Milk is the Best Source of Vitamin D

The benefits of milk not only for baby and toddler. Milk is really good for all of age, adolescent and for elderly, The latest research show that milk is one of the prime source of vitamin D, and and supplying almost half of all vitamins that needed by the body.

According to researchers, there is no other foods that contribute to vitamin D as milk accounted for. In fact, for children aged 2 to 18 years, milk provides almost 2/3 of all the vitamin D in foods.

"There are only a few foods that can replace the package of essential nutrients found in a glass of fat-free milk, or low-fat," said Keith Ayoob, a pediatric expert food and nutrition. "Without milk, it is difficult to meet the needs of a number of nutrients, especially vitamin D," he said.

Besides widely known for its role in keeping bones strong, the presence of vitamin D in milk at this time, has also been believed to provide many health benefits.

Emerging evidence suggests that vitamin D can also help a person is protected from dangerous diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and certain cancers. It also, helped support a healthy immune system.

The experts from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) recommends 400 IU of vitamin D every day, which is equivalent to four cups fat-free milk or low fat.
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Porridge Harisah, Enhancer Stamina and Male Vitality

Porridge Harisah, is the popular cooking in Middle Eastern societies. Many people believe that is a typical aromatic pulp that can add stamina and vitality of men.

Hj Anisah Sutrisno, the owner of Porridge Harisah food disclose a key ingredient in porridge Harisah. Start mutton, wheat, rice flour, glutinous rice flour, garlic, pepper, ginger, cloves, kapulogo, shortening and oils.

"Manufacture, goat meat cooked on the stove and banana leaf-covered ground plate large saucepan for about five hours. After cooked the goat meat, then add oats and mix up to separate goat meat from the bone, after the dough is quite tough. Only later on add and glutinous rice flour and other ingredients mix evenly into one, "said Anisah.
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Laughter The Best Medicine

Laughter The Best Medicine - Laughter is the best medicine to reduce pain. Moreover, if carried to laugh out loud, the effect is much larger than the laughs are on hold.

When we laugh, the body will release hormones that affect pain signals caused by physical illness or psychological stress to the brain so the pain will be reduced. This substance will also cause feelings of pleasure.

Hormones are involved in this case is especially endorphins. The same hormone released when we do sports like running, swimming, yoga, and so on.

Scientists from the UK conducted a study to determine the reaction of the body when we laugh. They recruited participants for the following two types of tests.

The first test is to watch a comedy show from the movie of "Mr. Bean", the series "Friends", or non-humorous impressions like a documentary about animals and the game of golf.

The second test is: watch the direct action of the comedian (stand up comody) or theatrical drama. In this second test, before watching them asked to do a hard workout, like sitting on a hard bench, or standing in a certain position, which essentially causes pain or soreness.

The result, within 15 minutes after watching the action of the comedian to laughter, the participants claimed that the perceived pain was reduced to 10 percent.

According to Robin Dunbar, one of the researchers, not all comedy impressions produce the same effect. "When watching a comedy, a situation they laugh three times more often than the smart comedy," he said.
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7 Ways to Relieve Pain Without Medication

Relieve Pain Without Medication | Pain is a symptom often experienced by anyone. You do not need to panic, because the cause of the pain may not be something dangerous. Form of pain can vary, can be attacked in different places and represent a variety of health problems.

Here are some ways to reduce and eliminate pain. This method is an alternative that can be done if you do not want to take medications for pain:

1. Fill your need for vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency could be the cause of chronic muscle pain. Fish and morning sun is the largest source for this vitamin. The average person needs about 200 IU vitamin D per day, but for those aged 50 to 70 years, the need for vitamin D increased to 400 IU per day. For those who have tread the age of 70, needs vitamin D to 500 IU.

A study at the University of Minnesota found that 93 percent of the total respondents who experienced a non-specific musculoskeletal pain, suffer from a lack of vitamin D. The supplementation of vitamin D to patients, alleviates muscle pain arising. The researchers also concluded that those who have non-specific musculoskeletal pain, constantly, need to undergo screening for the deficiency of vitamin D.

2. Inhaling aroma of green apples

Research carried out "the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation" in Chicago, USA, instruct the participants - who at the same time being migraine pain - to sniff the smell test tube containing a green apple. The results showed that the condition of those who inhale the smell of green apples is improved compared with those who do not inhale the smell of green apples. The researchers assume, given by the aroma of green apples able to compensate for muscle contractions that occur in the head and neck, thus providing a sense of relief in the head. In previous studies, the smell of green apples are also found to be against anxiety.

3. Meditating

The effectiveness of meditation in relieving pain without the side effects have been revealed in several studies. The experts in this field think, meditate for about one hour can help relieve pain. Research also shows that meditation can improve brain activity in areas such as the anterior cingulate cortex, anterior insula, and orbito-frontal cortex. These three areas are part of the brain in charge of mapping the various forms of pain received by the brain from the nerve signals to various parts of the body.

4. Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy is not something strange, because it has been practiced since ancient times. The term "balneo" comes from the Latin word "balneum" which means bath. Balneotherapy is a kind of hydrotherapy, where the treatment is done by using a mineral water bath or hot water. Mineral water, which is used is formed of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts, is capable of flexing muscles. Both magnesium and sulfate, a mineral that is easily absorbed by the skin, and studies have shown that the amount of magnesium in the body will increase after a shower using plenty of water containing Epsom salt. In addition, balneotherapy can also increase blood circulation and relieve inflammation.

5. Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a method of minimal risk, which use magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes (treatment). This therapy can stimulate the healing process and affect the quality of sleep in a positive way. Researchers from the University of Virginia showed that the magnetic field strength is being able to help reduce swelling if applied immediately after injury. Swelling is basically caused by the dilation of blood vessels and magnets are believed capable of restricting blood flow to the injured area.

6. Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is a kind of other natural therapies, effective pain relief using the techniques of color. Those who believe and support the chromotherapy argues that the origins of various diseases or health conditions can be mapped by looking at the lack of a specific color in the human body system. The way it works is to emit a color to the body to help fight health imbalances, and the color blue is believed to be able to effect a fresh, relaxed, and soothing and can be used to relieve pain.

7. Breathing techniques

Relaxation by drawing deep breaths can help relieve headaches, back pain, joint pain, and pain caused by cancer. Breathing techniques can be used to relieve the mind so that the body aches can be reduced, this can occur by considering the relationship between mind and body. This technique is capable of incorporating elements such as body awareness, breathing, movement, and meditation in one stream. Even more encouraging, in addition to easy and can be done anywhere, this therapy does not cost anything.

The trick, breathe for a count of four, try to fill your lungs with air from below to above by pushing your stomach, then followed until it reaches the bottom of the rib cage and finally make sure your chest is full of witchcraft air, hold for three seconds, then exhale. Breathing can distract you from the pain.

Some pain will come and go, and some will not disappear. If it happens, it means you need to get treatment against pain.
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Skin Stay Healthy by Following Food

Healthy Food - The sun radiates its rays increasingly sadistic lately. Are you aware that sun exposure can accelerate the aging process of our skin? What if we are not diligent enough to treatment to protect the skin? Appearances not only looks older than actual age, we will also experience a variety of damage to the skin.

Ultraviolet rays, especially UVA, is the main factor that causes premature aging, because it can penetrate the skin more deeply and damage the skin cells that is not visible from behind the burning of your skin. What's worse, the production of proteins that maintain the collagen-tightness, moisture, and skin elasticity begins to decrease when your new age in the 20s.

To protect the skin, you should not just take care of him from the outside, by wearing cosmetics products. Treat your skin well from the inside, by consuming a variety of foods that will make your skin stay young. Do not worry, lots of local food kok able to do so. Include the following:

Strawberry, papaya, broccoli, oranges. The fruit is the favorite of these children contain much vitamin C, and vitamin C rich foods that help rid fine lines on the face and drought caused by aging. This is the result of research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007.

Effect of vitamin C in smoothing the skin may be caused by its ability to stop the free radicals produced by ultraviolet light, and also its role in producing collagen. Therefore, many cosmetic products that use Vitamin C in the formula. But if you can get it in natural ingredients such as strawberry, papaya, broccoli, red peppers, and oranges, not better?

Tomatoes, watermelon, carrots. Red color from lycopene in tomatoes, carotenoids material that helps keep skin soft. In a study published in European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics in 2008, showed that of 20 people surveyed, those with higher concentrations of lycopene appeared to have a softer skin. To get the same result, increase the intake of lycopene in fresh fruits and vegetables such as watermelons and carrots.

Tofu food. Tofu and other soybean processing products such as edamame and soy milk, also helps protect collagen, because the material is rich in isoflavones. The trial results on mice, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition said, the rats who consumed isoflavones and exposed to ultraviolet radiation turns to experience fewer wrinkles and smoother skin than mice exposed to ultraviolet light but have received no isoflavone intake. The researchers believe that isoflavones help prevent damage to the collagen in the skin.

Tuna fish. Tuna is one fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to salmon, sardines, and a few other freshwater fish. Eating fish rich in omega-3 like this helps keep skin supple. Fat content of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) on these fish proved able to protect collagen.[]
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You sad? How to Overcome Sadness, Look it

How to Overcome Sadness | Almost everyone has experienced sadness, bitter or painful events in life. However, constantly feel anger toward others can affect physical health.

In fact, the negative forces of the bitter feeling was so strong, so you become harder to forgive the mistakes of others.

How to Overcome Sadness

Here are some ways to let go of bitterness as soon as possible after your own health.

1. Complaining briefly

Give yourself time to vent anger, and removing it from your body, advises Dr.. Maryann Troiani, author of Spontaneous Optimism.

2. Watching the news

Frederick Luskin, director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, advise patients hurt to think about how many people are affected by bad things.

''I ask people to watch the news for a day, or read a newspaper, or go to work and chat with people, and they will see that others also suffer, and this is just part of life,''he said.

3. Confrontation

Troiani says: some patients have found solace, to confront those who hurt them. However, these measures could also backfire.

Several former spouse''is really a psychopath, and hunting them can be disastrous. They just will conspire and play the situation and blame you,''he said.

If such a situation, try to write a letter to the person and read it to trusted friends, he advised.

4. Self awareness

Keep reminding yourself about the physical dangers that may attack you if you continue to save bitterness. If not addressed, Troiani says, in the next five years it will haunt you in the form of chronic headaches, fatigue, arthritis, and backaches.
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7 Super Foods for Women's Health

7 Super Foods for Women's Health - Several types of specific foods known have the ability to ward off disease. Nutritionists call it as superfood. Here is a 7 (seven) best foods that should be included in your diet program, especially for women, to prevent the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, cervical cancer, and breast cancer.

1. Tomatoes

As knew, the red fruit is rich in lycopene which plays an important role in warding off breast and cervical cancer. In fact, a study showed that consumption of tomato can be heart healthy. After looking at nearly 40,000 women, researchers from Boston, concluded, lycopene also protects the heart. To raise the levels of antioxidants and lycopene, are advised to eat tomatoes after cooking.

2. Flax

Flax seed (a type of hemp, such as sesame, Linum usitatissimum) is a food rich in benefits. Basically divided into two varieties of flax, which is brown and golden flax. Flax is usually processed for industrial linen and linseed oil.

Experts from the Mayo Clinic found that 40 grams of flaxseed can reduce the symptoms of heat stroke are often experienced by menopausal women. Some reports indicate hemp can lower "bad" cholesterol or LDL and triglycerides. In a study in China known to benefit the more obvious in women. Meanwhile, in brown or golden flax, plays a role in the fight against breast cancer.

Warning: Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised not to consume flaxseed.

3. Cabbage

Many health benefits can be obtained from vegetables, particularly for women. Cabbage contains antioxidants such as lutein and zeazanthin that serves to protect the eyes. In addition, cabbage also contains vitamin K in both the bone builders. The researchers found that women who ate a diet rich in vitamin K, had a lower risk of hip fracture.

4. Salmon

Salmon are included in the source of omega-3 the best. In pregnant women, studies show that fish oil (omega-3) helped in overcoming postpartum sadness. Other benefits include improving the function of neural connections in the fetal brain.

5. Cranberry juice

Cranberry is a natural remedy that is believed to treat urinary tract infections or UTI in women and has been widely recommended by experts. These fruits contain antioxidants that prevents bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infection. The findings are based on results of recent studies that examined the concentration of cranberry extract.

Appropriate dose: Varies. But you should drink cranberry juice that is 100 percent fresh (60 calories per cup) to avoid excess sugar.

6. Greek yogurt

Most of you might not know much about Greek Yogurt. Yogurt is indeed different from the yogurt in general. Greek yogurt offers twice the protein is better (than other types of yogurt) with a little sugar.

The low level of carbohydrate also helps us keep the blood sugar remains stable. In addition, studies show that foods with high protein level (30 percent of calories) to help women in losing weight and maintaining muscle.

7. Walnuts

Recent studies have shown, only eating two ounces of walnuts per day to help slow the progression of breast cancer and slow tumor growth (results of testing on mice). Walnuts contain antioxidants called phytosterols, which have an important role in the fight against cancer. In fact, omega-3 fats in walnuts effective in preventing excessive bone turnover that makes bones strong and healthy.
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