What should be avoided in order to smooth skin

Health food nutrition - Food intake affects the health and appearance of the skin to keep it looking beautiful. In one of the articles Kompas.com never mentioned about food ingredients that need to be consumed to make the skin stay healthy. Here are the foods (and drinks) that should be avoided if you want to maximize pretty healthy skin.

Salty snacks

Murad, renowned dermatologist, states that sodium intake can suck the moisture and makes skin dry. This is what causes eye bags, swollen eyes, and swollen. Avoid salty snacks to still look beautiful.

Just like sodium, alcohol makes the skin dry. Alcohol makes the top layer of blood vessels, which produce some form of inflammation of skin damage.

Fried foods

When heated to high temperatures, vegetable oils such as those used in most fast food restaurants could lead to 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal which is also called HNE. This can cause dead skin cells. Dead skin can cause dry skin, chapped, and dull.

Refined carbohydrates

This means candy, cakes, and other processed foods. Such foods full of sugar and white flour that makes the supply of androgens, hormones in the body's production of oil, rising. A study showed that low-sugar diet participants who do not have a lot of acne than those who consume more processed food. Worse, these carbohydrates can cause glycation, collagen and elastin that make it easier to absorb and damaged by free radicals.
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Malnutrition Nutrition In Children

Health food nutrition - NUTRITION is a very important element in the body. With good nutrition, the body will be fresh and we can perform the activity properly. Nutrition must be fulfilled exactly since was a child, because in addition to essential nutrients for body growth, is also essential for brain development. To that end, parents need to understand better the child's nutritional needs so that children do not experience malnutrition. In addition, parents also need to know what and how it was malnourished.

Signs of malnutrition
According to Dr. Sri Kurniati MS, Doctor of Medical Nutrition Expert Child and Maternity Hospital Harapan Kita, malnutrition in children are divided into three.

The first, referred to as Protein Energy Malnutrition Light. At this stage, Sri explains that there are no specific signs that can be seen clearly. Only the child's weight reached only 80 percent of normal weight.

While the second, known as Protein Energy Malnutrition Moderate. At this stage, the child's weight reached only 70 percent of normal weight.

In addition, there are signs that can be seen clearly is the face becomes pale, and hair color changed a little red.

Third, known as Protein Energy Malnutrition Weight. This section is divided again into two, are very few, usually called Marasmus. Marasmus is a sign on the child's weight reached only 60 percent or less of normal weight. Apart from marasmus, another so-called Kwashiorkor. In kwashiorkor, in addition to weight, there are some other signs that can be directly visible. Among others are the feet have swollen, red hair and easily dismissed, and because vitamin A deficiency, a myopic eye, the cornea experiencing drought, and sometimes ulcers on the cornea, so that the eyes can burst. In addition to signs or symptoms, there are also other signs. Concomitant diseases such example is anemia or anemia, infection, diarrhea is often the case, crusty skin and broke and out of fluid, and cracked in the corner of his mouth.

Malnutrition Causes factor
Poor nutrition in children, can occur in children under five years of age (Bottom Five Years). "Guidelines to identify malnourished children is to look at weight and height are less than normal," said Sri. Sri add, if the child's height is not growing, or less than normal, it indicates that malnutrition in children has been prolonged. Sri explained, there are several factors that cause malnutrition in children. First, the distances between the ages of brothers and sisters who are too close to go influenced. Thus, the attention of the mother to the brother was taken in the presence of his sister, so the brothers tend to neglect and not considered food.

Therefore, the older brother eventually become malnourished. "Childhood is a passive consumer, can not take care of himself, especially o eat," said Sri. Second, children who started to walk are also susceptible to infection or infected by other diseases. In addition, the third is due to a less environmentally clean, so easy a sick child. Because these sickly, the child becomes malnourished.

Fourth, the lack of knowledge of parents, especially mothers about nutrition. "Poor nutrition is purely for the food," said Sri. According to Sri, her mother must be able to provide enough nutritional content of food. "Not necessarily expensive, can also be given food is cheap, good quality home," said Sri.

Hence the clever-clever mother had to choose foods for children.

Fifth, family socio-economic conditions are tough. This factor is quite a lot of influence, because if the child is rarely eat, then they will automatically malnutrition.

Sixth, in addition to food, child malnutrition could also be due to congenital disease that forced the child to be treated. Such as heart disease and congenital lung.
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Benefits of Choline for Toddler Brain

Health food nutrition - Lately, we've heard a lot about the different nutrients that are important to our children's brain development. What exactly are the benefits of nutrients? So far, we have studied the Omega-3 and Omega-6, tyrosine and tryptophan, Sphingomyelin, AA, DHA, SA and others. This time, there is no harm we learn other important nutrients for the growth of intelligence of our baby's brain is choline.

Choline is an amino saturation of the body needs to build the structure and role in the formation of cell membranes for delivery of signals within the nervous system and nerve transmission kolinergis. Choline also plays a role in various cognition systems within the brain. Choline is a chemical precursor or "building blocks" required for the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which has been proven by research to help in the development of memory and intelligence.

Natural source of choline is another egg yolk, soy bean, chicken liver, turkey, and beef that has been cooked.

Frisian Flag 123 and 456 contains choline to help strengthen memory and intelligence. Frisian Flag 123 and 456 also contains key nutrients opening child's potential to absorb and process information in the brain of essential amino acids: tyrosine + tryptophan. The content of DHA, AA, Sphingomyelin and SA, and of course, calcium, iron, zinc and various other vitamins and minerals to ensure your children get a complete and balanced nutrition for physical as well as brain growth.

Give your baby Frisian Flag 123 and 456 each day so that he remains healthy, strong and intelligent.
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Folic Acid For Health

There are various kinds of nutrients that the body of toddlers need to grow healthy and strong. One is folic acid. Did you know the benefits of folic acid for your baby? Does folic acid, and why the body of nutrients toddlers need this? Let's learn more.

Folic acid is a form of water-soluble vitamin B9. Folic acid can be obtained from food and gets its name from the Latin word "folium" which means leaf. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, as well as nuts and sunflower seeds are food sources rich in folic acid.

Folic acid is important and necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells. At the ages where there is division and rapid cell growth, such as in infancy, toddlers, and in times of pregnancy, folic acid is needed. Folic acid deficiency can damage the formation of DNA and cell division, which in turn can cause various diseases such as megaloblastic anemia.

In addition, Folic acid is also useful to recall the brain (memory) and mental alertness, which is needed by a toddler who is growing. Folic acid is also useful for preventing depression, cancer and other diseases. However, folic acid intake should also be at the right dose so as not to damage the body in the long term.

Frisian Flag 123 and 456 of folic acid with an appropriate dose that will help keep your toddler healthy body and help the intellectual brains. In addition, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 is also equipped with a key opening the potential for child nutrition: tyrosine + tryptophan, Sphingomyelin, DHA, AA and SA, and of course, calcium, iron, zinc and various other vitamins to ensure your children get a complete nutrition and balanced for growth.

Give your baby Frisian Flag 123 and 456 each day so that he remains healthy, strong and intelligent.[nutrisibalitacerdas.com]
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Benefits of DHA for Infants

DHA or Docosahexaenoic Acid are essential fatty acids Omega-3. Chemically, DHA is Carboxilyc Acid with 22-carbon chain and six cis double bonds; the first double bond is located at the third carbon from the omega end. One source of DHA is in fish oil. Most of the DHA in fish, and other more complex organisms derived from the genus Schizochytrium mikroalge, and concentrated in organisms along with rising food chain. DHA is the main fatty acid in brain phospolipid, especially in the retina. DHA deficiency may amenyebabkan lack of serotonin in the brain and can among other causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer's disease, and depression.

DHA is very important nutrients for infant brain development. Research has shown that DHA significantly improve cognitive function of the brain and visual function. DHA also has significant effects on photoreceptor membranes and neurotransmitters that are involved in the process of signal tranduksi; rhodopsin activation, rod and cone development, neuronal connectivity denditric, and functional maturation of the central nervous system.

Addition of a combination of DHA without AA or DHA and AA in the ratio of inappropriate not to provide optimum for growth and brain development. Therefore, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 not only your toddler nutritional supplement with DHA alone but also by the ratio of DHA and AA are appropriate to maximize your toddler's brain development.

Like mother who always give the best for your baby, we were only providing the best for the development and growth of your baby. Milk Frisian Flag 123 and 456 have a complete and balanced nutrition; good for the development of his brain like tyrosine + tryptophan (T + T), Sphingomyelin, AA, DHA and certainly Sialic Acid or SA, and also for the growth of his body such as proteins, beta carotene, Vitamins A, D, C, E, Selenium, Zinc, iron, Vit B12, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin K, and the prebiotic inulin to help the digestive system. By giving your baby milk Frisian Flag 123 and 456, you no longer need to worry about nutritional requirements.
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Best Nutrition For Your Baby

Nutrition can be obtained from various sources, among other articles of daily food. But a growing body of toddlers who need extra of milk. Milk has been known for its excellent nutritional value, because it contains calcium, protein, and various vitamins such as A, D, and B 12 (Riboflavin). For this reason, children are encouraged to drink milk every day so they get a more complete nutrition and better.

To provide the best nutrition for your children who are growing, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 has been formulated with DHA, AA, SA, Sphingomyelin and T + T (tyrosine and tryptophan). If your child does not like white milk, no honey and chocolate flavors. Important nutrients are contained in the Frisian Flag 123 and 456? Let us identify more closely.

DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is a type of family nutrition Omega-3 fatty acids. DHA is important for your child due to a high enough amount of DHA was found in the brain. The human brain consists of 60% fat. Of this 60%, 25% DHA is his. Research findings have concluded that DHA helps the transmission of chemical messages in the human brain. DHA can be obtained from oily fish like salmon, sardines, herring and tuna. In addition, fish oil also contains a few percent DHA. If a child does not really like eating fish, DHA can be supplemented by giving them the milk Frisian Flag 123 and 456. DHA supplementation is very important for them to prevent the decrease in the level of DHA in the body of your child.

Similar to DHA, AA is the abbreviation of another type of fatty acids in Omega-6 family. Arachidonic acid (more commonly known as AA) are also found in abundance in the human brain. As explained above, our brains consist of 60% fat, where 25% of it is the DHA and the other 15% are AA. Both DHA and AA are two types of fat are important because they are the building blocks of the brain involved in thought processes. AA sources are meat (especially red meat, organ meat) and egg yolks. AA levels in red meat (eg beef) higher than the white meat (eg chicken) because basically red meat contains more fat. Both of DHA and AA can also be found in breast milk. Same as DHA, AA supplementation would help reduction of AA in the body of a child.

Besides the above two types of fat, which also has an important role in transmitting the chemical messages are Sialic Acid (known as the SA) who is also the other nutrients contained in milk Frisian Flag 123 and 456. But unlike DHA and AA, SA is not the type of fat but carbohydrates. SA can be found either in breast milk and cow's milk. In the human body, a large number of SA can be found in our brain. SA is an important part of the brain structure, which involves the transmission of chemical messages and interaction from cell to cell. Supplements SA is very important for toddlers to help them maintain and improve levels of SA in their brains.

Frisian Flag's 123 and 456 also contain Sphingomyelin, which also is an important component of breast milk. Myelin contains 65% -80% of fat is one of Sphingomyelin. Sphingomyelin plays a role in the formation of the protective myelin coating which cause the flow of electricity in the myelin of nerve cells become more effective that supports the ability to send messages and prevent children from developmental delay.

And now, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 also contains the T + T (tyrosine and tryptophan), the right nutrients to unlock the potential of intelligence of children. Essential amino acid tyrosine, is involved in the synthesis of epinephrine - a neurotransmitter that is necessary for the mental intelligence and information absorption process in the brain. Neuroptransmitter deficiency can cause loss of concentration and also disrupt the mood of a child. Tryptophan is found in breast milk and acts as a precursor for melatonin and serotonin. Regulate melatonin rhythm of sleep and walking. Has the effect of serotonin in the dendrite growth, glial proliferation and synapto-genesis, which helps the brain process information more quickly.

With the combination of a complete and balanced nutrition, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 ensure that your baby always gets the best for her.[nutrisibalitacerdas.com]
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Health food nutrition - Health nutrition products from SUN HOPE that has been clinically tested and has been listed on the world health organization (WHO), POM so that nutrients can be consumed by all ages without any side effects, because these nutrients are not DRUG, so without a prescription can consume nutrients this. Not leaving the rest of body, does not interfere with the working system of all organs of the body, 100% Herbal product.
We provide several health Nutrition WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS. Insha Allah can cure various diseases such as:

1. Cancer,
2. Diabetes,
3. Cholesterol,
4. Heart,
5. Hepatitis,
6. Stroke
7. Hypertension,
8. Asthma,
9. Diarrhea,
10. Constipation,
11. Tetanus,
12. Migraine,
13. Pain during coming months,
14. Lose weight
15. A natural Viagra,
16. and others.

Hopefully you're taking nutrients from us, you can recover from your current illness or if you feel healthy now, so by consuming these nutrients you can maintain your health.


HERBAL-Essence herbal tea products rich in natural organic content of flavonoids poliphenol is a powerful detoxification agent. This health beverage products developed from traditional medicinal plant extracts oolong tea that is combined with a synergistic herbal


1. Helps maintain digestive tract health

2. Helps cleansing the digestive tract of toxins (detoxification) generated from the decomposition and fermentation

3. Helps relaxation and reduce symptoms of constipation bowel

4. Helps prevent the oxidation of fats (LDL), thereby increasing blood HDL

5. Helps prevent and control obesity

6. Helps neutralize toxins in the liver substance


1. Flavonoid-rich polyphenol content which is a powerful detoxification agent

2. Since the beginning of planting until the end of the plucking, the combination of herbs grown organically without the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides

Recommendation usage:

Maintenance: 1 sachet/day, at bedtime

Special Needs: 2 x 1 sachet/day (in the afternoon and at bedtime)

Brewing one tea bag in boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes.

Tea is ready to serve.

Toget it's you can come to myhope4ever.blogspot.com
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Natural Healthy Diet Tips

Health food nutrition - You want to Natural Diet and Slim Fast wants, but with the way Slim Healthy without any side effects? Here are some Healthy Diet Tips so that your body looks Slender Natural.


Eat only fruits (except bananas as avocado/Food Diet), may be in the form of juice, too. If you can get bored too plain yogurt mixed with fruit. Fear of a stomach ache? Oh no, this has been my practice and there is no effect. A good breakfast 6-7 hours. Many people do not have breakfast because of fear of fat. Well, actually, with a breakfast that helps the performance of our bodily organs. But the thing to remember is, if the morning do not eat heavy, because of the disposal process occurs 4-12 hours.


Starting from 12 hours. Well now we may eat as usual. Do not be exaggerated as well, because something good is not excessive. Normal servings, adjust the same expenditure as well (Diet Food). Do not wait until you are full, because the "stop eating before satiety" that Slim Fast.


If you are hungry, but may eat without rice or other carbohydrates. Dinner will be at the stop clock 20. Hours 20-4 that phase of the body to absorb, so if we were still eating heavy, not rest organs, because they have to keep working. That's why people are often sick as well, because her organs are not allowed to recover/Diet Fast.

Outside of breakfast, lunch, and dinner was hungry, snack with fruit. So, no eating problems often, but fruit. hehehhe .. and do not forget sports. That very important. Eat healthy but do not exercise, routine Enterprises 3-4x a week for help Natural Diet program.
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Keeping child's teeth stay healthy

When does a child should be brought to start a routine visit to the dentist? Is 3-year-old child should begin to brush your teeth? Such questions often asked by parents. Parents often feel in doubt about the right time to start caring for their child teeth.

When is The Right Time To Start Dental care for children?

Proper dental care should begin even before the baby starts to grow his first tooth. Although not visible, the tooth actually been formed since the second trimester of pregnancy. At birth, a baby already has 20 milk teeth in the jaw.

A damp cloth to rub gently into your baby's gums after eating can prevent the accumulation of bacteria-destroying bacteria. Once a child has some teeth that had grown, she should be introduced with a toothbrush. Use a toothbrush especially for children who have a soft feather brush.

Are Baby Teeth can also Experiencing Damage?

Tooth decay in infants can occur when parents have bad habits like letting your baby sleep with a milk bottle in his mouth. According to several pediatric dentist, these habits can damage your baby if left continuously. Sugar contained in milk teeth attached to hold the baby for hours on end can damage tooth enamel. Initially the color changes can occur on the front teeth. Eventually, if left tooth cavity can occur. Parents also need time to get used to drink regular milk because milk bottle to suck continuously throughout the day can damage baby teeth.

Should My Child Is Taken Into Specific Dentist?

Child's teeth should be examined at a special dental care for children or commonly referred to a pediatric dentist (pediatric dentist). Pediatric dentist can treat a variety of dental health problems commonly faced by children.

Pediatric dentist to work with the aim of preventing dental problems before the arise, and care through regular checkups to stay healthy teeth and gums.

How to Prevent Dental arise hole?

We recommend that a child was taken to visit the dentist at age one year. Your dentist will explain how to clean teeth properly. Your dentist also will check the health of your child's teeth. Such initial visit can help identify problems that may arise. In addition, this visit can make a child become accustomed to and is not afraid of the dentist.

Tooth decay can occur because the food on the teeth and not be cleaned. Food will be forming a kind of acid that can damage teeth layers. When the layer is damaged, the tooth will arise tooth cavity.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day can keep your teeth health. Children age 2 or 3 years has begun to use toothpaste when brushing their teeth as long as the supervised parent. Toothpaste given do not need much. Make sure the child spits out his teeth toothpaste after brushing teeth.[keluargasehat.wordpress.com]
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Knowing Child Nutritional Status

Nutritional status of children is an important thing to be known by each parent. Need for more attention on growth and development based on the fact that the age of the children malnourished that occurred in this golden period, is irreversible (can not be recovered).

Data in 2007 showed 4 million Indonesian children under five are malnourished, 700 thousand of them suffered severe malnutrition. Meanwhile, those who received supplementary food program is only 39 thousand children.

Viewed from the heights, as much as 25.8 percent of Indonesian children under five short (SKRT 2004). Body size is short this is a sign of prolonged malnutrition. Furthermore, malnutrition can affect brain development in children. In fact, the brain grows during infancy. Rapid phase of brain growth takes place from fetal age 30 weeks until the baby is 18 months.

According to nutrition experts from the IPB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Khomsan Ali, MS, a standard reference for nutritional status of children is a Weight Loss by Age (BB/U), Weight Loss according to height (weight/height), and Height by Age (TB/U). While the classification is normal, underweight (thin), and fat.

For reference that uses height, if the conditions are less well known stunted (short). Guidelines used are based on standard tables WHO-NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics).

Nutritional status of children can know how to match * with the child's age (in months) with standard weight tables WHO-NCHS, if the weight is less, the less its nutrient status.

In the IHC (Integrated Service Post), has provided the Card Towards Healthy (KMS) which can also be used to predict the nutritional status of children based on KMS curve. Consider first the child's age, weight and then plot the curve of the KMS. If still within the green line then good nutritional status, if below the red line, then the status of malnutrition.

The difference with young children, the nutritional status of adults using the reference body mass index (BMI) or also called the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI value is obtained by calculating the weight (in kilograms) divided by height squared (in square meters). Normal BMI score between 18.5 and 25; skinny when less than 18.5, and obese if over 25. For example, 1.6 meters tall person, then the ideal weight is 48-64 kg.

Parameters commonly used to determine the nutritional status of children under five were weight, height, and head circumference. Head circumference as a measure often used to describe the nutritional status of brain development.

While the parameters of nutritional status that is commonly used in Indonesia is the weight according to age. This parameter is used thoroughly in the IHC.

According to Prof. Ali, to differentiate children malnourished and malnutrition can be done in the following way. Malnutrition is when your weight by age, calculated by Z score score less than -2, and malnutrition if the Z score less than -3. This means that malnutrition is more severe than the conditions of poor nutrition.

Toddler malnutrition sufferer looking thin, reddish hair (blond), sometimes distended abdomen, face, moon face due to edema (swelling) or monkey face (wrinkles), whiny kids, less responsive. If prolonged malnutrition will affect the brightness.

The main cause of malnutrition among children under five is poverty so that children disrupted access to food. Other causes are infections (diarrhea), ignorance of parents due to lack of knowledge of nutrition education so low, or a factor of food taboos, where nutritious food taboo, and should not be consumed by children under five.

Malnourished children under five can affect the physical and mental growth. Children seem short, skinny compared to his friends the same age that is more healthy. Upon entering school age can not be bothered achievement stands out for his intelligence.

To overcome the malnutrition cases require the role of families, health practitioners, and government. Government must improve the quality of IHC, do not merely for weighing and vaccinations, but should be improved in terms of nutrition counseling and provision of supplementary food quality, the government should be able to improve the welfare of the people to access food undisturbed.

The mothers in particular, must have patience when her son had problems eating, and more attention to daily food intake for children. Children must be protected from infectious diseases such as diarrhea or acute respiratory infection (Infectious Bronchi).

All the essential nutrients for children in the age of growth. Prof. Ali instructed to pay attention to the vegetable and animal food intake (side dishes), milk consumption is maintained, not too many snack foods (junk food) that will cause the child's loss of appetite. Notice also the intake of four of five perfectly healthy with enough quantity.[medicastore.com]
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How to Detect Malnutrition in children under five years

Children are a trust from Allah that not priceless. The mandate requires us to make them as children who Salih. To realize there are several factors that must be met, including providing sufficient and good nutrition to children so they can grow with the perfect, healthy and smart. That way, it will make them readily established to deepen the religious sciences of Allah. do not care about us on the nutrition of children, would create a state of nutrition they get worse.

Lately, many children who experience malnutrition situation in some places. In fact, found no cases of child mortality because of malnutrition problems less attention. Malnourished children under five conditions is extremely unfortunate. Therefore, growth and development as well as his intelligence is affected by nutrition. Malnutrition conditions are not necessarily associated with poverty and the unwillingness of food, while not denying poverty and laziness is a factor that often become the cause of malnutrition in children.

In addition, parenting factors are also decisive. Children are cared for by his own mother with a loving, high awareness of the importance of nutrition and breastfeeding, and always pay attention to health-especially educated; the child will not suffer bad nutrition. While there is a phenomenon that currently, most children are separated far away from a busy mother with solid reasons. Then they handed the child to the person caring less attention to nutrition and health of children. If such a situation, it is likely the child will experience poor nutrition. Therefore, the parents, especially mothers, should still pay attention to nutrition and health of children in the middle of their busy day-to-day activities, as well as good exercise for them.

Definition of Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a condition in which someone stated the lack of nutrients, or with another expression under the nutritional status of average standard. Nutrition is able to form proteins, carbohydrates and calories. In Indonesia, cases of PEM (Protein Energy Malnutrition) is one of the major nutritional problem encountered in many toddlers.

Indications Malnutrition

For mild and moderate PEM, clinical symptoms can be found in children is a condition of the body that looks thin. While the clinical symptoms of severe PEM/malnutrition can be divided roughly into three types: marasmus, kwashiorkor and marasmic-kwashiorkor.

Kwashiorkor has the characteristics:
1) edema (swelling), generally throughout the body (especially the back legs and face) rounded and humid
2) Glazed eyes
3) thin reddish hair like the hair color of corn and easily removed painlessly and easily fall off
4) mental status changes become apathetic and fussy
5) enlargement of the liver occurs
6) muscle decreases (hipotrofi), more apparent when examined in the standing or sitting position
7) there is disorder in the form of patches of pink skin that extends and turns brown-black and then peel (crazy pavement dermatosis)
8) is often accompanied by an acute infectious disease that usually
9), anemia and diarrhea

While the characteristics of marasmus are as follows:
1) appears very thin body like bones wrapped in skin only
2) a face like an old man
3) easy crying/whiny and fussy
4) the skin becomes wrinkled
5) subcutis fat tissue is very little to none (channel baggy/loose pants)
6) concave stomach, and ribs xylophone
7) seringdisertai infectious diseases (mostly chronic recurrent)
8) chronic diarrhea or constipation (constipation)

The marasmic-kwashiorkor have combined features from several clinical symptoms of marasmus kwashiorkor, and accompanied by edema that is not flashy.[by : drh. Sarmin, MP dan Dr. Fitri Rachmayanti]

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Folic Acid And Other Supplements For Heart Healthy

Folic acid and other vitamins B help break down homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood. High levels of homocysteine are associated with increased risk of heart disease.

For this reason, some scientists speculated that folic acid supplements can reduce homocysteine levels, which, in turn, can reduce heart disease risk. But new research shows that lowering homocysteine in this way has no effect on preventing heart attacks. Conversely, it may even increase slightly the risk of triggering a heart attack.

Also, the cumulative evidence indicates that dietary folic acid can reduce stroke risk. Reduction of stroke was observed to speculate because the pulse pressure drops produced by folate supplementation of 5 mg per day, because hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke just review shows that in some individual stroke risk seems to be reduced, but definite recommendation regarding supplementation beyond the daily allowance currently recommended for stroke prevention has not been defined.

Two independent research conducted by the researchers concluded that combined daily administration of 2.5 mg [milligrams] of folic acid, 50 mg of vitamin B6, and 1 mg vitamin B12 for five years had no beneficial effect on major cardiovascular events in high-risk population with heart disease.

However, a consultant for Nutrition Board is responsible, said the findings may not apply to relatively healthy Americans, because the two study populations involved ill individuals with a history of heart attack, heart disease, diabetes and other problems.
However, the American Heart Association (AHA) does not recommend the use of folic acid supplements by the general public to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Other POst eyes and vitamin a
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Eyes And Vitamin A

Eyes And Vitamin A - To maintain good eye health, Vitamin A is essential nutrients. Found that vitamin A deficiency is the only one the biggest causes of childhood blindness is preventable.

People most at risk are children between six months to six years, pregnant women and lactating women.

This is because vitamin A to maintain healthy cells in the eye and the various structures needed to convert light into nerve signals in the eye called the retina. When vitamin A is not available to the body, gradual change began to affect the eye.

1. The first sign of trouble is when a child or pregnant or lactating women found it difficult to adjust to see in the dark. This condition is called night blindness.
2. Bitot Spots: This is a white cheese like tissue spots that develop around the eyeball, causing severe drought in the eye.

3. Blindness: Once set in dry eye, the eye becomes very sensitive. Eyelids become swollen and sticky. This ultimately causes irreversible blindness.

To successfully reduce vitamin A deficiency, adequacy of intake of vitamin A should be ascertained.

1. Promotion of vitamin A-rich diet: Animal sources of liver, fish liver oil, egg yolk, milk and milk products and plant sources such as dark green leaves, yellow and orange vegetables (like carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet yellow), yellow and orange fruits (such as papaya, mango) and Red palm oil
2. Fort foods: Vitamin A is added to foods such as oil, sugar, milk and flour helps to provide vitamin A when a regular diet does not contain adequate amounts of vitamins.
3. Vitamin A supplementation: This involves the intake of high doses of vitamin A drops or syrup in children between 6 months and 6 years old, twice a year.

Other post supplement for men or folic acid
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Abon Daging Sapi - food recipe

Who likes Abon Sapi? This menu can be a favorite because it tastes delicious. Also can be stored for a long time, so practical when needed.


- 1 Kg of beef good

- 1 coconut (coconut milk is thick take approximately 1 cup)


- 4 cloves garlic

- 2 tablespoons cilantro

- Brown sugar to taste (adjust to desired sweetness)

- Bay leaf

- Galangal

- Salt

How to Make:

- Boiled meat with salt, bay leaves and galangal

- After the meat tender and then in thin slices, then the hit with the bat until the bruise

- Meat that has been bruised beaten, then in finely chopped.

- Blend the seasonings: garlic, coriander, brown sugar and a pinch of salt

- Heat the coconut milk, then enter the meat and the spice paste, stirring, stirring constantly until the coconut milk and meat abon dry out, at the time of stirring after the dry, should be in the back and forth in order not abon not burn.

- Create abon be completely dry in order to be durable.

- If you are intending to make Abon Sapi with slightly spicy flavor, you can put a little chili powder on the dried abon then mix evenly.
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Herbal Medicine be Alternative Medicine

Cipanas - Treatment with drugs formulated from plant will continue to be improved through plant cultivation and research in that field, so that the community has an alternative in the health care process.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Herbal Doctor, dr. Pranata Hardhi Sp.S.MARS said that when First Lady Ani Yudhoyono accompanied reviewing herbal garden at the Palace Cipanas, Cianjur, Monday (5/4) morning.

"Later the patient is expected to have the option of using an herbal treatment that can be integrated with chemical based drugs. In the PRC already had," said Hardhi Pranata.

"Empirically, herbal medicine used by people hundreds of years. We've passed the 18 herbs that standard clinical trials, five species are still the process. President (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, ed) want to have accelerated. It requires a synergy between the Ministry of Health, Agency for Drug and Food Control, Ministry of Agriculture, and others, "he said.

He added in the near future to improve the competence of physicians in the use of medicines made from herbs, will be inaugurated master study program of herbal medicine at the University of Indonesia.

According Hardhi, steps to develop the herbal garden, departing from the recommendation of Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih on January 6, 2010 that encouraged doctors to use herbal medicine in treatment.

Pilot Center

According to Head of Medicinal Study Center, Bogor Agricultural University Dr. K Latifah Darusman, Parks Herbalia Cipanas Palace will be developed as a pilot center for the development of drug plants, one of which enhance the collection of 207 species into 470 kinds in the future.

"We think this trend later. Herbs is multi-compound and could complement each other for treatment, both regenerative diseases such as cancer and also to maintain health. This could be to improve health promotive, preventive, are also present, as well as curative course," asserted Hardhi.

He explained that in Europe or in the United States, the trend of using plants as medicines compounded materials continues to rise. There's even a cure for cancer that uses overseas production of ginger materials from Indonesia. However, still many people in the country who do not know about it.

Increased use of potential as a medicinal plant in Indonesia, he said, require cooperation and understanding of all parties for their potential in the country.

First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, accompanied by members of the Solidarity members of United Indonesian Cabinet Wives (SIKIB) review Herbalia Park at the Cipanas Palace.**inilah.com**
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How you Maintaining Infant Health

Drying the baby in the morning

Babies need to dry them in the morning to warm the body, but should not force this activity every day. So, assuming that the baby should be dried in the sun every day is not entirely correct. Even if you are drying your baby, no need for long, just 10-15 minutes before eight o'clock in the morning. This is important for babies born in yellow. Because sunlight is able to describe the bilirubin into water soluble and is released as urine.

Milk bottles when babies sleep

Actually, milk bottles for a baby just to lighten your task. Because bottle feeding in infants who wake at night can make you a more practical and baby were fast asleep again. But the real bottle-feeding can interfere with infant development. Milk sediment gathered in the gums can be a child. In addition, little ear infection so easily, because they drink milk get into the channel eustachius. This channel is the link between the back of the throat and ears of the rear. So, when should give the milk bottle, pick up the little baby's head. After that sleeping baby without a bottle of milk. It's a little messy, but it's for your baby's health.

Cold showers make the baby stronger

There is a myth that says a baby bath with cold water can make the baby stronger body resistance. Myth is certainly not true. Actually cold water can make a baby burning and metabolism increasing. So that food could be discharged in the body to regulate body temperature. Infants may eventually become exhausted and sick easily. Babies should be bathed with warm water. Do not linger try bathing the baby and children directly in warm afterwards.

Baby slobber

Very fair if a baby slobber. For infants up to age 4 years, will be active in producing saliva. But if excessive salivation, the possibility of inflammation or infection in the oral cavity. Saliva is also a sign of when the baby will be teething. Saliva in the baby's mother is not happening due to the desire time containing not met.

Baby bedwetting

Up above the age of two years, naturally if the baby is still wetting the bed. Because urine controls were not functioning perfectly. Nevertheless, teaches baby pee earlier will be better, so that at age two he was able to control the annual bladder. If until the age of two years still wet the bed, be aware of the possibility of biological or psychological problems.

Sweaty babies

The presumption that a child who was always healthy and a lot of sweating it is not true. Actually, excessive perspiration that came out was not a healthy sign. However there are certain disorders, such as stress, excessive thyroid function, low blood sugar, and excess weight. You should be aware if the child's excessive perspiration.

Vitamins for kids

When eating a good boy, really extra vitamins are not necessary. If you still want to give vitamin supplements to children, give them as needed, because the vitamin is very helpful if the child is really needed. For example vitamins to increase appetite, vitamin supplement of iron, and so forth.
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Fruit and Vegetable Consumption did not Prevent from Cancer?

An international study of nearly 500 thousand people have confirmed that eating fruits and vegetables do not prevent cancer. How is the logic?

The results of this study clearly opposed the decision has been made the World Health Organization (WHO) on 20 years ago. World Health Organization has become the benchmark for United States federal government ad that contains an invitation to eat two pieces of fruit and five servings of vegetables a day. In fact, the campaign which was launched five years ago that has cost more than $ 4, 8 million.

However, cancer experts had urged people not to ignore the recommendations of WHO. Section, a high intake of fruits and vegetables is still useful against heart disease and some cancers, like colon and breast cancer, which is associated with obesity.

"We still do not get a clear explanation why fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce cancer, but we know that some types of cancer associated with obesity. Thus, one should maintain a normal weight at that point,''said the chief executive of Cancer Council Australia, Ian Olver.

Furthermore, for eight years, a study conducted by researchers at the European analyze the 478 thousand people. The study found that consumption of approximately 400 grams of fruit and vegetables every day is a simple way to protect against cancer. Thus was obtained from the Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday (7/4/2010).

Nevertheless, studies published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, between 1992 and 2000 found no evidence of a relationship between cancer by eating fruits and vegetables, although a review in 1997 by the World Cancer Research Fund claims to have found convincing evidence.

Bruce Armstrong, a professor of public health at the University of Sydney says that in the study of fruit and vegetables are not focused on any particular type of cancer, but associated with some types of diseases associated with diet or eating patterns.

"Fruit and vegetables clearly has a protective effect against some cancers. So, we do not give the wrong message,''he said.

This result also supports a 2007 study in Australia which found that living in a healthy weight range (ideal) is more important in the prevention of cancer rather than follow the nutrition guidelines.

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Keeping Babies Skin Health

Keeping skin should be started when the babies. Because, when adult skin condition depends on the treatment since childhood. One way to treat it is to choose a comfortable fashion, with the material to absorb sweat.

Skin is the largest organ located on the surface which in addition to covering almost the entire surface of the body, also has a function that varies with disorder problems that can be local, and can be a symptom of serious illness.

"The skin of children and parents as a whole was different. The difference can be seen from the skin cells. In children, skin cells are still close together," said a pediatrician at the Section of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Dr. Rini dr Sekartini Sp.AK.

Rini said, in maintaining the health of your baby's skin this must be considered from the smallest thing, because baby's skin is very sensitive. Baby's skin is more easily absorbed substances that are attached to the skin surface. The existence of friction with the substance or material from outside would facilitate the occurrence of skin irritation.

"The baby's skin contains a high lipid content making it easier for irritants through the skin. This happened at Friction between clothing and skin them, or it could be diapers and skin," said Rini, who also joined in the Indonesian Pediatricians Association member units of the working group "Growing Fireworks "- Social Paediatrics.

Therefore, further Rini, kids clothing material selection must be rigorous. Make no mistake in choosing baby clothes, because it is also associated with health.

"Because the contact clothing or clothing not only on the hand, but also most of the body, so if it does not pay attention to skin problems of health of clothing, can occur in all parts of the body. Like in the chest or abdomen, especially on the close and humid," she explained .

Rini said there were two major factors that need to be considered in terms of choosing clothes for babies and children, are safe and comfortable. Secure in the sense that not harmful, viewed from the fabric material used, the best materials are cotton, then do not fade because of the coloring process that is not quite right, does not cause itching or allergy in the skin as well as noteworthy use of accessories, clothing must not harm the body .

Rini said, why baby clothes different from the child or with another adult, that's only because the thermostat (temperature regulator) is not working optimally, and also because the layer of fat that have not been there in the early weeks. We recommend that you wear warm clothing during cold weather and thin in hot weather, as well as children adjust to environmental conditions.

Other factors are comfortable clothes must have good air circulation, not too tight, made from soft, and can easily absorb sweat. Also, clothing models also must be noted, adjust to the age of your baby or child comfortable using it.

"Find a simple model of the clothes, with a material that is very safe in children and avoid using a lot of clothes with accessories that endangers children," Rini said while attending the certification ceremony Oeku-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 to the Velvet Junior at Kidsport Pondok Indah, south Jakarta, last week.

"Use the appropriate model age of the child, not to hinder the movement of children, especially the gross motor skills. According to experts, the factors that cause frequent crying baby suddenly fussy or inconvenience caused of clothes," Rini said.

Meanwhile, the Sales & Marketing Manager for the Velvet Junior Chodijah said, Velvet Junior as one brand of baby clothes and children, today issued a standardized product that obtained the Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 (read: okotex).

"Standardization is a fashion Velvet guarantee that the product is very comfortable for babies and children, while not causing irritation to the skin," she said when speaking at a certification ceremony Oeku-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 to the Velvet Junior of Jakarta.

"The parents have to choose a comfortable fashion in choosing baby clothes and children and also note the ingredients for skin health," said Chodijah.

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Chocolate Reduce Stroke Risk

Jakarta - The consumption of chocolate, snacks favored by many people, every day in small amounts was able to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke about 40%.

German researchers studied 20,000 people over eight years by sending a few questions about their diet and eating habits. Researchers found that those who consume six grams of chocolate per day, about one bar of chocolate, 39% had a lower risk of a heart attack or stroke. These observations are published in European Heart Journal, Tuesday (30 / 3).

Previous studies said that consumption of dark chocolate in small amounts is good for you. But this is the first study showing the impact of chocolate consumption in the long term.

Researchers assume that the element "Flavonol" contained in chocolate that causes this. Flavonols were also found in vegetables and red wine, helps as well as expanding the blood so muscles work to help lower blood pressure.

"It's actually too early to recommend people consume more chocolate. But this is expected to be better than the people's choice of consumption of sugar or high-fat snacks," said Brian Buijsse, head of research epidemologis nutrients from Germany Institute of Human Nutrition, in Nuthetal, Germany.

Research subjects from Buijsse and his colleagues have characteristics had no history of heart problems, has a similar habit of having a heart risks such as smoking and heavy exercise, and weight index did not vary.

Since research is usually only observed and did not give them chocolate to find out the effects of early, researchers noticed that most observation even eliminate the possible impact of chocolate on the body. This research was funded by the German government and European Union.

But doctors also warn that excessive consumption of chocolate can increase your weight, so that even a major factor of heart attack and stroke risk.

"This is not a recommendation to eat more chocolate," said Dr. Robert Eckel, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado and former head of the American Heart Association.

"If we only consume a little chocolate every day of life, our weight will also be slightly increased by a few pounds," he said.

Alice Lichtenstein, a nutritionist from Tufts University School of Medicine, said it was difficult to find the relationship declining risk of heart attack or stroke just from chocolate consumption, there is still another possibility of consumption of the subjects that differ from one another.

"The relationship between chocolate and good health is still uncertain," said Lichtenstein. "If someone enjoys the consumption of chocolate, they are supposed to be consumed in small amounts in order to really be enjoying it," he added.**inilah.com**
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Eye Diseases Cure in Infants

Cure Eye Diseases in baby's eyes based on my personal experiences during the child (my first child) aged 5 days, then little hard to open his eyes when waking from sleep and the sound of her crying made me uneasy. after I check and see it because his eyes were red and watery eyes of a lot of shit around the eyelids, which causes him to cry.

that time I had time to panic, understand that their first child, but my mother wisely and to calm my dear mother told me, eye diseases drug that according to experience, when our parenting as a child, is to shed a little breast milk into the eyes of the child.

Alhamdulillah after the way it was done gradually eye diseases disappeared and our kids did not cry anymore when he opened his eyes when I wake to sleep and sore eyes were missing.

For that to know is the eye disease symptoms of your child. because the eye disease symptoms is very important to your baby.
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Breadfruit as a food alternative, instead of rice


Breadfruit is an alternative food crop in Indonesia since 1920, which at first was not widely grown crop of people, but it is now quite popular because it can make a variety of diverse foods made from breadfruit for example: fried breadfruit, breadfruit getuk, compote breadfruit, breadfruit cake, noodles breadfruit, breadfruit klepon, dodol breadfruit, breadfruit balls, breadfruit and raw materials apem Pek empek maker (special food Palembang) and others. Because with breadfruit flour made food so this show is very beneficial for human life.

Now this was much sought breadfruit seedlings to plant communities, because their power is relatively easy cultivation, fruit production is good and beneficial fruit can be consumed for a variety of food and fruit prices are favorable and there are many other advantages that make the public appeal because of breadfruit can make alternative meals instead of rice. Therefore Breadfruit plant uses a lot of the benefits mentioned above are in such areas of Cilacap, known as breadfruit production centers in Indonesia, which according to his upcoming history of Bawean breadfruit.

It was only in 1983 by the "Department of Agriculture Cilacap District" began to popularize the breadfruit plants, and the famous bald breadfruit breadfruit as a prima donna national is the main crop that was developed to other areas. At the breadfruit bald finally managed to lift the name of Cilacap, so no wonder if the local government to make breadfruit Cilacap bald as a mascot for the region.


At the age of 4 years after planting, usually the breadfruit tree has produced fruit. Fruit production in the first place is still small and many fruits that fall off when she was young. But it increases fruit production in line with the growth of plant age. Breadfruit fruit ready to harvest is a parent or nearly ripe. Young breadfruit harvested inappropriate because the fruit flavor is not bad, still a little bitter and less fluffy texture on the tongue. Characteristics of parents ready to harvest breadfruit is as follows:
• The skin of fruit which was originally a rough becomes smooth, especially for this kind of breadfruit bald.
• The color of the skin, initially bright green fruit is now changed to yellowish green. An old yellow fruit is not consumed too bad because it was too ripe.
• Fruit old breadfruit appears to be solid but tend to be somewhat soft when pressed, when fruits are young tend to still hard.

Harvest time.

Breadfruit harvest generally occurs twice a year. In a situation of uncertain climate, especially during drought season hujandan irregular breadfruit still easily found in the market throughout the year. Breadfruit harvested by plucking or penjolokan. Harvesting is generally carried out on an easy climb trees, penjolokan generally carried out on tree branches that have high or too small, so difficult to climb or reach.

Breadfruit Processed Products.

As an alternative food, breadfruit currently in use for consumption is very diverse, from simple, such as boiled or fried until made into a variety of snack cakes because it is made before the finished cake. Several competitions are held to make a meal of breadfruit recipes will help create a variety of delicious food. The more processed foods or products that can be made from the breadfruit breadfruit make consumers more and more searchable.
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Papaya efficacy for malaria drug

Yesterday, I once wrote about the efficacy of papaya fruit to smooth bowel movements, today I'll write about the properties of its leaves are very good to cure malaria fever. way is quite easy:

First, take a grip of the hand of papaya leaves, then washed with water. Then papaya leaves were ground into powder. After that papaya is already filled in the soft clean cloth to extract the water is squeezed out and taken away.

Secondly, water, juice papaya juice was drunk, see the results if a fever within 12 hours we or the patient is still high, may be repeated again drank the juice.

If that is too high fever and chills that never cease, I suggest you take to bring to the doctor as soon as possible. because the disease "malaria fever" is very dangerous.
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Soursop leaves and Lime betel, efficacious medicine for children stomach pain

When our children are abdominal pain, to treat wind we usually use oil, but there is one more ancient secrets to treat abdominal pain of our children is by using soursop leaf that has been mixed whiting [Lime betel], how:

Take a few strands of soursop leaf, then this leaf with betel leaf smeared.

then soursop leaf that has been smeared in chalk was rubbed gently on the child's abdomen.

Then the leaf was buffed-calf pads are also in the second leg of the child starts from the bottom up slowly.

Hopefully in the near future the child's abdominal pain will disappear.

Hopefully useful

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6 Best Nutrition for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women in consuming foods that must be considered are: vitamins and minerals, because it is important for their own health and the fetus. The nutrients needed during pregnancy include:

1. Proteins, very large role in producing blood cells.

2. Carbohydrates, the body the energy needed for daily life.

3. Calcium, in the pregnancy, calcium is important to help the growth of the baby.

4. Iron, is very important in helping the process of cell production of red blood cells, primarily to prevent anemia.

5. Folic acid, based on several findings of health experts, pregnant women folic acid deficiency greater the risk of miscarriage or damage to the fetus.

6. Fat, for pregnant women, big fat benefits for the body's energy reserves, so that the body intermittently does not feel tired. Conectique.com)


With increasing content of their age, the nutritional needs of pregnant women will increase, especially after entering the second trimester of pregnancy. Because at that time, the rapid growth of the fetus took place - especially the development of the brain and nervous system - and requires optimal nutrition.

Necessary nutrients are:

1. Carbohydrate and fat as a source of energy to produce the substance of calories can be obtained from cereals, tubers.

2. Protein as a source of building materials can be obtained from meat, fish, eggs and nuts.

3. As a regulator of mineral substances can be obtained from fruits and vegetables - vegetables.

4. Vitamin B complex is useful for maintaining the nervous system, muscles and heart to function normally. Can be found in cereals, seeds - grains, beans, green vegetables, ragi, eggs and dairy products.

5. Vitamin D is useful for bone growth and formation of your baby. Source found in fish liver oils, egg yolk and milk.

6. Vitamin E useful for the formation of red blood cells healthy. Eat grains institutions mainly wheat, pulses, vegetable oil and green vegetables.

7. Folic acid is useful for the development of the nervous system and blood cells, are scattered on the dark green vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. In fruits, folic acid found in oranges, bananas, carrots and tomatoes. The need for folic acid during pregnancy is 800 mcg per day, especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Folic acid deficiency can disrupt the formation of the brain, until the defects in the central nervous system and brain of the fetus.

8. Iron required pregnant women to avoid anemia, many are in green vegetables (like spinach, kale, cassava leaves, papaya leaves), meat and liver.

9. Calcium, needed for the growth of fetal bones and teeth, and to protect pregnant women from osteoporosis, if calcium is not provided for pregnant women, the lack of calcium will be taken from the mother's bones. Other calcium sources are green vegetables and beans. We have the best of calcium obtained from milk and processed products. Milk also contains many vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, B2, B3, and vitamin C. (conectique.com)


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