Cinnamon Can Prevent Diabetes

Ohio, Do not think because his name is 'sweet' and then cinnamon can improve blood sugar levels. Spice this one actually can prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices used by humans. According to the study, aromatic spices and sweet this can prevent and cure diabetes and heart disease.

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Diabetes and heart disease are two illnesses that was greatly feared by many people. And most of the second cause of this disease is food.

A study found that cinnamon contains antioxidants solution that can reduce the chance of getting diabetes and heart disease up to 23 percent.

Researchers from the Centre for Applied Health Sciences at the Fairlawn, Ohio, United States, studied 22 obese people with prediabetes, which is a critical state before diabetes is still treatable.

Half of the participants were given 250 mg of cinnamon soluble in water to drink everyday and the rest were given a placebo (contains no cinnamon).

In that study, researchers looked at participants' blood before and after surveys. The result, found that participants who drank cinnamon solution can increase the antioxidants associated with blood sugar for 13 to 23 percent.

"This study can demonstrate the effectiveness of cinnamon juice in the prevention of diabetes and heart disease," says Richard Anderson, lead investigator from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as quoted from Dailymail, Saturday (28/08/2010).
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Mosquitoes Like Blood Beer drinkers

Burkina Faso, dengue fever and malaria are examples of dangerous diseases caused by mosquitoes. These wingless insects love to suck human blood. And did you know that mosquitoes prefer the blood of most beer drinkers?

Anopheles gambiae is the main carrier of malaria in Africa, because this mosquito prefers to suck human blood. Mosquitoes are attracted to different body odors including breath odor.

Because of the high cases of malaria in Africa, researchers from Australia conducted a study in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Researchers conducted a study with a complex system of tubes, which direct the body odor 43 participants in the boxes so that mosquitoes can choose a favorite scent.

All participants are male sex between the ages of 20 to 43 years. Half of the participants were asked to drink a liter of beer 3 percent while the rest asked for a liter of water.

The study was conducted four times, namely before and after drinking beer and also before and after drinking water.

Was most liked by mosquitoes blood group of beer drinkers. Proven, 47 percent of mosquitoes like the blood of participants after drinking beer, compared with 37 percent before drinking beer. While at drinking water there were no significant differences, that is the same before and after drinking water by 37 percent.

"The consumption of beer increased mosquito proved increasingly attractive," writes Thierry Lefevre, head of research, in the online journal PLoS One, as quoted from Torontosun, Saturday (28/08/2010).

But Lefevre did not know why mosquitoes prefer to suck the blood of a beer drinker.

Mosquitoes attracted to the smell of carbon dioxide, but beer drinkers are no longer dispose of the gases after drinking. In addition, the mosquito also likes to body temperature, but beer also lowered body temperature several degrees.

"Metabolism of beer that could attract mosquitoes is still a mystery. But what is certain is that drinking beer could increase the risk of contracting malaria," said Lefevre.(mer/ir)
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Healthy Tips to Make Body Fat

Healthy Tips fatten the body. Emang skinny body has not often make us confident, all sorts just his nickname, from the board walk, the foot of mosquitoes, worms, cungkring, begeng de es be easy, all of which make us feel inferior just want to hang themselves. lho? meant to fatten the body ..

If the count, more indeed many people [especially women] who want to take care of the body rather than fattening the body. Because according to research more girls feel fat than thin. But i also loh little girl/boy who was thin and want to fatten the body.

So, for all of you who want to be fat, follow these healthy tips, fatten the body follows.

1. Add a portion of Eating

Add servings you eat slowly [not direct, because you need an adjustment stomach]. This proved to be the most potent recipe for added weight. But of course you must consider the ability aja your digestion, not to outside of the limit digestion ..

2. eat 6x/day

Try to eat at least 5x a day. Morning at 9, lunch at 11, continues to clock 2. In the afternoon eating again approximately 5 hours, and hold evening hours seven. If it is still capable and still awake, eating again approximately 10 hours. It sounds really scary, but as long as you healthy foods and portions are appropriate, this trick can make the scales go up drastically.

3. Enough Rest

Eat a lot of useless if you can not body enough rest. So, set a healthy sleep pattern, at least eight hours a day. even if less than eight hours a day, you could be busyness disela2 nyur2 time to rest briefly. important to make the body you always in comfortable circumstances.

4. Sport

Sport is very important for the process of forming and keeping your body metabolism. So if you want to be fat, do exercise regularly .. Sports focus for the formation of muscle mass, such as fitness or body language. This is what makes your body more contained and shaped

5. 4 Healthy, 5 Excellent

Besides ngatur food portions and intensity, type of meals should also be considered. Do not arbitrarily choose the food. Find the appropriate menu Healthy 4 5 Excellent. Moreover, in order gemukin body, is very important milk tablets, you should drink milk 4x daily, especially whole milk.

6. Additional Supplements

Nothing wrong with adding your consumption of food supplements, appetite enhancer, or other vitamins that you can maintain good health.

7. Snacking

Proven snack and cepet naikin weight. So, if you want to fatten the body quickly, let's get into the habit snacking culture. Bring snacks everywhere, especially chocolate.

8. Honey and Fish Oil

To add your appetite naturally, you can eat honey ato fish oil. Besides functioning fitalitas body guard, honey and fish oil are also adding appetite loh ..

9. Many of Drinking Water

Drinking water emang kedengerannya not connect. But do not underestimate the first. The white water is very important for maintaining the health of our bodies. With drinking water our bodies healthy and make smooth digestion. If digestion was smoothly automated programs our body fat can be rapidly successful.

Avoid the following things:

1. Stress

Stress is the most important thing that makes losing weight. In addition, stress is also believed to be the medical world as the cause of various diseases. So, if you want a fat and healthy, keep stress yah ..

2. Tired

Tired of weight loss can also make a difficult climb. Would not eat as much as any on our bodies diforsir berpengqaruh continue without adequate rest. So from now on, your own body language perhatiin. Do not force your body beyond limits.

3. Drinking Soda

Soda making the stomach feel full faster when the stomach already feels full, so automatically we are not hungry anymore? So you should not drink beverages that contain soda, especially before eating.

4. Jump Eating Out Drinking

After eating you should not drink water directly. Wait a few minutes [eg 25 minutes] new drinking water. This trick can make you eat a lot and stay slim stomach.

Now that's healthy tips to fatten the body and the things that you should avoid, now you do not need to feel inferior again with a skinny body you that. You can also free pake black dress without fear of looking thin. With a healthy body and contains, you're also going to look more fres. Oiya, no side effects "you'll wasteful" because the snacks often and often to buy pants, coz its size changed-2. heheheee ...
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Healthy body, with Sleep Without Light Lamps

When the dark night, our body actually collaborate. It's just that the situation is really dark, a new body to produce melatonin, a hormone that can be generated in the immune system that is able to fight and prevent various diseases including breast cancer and prostate cancer. Conversely, sleep with the lights on at night Day - no matter how small its rays cause the production of the hormone melatonin to stop.

Biologist Joan Roberts
, one of the scientists discover these secrets after conducting experiments on animals. When animals were given artificial light at night Day, melantoninnya declining and weakened his immune system. Apparently, light lamps - as well as TV - causes hormones to be very tired. Hence, in addition to saving energy by turning off lights when sleep is a natural way to improve the health of the body.

There are several things that can disturb your sleep:

1. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol. Caffeine, nicotine can cause too much trouble for sleeping. This condition often experienced by coffee drinkers, smokers, and alcohol addicts.

2. Environment. Bang voice loud music, the sound of a noisy factory, sleeping with the lights burning brightly, it will cause someone to be a disturbed sleep.

3. Substitution of time. A change in the time between lunch and dinner, suddenly due to travel by plane. This can disrupt the circadian rhythm of human body.
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There are 210 Thousand Cataract Patients Each Year

According to data of World Health Organization/WHO as much as 1.5 percent of the population in Indonesia is experiencing blindness, and one of the causes of blindness are cataract disease (disorders of the eye lens). Currently each year in Indonesia there are 210 000 people suffering from cataracts.

"Right now people in Indonesia are aged much longer, so cataract will increase in many patients," said Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari when opening declaration of the Social Program MATAHATI - Eye Health Care in Mangga Dua Square Jakarta, Sunday (3/8).

According to Health Minister Siti Fadilah, even as much as 10 percent of school-age children 5-15 years old suffer from refraction and wore glasses. "Though not all children are able to buy glasses," said Minister of Health who see the positive social programs of this kind.

Figures blindness rate of 1.5 percent of Indonesian people is a social problem that can not be solved by government alone. "So I am grateful to all those who helped reduce the cataract patient. Blindness due to cataract surgery and can be overcome with plantings lenses, so they'll be able to look back," said Menkes.

The show is co Kompas Gramedia, Indonesia Lions Foundation, Association of Indonesian Ophthalmologist, Day of Guo Ji Ri Bao and Mangga Dua Square Jakarta, and is supported by the Jakarta Eye Center, Eye Hospital, Indonesia, Pondok Indah Hospital in Jakarta, RS Mata Aini.
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Origins 'Eye Surgery' and Contact Lenses

Eye surgery such as cataract surgery was first performed in 1748 by Jacques Daviel (1693-1762), an ophthalmologist in the kingdom of King Louis XV of France. Jacques hit by cataract lenses dissected from the cornea. No narcotic substances used in the operation.

Spanish ophthalmologist Ignacio Barraquer Barraquer (1884-1965) seeking cataract removal operation in 1917 with suction.

Other technologies are contact lenses made sketches of Leonardo da Vinci in 1508. He paints some kind of contact lenses. After that, various efforts made to make contact lenses. Even Rene Descartes (1596-1650) participating in the various experiments.

Origins 'Eye Surgery' and Contact Lenses

However, the first contact lenses that are sold to the public was introduced by William Feinbloom, a optometris from New York, United States in 1936.

Furthermore, the contact lens with double focus (bifokus-ed) is available to the public in 1982.

Source: The Book of Origins, by Trevor Homer, Penguin Books, London, 2007 and various sources.[]
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Keeping Cleaning Contact Lenses

Contact lens direct contact with our eyes. Hygiene problems will affect eye health. Let's be careful caring for contact lenses.

1. Wash with soap and dry hands before handling contact lenses. Use mild soapy water and towel dry.

2. Remove contact lenses before applying or removing cosmetics. Do not use hairspray while wearing contact lenses because it will leave scars and damage the lens.

3. Do not use tap water or homemade cleaners for cleaning or wetting contact lenses.

4. Use products in accordance with the recommendation of nurses lens doctor. Do not use liquid re nurse lens.

5. Some bacteria can penetrate certain contact lenses. After cleaning, rub each lens in the palm of the hand for a few seconds, then soak the lens in a solution of antibacterial and cleaning in accordance with the instructions before using it again. This action is most okay to kill most bacteria.

6. Clean the container box with a contact lens cleaning solution sterile and wind-wind to dry. Replace the box every three months. @ Diy
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Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses?

"Many people misunderstand the presence of contact lenses. Assume that the contact lens is a tool to change the glasses, "says Danny Widodo, Indonesia Country Head of Ciba Vision contact lens manufacturer in the launching of American origin newest contact lenses, dailies Comfort, in restaurants Segarra, Ancol, Wednesday (10/06).

Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses?
According to Danny Widodo, "Glasses and contact lenses were walking side by side. Each user must have sunglasses contact lenses. So it's not true that the contact lens replacement sunglasses tool. Instead, contact lenses are an alternative tool to replace the glasses in the moments that are not allowed to use the glasses."

Added Danny, that there are times when spectacles can not be imposed for certain reasons, such as when exercising, or being in front of the computer for hours (can leave marks near the nose), while want to appear stylish without glasses, or could not adjust lifestyle. Thus you can choose the appropriate contact lens needs. For example, for the style can wear colored contact lenses, or for working more than 10 hours at the computer. Moreover, to prevent pain and soreness in the nose area, where used glasses.

Unfortunately, still not many people want to use contact lenses. Explained by Lanny Surachman, one representative of Ciba Vision, from research conducted by Ciba Vision, on the user's eyeglasses are reluctant to use contact lenses because of the comfort factor. Of the respondents who numbered approximately 250 respondents in the United States, as many as 47 percent never wear contact lenses, but no longer use it because of the comfort complaints. As many as 76 percent of all respondents wanted a comfortable contact lenses and can be used from morning to night.

The results of research that makes Ciba Vision issued a new product daily contact lenses, dailies Aqua Comfort Plus (abbreviated with Comfort dailies). Danny explained, that daily contact lens product has a Triple-Action Moisture content, which provides three advantages when used. The first is for lubrication (bearing lubrication between the eyes and contact lenses), then moisturize, and refresh all day long. The new technology was first used in the world has a moisturizer that can be activated each time the eyes in the Blink. Available for the lens size to -0.5 D-10D in the counter-counter glasses, with the price of Rp 275,000, - per 30 pairs (for 15 times usage). This product also answered the desire of the respondents mentioned at the beginning, that this contact lens is effectively used for 24 hours.

Regarding the red eye because the use of contact lenses, Danny replied that most likely it was because the eye is irritated due to lack of oxygen flowing into the eye. So if you wear contact lenses that moisturizes like this product, red eye will be unavoidable.

Danny says, a common mistake often made by users of contact lenses is one treatment and abuse. First, it is used constantly but not treated. Every day, our eyes remove dirt, whether it be protein, lipid, or dust. Contact lenses have a certain staying power, can not hold much dirt, so regular cleaning maintenance is required (especially for weekly or monthly contact lenses). Secondly, abuse, in the sense if not used according to specified rules. For example, using contact lenses worn daily but more than a day (or time recommended), so it will not work properly anymore.
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Comfortable with oxygenated Contact Lenses - Some people feel less comfortable when I have to wear glasses to correct vision. Use the tool was perceived less practical and inhibits the daily Activity. But thanks to contact lenses (softlense), is now "the eye minus" can be free of glasses.

Various types of contact lenses can now be found and support the display, such as through the beautiful colors that allow us "colored" eyes or even based on the usage period. There are a disposable type, there is a period of 30 days, and some are permanent.

Whatever type of contact lens is chosen, we still need to maintain and clean the contact lenses according to the rules listed in the packaging. Also, keep in mind is the eye contact we can not keep up to 24 hours with contact lenses.

According Dr.Tri Rahayu, Sp.M, FIACLE, eye specialists from the Jakarta Eye Center, the use of contact lenses for more than 10 hours can cause symptoms of oxygen deficiency, namely dry eyes, redness, itching and irritation. "Complaint-related discomfort is usually caused by contact lens wear for too long," he said.

Unfortunately there are many contact lens users who do not know or did not realize it. "70 percent of contact lens users who had experienced eye irritation due to contact lenses do not ever say that to the eye doctor," said Danny Widodo, Indonesia country head CIBA Vision.

In addition to duration of use of contact lenses, complaints of discomfort usually arise because the lens reversed, the usage is up, or there are tears in the lens. However, according to Tri, the danger is that if lack of oxygen. "The eyes also need to rest and take oxygen again," he explained.

Impact of oxygen-deficient eyes in the beginning is not so perceived by users. But over time can cause cloudy vision disorders such as corneal oxygen deficiency.

In extreme conditions, lack of oxygen can cause blood vessel growth into the cornea (neovascularisasi) which will drain into the cornea in response to oxygen deprivation. "Normally the cornea is not allowed to take in blood because it can interfere with vision and cause bleeding when performed lasik surgery," he explained.

Oxygen carrier

Lack of oxygen to the eye must be stopped with a way to temporarily not use contact lenses or rest my eyes. In addition, we can also conduct prevention by selecting the appropriate contact lenses.

In order to give perfect comfort for the eyes are already in contact lenses that can deliver more oxygen intake for eye health. Made of silicone and hydrogel contact lenses Air Optix Aqua is highly recommended for those with active lifestyles because they can be used up to 10 hours every day.

Convenience is also due to lens TriComfort unique Technology that helps lubricate the lens, retaining moisture and minimize the number of lens dehydration.

In addition to materials used in contact lenses, there are other things that need to be considered in order to maintain eye health. In view of this device are directly related to the eye then the cleanliness must be maintained. Before touching contact lenses, always wash your hands first so as not to contaminate contact lenses.

Contact lens storage should also be rinsed to clean every time after use and should be replaced once a month. Lastly, always check the eye every six months to prevent the occurrence of side effects on the eyes, remembering that not all eye disorders have symptoms.
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Contact Lenses 'Johnson & Johnson' Withdrawn

Giant in the healthcare industry, Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue contact lenses attractive product types use one day. This contact lens products sold in Japan, several European countries, and Asia. Withdrawal of Johnson & Johnson health products This is the ninth time the withdrawal in 2010.

Contact Lenses 'Johnson & Johnson' Withdrawn

Parties Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) explains, they received many complaints from users TruEye Acuvue brand contact lenses, who complained of pain and irritation of the eyes after using the contact lens.

However, JNJ says that until now there has been no reports of customers who suffer complications of visual impairment. "The risk of long-term health problems caused by contact lenses are very rare," said Gary Esterow, a spokesman for JNJ Vision Care.

He added that there were an estimated 100 000 boxes, each containing 30-90 contact lens problems. According to him, the problem occurs when contact lenses are manufactured in Ireland were rinsed. The majority of contact lenses which was drawn on sale in Japan and several Asian countries.

This year, JNJ has attracted some non-prescription drug products in the United States, including cold medicine for children and adults, as well as thousands of bottles of pain relievers. As a result, JNJ got a warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Congress.
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The phenomenon of People Experiencing Hypnosis

Actually in everyday life, without realizing we have experienced hypnosis. Precisely we have unwittingly hypnotized by something event or situation that we face.

"The most dangerous fact is that hypnosis is not recognized as a hypnotic," said Ariesandi Setyono, founder of the Indonesian Academy of Hypnosis. Examples of the phenomenon of people who experience hypnosis without realizing it, according Ariesandi, are as follows:

* Watching the show on television until dissolved, then without knowing it had to cry, go mad, go hate, participate annoyance, or to laugh.

* Obtain an unconscious lacerations, and a new feel when you're relaxing.

* When looking for something that goods can not see or find it, even though the goods are clearly present in his eyes (negative visual halusination).

* Occur drool at the thought of or heard people talk about lemon acid.

* Always make a mistake when he met with a certain issue.

* Always arising of anger, resentment, and hate it when considering a person.

* Dreams are perceived as true.

* Occur feeling sad or very sentimental when listening to certain songs.

* And so on and so forth.

Then what is the danger with hypnosis hypnosis the unconscious as that? According hypnotherapy teacher who wrote many best-selling books on this success, for example, is that the people who love to watch soap operas will suffer the same fate with the play-the play that saw.

Why is that? Because they absorb the same values that appear in the soap opera. (GHS/wid)
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Stress Makes You So Forgetfulness

Stress Makes You So Forgetfulness

It turned out that positive thinking can not only make our days so much more beautiful. But also stimulate our brains to process information better, so in the long term, our brain will always be in prime condition.

Research conducted in 2007, found respondents who always surround himself with positive energy helps reduce the risk of brain cognitive function decline up to 60 percent. While the respondents are often stressful and emotional, memory decline or dementia.

Thomas Crook, PhD., This memory disorder prevention experts told me, every one of us would have events that are emotionally draining. Starting from failure, disappointment, or even treason. These are the sources of emotional stress can affect our brains work. But that does not mean, Crook added, we must always smiling face all the sad stories that go in our lives. "We may be sad, but our reaction to re-optimism and enthusiasm is reward for the brain so that its function was not decreased."

Crook invites us to immediately release the emotional stress of the head. "Imagine that we are pressing the eject button on DVD player, when we do not like the movies we watch." Then see how many "DVD happiness" is left "on the shelves" of our lives.

The process according to Crook will make our brains to play a memory-memory that can restore our spirits. The body will be interpreted by releasing endorphins to give the sensation of feeling happy in myself. "This is where the body system will look not only to work alone. Our brains will hone the ability of memory plus normal body metabolism to return to work. "

That's why experts believe the nerve, our ability to control emotions and stress is a way to protect brain tissue. Because emotions are triggers for many areas in the brain, from memory, the ability to think logically, to the ability of expression.

So every time the stress block, try to think positive so that the brain controls our emotions can reprogram our positive moods. That way, we can restore the awareness of brain function due to the response body to work back to normal. Remember, if you still want the brain to work optimally, do not want to stay long storing negative emotions in ourselves. (PreventionIndonesiaonline /Siagian Priska)
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Dates sweetness, for Health

Apart from diamond, festive Ramadan seemed a bit bland without the presence of date palms. Not only be just a tradition, it turns out sweet fruit from the Middle East and contain nutrients that many health properties. This proves it.

Researchers from the University of Scranton found the dates and other dried fruit is very rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, and fiber. The American Cancer Society recommends us to eat 20-35 grams of dietary fiber (dietary fiber) each day. And there is a soluble dietary fiber and insoluble.

Where fiber helps the digestive process by pushing the food into the digestive tract is an insoluble fiber. Meanwhile, soluble fiber can help prevent heart disease by lowering levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. Not only that, soluble fiber can also lower blood sugar, the edges will help keep diabetes under control.

Dates are a good energy intake, because every grain of dates contains 31 grams of carbohydrates. This portion also includes 3 grams of dietary fiber and 29 grams of fructose, glucose and sucrose (natural sugar that can be easily burned body to provide energy). Plus the value of the dates are, they will give you energy without the fat or cholesterol.

Potassium in dates are also offering benefits to our health. The body needs potassium intake to prevent muscle contraction. Potassium is a mineral essential for the body to protect the heart muscle, and maintain the health of the body's metabolism process and ensure the nervous system still works fine. Plus, potassium is also capable of making the body eliminate sodium, and automatically lowers blood pressure.

The body can not store the excess potassium, and usually will disappear along with the sweat. And as we know, liver function will be reduced in line with our age. Thus, increasing potassium intake to 400 mg will help us reduce the risk of stroke by 40%. And 100 grams of dates contain 667 milligrams of potassium.

Do not make dates only as a 'garnish' the month of Ramadan alone. Savor the sweetness of dates with quotes routinely consume them every day. (PreventionIndonesiaonline / Astrid Anastasia)
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Fit Body with Herbs

Use of natural or herbal ingredients, quite popular in the community to remember easily obtained materials and minimal side effects when compared with the side effects of drugs from chemicals. Unfortunately, most people just taking herbal medicine when it is sick. In fact, most herbal actually useful as a preventive and improve fitness.

There are times when a reaction occurs after consuming herbal diarrhea accompanied by nausea. In a book published Trubus Herbal Indonesia nutritious Info Kit mentioned, accompanied by nausea, diarrhea is a sign of detoxification to remove body toxins. Throughout processed properly, herbs are very adaptive in the body.

In taking herbs, it is recommended to consume a particular type of health drink for a week, adjusted for health conditions. Frequency is twice a day in the morning and afternoon. The following week, herbal species can be replaced. For example if the rice kencur last week chose to overcome stiff, then this week could take wedang spices to warm the body and expel the flu.

One type of rhizome which has a property to strengthen a weak body is ginseng. According dr.Setiawan Dalimartha, efficacious ginseng to increase chi (vital energy). Korean plants are usually used as a mixture to drink.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is also a favorite in many prescription herbal beverage. In addition to warm, this plant has the effect of increasing stamina. Ginger can be processed into a drink sherbet, bajigur, bandrek, sekoteng, tea fit, and wedang ginger.

Despite the acknowledged benefits and many are already feeling the success of herbal treatment, one thing must be remembered from an herbal treatment is not as fast as this treatment of chemical treatment. Need patience and patience from the patient to treatment in this way. Therefore, never tempted by the herb or herb is claimed to have properties cespleng.
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Side Effects Chemical Drug in Guava

Some time latter, Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) RI many herbal confiscate illegal. The herbs do not generally have seized on the marketing authorization, containing hazardous chemicals, as well as breaking the rules of inclusion of a disease that is used in packaging.

Therefore, people are suggested to be careful in choosing a traditional herbal medicine products. Here are some of these chemicals are often found in herbal products and the risks of illegal and unwanted effects from the use of chemicals and drugs without the supervision of a physician:

- Sibutramin HydrochLoride can increase blood pressure (hypertension), heart rate, and difficulty sleeping. This medicine should not be used in patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia or stroke.

- Sildenafil Citrate can cause headaches, dizziness, dyspepsia, nausea, abdominal pain, vision disturbances, rhinitis (nasal inflammation), myocardial infarction, chest pain, palpitations (rapid heartbeat), and death.

- Siproheptadin can cause nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, diarrhea, hemolytic anemia, leucopenia, agranulocytosis, and thrombocytopenia.

- Phenylbutazone can cause nausea, vomiting, skin rash, fluid and electrolyte retention (edema), bleeding ulcers, stomach pain, with bleeding or perforation, hypersensitivity reactions, hepatitis, nephritis, kidney failure, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis, etc. another.

- Mefenamic acid may cause drowsiness, diarrhea, skin rash, thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia and seizures, and contraindicated for patients with peptic ulcers / bowel, asthma, and kidney.

- Can cause moon face prednisone; gastrointestinal disturbances such as nausea and gastric ulcer; musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoporosis, endocrine disorders such as menstrual disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders such as psychological dependence, depression, and insomnia, vision problems such as glaucoma, and disturbances of fluid and electrolyte balance.

- Methampyron can cause gastrointestinal disturbances such as nausea, stomach bleeding, burning, and nervous system disorders such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and neuropathy, blood disorders, inhibited the formation of blood cells (aplastic anemia), agranulocytosis, renal disorders, shock and death, and others.

- Theophylline can cause tachycardia, arrhythmia, palpitations, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, headache, and insomnia.

- Paracetamol in long-term use can cause liver damage.[]
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Healthy 'outer and Inner' with Fasting

Hunger and thirst in the hot afternoon was a struggle no light at the time of fasting. But, even though it feels heavy, with fasting, we can get various rewards. Not only spiritually healthy, but also physical.

From glasses of medicine, fasting provides many benefits for the body. For example, fasting led body to eat and drink regularly.

"Fasting is also beneficial for the body because it provides an opportunity regeneration of cells, normalize heart function and heart, resulting in more protein function, and eliminate toxic deposits," said Erin Destrini, doctors in Jakarta Clinic Medical Center (JMC).

Mulyadi Tedjapranata, general practitioner and Director of the Jakarta Medizone Clinic, explains, at the time of fasting, whole body organs, blood circulation, and lymph nodes have a chance to rest from all activities.

"This is a chance the body's cells to regenerate new cells and healthy that will make our body's metabolism to be better overall," said Mulyadi.

Any body or detoxification of toxic dumping when fasting. You see, when fasting, the intake of solid food like rice, flour, meat, and bread is reduced. Instead, the body gets more intake in the form of liquids such as water, juice, or hot soup that was instrumental in the process of detoxification.

In addition, drinking and eating abstinence will also enhance the process of disposal of toxins from the colon, liver, kidney, lung, pancreas, and skin.

Lowering koresterol

Fasting is also a means for lowering bad cholesterol levels. We know that high cholesterol in the blood can cause accumulation or crust of plaque on blood vessel walls that can cause blockages.

If this blockage occurs in blood vessels of the heart, it can cause coronary heart disease. If the clogging of blood vessels of the brain, a stroke can result. Well, based on various research results, it can reduce levels of fasting cholesterol in the body.

Free radicals can also ditangkal when fasting. Fasting will reduce free radicals that interfere with the activity of enzyme. These free radicals cause mutations and damage to the body of the cell wall. If the damaged cell wall, may develop premature aging or even heart disease or stroke.

Thus, for healthy people, fasting will also reduce the risk of developing diabetes because of the wrong diet. Just so you know, a person may have diabetes because eating patterns are wrong and also because of heredity.

Now, with fasting, we can avoid the risk of diabetes due to more regular eating pattern. By fasting, we can reduce consumption of sugar. Calorie consumption is also reduced so that blood sugar levels can also be reduced.

No less important, long fasting teaches us to be patient and forgive each other. "Forgiveness may help lower blood pressure and tension, as well as reduce stress and anxiety," said Mulyadi. In contrast, harbored anger can cause headaches disease, heart attacks, asthma and insomnia.

Well, after weighing all the rewards and benefits of both fasted before, you should not hesitate to undergo a month-long fasting month of Ramadan at this time. Welcome to fast. (Sanny Cicilia Simbolon, Sofyan Hidayat Nur)
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Kiloburn System, Quickly Slim

Thousand and one sure way we do to have the ideal body to overcome obesity. In addition to exercise, eat a combination of settings that fit for this effort.

However, not infrequently difficult to get much time to exercise, although this method is highly recommended because it can increase the body's metabolism so that accelerate fat burning. Therefore, for those who are incredibly busy and too tired to exercise does not need to be confused to find ways to streamline the body.

Currently ESC (European Slimming Centre) situated in the numbers Dharmawangsa and Kelapa Gading Square, Jakarta, introducing a new technology products to streamline the body by way of instant.

This body slimming instrument called Kiloburn System. Kiloburn System has a way of working which includes three circuits which are not separated from one another ie Added Minimize (to reduce food intake into the body) by giving a pill that works to control appetite by 70% (Red rather than drug-diet) and drink two hours before food, Maximize Output (increase the disposal of leftover food in the body) by providing supplements that contain fiber to increase the disposal of leftover food to 50%, and most recently Burn The Fat (burning fat in the body) by using the tools Kiloburn special system uses Far Infra-Red Therapy for burning fat.

With the third underwent a series of above, then the results from one hour Kiloburn System is the same as three hours of jogging or running with a distance of six-eight miles. So with this system Kiloburn able to burn 600-900 calories per hour. As a promotional prices ESC provide adequate fee commensurate with the result to be obtained later. Their money must be spent for treatment with Kiloburn System is USD. 3.5 million with attendance of 10 times during one month, until next April.

So, for those of you who are busy and lazy to exercise, this one tool can be an alternative choice for slimming your body. Good luck! (M1-08)
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Stomach Exercise To Slim

This lightweight movement will help you shape the stomach in order to appear more beautiful. Perform two sets with 10-12 repetitions each for each type of exercise, five times a week.

1. Knee CIRCLE
Lie with your back flat on the floor. Place both hands relaxed at your sides parallel to the floor. Slowly lift your legs until your knees are above your stomach. Hold for 5 counts, then move the knee rotates towards the left until the position approximately 45 degrees. Abdomen and upper body remains facing upwards. Hold for 5 counts, then return the knee to the starting position while still moving it around. Repeat with the opposite position.


Stand with your legs open. Both hands holding dumbbells or a medicine ball with a weight of 2-3 kg. Lower your body until the half-squat position, then pull both hands toward the bottom left of the body. Feel your body until you feel drawn toward the lower left. Position hands at your sides, while the knee remains facing front.

Hold for 5 counts, then slowly pull the hand holding the dumbbell to the upper right direction as far as possible. Eyes follow the movements of the hand dumbbell to a position located on the right side of the head. Feel up to the abdomen feels attracted to the top. Hold for 5 counts, then returned to its original position. Repeat with alternate positions.

3. UPPER BODY Crunch
Stand up straight, legs wide open. Bend your knees, palms tumpangkan beside the head. Hold the belly, take a deep breath. Slowly, bend your right hip towards the right side until you feel a tug on the right side of the body. Hold for 5 count. Slowly return to starting position. Inhale and move your body in the opposite direction, while the hips remain facing forward. Exhale. Return to starting position. Repeat 10 times each side.


Footstool kneeling with both knees and palms. Body parallel from head to buttocks. Slowly, lift your left hand upward to a position parallel to the body. At the same time, also lift your right leg up to be in a position parallel to the body. Hold for 5 counts, then slowly return to starting position while exhaling. Repeat with alternate hand positions.
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Quick Tips For Treadmill slimming

You feel no immediate'VE skinny but has made various sports and go to the gym for a treadmill workout routine? The answer is probably because the exercise you take is not quite right or there are other factors that make you fat still hoard.

Special for you who underwent both treadmill at the gym or at home, it's good to reevaluate your efforts or consulted to the instructor. Not impossible, effort you put all this in vain because of errors in the motion or other factors. Whereas with the right movement, the burning of calories would be effective and guaranteed there would be no more fat that appears.

Here are five guidelines so that your treadmill maximal fruitless. With understanding, hopefully your efforts and hard work to be optimal, and the dream of having a beautiful body like the models on the covers of fitness magazines will materialize.

1. Do not get stuck on the same exercise
"People often fall in the trap of a treadmill for 30 minutes each time they exercise," says Rachel Cosgrove, owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, California.

"At first it was useful, but then your body becomes accustomed to the routine, and calorie-burning fewer calories."

To be able to see the results, change one of the factors in your treadmill as the intensity or duration every time I went to the gym. Then replace your overall activity every three or four weeks.

2. Do not be a distraction
If you still can watch TV while doing treadmill, you're not working hard enough. Instead of relaxing while you run, try interval training (exercise intensity varies but the same pattern of exercises) to increase calorie burning treadmill body and improve your habits. After heating for five or six minutes with a heart machine, try as hard as possible for one minute, then reduce the intensity for two minutes. Do alternately, and continue for five rounds. Be sure to reduce the lag time every time you break a treadmill.

Intervals alternating between high intensity with low intensity like that, and along with your upgrades, then the intensity can be increased to become increasingly harsh. Rest time could be shortened or in improving the speed without fatigue.
3. Do not hold on to handlebar

When her arm began to take over your body weight from the legs, you burn fewer calories. "If you had to hold on or leaning, do slowly," said Cosgrove. (Encourage yourself without the help of instructors will also give better results of the exercise for you),

4. Use the degree incline

Set up the treadmill at the position (incline) can increase the activity of pelvic floor muscle strength and litter the back so you will make those muscles stronger and burn more calories. All depends on your fitness level, set the incline angle between 6 percent and 10 percent.

5. Do excess calories

You do not need sports drink during the afternoon, then spend the energy bar (food bars) in the gym, then equip it with a dress rehearsal. Instead, limit yourself to about 300 calories - the same number you burn in exercise time approximately 30 minutes. By adding calories, and you'll become increasingly slim. (C6-08)
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Sleeping less than five hours endangering heart

If the quantity is less than five hours sleep a day, including naps, will increase the risk of suffering from angina, coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Karin Zeitvogel This research was conducted at the Faculty of Medicine West Virginia University and is written in the journal "Sleep"-published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Sleep Research Society-Sunday edition (eighth) in Washington, U.S..

Karin says, age groups at greatest risk are under 60 years old who slept five hours or less a night. They are at risk of cardiovascular attacked three times more than those who slept seven hours.

David Dinges, chief of Sleep and Khronobiologi Unit at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania found that 142 adults who sleep for five days is very limited, slower to react and difficult to focus.

"One or two extra hours of sleep in the morning after a period of chronic sleep loss is useful for the recovery of alertness," says Dinges.

Parties AASM recommends: adults sleep seven to eight hours every night so as not exposed to the risk of heart disease. (AFP/Yun)
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Treadmills thorough, Before Buying

Cardio exercise is highly recommended if you want to lose weight. One is a tool for practicing cardio treadmills. This machine even allows us to exercise at home without bothering to go to the gym.

But before bringing the engine running, the Edward R. Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic suggest we should make a list of any features or facilities that should we find in it.

Horsepower, this is a commonly used speed unit on the treadmill. Laskowski suggested that we should choose the treadmill that the velocity of at least 1.5 horsepower, because it allows us to walk leisurely on the treadmill.

Note stability. We must try first, how powerful a treadmill accept our body burden when walking on it. Make sure the handrails or handrails on the left and right is easy to reach and not slippery when in contact with water or sweat. Also during treadmill running test, note whether the beat of our feet to make rubber mats that we are standing to be unstable. Because it should remain solid rubber mats to hold our expenses.

Size of handrails are comfortable. Place your palms on the handrails, and feel that it is enough to sustain us when walking. Convenience can also be measured from the width and length of handrails that can adjust the movement of the road or run us. If we feel the distance between the handrails of the body too far or too close, you should look for a truly ergonomic with the body.

Has emergency shut-off key. This facility is like a seat belt for us, because when a treadmill is unstable or rubber mats suddenly slip, the engine will die automatically.

Facilities program that is easy to operate. This means that the program across the board in front of us easier to read when we walk or run on the treadmill. So when we want to change the speed as fast or slow motion, navigation tools easy to operate. And remember, not always a treadmill is measured by how many programs are held. Because it only makes us spend more of their money and not necessarily directly helpful with our intention to buy a treadmill.

Measure also the noise level of the appliance
. If the sound machine that makes us stressed out, why buy it? Especially when we plan to use a treadmill while listening to music on the stereo we have.

Pay attention to detail provided insurance. Ease of whatever we can when the treadmill is broken? Is there damage services? And what conditions such damages incurred by the producers? These are the questions we must ask a clerk, so we really understand what kind of situations and conditions that are borne by producers.
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Treadmill vs Ordinary Road

With the aim to make bones stronger, whether the treadmill running as good as usual in increasing bone density?

The answer: Yes. Did we do the roads surrounding the complex of the house or walking on a treadmill, these techniques are both activities that aim to strengthen our bones.

"To strengthen the bones, we need to move a muscle and bone we have an opponent with the force of gravity," says Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., fitness research director of the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, MA. Result, the bone will be able to adapt to our weight and the withdrawal of the muscle cell will make the production more and more and make our bones stronger.

We tend to prefer running on asphalt or concrete soil than in clay. Although the good for the bones, but walking on a hard surface will give excessive influence and pressure on our muscles and bones, making it easier to trigger the occurrence of injury to the feet when walking.

However the way and walking surface you choose, try to always wear shoes with good quality sports facilities and the vibration absorber thick sole in the middle. (PreventionIndonesia / Astrid Anastasia)
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Right Treadmill, fold Benefits

Healthier, starting now become a necessity of modern man. Look at the height of the fitness center (gym) every day. For those who are very busy, exercise at home with a variety of sports equipment of choice.

Treadmill is one of the most popular sport tool that many people have at home. Compared to many other cardio equipment, treadmills burn more calories. One mile walk fast to burn about 100 calories. Another advantage of the treadmill is able to adapt to various levels of exercises and variations of speed from walking to running.

However, the price of running this tool is quite expensive. Because it required mature consideration that we are not disappointed with the treadmill that has been purchased. One of the things that determine the comfort level where the treadmill is running. Pick the surface long enough to enable us to adapt.

Like any other electronic goods, more and more features will be owned by a treadmill, the better. For example, there is a choice of speed, incline jenit previously programmed, which describes the heart rate monitor, and easy to operate.

One of the treadmill is fairly complete and has just launched its features is the Adaptive Motion Trainer Precor production, manufacturer of fitness equipment from the U.S.. Product Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is a blend of three fitness equipment, ie, stepper machine, treadmill and cross trainer. Since its launch, AMT has won numerous awards as the best fitness equipment.

According to Yazid Mulkan Cape, Head of Regional Precon Indonesia, the AMT is the only fitness equipment in the world who can adapt to human gestures. "The concept of this machine to give flexibility to the user whether to perform the movement to run or just make small steps. On appeal treadmill, this appliance is more to the variation of motion," he said.

Products that have been developed since four years ago that also allows users to instantly change the movement without the need to press any button. More sophistication is not using electricity because when we use to move or rotate automatically will generate electricity.

Of course, the more advanced features offered, usually the more expensive equipment such sport. Therefore, make sure you get a warranty for a treadmill that was purchased and ask your retailer to whatever conditions the damage is borne by the manufacturer. Happy exercising!
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Fasting Safe Trick For Elderly

Elderly people who have the disease (geriatric) many are the conditions so that the body does not fit can hinder the fast. But there are some tricks that can be done in order to secure fast.

This is geriatrics own understanding of elderly patients over the age of 60 years and has a disease problem. And sometimes the symptoms are not typical of emerging diseases.

"Old age is safe to fast if their health condition is stable, controllable disease, no acute infection and may be drinking regularly since open until dawn, without waiting for his thirst," said Dr. Kemala Nina sari. SpPD. K-Ger, not long ago like it was written Sunday (15/08/2010).

Dr. Nina tells the elderly person is usually a change of perception of thirst decreases, disruption of daily activities, slowing gastric emptying, decreased immunity ability, easy fatigue, weakness and confusion, a sense of isolation and of the teeth (many are missing).

"As long as there is no limit drinking, we encourage the elderly to drink 8-10 glasses a day without waiting for his thirst," he said.

Dr nina added to geriatrics who want to fast, there are some things that could dlakukan, namely:
Diet, Eating Pola:

1. When dawn should consume 40 percent of total calories daily.
2. When breaking the fast should consume 50 percent if the total daily beginning with light food and heavy meals after the evening prayer. We can consume open palm or a banana.
3. After tarawih can consume 10 percent of total daily calories.


1. Practice positive thinking.
2. Exercise patience.
3. Exercise restrain lusts.
4. Studying in depth the meaning of fasting.

Activity patterns

1. Range of motion exercises.
2. Exercise regularly.
3. Tall upright stance, because the blood flow better.
4. Soaking up the sun in the morning.
5. Get plenty of rest.

This suggests that elderly people could remain safely and fast if you have a chronic illness could not hurt to consult your physician first to determine the condition of his health.

What to avoid:
1. Avoid eating too much ice, because it can withstand a sense of satiety.
2. Limit fried foods and high fat.
3. When dawn limit consumption of tea or coffee and it is recommended to eat foods that are slow to digest and high in fiber.
4. Beware of the lack of fluids.
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10 Ways "strengthening" Brain

Being smart was not something that happens because it is spontaneous. In addition to genetic factors there are several methods used to increase your intelligence. If you wish, you can follow the 10 alternatives steps recommended the following:

1. Sport
Believed to increase the capacity of the brain for several years, but scientists found new evidence showing a relationship practice with physical and mental health.

A study from the University of Cambridge declared jogging several times a week can stimulate the brain. By walking for several days, hundreds of thousands of new brain cells will grow which will have an effect on memory formation and memory.

Thus increasing the ability to recall memories without confusion on cognitive tasks and may slow the mental disorders in old age.

Recently, scientists also discovered that exercise is also able to release a protein named "noggin". Proteins that will act as an agent and cons of other proteins, such as bone morphogenetic proteins. Thus stimulating increased cell division of the brainstem, the brain remains active and nimble as we get older.

The study also showed his strong production of "noggin" could prevent brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer's age.

2. Sleep on afternoon
Scientists suspect that nap has a significant impact on the memory capacity of the brain. Recent research has found that sleeping for an hour in the afternoon to increase the working capacity of the brain and dramatically improve their ability to learn new facts and tasks.

Nap after lunch also serve as a regenerative assistance, which allows the brain to keep the memory stays while the new information entered.

The researchers found that those who stay awake throughout the day tend to be more difficult to learn new tasks, so experts assume that the long-term impact of a nap is a degenerative mental disease.

3. Magnesium-Rich Foods
Magnesium-rich foods like spinach and broccoli are believed to enhance memory and brain power food. The latest research, published in the journal Neuron found, the increase in magnesium in the brain can help the learning process both young and old age people.

4. Bask

Scientists have found that sunburn can increase your intelligence and prevent dementia. Intake of vitamin D can be obtained from the sun, but vitamin D also is found in oily fish oil. Which can increase the ability to keep the brain remains active in top condition as you age.

In addition, in the Journal of Neurology found that the relationship between increased intake of vitamin D resulted in faster information processing, especially in men over the age of 60 years.

5. Mow [Cutting Grass]
The researchers said the chemicals found when mowing the grass can not only reduce stress and make people happier, but also could prevent mental decline in old age.

Australian scientists claim that the smell of freshly cut grass directly work on the brain, especially in the area of emotion and memory. Even when this was released a perfume that smelled of cut grass that can be used to create a sense of relaxation and stimulate the brains of individuals around it.

6. Sex and Chocolate

Book by Simon Wootton and Terry Horne has claimed that eating dark chocolate to improve sex, and follow the Scandinavian tradition, who would choose to have cold meat for breakfast can improve brain power.

This book examines how diet, environment and stress affect mental capacity. They emphasized that the brain capacity is always considered in terms of genetic, although it is actually determined lifestyle.

In addition, the materials of dark chocolate affects the process of sexual intercourse, while the energy gained from the cold meat can stimulate the brain and prevent mental disorders as they age.

7. Studying music since the young
A study showed that young children who take music lessons show more advanced brain development and improved memory compared with those who did not take music.

Children who are found to be well trained in music in memory tests associated with general intelligence skills such as literacy, verbal memory, mathematics and IQ. The scientists conducting this research indicates that music has the potential to improve intelligence in children from the age of four years.

8. Talking with your baby
Experts say that mothers who talk to babies can help their children's brains develop better. Researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois found that words play an important role in brain development of children even before they start talking.

The study showed that increasing the ability to categorize words according to the representation of their images at an early age can help children's brain development.

9. Playing Tetris
A study by American scientists found that the classic puzzles (Tetris game) might also have a positive impact on your brain power.

The results showed although the game is relatively simple compared with the sophisticated computer games today, regular exercise can improve thinking power. After playing for half an hour each day over a period of three months, suffered a brain 'structural changes' in areas related to movement, critical thinking, reasoning, language and processing.

10. "Thinking Cap"

Currently, scientists have developed a product called "Thinking Cap" which is expected this device can improve the brain's ability to learn.

Researchers from the University of British Colombia, Vancouver, started the project after discovering that the brain's ability to learn new tasks increased significantly when a magnetic vibration directed to the premotor cortex, a brain area just behind the forehead. This technique can be used not only to enhance the intellectual capabilities, but also to help those who have difficulty learning.
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Super bacteria also Threaten Indonesia

From - The phenomenon of super bacteria or bacteria that are resistant to the drugs is not just happening overseas. In Indonesia, the germs that are categorized multiresistance now widely found, particularly in hospitals.

Microbiology Specialists from the Department of Microbiology, University of Indonesia (UI), Prof.. Usman Chatib Warsa, Sp.MK, Ph.D., states 'superbug' bacteria containing genes such as NDM-1 (New Delhi, Metallo-beta-lactamase-1) is also commonly found in Indonesia. In fact, the number of bacterial multiresistance was more than one species and a threat to society.

"These bugs like this already in our hospital. The data is not too different from foreign countries. In Indonesia, this multiresistance of bacteria that comes from groups such as gram positive and gram-negative Staphylococcus, such as E. Coli and Klebsiella. Approximately there are about five species of bacteria, "said Usman, who was contacted by, Thursday (12/08/2010).

Usman explained, super bacteria in Indonesia has several different genes. This type of gene causes resistance genes among which are owned by the MEC-A gene of Staphylococcus or betalactamase like NDM-one. These genes can be spread by germs in the body in many ways, so that they become resistant to the drug.

The emergence of multiresistance germs need to be addressed seriously because it would cause a heavy burden for society. "In the future, treatment will be even tougher. This is what we feared, because of course the patient will require newer drugs are more expensive," he said.

Usman added that due to infection 'superbug' in Indonesia caused high mortality rates, especially for patients in hospitals. "Deaths from infectious germs found in relatively high mulitiresisten in specific places such as hospital intensive care unit," added Usman.

Super bacteria
are a threat to their power as weak as his patients postoperatively. The spread of a superbug is very easy going through a lot of ways. "Like when the patient's condition is weak, because there are open sores, or any other medical measures such as intravenous or actions of other doctors who are not sterile," says Usman.
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Careful - Super Bacteria Threaten World

LONDON, - Be careful. British medical experts warn, there is a new bacteria that threaten human life. It belongs to the super bacteria resistant to antibiotics because even though the most powerful. Later, these bacteria have been found in a number of hospitals in England.

As quoted from the BBC, medical experts also explained, the bacteria that can make an enzyme called NDM-1 was taken by NHS patients who previously flew overseas to India and Pakistan to conduct cosmetic surgical procedures.
Although it was only discovered about 50 cases in the UK, experts fear these bacteria will spread globally. For handling, it takes a watchful eye as well as new drugs.

Similar infections have been found in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. No wonder then that international investigators say that the NDM-1 could be a major threat to global health. Currently, the bacterial infection had spread from one patient to another hospital in the UK. (Cash/Barratut Taqiyyah)
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Electronic Cigarettes begin popular

Cigarettes do not need to be burned now and can be used repeatedly. Electronic cigarette is called with the electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) has now entered the Indonesian market.

ENDS circulation issues in various countries including Indonesia are now whipping the public and medical circles. This product is designed like a cigarette burn. What distinguishes this with cigarette smoking is usually a sophistication.

"ENDS The truth can not be categorized as a cigarette, in Indonesia was still illegal," said Director of Drugs Control Agency for Drugs and Food Dr Danardi Sosrosumihardjo, SpKJ.

ENDS estimated first produced in China in 2003. Her presence is still banned because they are classified toxic cigarettes. Ministry of Health and BPOM yet to know how to refill these cigarettes can enter Indonesia.

On ENDS consists of a lithium-ion batteries that can be electronically controlled, small heating element or atomizer, and the cartridge contains nicotine solution in propylene glycol/glycerin/diethylene glycol.

Works the same way with smoking tobacco. At the time the user smokes a pipe smoking, a vaporizer or edges will light up and work to change the liquid inside to steam. Rechargeable battery that can provide energy to the vaporizer and has an indicator light to show when equipment is being used.

When inhaled, nicotine is going to happen and then warming into the lungs. "Ritual similar to smoking, because that tool is recommended to replace the cigarettes," he said.

In its packaging, printed label "HEALTH", but this is considered to mislead the public because there are no data that clearly reveal the chemical combination that you entered during the setup process.

Currently Danardi estimates, ENDS has been a lot of supply in Indonesia, including Makassar, Semarang, Lampung, Palembang, and Surabaya. Even in Surabaya had found leaflets that advertise these products openly, although most still via the Internet and door-to-door.

ENDS sold with price range of Rp 150,000 to Rp 160,000. Offered with a variety of different flavors, ranging from a sense of brand cigarette tobacco based products sold in Indonesia to various kinds of fruit flavor. (tam).
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Smoke Vehicles - Main Causes of Pollution

A number of air pollutants were detected in Bandung. Although it was generally below the threshold, the accumulation of pollutants in the body in the long term potential to harm our health.

Based on the research, the main pollution sources in Bandung from vehicles. Vehicle exhaust emissions contain mainly carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC), as detected in the central area congestion, among others, the plaza and station. No less than 920 000 vehicles that grow 4 percent per year crowded traffic in the city.

The other pollutant sources are industrial and domestic activities of households, each contributing 23 percent and 15 percent of the pollution. Industrial activity mainly produce nitrogen dioxide (NO) and dust particles (TSP), as detected in Andir, Kiaracondong, Cibeunying Kidul, and Batununggal.

In addition to pollutants, air quality problems are also caused by noise. High noise pollution was recorded in all monitoring points, the average threshold of 86 dBA from 60 dBA. Noise was recorded high in the region 'Terminal Cicaheum' and 'Bunderan Cibiru. (NDW/R & D KOMPAS)
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Impact of Air Pollution Worse than Suspected

Experts are now increasingly confident that the impact of air pollution worse for health care quality. Not just limited to respiratory health, but also other parts of the body suffers. Poor air quality is proven to relate closely to heart disease, blood vessels, and brain.

Health experts from the American Heart Association says, the link between heart disease and air pollution more and more evident since they issued the study in 2004.

In research published last month in May 2010, the cardiologist was also found links between air pollution and various other diseases, such as stroke, arrhythmia, heart attack, and vascular disease.

Although the individual risk depends on risk factors that may be owned by each person, such as smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity, but the effect of air pollution is still high.

The most troubling, according to experts, is the fine particles of soot that comes from burning fuel oil, diesel or wood burning, which are found from the plant, generating energy, or motor vehicles.

"These fine particles can get into the lungs," said Norman Edelman, chief medical officer of the American Lung Association. The experts said the fine particles that can cause inflammation in the lungs that can spread to blood vessels, destroying, and making them more vulnerable to the narrowing or blockages in blood vessels.

Another theory says the particles are so small it will be absorbed into the blood or to blood vessels and cause damage directly. The polluted air is also triggering abnormal nervous system activity and influence on the heart and blood vessels.

Some research also clearly prove the link between air pollution and asthma, especially in children. Other studies mentioned, the lungs of children living in environments with poor air conditions are less able to grow and function properly, and its effects will be long term, even a lifetime.

This should be a concern to people living in big cities, like Jakarta. Therefore, the level of air pollution in this city is still very high. Transportation sector contributes about 70 per cent level of pollution due to the lack of environmentally friendly mass transportation.
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Eating Pattern Supporting Detoxification

There are so many health benefits that can be gained through fasting, including detoxification. A diet that is balanced and controlled will also reduce excess weight. However, all these objectives will be achieved if we restrict foods high in protein and fat and that contain sugar.

To get a fit body, healthy, and toxins from the body to support spending during the month of Ramadan, see the tips from dr Phaidon L Toruan, nutritionist and diet, at following:

1. Complex carbohydrate intake during meal.
Complex carbohydrates more slowly broken down into blood sugar that do not experience fluctuations in blood sugar is high. Blood sugar stable, and this is very helpful so that the body's energy metabolism stomach feel more full, until the time of breaking. Ideal carb menu when the dawn is sweet potatoes, maize, cassava, oatmeal, wheat bread, brown rice, and fruits.

2. Fruit and vegetables during meal.
Fasting for the body is a detoxification program. Resting the bowel a chance to remove the pulp and body metabolism. Leftover food, especially meat rotting in the colon, can be cleaned. Purifier primarily insoluble fiber contained in vegetables. Meanwhile, the fruit is also rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants that help the detoxification process.

3. Reduce fried foods.
Fried to make red blood cells clumping together as pacar cina. As a result, oxygen delivery can be reduced up to 20 percent, so we are so sleepy during the day easier.

4. Reduce sugar
Use of health, ideally, a sweet coming from the natural. Granulated sugar that is contained in various foods and drinks will cause blood sugar spikes. Here's what to avoid.

If a month-long diet laden with sugar, at the time of Eid, yo-yo effect will occur. Weight lost during fasting would be normal again, even heavier than before. When this happens continuously, the weight will accumulate and will cause obesity. Sweet is the ideal time to break the fast can be obtained from palm sugar, dates, honey, sugar, stevia, or fresh fruit.
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Wrong Ways to Relax

Every person has his own way to get out from fatigue and feel relaxed. However, if you know a few things that we often make choices 'way out' to eliminate stress, anxiety, and burden us, can actually give a bad impact on our health.

Do not let our means cheerleaders very disturbing life and our health, here are four of them:

Watching TV

Every major studies always found a link between watching TV and obesity. One of them is in the research contained in the Journal of the American Medical Association, this study found each time we increase the duration of two hours we watch TV, then automatically we will increase by 23% obesity and risk of diabetes up to 14%.

The danger again, when we will be overwhelmed by watching hundreds of advertisements of junk food and eating other foods that might be we are eating when watching television. Better to select only some of our favorite programs. Then, spend the rest of us to stay away from the sofa and make us a healthy hobby.

When the pressure of work or life to come, cigarettes often become our tool to be able to feel relaxed. Though we all would have been familiar or bored with the existing smoking hazard warnings. The smoker has a risk of a heart attack two times larger, and each bar rokoklah that causes 90% mortality caused by lung cancer. In addition to nicotine and tar, there are still hundreds of other chemicals in cigarette smoke can cause cancer. Plus, smoking can make our breath become unpleasant.

Dinner too late
Including groups of people who often make dinner too late? Eating too much the night is synonymous with eating junk food in large quantities. At the moment we are under stress, fatigue or anxiety, usually hormone cortisol will automatically send signals to the brain to recharge the body of fuel in anticipation of emergency conditions. And usually we're taking food containing fat or sugar.

Eating telampau late will increase insulin, fat storage hormone, and when sleep the body certainly will not do the burning again. And that's the sign, the risk of obesity will increase as well. Therefore, make it a habit to lock our mouths setlah at 7 pm.

Excessive running
Sometimes sports are used by some people as a weapon repellent stress. But do not be excessive and forced. Excessive running or called exercise bulimia, which is a form of exercise which utamannya goal is to get rid of all calories are not needed by the body, rather than creating a health and fit body. Perform high intensity exercise, carried out repeatedly and over, will make us kehilangkan enjoyment in exercising.

Not only that, 'coercion' This will increase the hormone cortisol, which can eventually damage our appearance with our waistlines expand, and disrupt important parts of the brain associated with memory. Therefore, if you want to exercise and still feel relaxed, said the moderates is key. For example, by jogging in the morning relaxing while enjoying the scenery in the park nearby. Not only make your body into shape, this method will also provide peace of mind. (PreventionIndonesiaonline/Astrid Anastasia)
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UI Open Herbal Masters Program

Depok, traditional medicines such as herbal medicine in great demand by the public, but unfortunately research on the efficacy of this herbal medicine is still minimal. With the opening of herbal masters program in the department of pharmacy University of Indonesia is expected to be more and more scientists are researching herbs.

This UI herbal masters program is under the faculty of Mathematics and Science in collaboration with Martha Tilaar Group. Graduates are expected to graduate this herb can explore, develop and conserve the natural and cultural richness of Indonesia.

So that can be raised based products such as medicinal herbs in the country and abroad, as well as reduce the negative impact of herbal products that use the addition of chemicals.

"Typically the research done individually, because it required a combination of academic theory and research of herbal or so that it can improve the quality of herbs in Indonesia," said Dr. Ir Muhammad Anis, M. dist as the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, University of Indonesia in the inauguration ceremony of Master Program Green Garden Herbs and Science at the UI Assembly Hall on Friday (06/08/2010).

While Dr. Martha Tilaar said masters graduates is expected to conduct research and apply scientific principles in the utilization of natural resources, especially medicinal plants and aromatic cosmetics for health and aesthetics, so that it can account for the use of herbal medicine.

"Hopefully later be known scientific evidence of these herbal products, herbal medicine that could provide safe and can be used widely. In addition to herbal medicine can be a host in his own country," said Secretary General Kemenkes dr. Ratna Rosita, MPH.
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Watermelon, Effective Streamline Stomach - Try to remember, the fruit that is sweet and fresh, so effective in eliminating hunger? Perhaps you will mention the watermelon. She exclaimed, watermelon that has many unexpected advantages.

Like tomatoes, watermelon contains lycopene, an antioxidant that helps fight heart disease and reduce various types of cancer, particularly prostate cancer. In fact, according to USDA database Caratenoid, the content of lycopene in watermelon is higher among the vegetables and other fruits.

Watermelon fruit free classified fat, low calories, and therefore regarded as an ideal food for the diet. Even so, the fruit is a good source of energy. Watermelon can also be a multi-vitamin intake. By consuming just two cups of watermelon (which had been cut), you've got the intake of vitamins A, B6, and C.

Vitamin A, as you know, good for eye health. Consumption of this fruit regularly can help prevent night blindness and boost immune function by enhancing the infection-fighting white blood cells called lymphocytes.

As for vitamin B6 was used by the body to produce chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine. In various studies previously seen, these compounds help the body cope with anxiety and panic. Vitamin B6 also plays a role in turning protein into energy.

The vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system to fight infections and viruses, heal wounds, prevent cell damage caused by free radicals (which can accelerate aging and conditions such as cataracts), as well as helping healthy teeth and gums.

Two cups of watermelon is also a source of potassium, minerals needed to balance the water and found in every cell. Potassium also helps maintain the body's electrolyte levels and acid-base balance, and help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. No less importantly, potassium also helps muscle and nerve function.

Then, how watermelon help shrink the stomach?

As mentioned at the beginning of writing, both to eliminate hunger watermelon. Fruit with a combination of green, white, and red has a high water content, and helps prevent dehydration. Dehydration conditions generally cause the body to hold more water, causing swelling and abdominal bloating. At that moment, you are advised to drink plenty of water.

By eating watermelon, you make the body hydrated. When the body is hydrated enough, your metabolism will increase. Well, the higher your metabolism will be making more calories are burned per day. Because they contain natural diuretics, watermelon will also make you urinate frequently. By itself, a bulge due to bloated stomach will deflate.

In addition to watermelon, there are several other types of food that "stomach friendly", such as:

Recent research linking these antioxidant-rich fruit with a reduction in abdominal fat.


Delicious vegetables made this soup is a natural diuretic that helps eliminate water weight.

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fat helps digestion.

Citrus fruits
Insert a citrus fruit juice into the drinking water will also digestion.
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Spicy Foods Can Lower Blood Pressure

Chongqing, China, For people with high blood pressure, some foods like salty foods and caffeine should be avoided. But for those hooked with spicy food, so food can be a drug to lower blood pressure.

According to a recent study, eating foods that can cause a burning tongue aka spicy foods, can help lower blood pressure. This is very helpful for people who have high blood pressure.

"Hypertension affects more than 20 percent of people in China's north-east compared to 10 to 14 percent in China's south-west, where many residents there who eat spicy foods and hot," explained Professor Zhiming Zhu, who led the study, as reported from Dailymail , Thursday (05/08/2010).

Researchers from Third Military Medical University, China, found the active ingredient in hot chili pepper flavor, which is a compound called capsaicin, can help relax blood vessels. Relax blood vessels that make normal blood pressure or decreased for people with high blood pressure.

Capsaicin is a chemical derived from natural vegetable oils. This material is used by the defense system of chili for himself to avoid being eaten by predators such as animals.

The compound works by activating the capsaicin receptor channels found in the lining of blood vessels. This causes increased production of nitric oxide, a gas molecule that is known to protect from inflammation and vascular dysfunction.

Further research is needed to see how many peppers that need to be eaten every day in order to have a positive impact on the human body, particularly those related to blood pressure.

The results of this study have been published in the journal Cell Metabolism, August edition.[]
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How to Detect Skin Cancer

Cancer rarely show specific symptoms, so many people do not realize it, including in cases of skin cancer. Although not as popular as breast cancer or cervical cancer, still need to regularly examine themselves against skin cancer.

Preventing skin cancer can be done to protect themselves from excessive sun exposure. But one can also detect early signs of skin cancer.

How to remove clothes and looked under the sun. Early signs that appear usually in the form of spots, such as lesions or moles.

Another way to detect skin cancer early is to see changes, such as size, discoloration, itching and bleeding. Since many skin cancer may look like psoriasis or eczema.

In a recent study reported by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, plastic surgeon and researcher Patricia Terrill revealed the importance of doing a complete examination of the entire body if found any change in the skin of a person.

"Many of us are ignoring skin cancer. Much of the same form of skin cancer that is like a small red scaly, patches of eczema or rash-like pearls," Terrill said, as quoted from, Tuesday (16/2/2010).

Terrill revealed approximately 67 percent of patients who went to the doctor already has a form of basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma and thus require a longer treatment, these cells can only be found by scanning the entire body.

The main cause of skin damage in patients with cancer caused by exposure to sunlight. In addition there are also other causes of environmental exposure to carcinogenic compounds or a specific genetic defect from birth so that higher-risk disease

"Although skin cancer can occur in areas frequently exposed to sunlight, but can spread to all parts of the body. It could be not only one place is very aesthetically," said Professor Ian Olver, Cancer Council Australia's CEO.

Olver adds skin cancer is one form of cancer that can be seen and can be cured, either for the non-melanoma or melanoma. Chance to recover will be greater if found at an early stage, it is important to check each of the changes that occur in the skin as a form of early detection.

Terrill suggested should do the whole body skin examinations twice a year, but for people who have a history of skin cancer, there is nothing wrong to be more alert to any changes. Early detection is important because skin cancer can occur from the age of 20 years.
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Fruit and Vegetables, Not Many Prevent Cancer

New York, from now on do not need to over-consume vegetables and fruit. Recent research shows, its contribution to cancer prevention was not as big as previously thought.

Quoted from AFP on Thursday (04/08/2010) research on this topic was conducted by a team from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. A total of 470 000 volunteers were involved, were recruited from 10 countries in western Europe.

During the eight years since 1992 scientists investigate and finally concluded that increased intake of fruit and vegetables as much as 200 grams/day only reduced the risk of cancer of approximately 3 percent. From these results, the effects of cancer prevention is considered not as big as expected.

In women, the benefits of smaller fruits and vegetables on cancer prevention. While the people who smoke and drink alcohol, its protection is limited to the risk of smoking-related cancer and alcohol.

"We found that vegetables and fruits provide preventive effects against cancer, but it was not as much as previously thought," said Paolo Boffetta, a doctor who led the research.

This finding is somewhat contrary to the WHO recommendation in 1990, to eating fruits and vegetables at least five times a day. WHO website mentions, 19 percent of gastrointestinal cancers (stomach), 31 percent of ischemic heart disease and 11 percent of strokes caused by a lack of intake of fruits and vegetables.

But the researchers argue that this research team aims to reject the recommendations of WHO. However, consumption of fruit and vegetables still providing benefits for health in general.
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Inhaling Due Paint Odor

Jakarta, One of the risks faced when painting the house or new house is finished painted dizziness and shortness of breath due to inhaling the stinging smell of paint thinner. What are the consequences for the occupants of the house?

Actually, to reduce it could be by keeping the room by turning on ventilation fans. But even this sometimes does not work. It's best if freshly painted room that do not directly occupied first.

In general, the paint consists of several components such as solvents, placard, dyes and other additives. Wall paint smell in the more derived from the solvent, which is usually oil-based (oil-based).

Quoted from Essortment, Wednesday (08/04/2010), wall paint using oil-based solvent containing many volatile organic compound (VOC) which evaporate easily. By keeping the room by turning on ventilation fans. But even this sometimes does not work. It's best if the room is freshly painted, do not directly occupied first.

If inhaled, its impact on health can vary according to the endurance of each individual.

Shortly after the inhalation, the impact is most often experienced dizziness, shortness of breath and eye irritation. Meanwhile, if inhaled continuously, in the long term impact can be more severe the cancer and nerve damage in the brain.

Adverse effects can also be experienced by pregnant women. Several types of solvents such as glycol ether have a high VOC content and reportedly can cause a miscarriage if inhaled in large quantities.

Therefore, pregnant women should not be placed on a freshly painted room is less than 2x24 hours. If forced, it is recommended to use a facial mask.

Face masks are not only effective for reducing the amount of steam inhalation. Dust originating from residual sanding can also be deflected with a mask, so as not to get into the airways and cause shortness of breath.

To reduce VOC vapor, the easiest way is to make sure ventilation or air circulation is always well maintained. The fan is switched to the outside can help remove moisture from the room, as well as accelerate the drying paint.

Some tips that can be applied when painting houses among others the following:

1. Immediately out of the room to get some fresh air if you have shortness of breath, dizziness or eye irritation
2. If eye irritation due to paint vapors, immediately wash with clean water
3. Check with your doctor if eye spattered by paint or solvent
4. Use eye protection if necessary
5. Protect sensitive skin using rubber gloves
6. Sanding to do when the walls in wet conditions to reduce dust.[]
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Drinking while eating not be fat

Jakarta, many people believe, drinking while eating can interfere with digestion and lead to obesity. The fact is not always the case, because eating is interspersed with drinking water can actually help you lose weight.

As long as no added syrup or sugar, white water (H2O) is a compound free of calories. Even taken together with food, water will not provide extra calories so it will not cause obesity.

Not only that, drinking water actually causes the stomach feel full faster. Quoted from MSN Health, Wednesday (08/04/2010), this causes decreased appetite, thus avoiding the possibility of eating excessive portions.

This theory was proven in a study published in the journal Obesity in the year 2007. In people aged 55 years and over, the habit of drinking 0.5 liters of water before meals can reduce weight by 44 percent within 12 weeks.

Another study said, the white water can increase thermogenesis or metabolism of calories into energy. No matter before or after eating, drinking 0.5 liters of room temperature effective to increase metabolism by 30 percent in the first 10-30 minutes afterward.

Related to this, speculation has developed the experts is that the body becomes more energy needed to raise the temperature of the water they drink at room temperature to conform to the body temperature. In adults, this process takes an average of 29 calories of energy.

As for the digestive system, there is no scientific evidence that water can trigger the disorder. In the process break down food into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body, the presence of water in the digestive tract it will help.

Water as a medium to dissolve some components of dietary nutrients, and thus more easily absorbed by the intestinal wall. Origin balanced with proper diet, drinking water while eating it either to lose weight.[]
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