diet and eating foods low in calories or low fat regular basis, but they are still not losing weight. I think the reason could be that many people obsessed their body weight and believe that the best foods for weight loss are the goods packed as diet food. If you stop and think about it for a while, generally referred to as diet foods filled with artificial materials to make them taste better. This is not good or helpful to put something artificial in your body. Your body that is not intended for artificial materials.

The best foods for weight loss - Policy

Our diet has clearly evolved over the last hundred years and the fact is that food in abundance and wealth generally enables us to buy a luxury. I believe that if we go back to old eating patterns and food sticks to the trees that are only available at the time, I believe we will have a weight problem is much less. Supermarket filling their shelves with staple food items, but people tend to get easier or choice of low fat options.

If you want to know how to lose weight naturally, we look at what foods were consumed last year. Forget the take out, micro food and return to good old food. Yes, it even includes a low-fat butter alternative that is not currently available. The problem is that low-fat alternatives are generally filled with a substitute to make them feel like the real thing, but a replacement is generally made of artificial materials, which is not good for you or your body.

I think when you start to see normal food and do not look at all things as the extra weight you will start losing weight naturally and when this happens you will know how to get motivated to lose weight by following the example set by your predecessors .
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Vitamins Make Breasts Grow Healthy

Vitamins that Make Breasts Grow Healthy - Breast consists of fatty tissue and mammary gland, whereas breast growth occurs during puberty and continues into adulthood. The size, shape and color of the breast is influenced by hormones, nutrients and genetic owned.

Even so some of the vitamins known to help the growth of breast sizes and protect it from damage, as quoted from Livestrong, Wednesday (19/10/2011), namely:

1. Vitamin A
This vitamin is known to dissolve in fats that enhance immune system function and protect the breast from free radicals that can damage and delay the growth of breasts. Addition of vitamin A also can repair damaged tissue, increase collagen production and helps the healing process.

Some foods are known to be rich in vitamin A as carrots, sweet potatoes, milk, pumpkin, spinach, radishes, broccoli, melons, apricots and tomatoes.

2. Vitamin C
This vitamin is an antioxidant which is soluble in water and can also protect the breast so that growth is not disturbed. This vitamin can also balance the hormones, maintain hydration of the breast tissue, breast and strengthen connective tissue reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Some foods that are known to be rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, cranberries, broccoli, grapes, cabbage, tomatoes and spinach.

3. Vitamin D
This fat-soluble vitamin that helps in the process of the genetic code, increase muscle mass, helps absorption of calcium, repair damaged tissue, promote breast growth and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Some foods that are known to be rich in vitamin D such as salmon, tuna, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt and cereals are also ready to eat.

4. Vitamin E
This vitamin is fat-soluble antioxidants and serve to protect breast cells from damage, helps promote breast development, healing damaged tissues, strengthen blood vessels and brings nutrients to the breast tissue.

Some foods that are known to be rich in vitamin E such as sunflower seeds, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, soybeans, corn oil, hazelnut, peanut butter and peanut Almo. [health nutrition]
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Supplement Diet Aide

There are different types of weight loss supplements currently on the market. With new products being released quite often, it may be difficult to decide which to buy. In order to determine the best supplement for you, you need to consider what types of supplements are suitable for your consumption.

One option supplements designed to reduce appetite. Kind of thinking behind this is simple. If you eat less, you lose weight. While this is true, some appetite suppressants work better than others. Each product is made from different materials. Some people have a system that will respond better to certain materials than others.

Popularity of low carbohydrate diet carbohydrate blockers have sparked sales. These products help the body to eliminate excess amounts of other carbohydrates may be stored as fat. By helping the body convert sugar into energy, these products can provide several advantages.

Fat blockers work to help the body eliminate excess fat from the system before it can be stored in the body. If the body is not allowed long-term access to excess fat, you may lose weight. This product should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet to achieve the best results.

Metabolism and weight loss supplements work to improve the energy efficiency of the amplifier in which the body burns fat and calories. Many people suffer from a sluggish metabolism, and indeed need a boost. Higher activity levels, as well as certain foods, can further work to increase your metabolic rate.

There is a combination of supplements that work to provide different benefits. This is probably the best of all, because it is important to overcome all the reasons why you are having trouble losing weight. A combination of the amplifier is an appetite suppressant, metabolism, and energy supplements can help you close some of the key factors that will increase weight loss.

Some people worry about the ingredients in this product. In fact, many of these supplements include ingredients found in nature. Acai berry, green tea extract, and other fruit and vegetable extracts are substances that are often used to produce the products. In addition, the vitamin can also be added in order to help support your body needs while shedding pounds.

Indeed, there are various types of weight loss supplements on the market today. Spend some time researching every type of product that will help you choose the best one for you. Although there is no substitute for proper diet and strength exercise, supplements can help you achieve your goals faster.
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Acupuncture Can Solve This fifth disease

Acupuncture Can Solve This fifth disease - Formerly, acupuncture is only known in eastern medicine. But now, western medicine had already started to adopt it. Acupuncture works by inserting or manipulating needles into "acupuncture points" of the body.
According to the teachings of the science of acupuncture, this method will restore health, fitness, and in particular is very good for treating pain. Some experts have recognized the effectiveness of traditional medicine from China, especially in treating various diseases such as below:

1. Painful

More than a dozen studies over the past decade have shown that acupuncture is more effective than conventional medicine to treat osteoarthritis of the knee and lower back pain, said Dr. Brian Berman, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Maryland, USA. even, acupuncture has also been believed effective for reducing migraine symptoms.

2. Indigestion

Since the first, acupuncture is believed to be able to overcome symptoms of vomiting and nausea, according to study results from the National Institutes of Health consensus panel.

"Medical acupuncture releases a calming neurotransmitter, like serotonin and dopamine, and reduce stress hormones," said Alex Moroz, MD, an acupuncturist and director of the Musculoskeletal Integrative Medicine Program of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU Langone Medical Center.

3. Side effects of chemotherapy

Recent research shows that acupuncture not only reduces the symptoms of nausea and pain in patients who were undergoing chemotherapy. But also help alleviate neurological symptoms such as dizziness, itching or tingling.

4. Hot flashes

Acupuncture works by regulating the vasomotor system (part of the nervous system that controls blood vessel diameter), which affects blood pressure, heart rate, and dilation of blood vessels - all of which play a role in providing heat effects on the body.

A research shows that acupuncture can help reduce hot flashes by 50 percent and its benefits will last up to 3 months.

5. Stress, anxiety and mild depression

Acupuncture can counteract stress by releasing neurotransmitters such as hormom endorfn and reduces production of stress hormones like cortisol. This therapy also helps improve blood circulation to carry oxygen to body tissue distribution and release of cortisol (stress hormone).
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