After eating, do not directly Tooth Brush

Everyone will want to have fresh-smelling breath. Once the importance of fresh breath, no few people who can not stand to immediately brush your teeth immediately after eating. Though, ideally brushing teeth after every meal done 20 minutes later.

According to the explanation Prof.drg.Melanie Djamil, dental and oral health experts from Trisakti University, the degree of acidity of saliva (spit) will decrease when we eat. "When eating, the pH will drop from the normal 6.8 to 4. But gradually its pH will rise again in about 20 minutes," he explained.

That is why, if we are in a hurry to brush your teeth after eating, saliva structures will be damaged. In fact, saliva has a function as a counterweight and help the digestive process. To neutralize the acidity of the mouth, we suggest drg.Melanie gargling with plain water after meals. Gargling with water after eating, especially sweet and sour food, is also recommended to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.

The real cause of bad breath in foods are foods that produce oil vapor with a strong distinctive odor, such as onion and garlic. There are also vegetables and spices that can cause foul-smelling breath. After food is digested, absorbed and steam the food to go with the circulation of blood and carried to the lungs. Here the gas is exhaled with the breath part.
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Food Make Stay Fresh During Fasting

Fasted for 14 hours and then not actually make the body weak. Energy sources can be stored either in the body and keeps your body fresh, as long as selecting and managing to eat properly. For those of you who keep running fast and high activity, must have sufficient energy reserves is urgently needed.

Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Samuel Oetoro, SpGK, explained that during fasting, low levels of energy in the body because there is no source of energy intake, ie carbohydrates. For your body to keep it fresh, keep the key carbohydrate levels in the blood remains stable and does not decrease drastically. How to adjust the meal and eat when breaking the fast.

Eating patterns at dawn
When dawn, after waking up, eat a full meal. Expand vegetables and fruit, drink four cups of water until the time of Ruling, and avoid sugar-including sweet tea.

"At dawn, eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Eat complex carbohydrates makes the absorption in the gastrointestinal tract more slowly so that was not easily hungry. Avoid consumption of saturated fat and ugly (high cholesterol), including fried food because it will make a quick thirsty, "said Dr. Sam at Compass Female, Tuesday (10/08/2010).

Source of complex carbohydrates can be obtained from brown rice, potatoes are eaten with the skin, or wheat bread. Avoid carbohydrates such as flour and sugar simplex. Whereas protein intake can be from fish or chicken.

When meal, avoid high fat and cholesterol such as egg yolk, squid, shrimp, crab, or viscera. Therefore, when the dawn multiply eat vegetables and fruit.

Toward Ruling, added another source of energy intake from complex carbohydrate high-fiber fruits, like apples or pears. This fruit can be eaten directly or blend (fruit juice drink with pulp) with skin so that absorption by the body take place slowly and stabilize blood sugar. Options other fruit can also be replaced with banana eaten directly.

"If a lot of sweet food, including sweet tea, blood sugar levels are going to jump up but will quickly fall back. As the day began late in the afternoon the body was limp," added Dr. Sam.

This diet will help your body maintain energy sources and stabilize blood sugar. Although the time of fasting, blood sugar tends to go down but not dramatically with the right food choices. Influence, activities throughout the day is not interrupted because energy reserves are still making a fresh body to break the fast.

Eating patterns, while breaking the fast
When it comes time to break the fast, the lower the blood sugar levels. Should immediately broke back energy in order to enhance the body does not limp. You still want to perform Tarawih prayer with a fresh body, is not it?

Eating and drinking sweet time breaking strongly encouraged, but choose healthy foods and beverages. Replace compote with sweet tea or fruit juice (fruit juice) to sugar levels to rise and re-energize the body.

"Choose a fruit without the fiber because the body needs a quick absorption, namely, juicy fruits like oranges, melons, and watermelons," said Dr. Sam, adding after the break the fast with juice (juice) followed by a complete meal, with a portion of the same time meal.

After tarawih prayers, the consumption of fruits and vegetables contain complex carbohydrates. This time do not be blended, but eat directly or blender besama skin, such as meal. Do not forget to drink four glasses of water when breaking the fast until bedtime.

Fasting healthy, especially with a healthy intake. Welcome to fast.
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Fresh Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon fruit including favorite fruit in the summer. High water content and fresh, sweet taste makes it a choice muzzles. Watermelon is also rich content of antioxidants, glutathione which is widely available in fruits and vegetables red. Antioxidants have been proven effective in preventing various kinds of diseases.

It is not known with certainty since when watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) from bred, but according to historical records, this fruit has been known for thousands of years ago by the Egyptians (seen from the pictures that exist on the tomb of pharaoh hierogliph).

What's interesting about this watermelon fruit is not only the fruit are beneficial. Watermelon white part contains healthful compounds that act kidneys, such as preventing and destroy kidney stones.

Eating pieces of fruit will also increase the burning fat and glucose. At least it was proven in rats. Amino acid content in watermelon arginie effective in reducing fat in the mice who are overweight.

To be able to enjoy the maximum benefit, the selection of fresh watermelon is worth doing. To select it, staying pat the outside and listen to the sound that comes out. If the sound was contained then it is probably a good watermelon.
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