Red Guava Juice

Benefits of Red Guava Juice

Red Guava Juices
Red Guava Juices
Red Guava Juices have many benefits to our health
Red Guava Juice - Many benefits can be obtained from red guava juice. Red Guava juice is sweet with the scent of fresh is much liked by old and young, men, women, and surely you also will like it. Not only pleasures are obtained but the efficacy of the juice with vitamins and nutrients can help increase our stamina so that our health is always maintained, even some of them can prevent and cure diseases, and also soursop fruit can prevent and treat cancer. The flavor of fresh fruit juice either sweet or slightly sour precisely characterize freshness always preferred even juice can make us addicted.
Red Guava Juice Nutrition
Red Guava Juice Nutrition

Nutrients in Red Guava Juice

Red Guava is now widely sold everywhere, both in the form of fresh fruit or red guava juice called for meat and red guava seeds contain lots of fiber and nutrients, red guava low in calories so good for everyone, especially those on a diet, containing vitamin C , vitamin A, manganese, minerals potassium, and copper.
Its high vitamin C content especially the flesh, could be between three to six times higher than oranges. Red Guava also contains the highest antioxidants than other fruits. By making your own juice guava, freshness, cleanliness, and the nutrients and vitamins-vitamins more secure, guava juice that we make better drunk immediately, store the juice for too long can lead to a lot of the nutrients and vitamins reduced.
Fresh Red Guava Juice
Fresh Red Guava Juice
Fresh Red Guava Juice Picture

Red Guava Juice as Dengue Fever Medicine

Red Guava or Red guava juice is believed to increase red blood platelets so excellent given to people who are sick of dengue fever. So the red guava juice is an alternative medicine to cope with dengue fever.
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