Benefits of Olive Fruit for Health

Benefits of Olive Fruit for Health - The olive tree has many benefits for health and beauty of the body. Not only men but also the leaves of olive trees can be utilized for treatment. The olive tree is known from the island of Crete, who entered the territory of Greece. Therefore, it has long been the ancient Greeks used olive leaves as a wound cleansing medicine.

In addition olive leaf is also used as a remedy for bladder, and research shows olive leaf has the ability to help decrease blood sugar levels as well as beneficial lowering high blood pressure. The leaves also contain anti-microbial and highly effective against several fungi, viruses and bacteria.

While olive oil is obtained from the extraction of fruit, serve to protect the digestive system. If oil is smeared on the skin surface can moisturize, soften and maintain skin elasticity. This oil also serves as a carrier oil for other oils. When used in cooking or as food supplements, olive oil may keep the heart and arteries stay flexible. Consuming olive husband regularly shown to prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries.

Olive oil can also serve to control lipid levels in the blood. Consume one tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a glass of orange juice once a day, is known to treat gallstones.
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