AIDS-Free World in Front of Eyes

Good news for humanity. Scientists propose a radical way to combat the disease, with anti-retroviral drug treatment that can eradicate AIDS within 40 years.

An aggressive program to prescribe anti-retroviral treatment (ART) in HIV-infected everyone, could stop all new infections in five years and finally delete the epidemic. Thus expressed Dr Brian Williams of the Center for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis in South Africa, yesterday.

Dr Williams is part of the body of experts who believe that the development of anti-HIV drugs is probably the best hope for preventing and even eliminating the spread of AIDS. Instead he rejected the option to wait which was considered an effective vaccine development, or just rely on people to change their sexual lifestyle.

The idea will be tested next year, started a controlled clinical trial involving thousands of people who lived in a section of South Africans with HIV and AIDS incidence is high. Dr Williams said that effort would be followed by similar experiments in the United States, where HIV is rampant in some cities.

"Our fastest expectancy using ART not only to save lives, but also to reduce HIV transmission. I believe if we use an effective antiretroviral drug, can stop the spread of HIV in five years," said Dr Williams.

"ART lets stop the spread of HIV and AIDS, AIDS related sufferers reduce by half in the past 10 years and eliminate the infection within 40 years," he told the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Diego, California.

Anti-retroviral drugs dramatically lower the concentration of HIV in a person's blood stream, in addition to protecting against AIDS patients. The drug significantly reduce transmission among individuals.

Dr Williams and his supporters believe, if an infected person has enough to be treated, will decrease the infection rate so that the epidemic will die. He believes AIDS can be effectively abolished in the middle of this century.

"The problem is that we use the drugs to save lives, but did not use to stop the contagion," said Dr Williams.

Blocking transmission can only be done with extensive testing followed by rapid treatment using anti-retroviral drugs for those who were found HIV positive.
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Do not Do It at the Gym!

Who wants to waste time doing sports that are not effective and full of risk? Certainly not you. So, throw five movements "in vain" and potentially provide the following injury.

1. Using the "lat pull-down"
(fitness equipment shaped pulley)
Error: Interestingly in the back of the head.

Only someone who has a very flexible shoulder joints are capable of making their spine straight enough to do this exercise correctly. If we are wrong and do it repeatedly, then the inter-shoulder impingement can no longer inevitable. Or even worse, it could lead to a torn rotator cuff (muscles and tendons that hold the upper arm at the shoulder joint). When the handle of the hand touching the back of the neck bone, this condition can result in injury to the cervical vertebrae (neck vertebrae).

Safer mode: When using the pull-down menu, try leaning the body a few degrees to the rear. Handheld wand over our shoulder width, then bring the stick down in front of the body until parallel to the breastbone. Lower the shoulder blades together. Hold the abdomen to stabilize the body. Lat pull-down tool is useful to train your upper back muscles.

2. When conducting "military press" (lifting weights to train the shoulder muscles)
Error: Lifting in the back of the head.

Habit of lifting weights or barbell at the back of our heads would cause the same problem as that posed by the lat pulldown device if it is done in the back of our heads.

Safe mode: When doing military press, try to lift weights and barbells in front of our heads. Standing with lean weight is not lower than the collarbone, and make sure we keep the upper body upright. This exercise can also be done while sitting, as long as we sat up and put back on the back of the chair. Maintain the natural curve of our spine, and press your back muscles back and buttocks to the chair.

3. When lifting weights
Error: Lifting burden under the chin.

Never load or lifting weights under our chins. Why? This action will push the muscles in the shoulder area.

Safe way: Compared to the appointment up to the chin, better train our shoulders to lift the load toward the front or to the outer side of our body.

4. Doing "lying leg press"
Error: we are too deep knee bend.

When did lying leg press, we'll sit leaned back and put a foot on the board with the ballast. Next, we will press the board to go up and down his back, with the aim of training the muscle quadriceps (front thigh), hamstring (rear thigh), and buttocks. However, there will be a problem when we bend the knee in excess. This condition will injure your back and knees.

Safe way: if we want to do this exercise, then defend our position not to lift your buttocks from the exercise machine. Avoid bending the knee angle exceeding 90 degrees.

5. The use of cardio machines
Error: The gripping too hard and relying on cardio machines.

Bow or grip too hard armrest will only affect the shape of our bodies and disrupt the body's alignment position. The result, it affects the spine, shoulders and elbows.

Safe way: Do not set too high cardio machines footing as this would require us to hold the machine too fast. Just use the normal setting so that we can hold a light. To get a more challenging exercise, we can hold on one hand lightly. Then, change into other hands regularly. A good form of exercise can protect us from injury and to maximize our workout. (PreventionIndonesiaonline/Astrid Anastasia)
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Let's Stimulate the Brain Potential

Often a child who has encountered many hours reading notes or textbooks to school but none of the sentences could be memorized. There is also a visible sitting calm in class listening to teachers' explanations, but after finishing the lesson there is no recall at all that explained everything from the beginning was the teacher.

How did it happen? One is because learning the wrong way. According to Bobby Hartanto, M. Psi, an expert in the field of human resources, many teachers and parents who do not understand the child's learning style.

"Some people are easier to remember when learning materials provided through the pictures, there are also more like to listen to, and there is a passing movement. Beda learning styles, different well stimulation," he said in a seminar on child growth held by the Frisian flag in Jakarta (22/7).

For children who have auditory learning styles, children old enough to catch the lesson by listening to teacher explanations. But children need the type of visual display pictures. In contrast with the child's kinesthetic types that require movement or palpation.

"Actually it would be better if all aspects are used. Because the more varitif way, the easier child to remember material presented," he explained.

Another thing to note is the parents and educators understand how the brain works. "The human brain loves color and image. That's why a picture will be significantly more than 1000 words," he explained.

To convey a message or a specific value, Bobby suggested that given in the form of posters and colorful picture. For example to convey about the culture of queuing, honesty, and so forth.

Research shows, someone who is good stimulation, the brain more closely than people who rarely stimulated. "Density is related to the added connections between brain cells," says Bobby.

The formation of new habits will form new connections, while the repetition of the old cell will strengthen the connection. "Give children a variety of stimulation and do repetitions as often as possible in order to continue to form connections between brain cells," he said.

Certainly no less important to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere and does not cause stress in children. Do it outside of the classroom learning activities, group discussions, games interesting, and many other ways that can dig interests of the children.[]
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Chicken essence, Making Brain Watery

Since long, known as the quintessence of chicken or chicken broth are known to have great benefit in maintaining stamina. No doubt, people of China are often made of chicken broth soup to treat patients with common colds. But it turned out, the properties of chicken broth is not limited to stamina but also improve a person's memory.

According to research done Hajime Nagai and Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga, published in 1996 in the Journal of Psychological Anthropology Human Sciences stated, chicken quintessence useful in recovery from fatigue caused by mental fatigue. Consuming chicken essence can increase the power thought to be more responsive (faster) and improve short-term memory.

The study involved 20 students who were divided into two groups. The first group ate 70 grams of essence of chicken, while the rest were taking placebo (milk protein) twice daily. Research conducted during the week, and on day seven of the participants take a test of mind and mood of psychology.

The result, the group who consumed chicken extract has a lower error rate in tests of arithmetic and short-term memory tests, compared to the group who consumed a placebo.

"This could happen because (essence of chicken) contain amino acids. And best of amino acids located in chickens than from any other source," said dr. Philip Tsang, Thursday (22/07/10), at the Celebrate 175 Years'S Brand.

Natural amino acid or carnosine contained in the essence of chicken can be added carnosine in your body that decreases as the age. Carnosine itself has a nature boost immunity, reduce, and prevent cell damage caused by beta amyloid (the substance found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease).

"Carnosine in chicken essence adding antioxidants in the body. Free radicals can be detained by antioxidants so as not to damage the body," said Dr. Tsang.

Consumption of chicken essence itself cater for all ages. Chicken extract was also no effect of dependence or side effects so that there is no limitation in consuming chicken essence. "Dependence effect usually occurs because the user becomes aware of his health was improving their health after consuming chicken essence," said Dr. Tsang.

Consumption of chicken is also highly recommended is reformulated in the morning. If consumed at night makes it difficult to sleep. "Not because it contains caffeine but because his mind to work so not sleepy," said Indra Laban, General Manager of Brand's.

The easiest way to get the essence of chicken is to make your own chicken broth or chicken sariparti buy supplements that are available on the market. That distinguishes between the two, only in the fat content that has been omitted on the product is reformulated chicken supplements.
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Watch out, Sugar Cane Making Dental Porous!

Foods that contain sucrose or sugar cane is the main cause of your child's teeth easier porous then it is advisable to always maintain the cleanliness of the teeth from food debris.

Assistant Manager of Community Services Faculty of Dentistry (FKG), University of Indonesia, Drg. Peter Andreas, M. Kes on Tuesday, said the sucrose content is easy to become acidic as the growth of germs.

He said this after the event "Lotte Xylitol for Healthy Teeth of Indonesian Children" at SD Negeri 01 Menteng Jakarta.

According to him, so that your child's teeth stay healthy and not easy to porous, to brush your teeth at least twice/day, ie after breakfast and before bedtime.

Peter hoped, do not let toddlers drink milk bottle while sleeping, because your mouth will become acidic and as a nest of germs that cause tooth easily rusted. It's okay to eat candy but the kids keep dental hygiene must be maintained.

As a substitute for sucrose in candy or other foods, he said, can be given a natural sweetener sugar substitute commonly found in vegetables and fruit.

He said that oral health care for teeth and gums at an early age is very important. The mouth is one source of initial entry of bacteria and germs that can disrupt the body's health.

"To maintain the health of the whole body, must be preceded by maintaining oral health, including teeth and gums," he said.

During this time, he said, paying less attention to public health of the child's milk teeth, because it assumes will be shifted gears.

According to him, caring for baby teeth is very important because if the milk tooth is damaged it will disrupt the child's activity.

Head of State Elementary School Menteng 01, Harimah, said, welcomed the program because it will increase the awareness of parents and children to always maintain the health of the mouth, teeth and gums.

He said that, during this primary school of 01 Menteng has established cooperation with local health centers to conduct periodic checks on the health of dental students.
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Benefits of Salt for Dental

Salt was not only useful as a flavor. Tiny white grains that can also be used for eye and dental health.

1. Eye washer. To relieve sore eyes, in an emergency use salt water to wash the eyes. When the complaint was not reduced, get it checked out to an ophthalmologist.

2. Mouthwash. The warm water had been spiked with a little salt is an effective dessert. So also when exposed to strep throat. Enter a little salt into hot water, stir gently and use as a mouthwash.

3. White Teeth. Teeth that look dull going back brilliantly with dry salt to the end of the feathers brush your teeth when brushing your teeth will be.

4. Tooth Brush Durability. Toothbrushes soak in the fresh salt water solution will create a more durable toothbrush is used.
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Sweet, but No Damage Teeth

Currently about 95 percent of world population suffer from dental caries or cavities. Three main causes of cavities, namely Streptococcus Mutans bacteria, saliva, and food scraps.

Leftover food (especially sugar) are left on the sidelines of the teeth will stimulate growth of Mutans streptococci bacteria that colonies growing on the layer of dental plaque. The bacteria can ferment the sugar left on the teeth and produce acid compound which lowers the pH of the mouth to less than 5.5. Acid compound layer will erode tooth enamel, forming a hole in the tooth surface.

Xylitol is a positive impact on dental health, because it can inhibit the growth and metabolism of dental plaque formation by the bacteria Streptococcus Mutans. Xylitol is believed to support the process re-mineralization on dental caries. This was stated by Prof. Jason Tanzer, head of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine.

Xylitol is considered as a tooth-friendly sweeteners. It is so called not only because xylitol prevents tooth decay by replacing the role of regular sugar, but also because it can repair minor damage to dental caries. Xylitol can reduce dental plaque otherwise unable to decompose by microorganisms that live in the mouth that cause cavities.

Xylitol is considered as the second greatest invention compounds for dental health after fluoride, as recognized Dr Nigel Carter of the International Dental Health Foundation. Because xylitol is an empty calorie sweetener, Mutans streptococci bacteria can not use it as an energy source, even threaten their survival.

In addition, xylitol can not be fermented acidic compounds are formed so as not to cause tooth decay. Xylitol mouth guard pH remained stable at neutral pH (around 7) so that it can prevent tooth decay and stimulate production of saliva which is rich in calcium to speed up the process of reshaping teeth mineral layer.
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What Causes Spots on Teeth

Coffee and cigarettes are the two most common and have proven to cause stains on teeth. Here are some things that can cause the teeth look stained and reduce the appearance that was distributed by the American Dental Association.


As a kid you often sickly, so must drink a lot of antibiotic drugs? It is possible that you will experience a change in tooth color. Tetracyline contained on these drugs can alter the color of your teeth white kids so turbid yellowish. While minocyline can cause permanent stains blue-gray in adults. Some antihistamines, also can change the color of the teeth. Ask your dentist to discuss the medications you take, to determine its effects on teeth. Do not forget to ask whether there are alternative drugs that will not make your teeth change color.

Excessive Fluoride
Generally, 'fluoride' is used for toothpaste, because it is usually used to make teeth whiter and stronger. However, that was just too much fluoride in the teeth can actually make the white stains on teeth. Excess fluoride is usually rare, but it can happen, especially to children. Fluoride can be obtained through drinking water and excessive use of toothpaste. Therefore, it is suggested to use toothpastes enough peas for just about every time brushing his teeth.

Genes and aging
The more we get older, your teeth to stay white resistance goes down. This is caused by tooth enamel began to fade and the color brown or yellowish in lower layer began to appear. But some people have the talent that came down from her parents that they have white teeth and long lasting.

Damage at the root of the tooth
Tooth roots that are damaged or because there are only a small hole was made toothache. If there is damage to nerves or roots of teeth, whether it's because there is an accident or perforated teeth in childhood could be used to make the root of the tooth is damaged. Each time the root of the tooth to die, the teeth will lose their color.

Colored drinks

Coffee and tea is known as a giver of stains on the teeth. Yet other dark colored beverages such as fruit juices, red wine, and soda can also cause tooth turned cloudy. In essence, beverages or liquids that can leave dark stains on your carpets can also stain your teeth. If indeed you been drinking colored beverages, do not forget to gargle with water to dissolve the remainder of the mouth. Or, drink with a straw-colored drinks can also help protect the front teeth from contact with the beverage color.

Food color
Foods, such as high-pigmented fruits like cherries, blueberries, cranberries, or soy sauce with the faster will leave a mark on your teeth. Brush your teeth immediately after eating these foods.

Bad habits
Rarely brush my teeth, or brushing technique is wrong, plus the rarely used dental floss can leave stains on your teeth to settle. One dental care can also make the bacteria grow and expand in the tooth, which will leave scars on your teeth yellow and green. Recommended for about 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth throughout the mouth and teeth to make sure all the parts really clean.
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5 Habits of Inviting Dental Plaque

If not cleaned properly, food scraps tucked along the bacteria will be attached to the tooth. Then over time will form colonies called plaque, which is a thin film layer, sticky, and no color.

Plaque is an ideal place for bacterial growth that can produce acid. If not removed by brushing the teeth, the acid will eventually destroy the tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities.

Since childhood, we'd have been taught to maintain the cleanliness of teeth, at least with regular brushing, so that healthy teeth and no holes. But, really we've been keeping my teeth properly? Consider the following five bad habits which is the trigger plaque.

1. Rarely Brushing teeth

Maybe other people will not notice if you do not brush my teeth twice a day. However, we know that teeth and bear the consequences. "Plaque is like bees in summer. One or two probably will not even bother, but if we let them make nests in the house, that would be inviting trouble," said Richard Price, DMD, spokesperson for the American Dental Association.

That is why, always brush your teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste were. Proper tooth brushing technique is not too important as long as you brush your teeth with a soft whole surface of the tooth.

2. Less Accurate Cleaning
Use dental floss (dental floss) is also very important to clean the area-
areas difficult to reach by a toothbrush, especially antargigi areas and also in the crowded teeth.

3. Laziness to the dentist
Teeth with regular brushing, it was difficult to clean plaque perfectly. This plaque is left to harden over time and become so difficult to remove tartar. To overcome this problem, ask for help from a dentist. According to research, people who rarely go to the dentist more prone to cavities or bleeding gums that causes teeth easily dated. ` `

4. Sweet tooth

Sweet foods, coffee, softdrink, and cigarettes can cause a thin layer on the tooth called the stain. Stain layer also allows food and bacteria on the teeth, which eventually form a plaque.

5. Rejecting vegetables
Long before a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste were there, some types of food plays an important role in removing plaque on the teeth. Vegetables and fruits are eaten with the skin is a natural Scrubb to remove plaque.
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Caring Children Dentistry, key is habituation

The concept of personal hygiene should start implanted as early as possible. One should start the habit of brushing twice daily, morning and evening. This habit is instilled so that the child shall diligently cleaned his teeth later.

Lack of dental care to your child's teeth can cause a severe risk. Starting from cavities, porous, and tooth-colored black. In terms of aesthetics or even missing teeth grow crooked crowded and can reduce the child's confidence.

Prevention of these conditions actually very easy, namely by maintaining dental hygiene. Activities of brushing twice daily, morning after breakfast and at night before bed, shown to reduce damage to your child's teeth.

The problem is, the children always feel uncomfortable tooth brushing activities. Drowsiness at night also causes the child to brush his teeth before bed lazy. Therefore, parents should be patient and consistent in instilling the habit of brushing teeth.

"Applying habits in children is needed its own technique. The way the main thing is to create environments and activities that are fun for kids," says child psychologist, Fabiola Priscillia, at the campaign launch Brush teeth morning and night, which was initiated in Jakarta some time ago by Pepsodent.

Parents can teach children the importance of cleaning teeth in the morning and evening with an inspiring and enjoyable way. However, most important, of course parents are giving concrete examples. "Let your child see you enjoy brushing their teeth so that the child will perceive a toothbrush as a fun thing," says Fabiola.

The examples studied by the children of the people around him will be more controlled when accompanied by exercise. Therefore, do not expect a direct toddler skilled soon taught to clean his teeth. Allow it to understand and then practice them.

Ersamayori of experience, the presenter and mother of Aiska (5) and Talula (1) may be an inspiration. "Initially I often quarrel with Aiska when teaching him to brush your teeth. Then we began to teach them how to brush your teeth through the game. It Aiska like. We also never told him to brush your teeth, but set an example. Now he includes diligent brushing and teeth very good condition, "she said.

Parents could also be activities to attract children to brush their teeth with a toothbrush with a way to provide interesting images, creating an atmosphere of fun, often engaged in brushing their teeth together, and do not forget to give compliments on their behavior.

In addition to brushing your teeth, your child's teeth should be sent to the dentist at least six months, especially during the turn of the milk teeth to permanent teeth. Good dental care for children!.
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Children Swallowing Toothpaste, Is it safe?

When teeth first appear, since that's dental care 'toddlers' begins. The trick is to teach toothbrushing. However, in learning to brush teeth, young children often swallow toothpaste. Secure is this?

Toothpaste for children in general contain ingredients that is safe if swallowed. "Fluroide and other materials are usually very few in number. After all the existing rules on maximum levels," said drg Arma Sastra Bahar from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia.

To prevent swallowing of toothpaste, children can be taught how to rinse well and teach them not to swallow the rest of the mouthwash. "If swallowed would not be all, are safe," added drg Arma.

The most important thing is to cultivate healthy habits in children, ie brushing your teeth twice a day. Prepare at least two minutes to brush her teeth. Parents can help by way of brushing their teeth together in front of the mirror. Do not forget to give praise when the child was about to brush my own teeth.[]
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How Maintain Healthy Hair & damp

For dry hair, you can use 'mild shampoo' for everyday use. And for hair loss, I recommend that you reduce hair extension, hair follicles worry less strong support hair extension. Further still do hair treatment regularly and correctly. Good luck.

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9 Herbs for Younger

Variety of nutritious natural ingredients can help maintain the appearance of your stay young and healthy. Various herbs eg turmeric, lemon, cucumber, betel leaves, gotu kola, bitter, ginger, aloe vera, and galingale.

The desire to stay young and healthy look has emerged since centuries ago. The proof, the Egyptians are willing to soak in the mud for sure it can tighten the skin. Domestically, water fountains or waterfalls are also often interpreted as a means of youth.

Interest remains strong for young people on the other hand are often not based on sufficient knowledge so many people the wrong way. Conditions that make people choose how or risky therapy, although sooner or instant impact.

Bids are relatively inexpensive with very minimal risk is to utilize the properties of various natural materials, especially true of our country is rich in plants used by generations to preserve youthfulness.

Young outer and inner
Dr. Michael from Herbacure mentions several types of natural materials which can be exploited in order to look young outside and inside. Herbs to smooth and tighten skin is a lot of natural antioxidants and astringent (shrink pore).

Materials that include turmeric (Curcuma domestica), lemon (Citrus aurantifolia), cucumber (Cucumis sativus), aloe vera (Aloe vera), and betel (Piper betle). The herb, which can react in the body so that skin looks fresher, better endurance, and not hastily dementia, including gotu kola (Centella asiatica), paniculata (Andrographis paniculata), ginger (Zingiber officinale), and galingale (Kaemferia galanga).

Some indicators such as skin youthful freshness, elasticity awake, not many black spots caused by sun exposure, clean and shining. In addition, healthy hair, thick, and not much gray. No less important, physical and mind awake aka stay fit and fast is not senile.

Betel, beautify skin
From various research found that betel nut contains arecoline in all parts of the plant. This substance is beneficial to stimulate the central nervous and thought the power to reduce the risk of dementia. The leaves contain eugenol which are analgesic (pain reliever).

Traditionally known to effectively cope with betel leaves and whitish body odor. The content of volatile oils, among others chavicol and betlephenol, has the power of anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and anti-germ. Mash 4-6 pieces of fresh betel leaf that is clean to smooth, then use as a compress the powder to keep skin healthy, clean and fresh.

Cucumber, smoothing facial
Vegetables are a favorite for treating facial skin freshness. Cucumber is rich in silicon and fluorine, and low in calories. Its cool and refreshing feel comfortable in the skin. Not surprisingly, the producers make it as a base for cosmetic products.

Raw cucumber contains saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Cucumber seeds contain lots of vitamin E are efficacious inhibit the aging process and remove wrinkles. In addition to blended, cucumbers can also be used as a paste or simply sliced and then affixed to the facial skin.

Take 2-3 medium-size cucumber and shredded. Paste the grated cucumber to the face. We recommend that you do once a day. This method can reduce facial wrinkles and make fresh and young.

Aloe vera, the cell modifier
Aloe vera contains saponins which is anti-bacterial and anthraquinone compounds and quinones as antibiotics and pain relievers. He also stimulate the growth of new cells in the skin. This capability is called the secret of youth.

Aloe vera gel contains lignin which can penetrate and soak into the skin. This gel withstand the loss of body fluids from the skin surface, so the face looks fresh glow.

Aloe vera also has the ability of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and cell regeneration, in addition to lowering blood sugar in people with diabetes, liver disorders overcome, as well as stimulate the immune system to attack cancer.

Ginger, maintainer digestion
Ginger is the most popular natural ingredients. Almost everyone knows wedang ginger, round, bandrek, or esteemje aka egg-milk-honey-ginger to create a body warmer.

These properties are owned by the most famous ginger. In fact there are many properties of ginger, such as to cure a dry cough and sore throat, and as a tonic.

In addition, the ginger also increases the appetite by stimulating the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. These properties actually help a person look so youthful from within. By maintaining the intestine, it means that your metabolism is also running well.

Utilization of ginger, is relatively easy because it is brewed hot or boiling water, or powders used in addition to making various foodstuffs such as cakes.

Lime, banish wrinkles
Orange juice contains citric high, even 10 times larger than the content of citrate in tangerine orange or six times. Sitratnya content reached 55.6 grams per kilogram. Citric acid content is frequently exploited in the world of beauty for hair and skin care.
In addition, vitamin C content of its high makes this fruit is used in a concoction worthy of youth. Various studies have shown that vitamin C is one antioxidant that can counteract the occurrence of wrinkles or dull skin.

How to use this fruit is relatively easy. Simply by rubbing the inside of the fruit that has been split into the skin or use it as a mix of face masks.

Bitter, aging inhibitors
Andrografin Gynecology, androfolit (bitter substances), and in bitter panikulin is a natural antibiotic. This substance helps the body from within to reduce the risk of skin aging and maintain the function of organs from the effects of free radicals.

Paniculata extract can increase the body's defense against infection which lowers the quality of the organ in the body, including skin tissue. Typically, this material is used in dry form or the extract of leaves, stems, roots, and flowers for durability.

Turmeric makes vibrantly
Chemical constituents of rhizome of turmeric in them as much as 6 percent essential oil, yellow pigments called curcuminoids five percent (covering 50-60 percent curcumin, monodesmetoksikurkumin, and bidesmetoksikurkumin), protein, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.

Turmeric is used as an herbal medicine used along with acid or in powder form (capsule). Turmeric is also used to facilitate women's menstruation and relieve menstrual pain and menopausal disorders.

To maintain health and beauty, except with acid, turmeric, pomegranate skin can also be mixed with white and sidowayah. Turmeric works from inside the body to make skin look more radiant.

Gotu kola, stress reliever
As a nutritious plant medicine, gotu kola is used mainly by people of India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and most of Eastern Europe since thousands of years ago. He is believed to increase the resilience of the body (long life), cleans the blood, and the flow of urine. There is now used as a tonic to strengthen and improve the durability of the brain and nerves. This herb is also used orally and topically to increase blood circulation to the arms and legs.

In addition to improve memory, mental, and stamina, gotu kola can help balance energy levels and decreased symptoms of stress and depression. These stress conditions can make the body get old.

Utilization of these plants is relatively easy, ie eat fresh vegetables or created directly as a vegetable. Although not entirely due to its consumption, many people believe gotu kola was developed as a custodian of potential health and youthfulness.

Kencur, natural slimming
Kencur contains volatile oil (borneol, kamfer, sineol, etilalkohol) that can be utilized as the release of sputum or throat cleaning, eliminating the menyumpat nasal mucus, warmed the body, as a slimming, helping to remove the gas from the stomach, and either to ward off free radicals as one one cause of premature aging.

Generally, as a youth potion, kencur can be used as a raw material galingale rice or rice beverages cikur (in Sundanese). Because it's a little bitter, you are advised to add a sweet palm sugar.[]
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Chrysophyllum/Sapodilla Fruit Good for Heart

In addition to a rich sugar, brown also contain other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. The fruit is also good for heart health and blood vessels.

Sapodilla fruit (Achras sapota L) is quite well known people of Indonesia. Sweet fragrance and taste delicious. In English, known as sapodilla sapodilla, chikoo, or sapota. In India, brown is called chikoo, in the Philippines known as tsiko, and in Malaysia ciku. Tionghoa called sapodilla fruit as hong xiêm.

Brown fruit is usually consumed in fresh condition. Taste the sap is still often attached to the mouth. Under conditions ripe, this fruit can be made into drinks or as a mixture of fresh ice cream. However, it has not been commercially cultivated.

Chrysophyllum originated from Central America and Mexico. In India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Central America, sapodilla fruit is cultivated commercially. In Indonesia, the sapodilla is generally cultivated as garden plants to be enjoyed by men, especially in areas of West Sumatra, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java and West Nusa Tenggara.

Seeds brown or black, shiny blackish brown. Flattened shape and large. Sapodilla seed contains saponins, quercetin, and oil as much as 23 percent. Sapodilla seeds should not be consumed because hidrosianik acid content high enough to be toxic. Meanwhile, interest sapodilla is a key ingredient in parem, namely traditional medicine powder rubbed on the body in new mothers.

Sapodilla fruit, sweet flavor makes the fruit's many fans. Sweet taste is caused by sugar content in fruit flesh with levels of 16-20 percent.

Not only sugar, the brown fruit also contained fat, protein, vitamins A, B, and C, minerals iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Sapodilla fruit nutrient composition can be seen in the table.

Sapodilla fruit has good mineral content. This fruit is a good source of potassium, ie 193 mg/100 g. On the other hand, sapodilla also has low sodium content, 12 mg/100 g. Comparison of potassium and sodium content reaches brown 16:1 makes very good for the heart and blood vessels.

Apart from potassium-rich, brown also contains a number of other important minerals.
Other mineral content per 100 grams of sawo are: calcium (21 mg), magnesium (12 mg), phosphorus (12 mg), selenium (0.6 mg), zinc (0.1 mg) and copper (0.09 mg).

Chrysophyllum also rich in vitamin C, which is 14.7 mg/100 g. Consumption of 100 grams of brown can meet 24.5 percent of the body's need for vitamin C every day. Vitamin C can react with a variety of minerals in the body. Vitamin C plays an important role in the metabolism of copper.

In addition, consumption of adequate amounts of vitamin C can help increase iron absorption. Vitamin C can also interact with a variety of other vitamins such as vitamin E which functions as an antioxidant.

Sapodilla fruits also contain folic acid, 14 g. mkg/100 Folic acid is needed for the body's red blood cell formation. Folic acid also helps prevent the formation of homocysteine which is very harmful for health.

Other vitamins are also contained in brown fruit is: riboflavin, niacin, B6, and vitamin A. While it can be used as a source of vitamins and minerals, sapodilla should not be given to infants because of the sap are feared to disturb the digestive tract.

Sapodilla fruit also contains a lot of sugar so good for use as an energy source. However, this fruit is not recommended for people with diabetes mellitus because it can improve blood sugar levels quickly.

Soft and Smooth

Chrysophyllum who are ready to eat is brown. Raw fruit is not good to eat because of the hard. Bitter chocolate and caused by high tannin content and caustic. Sapodilla sapodilla good quality is soft and dark brown.

Shape and magnitude of the problem is not a problem, the most important skin should be smooth. Do not choose an existing sapodilla wounds, scratches, or even the slightest hole. Also, do not choose that have brown marks on the leather sap. Chrysophyllum whose skin had flesh bottom of the defect or faulty hardware.

Ripe fruit can be stored at low temperatures to prolong shelf life. Ripe fruit is stored at a temperature of 0 degrees celsius can last 12-13 days. Unripe fruit when stored at a temperature of 15 degrees celsius can survive in good condition for 17 days. Crude sapodilla fruit stored at lower temperatures more than 10 days will not mature normally.

To stimulate so precocious, sapodilla need diperam, after washing to remove dead skin. There are several ways of curing. The fruit is placed in a closed container (eg in the chest or bag) for a few days. However, how this will make the fruit ripening is not ripe at the same time. In order to get the ripe sapodilla simultaneously, fruit put in place a sealed, then given a carbide or smoked.

Sapodilla fruit is very susceptible to microbial contamination due to moisture content and high nutrients. Geotrichum candidum, Cladosporum oxysporium, and Penicillium italicum are examples of microbes that are often found on the fruit brown.

To keep the ripe sapodilla not attacked microbial pathogens, we recommend using the fungicide Benlate. Treatment naturally, without using chemicals, it was hard to get the best results. Therefore, to maintain the security, sapodilla fruit should be washed before being eaten.
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Beware of Eye Disorders In Children

Can babies get cataracts? Apparently, a lot of things to note about the eyes of infants and children. In fact, premature birth, can cause retinal damage that leads to blindness.

Make no mistake, eye disorders in children it could happen since he was in the womb! Pregnant women (especially the young age of pregnancy) who suffered Rubella aka German measles, or other viruses, can give birth to an infant with cataracts. What sign? "From birth, his eyes cloudy and white lens," explained Dr. Abdul Manan, Ginting, Sp.M, eye specialists from the Jakarta Eye Center.

No other way, before the age of three months, the child should be operated so that the retina can still grow nicely. "Before three months, right, we already know the heart and brain development is good. If after that, although the cataract removed, replaced by new lenses, and its size became zero, still less because the retina does not develop," Ginting said, adding, babies born do not always have normal vision.

Entering the age of 3 months to 2 years, baby vision develops rapidly. "In children with adequate intelligence, the ability to see the age of 2 years was nearing 100 percent. That's why, cataract surgery should not be more than 3 months of age," Ginting suggestions.

Rubella In addition, pregnant women, patients with Toxoplasma can also bring children with few problems. In addition to brain and muscle disorders, as well as eye. Among others, the infection in the retina so that the child was born with very bad eyesight. Although treated too, because the already damaged retina, vision will not recover.


Difficulties during birth will also need to beware. The problem could have a baby out through the vagina with the infected eye conditions. Generally occurs in infants whose mothers suffered from venereal disease gonorrhea (GO).

The problem, said Ginting, GO is very easy to grow in the eye. Second day after birth, the baby's eyes will be quite a lot of pus. "If allowed, could be blind within two three weeks," he said, adding, usually in a good hospital, the eyes of all infants born to direct antibacterial drops.

Herpes is a disease that can be transmitted mother to child during normal deliveries. If during examination of the genital area is known in the prospective mother have the signs of herpes infection, doctors can provide treatment. "With the record, still a long delivery time. If it is severe, with forced labor performed without a vaginal operative action," explained the doctor who is also Chairman of Bank Mata of Indonesia.


Which is also subject to high risk eye disease is a baby who was born premature. Moreover, when the weight is less than 1 kg. When inserted into an incubator, premature baby will get more oxygen than usual. Well, this is the excess oxygen can cause retinal damage baby (aka retinapathy of prematurity retinal damage caused by premature).

"That's why, children born prematurely had to be examined retinas so that if there are signs of abnormalities or new network appears in the retina due to oxygen, could be shooting a laser beam to tissue death and the child was saved from blindness," Ginting said.

The first thing to do after completion in incubator child is brought to an ophthalmologist who has a complete facility for the examination of the retina.

"Come, let his eyes healthy eating carrots!" So, our advice, the little one? Though, as described Ginting, carrots are not always good for the eyes. "If the poor child's eye health, consumption of carrots will actually exacerbate the more eyes."

Carrots do contain vitamin A, but not a ready to use the alias provitamin A. In order to become vitamin A, carrots must be modified first by using carbohydrates, vitamin B complex, and so forth. "Because he's taking other substances. Eye condition even worse. Hence, the carrot was not advisable."

Instead of carrots, Ginting recommends eating chicken or fish liver which clearly contains vitamins A ready to use. Eggs and palm oil also contains vitamin A. "In order for maximal growth of children's eye health, provide lots of vitamin A when children ages 0 to 5 years."
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Various kinds of milk, you must know

Liquid milk last longer if kept in good packaging.
Currently on the market has been circulating a variety of liquid milk. Some labeling of fresh milk, pasteurized milk, sterilized milk or UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature). You know, all types of milk have the same nutritional content as has been formulated with fresh milk. But compared to fresh milk, milk which has undergone various processing this has advantages, namely a longer shelf life.


- Fresh milk is milk from cows, buffalo, horses, goats or sheep are healthy and not mixed colostrum.

- Terms of fresh milk is good: containing not less than 3.25 percent milk fat and 8.25 percent solids not fat.

- Not containing added water, food additives and antibiotics, and have not experienced a change of color, odor and viscosity.

- Has the best flavor than fresh milk that has been processed for fatty acid content of milk (butyric acid) is still good.

- To secure food, fresh milk should be drunk directly processed first. How, by heating until the temperature reaches 70ú80 degrees Celsius for 50-10 minutes. So, do not boil the milk so that the emulsion is not broken.

- Fresh milk that has been processed and should immediately be taken out immediately. When stored at room temperature is feared that there are microbes in the air will damage the milk. Period store at room temperature no more than two hours.

- When stored in the refrigerator, chances are able to survive for 12 hours. But try to use containers that have been sterilized (can use a glass or glass bottle that has been boiled).

- Microbes in the air will contaminate the fresh milk that has been milked. This is because the conditions of air temperature and humidity in Indonesia is high (average 28 ° - 30 ° C).

MILK UHT (Ultra High Temperature)

- Fresh milk or milk reconstitution or recombination of sterilized milk at a temperature of not less than 135 ° C for 2 seconds and immediately packed in sterile packaging.

- Heating with temperatures reaching 135 ° C was able to kill the bacteria that exist.

- Taste the milk was not very good because it has been through the process of heating with high temperature.

- The advantage of this process does not eliminate micro-nutrient content, such as vitamins and minerals.

- Content of nutrients has been formulated to resemble fresh milk and powdered infant formula. It implies no less than 3.25 percent milk fat and 8.25 percent solids not fat.

- Can be stored at room temperature.

- When storage reaches six months to a year for an unopened package.


Some milk producers out of milk products "energy supplement". In calories, protein, and minerals are higher than any other formula. As a result, the energy that went into the child's body was believed to be automatically higher. In addition, this type of milk is more easily absorbed by the digestive tract because of the fat composition in the form MCT (medium chain triglycerides),. In fact, the composition of amino acids in it any terkadung complete pertained to perform protein synthesis.

Normally, milk is considered as an additional or supplementary menu. But considering its nutritional content is very complete, milk may be regarded as an addition to this energy as a substitute for food. Still does not mean the child is fed only and do not need to eat other foods.

Milk energy enhancer should be given to children belonging to poor appetite or low. But again, it would be nice if parents first consult with a pediatrician or a child nutritionist to find out what causes bad little appetite. Is it because there are medical disorders or psychological factors, such as bored with the menu-the food and atmosphere that's unpleasant to eat.

Pasteurized milk

Pasteurized milk is milk that is heated by high-temperature short-time method or the method of holding and immediately packed in sterile packaging. In addition to fresh milk, the process of preservation by pasteurization applied also to the reconstitution of milk and milk recombination. Reconstitution of milk is the milk prepared with the addition of liquid water on fatty milk powder (full cream), or powdered skim milk, or low-fat milk powder. While milk is recombined liquid milk produced from a mixture of components of milk (skim milk, cream) and water.

- Temperature during heating reached 65 ° C to 80 ° C in order to kill bacteria that cause disease.

- Nutrient content of pasteurized milk has been formulated with fresh milk and powdered infant formula. Milk fat content of not less than 3.25 percent and 8.25 percent solids not fat.

- Taste the milk is still good because it does not go through the process of heating is high.

- The shelf between 5-7 days at 4 ° C or in refrigerator.

Sweetened condensed milk

- Products sweetened condensed milk is obtained by eliminating some of the water through evaporation (evaporation) in order to obtain a certain thickness.

- Content of different nutrients than fresh milk. Even a lower vitamin content when compared with fresh milk. This type of milk is not intended to fulfill the perfect pattern of four healthy 5. More widely used as a cooking ingredient mixture.

- Sugar and fat content is very high, so is not suitable given to infants.

- This product can be classed as a product with a long expiration date because of the high sugar content that can prevent microbial growth. Unopened packaging survived up to two years. While the packaging has been opened can only survive approximately two months, or even when stored in refrigerator.
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Avoid Early Aging, Consumption of vitamin D

Los Angeles - Want to avoid premature aging? Want to be free of dementia and Alzheimer's? Easy, as long as you regularly consume vitamin D. This is based on research results.

HealtyDay News preach, physical activity and adequate levels of vitamin D can reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Long-term study of it has been presented at the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease in Hawaii, Sunday (11 / 7) then.

In one study, researchers analyzed data from more than 1,200 people in the 1970s who enrolled in the Framingham Study. Research into the people in the town of Framingham, Mass., as a respondent, since 1948, analyzes the heart health and cognitive health.

Physical activity level of the 1200 participants assessed at 1986-1987. More than two decades later, 242 participants suffering from dementia, including 193 patients with Alzheimer's.

They are conservative with the number of high activity has around 40% to avoid a risk of getting various types of dementia. People with the lowest levels of physical activity, 45% more likely to be attacked by all types of dementia, than those who do most exercises. This is a very dominant male.

"This is the first study involving a large group of individuals for a long time. This shows that to reduce the risk of dementia may be one additional benefits to maintain at least moderate physical activity. Even for the eighth decade of life," said study author Dr. Zaldy Tan, from Brigham and Women's Hospital, VA Boston and Harvard Medical School in a news release the Alzheimer's Association.

A second study found an association between vitamin D deficiency and increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia later in life. Researchers in the British Isles analyzed data from 3325 people aged 65 years.

Vitamin D levels were measured based on blood samples from participants and compared with their activity on cognitive function measures. Tests performed included tests of memory, orientation in space and time, and the ability to sustain attention. Those who achieve only 10% were classified as cognitively impaired.

This study also found that the risk of cognitive impairment was 42% higher in people who lack vitamin D. And, 394% higher for those with severe deficiency of vitamin D.

"It seems that the increase in the level of cognitive impairment, lack of vitamin D. This is consistent with the findings of previous European studies. Given that vitamin D deficiency and dementia is a common thing in the world. This is really alarming," said study author David Llewellyn, from the University of Exeter Peninsula Medical School.

In fact, it's skin naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. However, most adults and older in the United States less levels of vitamin D because their skin is less efficient in producing vitamin D due to lack of sunlight.

"Vitamin D supplements have been proven to be a safe, cheap and effective way to treat deficiencies. However, some foods contain vitamin D supplementation and the level in the U.S. today is not adequate. Further research is needed to determine whether vitamin D supplementation has the potential disruption dementia therapy, "said Llewellyn.

Previous research has pointed to a number of factors that may be associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer's. Especially cardiovascular risk factors, said William Thiès, medical officer at the Alzheimer's Association.

He added, "Alzheimer's Association and others have repeatedly called for the long term, more research studies to clarify the major role these factors play cause of the aging brain. Some of the first report of this type in Alzheimer's, and that encourages, but there has been no definitive evidence. " [Mor]
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Discovered, AIDS Vaccine on ODHA Body

Discovered, AIDS Vaccine on ODHA Body

RESEARCHER United a step closer to developing a vaccine against the deadly AIDS virus. They found antibodies that can kill 91 percent of the HIV virus.

Scientists have found three powerful antibodies in the cell body of a male African-American gay 60-year-old who was called Donor 45. Even one of them is the antibodies that neutralize more than 91 percent of the HIV virus. The male body makes antibodies naturally. Thus okezone receive from NY Daily News, Monday (07/12/2010).
In the case of 45 donors - the antibody does not save themselves from contracting HIV - researchers filter out approximately 25 million cells to find dozens of cells that later can produce a powerful antibody. Men are most likely already infected with the HIV virus before the body began to produce antibodies. Until now, he is still alive, and has been diagnosed with HIV for 20 years at the time of his blood taken.

Researchers wishing to make a vaccine that will allow everyone to create a body similar antibodies Donor 45. This research is expected to pave the way to make vaccines that are not only effective against the AIDS virus, but also other viral diseases, and has become an important part of AIDS research.

Speaking of the vaccine, Gary Nabel, Vaccine Research Center Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Disease who also led the research said, "It would take hard work. We'll be here for a while (before the vaccine showed a clear benefit)."

Last year, demonstrated the effectiveness of the first HIV vaccine proved disappointing. Following the next vaccine research in Thailand which, according to statistics reached a successful range of up to 30 percent. But, the discovery of this new antibody can produce a more promising treatment.

"Antibodies are attached to the virus that has not changed, and this explains why the virus can neutralize different strains of HIV is deadly," said Dr. John Mascola, one of the researchers.

Prepare antibody discovery became effective HIV vaccine research will be difficult, because researchers must start from an important part of the virus where antibodies attached to it. Then, design a vaccine using the virus to stimulate the body to make antibodies like those found in donor 45.

Inventions described in the online edition of the journal Science, was discovered just days before the International AIDS Conference in Vienna scheduled to be held July 18 to 23, 2010. This research is expected to be the focus of the meeting given the number of people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) growing.
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Tips Dental Care Naturally

Caring your teeth - Dental health is everybody's dream, because if your teeth hurt then do any activity so less excited, so that our productivity declining, here are some tips on how to care for natural teeth, so teeth become healthy, clean and not porous.

1. Avoid drinking coffee and red wine. Usually the two drinks that can leave stains in teeth immediately.

2. Eat vegetables because there are vegetables can clean teeth naturally.
3. Watch your toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush at least once a month.

4. Strawberries turned out to have a natural effect that can whiten your teeth, because the fruit contains high levels of vitamin C. Strawberry frequently to drink juice. and do not dispose of the waste. Take it and rub the pulp in teeth after a hushed moment, gargle. Do it regularly to get the maximum results.

5. Brush your teeth with the routine once every 12 hours is the basic rule that you must do to get white teeth. These habits can protect the teeth and plaque from the stubborn stains.

6. Rub lemon rind on your teeth can also whiten your teeth. Do it regularly so the results can last a long time.

7. Avoid smoking. Smoking is the quickest way to change the color to yellow teeth.

8. Take advantage of dental floss to clean between teeth, at least once a day.

9. Use a toothpaste that has the formula to whiten your teeth as recommended by your doctor.

10. Consult the dentist at least once a year subscription.
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Cheap Ways Against Cancer and Stroke

Do not take for granted vegetables, bean sprouts or sprouts. Despite the small shapes, such vegetables have compounds that cell renewal is very useful for protecting the body from a stroke, heart attack and cancer. Sprouts contain antioxidant compounds complete with exceptional protection force, especially vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. However, experts assert, Eat raw bean sprouts in a state, while its substance modifier still intact. Can be eaten as a salad, or drunk as juice. If cooked, pan-fried or steamed better moment. If to be boiled, such as cooked vegetable soups, bean sprouts enter lifted just before cooking. In this way, vitamin C and enzymes that damage is estimated that only 20 percent. If boiled longer, the damage could reach at least 60 percent.

Results of research James Duke, PhD, botanist from the United States Department of Agriculture shows, any kind of good vegetable sprouts, mung bean sprouts, soy sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and other types of sprouts contain a lot of fitokimiawi efficacious compounds. One of them kanavanin, the type of amino acid arginine materials were stored in most alfalfa sprouts. Kanavanin able to stifle the seeds of cancer, leukemia, colon and pancreas. Natural estrogens contained in the same function with estrogensintesis sprouts, but that is without side effects.

Estrogen in the bean sprouts can significantly increase bone density and composition, as well as mencegahrapuh bones (osteoporosis). Diligent eating sprouts help women avoid breast cancer, impending menstruation disorders, complaints hot streak on pramenopause and disorders caused by menopause. When the seeds and nuts that in a seedling, in general, its levels rise 450 per cent saponin, Saponin most commonly found in alfalfa sprouts.

The people with risk of stroke and heart attack caused by soaring blood lipid levels are encouraged to eat more sprouts. Saponin in the sprouts will be poured LDL fats, without disturbing the good HDL fats. After going through a number of experiments on animals, known saponin in the bean sprouts can awaken the immune system, by boosting the activity of natural paralytic cells, especially T-lymphocyte cells and interferon. In addition to DNA loaded, solid sprouts powerful antioxidant substances that fortify the body's cells from free radical destruction of DNA. Double protection strengthens the conclusion that sprouts are vegetables that make us "born again" to be young.

While rich in soy bean sprouts anticancer compound genistein. Different from other anticancer compounds, genistein work more effectively when cancer has started to sprout seeds. Because at that moment that genistein will work actively disrupt the food supply for the cancer cells so they eventually die. However, Duke warned, should women with breast cancer patients who are undergoing treatment with tamoxifen therapy to limit the consumption of sprouts, especially that of crude. Phytoestrogen compounds in Brussels sprouts may reduce tamoxifen work. That is, bean sprouts need only be restricted if we suffer the type of tumor or cancer associated with estrogen.

Sprouts are also good for someone to get the nutrition nuts without making it bloated. In some people, eating nuts makes the stomach feel bloated. That caused the stomach is sensitive to the oligosaccharide-one type of complex carbohydrates in beans. Creating germinated nuts will describe 90 percent of oligosaccharide chains into simple carbohydrates. So that the compound is easily absorbed by the body without producing gas. Because it contains lots of fiber and water, sprouts help drain sewage in the large intestine. It becomes a double strength sprouts in the fight against cancer. By pushing dirt immediately left colon, there was no toxic substances in sewage that can be absorbed by the body. It prevents stacking toxic substances, which can stimulate the blossoming seed of cancer.

Track the history of China's Physician Prescription sprouts, we must look back 5000 years. According to the publication of the International Sprout growers Association (sprouts farmer associations worldwide), bean sprouts at that time the doctors had prescribed to China, both as a health food or medicine. Sailors master 'James Cook', in his exploration from Europe to New Zealand for three years, bringing food supplies antiskorbut, so that the crewmen are not subject to gum inflammation and infectious diseases.

In addition to lemons, which was then believed to be reliable sources of vitamin C, Cook bring seeds and nuts. Once created sprouts, bean sprouts was the only fresh vegetables they eat during the voyage. So successful fight gingivitis Cook who was commonly experienced by sailors, not just orange services, because the sprouts actually stored more vitamin C.

Sprouts was praised as the only vegetables most practical. Can be harvested quickly, in just 3-5 days after planting. Can be grown all year round in all weathers, even in winter though. Does not require the planting of land, does not even need sunlight. Vitamin C content was so abundant. Ready to be cooked without the need to cut and leave no plague waste. I why, according to Dr Clive M McKay, professor of nutrition from CornellUniversity, sprouts are the only vegetables that are most widely grown and eaten during world war II.

Research on soybean sprouts by McKay, involving five universities in America, namely Cornell, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Yale and McGill University, which germinated able to contain B-complex vitamin content of soybeans, so the amount is reduced. Amazingly, germinated sprouts will make inflated amount as much as 300 percent of vitamin A and vitamin C to 500-600 percent. They also found that making a bean sprout germination has changed the carbohydrates into simple sugars, which are easily digested and absorbed by the body. Though grown in the dark, alfalfa sprouts rich in chlorophyll more than celery, 'bokcoi' and 'greens. Protein in alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts and bean sprouts sunflower seeds radis average 4 percent, while only 3 percent in lettuce, fresh cow's milk is only 3.2 percent. In fact, the protein content in soybean sprouts can reach 28 percent.
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Could 'Swine Flu Risk' Genetic Related?

Jakarta, pandemic influenza A (H1N1) or also known as swine flu worldwide and jerk reminiscent of a similar pandemic in 1918, where millions of people die from flu. Even until today, although there is a trend decline in the number of new cases, this pandemic has not been completed in total.

In the world, as many as 214 countries spread across all continents participate affected, with more than 18.000 deaths (WHO data June 13, 2010). In Asia, the pandemic is still actively circulating in Malaysia and Singapore with the downward trend.

In Indonesia alone, although the June 13, 2010 WHO report mentions the lack of new transmission activities in Indonesia during the month of June 2010, has occurred despite the accumulation of more than 1000 transmission (MOH Report August 23, 2009) with five deaths.

In today's modern society, it is very difficult to completely avoid exposure to the virus A (H1N1). Even restrictions on travel (travel restriction) undoubtedly a benefit as an effective method to stem this pandemic.

Most people would never exposed to this virus, with rates varying exposure. But we do not see relative fantastic figures on the number of people infected. Meanwhile, among people infected with the disease only slightly worse until a crisis stage.

Loius Pasteur, one of the foundation stone of the science of microbiology, admitted that the most important question that can not be answered (in his time) by the infectious disease research is that there is variability in the level of exceptional severity of infection among people infected by the same microorganism.

Today people understand that the difference in the level of variability in the severity of the infection was caused by the difference of one level of immunity. But why does this happen? Why do people have different levels of immune response?

Composition and variation of genetic material is one answer. Our genetic material, with different levels, to determine how much risk you are infected, how severe illness if infected, and even what the most appropriate treatment to prevent the development of disease severity.

This is called genetic susceptibility to infection (genetic susceptibility to infection). Genetic variation can involve only one gene (monogenic), but can also be many genes (polygenic).

Human genetic susceptibility to various infections

Genetic variations that determine differences in susceptibility to infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis has been studied enough.

Best known example is how people with various disorders of red blood cells such as sickle cell disease (sickle-cell disease) and thalassemia have immunity against malaria infection.

Human genetic susceptibility to influenza A (H1N1)

Is pandemic A (H1N1) also shows the vulnerability that is influenced by genetic factors? There is no definitive answer to this question. But there are many similar research to other strains of flu virus are showing vulnerability.

A research report published in 2008 showed that the population of Utah (USA) had a risk of increased deaths from flu among people who have a kinship relationship (far or near). This shows the contribution of genetic factors.

Another more recent research (2009) in rats showed that a large contribution from genetic factors to infections of influenza A, a class where the H1N1 strain of influenza virus are clustered.

Although there are many advances in influenza research, there has been no recent studies on human susceptibility to infections of influenza A (H1N1). The evidence obtained so far are all from animals. This is understandable because many non-genetic factors also play a role in human susceptibility to infection, such as nutrition, lifestyle, exposure to certain drugs, exposure to other infectious agents and others.

These factors are non-genetic, complicate the study of genetic susceptibility to infection, because they interact with genetic factors in causing a certain level of vulnerability. Meanwhile, in animals of this interaction is more easily controlled.

What needs to be done? Need for multi-center research

It is very possible that the pandemic A (H1N1) that occurred when this will happen again periodically, along with its potential to mutate into new strains with unknown levels of virulence.

Required knowledge of specific genes that contribute to the risk of infection A (H1N1) to enhance efforts toward infection prevention and treatment of healthy people who are sick.

These studies on genetic susceptibility to be followed by research that studies how genetic factors that contribute to the effectiveness and safety prevention efforts (ranging from vaccines to simply wash their hands), progression of disease and the efficacy and safety of current treatment operational.

Attention to ethnic variations also need to be emphasized, since a lot of evidence showing the influence of genetic differences among different ethnic-ethnic.

The factors of non-genetic, as noted above, in the human population can not be avoided. By nature, the human population genetic factors and non-genetic exist and interact with each other.

Therefore, studies on humans needs to be done with attention to these factors. In this case, it is very important to start identifying the various factors secara existing in the human population, and then monitored throughout the research goes. Thus, their conclusions must be carefully made in the limited context of the factors involved.

In the last decade, biology researchers witnessed remarkable progress in understanding the role of genetic factors in many diseases that attack humans, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, allergies, schizophrenia, and others.

True, that so many questions remain a mystery. However it should also recognized that now seems obvious candidate genes that play a role in the occurrence of the above diseases.

Many of the findings of the present research was born from the Genome-wide association studies (GWAS), where a large number of human genetic variations can be analyzed simultaneously in a population sample of men who very much.

Recent advances in the analysis of genetic variation is called the Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), which has the ability to identify the entire three billion nucleotides in the human genome array with a count of only a few weeks and the cost is relatively cheap.

Both this relatively new method can greatly assist researchers in analyzing the complexity of the genetic factors contributing to various diseases, including susceptibility to infection of A (H1N1).

Attempts integrated research needs to be done to coordinate the resources available for this purpose.

Considering the health effects
community, an effort spearheaded by the cooperation necessary coordinative MOH, LIPI and various universities.
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Diabetic Breakfast Ideas

Diabetic Breakfast Ideas Assuming that happen to be diagnosed with diabetes, must be very disciplined with the foods you eat. It is considered that the conclusion of a diabetic menu clean and healthy is important to you, but also because you must choose the right foods to curb diabetes adapted as best as possible and take into account, the food you eat should be protected of long-term damage done by diabetes - that antioxidants that low GI foods.

Maintain strict control of these criteria, it is important to carefully choose their dishes, especially breakfast, because it is one of the most important meals of the day. In addition to diabetes breakfast, should emphasize the preservation of the highest values ​​of fitness and wellness, apart from typical examinations to maintain total control of diabetes.

He came to breakfast with diabetes, may be surprising for you to keep in mind that food breakfast diabetic breakfast menu for diabetes can be easily created good and exciting. It also indicates that breakfast recipes diabetics are more troublesome, as there may be tried in the past.

Nutritious breakfasts with diabetes are achievable if you can add your personal touch and an artistic style to be a little different.
Diabetic Breakfast Ideas
Breakfast is recommended for diabetics:

The first and most important thing to remember is that food for diabetics should be "low glycemic index." This indicates that the Revenue diabetes should include foods that do not raise blood glucose quickly and really should be kept low blood sugar level for many hours. It should be noted here that the amino acids have a distinct advantage over processed grains to maintain the level of blood sugar constant. Therefore, the right grain for a person with diabetes would certainly whole-grain barley, oats and whole grain rye to name a few.

Diabetes good breakfast idea also may contain peanuts, tomatoes, blueberries, channels of low-fat cheese and apples, bananas, peaches, etc, but the proportions of reality should be advised and managed with a licensed physician.

Selection of real estate for diabetic food for breakfast:

  1. Diabetic Lunch Menu # 1: Find a single slice of bread that could be grilled to your liking. Apply a teaspoon of margarine on bread, you can put a cup of egg substitute or cheese on toast. If you support something hot and melts in the morning, you can change the cottage cheese / egg substitute cup of oatmeal mixed with a cup of skim milk and may opt for a bit of banana.
  2. Two plates of food for diabetics: a cup of fresh blueberries and a cup of whole milk, nonfat or low-fat with them. You can change the blueberry muffin with a little cranberry cake alternating with a glass of whole milk (fat).
  3. Three plates of food for diabetics: Take 2 slices of whole grain wheat toast and 2 tablespoons of propagation. peanut butter in them. You can get a cup of tea of ​​coffee (use low fat or fat, if desired) and a few bananas.
  4. four. Plates of food for diabetics # 4: Spanish Tortilla: In this small course of diabetes, you may need 5 small potatoes, peeled and chopped, vegetable oil, medium onion, 1 small zucchini, cut from a cup sliced ​​thin green pepper chopped red or mushrooms to 5 on average, 3 eggs, beaten together 5 beaten egg whites, 3 oz shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese, 1 tablespoon low-fat cheese and parmesan pepper garlic salt and herbs to taste.

Once you have organized almost all of these things, you have to preheat to 375 degrees pan and then prepare the potatoes in boiling water until tender. At this point, you want to add cooking spray and heat over medium heat in a nonstick skillet. Shortly after this, you must add the onion until golden and jump and then add the vegetables and saute until finally juicy but not brown. Then beat the eggs and egg whites in moderation, pepper, garlic salt and low fat mozzarella cheese in a bowl and stir the mixture through the egg mixture and cheese into the cooked vegetables. Then you want to add more vegetables and potatoes spray and spread the egg mixture to a child of ten. pie plate or ovenproof skillet. The final phase is almost all about removing the tortilla from the pan, let cool for ten minutes, and cut right at 5 or more rooms.

five years. Five diabetic lunch menu #: Caribbean Red Snapper: For this excellent diabetic tasty breakfast food, you may need 2 tablespoons organic olive oil, chopped 1 medium onion, sliced ​​red bell pepper cut Strip cup red pepper, a clove garlic, a cup of dry white wine. Pounds of red snapper (or salmon or chicken white meat) steak, sliced ​​1 tomato in size, two tablespoons. dice and ripe pitted olives 2 tablespoons. crumbled low-fat cheese or feta cheese low fat ricotta.

Once you have done each of these elements is necessary to heat the extra virgin olive oil over medium heat in large skillet. Now is the perfect time to put the paprika, onion, garlic and carrots and stir for a break of 10 minutes. Subsequently, in particular wine and bring to a boil and turn the vegetables to one side of the pan. Now you need to keep the fillets in a single layer in a saucepan and cover the center and cook for five minutes is. Then add the tomatoes and olives and cheese. At present, cover and cook for 3 minutes or until fish is firm but tender. Subsequently, the fish move into the dish and garnish with the sauce and vegetables. Serve with rice.

With these ideas incredibly small breakfast for diabetes and diabetes, you certainly can control diabetes and give your palate something to celebrate in, finally. These great-tasting dishes with diabetes can make you feel at all like the breakfast delicious and healthy with diabetes are feasible to do in your kitchen.

Here are some tips for diabetes healthy breakfast could help more than more than half.

Recommendations balanced breakfast for diabetes:

  • Avoid packaged and fast foods, which are high in sugar, fat and sugar and low in nutrients.

Eat home-cooked meals so that you are well informed that all factors are used to wash the dishes.

Stay away from foods rich in carbohydrates that release their sugars quickly.
  • Avoid the bread and dough based products.
  • Choose low-glycemic diet index diet high in fiber.
  • Oats, wheat bran and fruits are excellent choices for a feed breakfast selection of diabetes.
  • Stop the bacon and tomatoes, which can cause obesity.
  • Low-fat soft cheese, green pea cakes, club sandwich, buttermilk pancakes, oatmeal, poached eggs, low fat yogurt, tortillas, and may be the best diabetic breakfast meals.
  • Many vegetables can be eaten without restriction. For many other vegetables that are eaten are higher in fiber and low in starch.
  • It's great that consists of different types of salad vegetables, onions, carrots, mushrooms, turnips, green beans, eggplant and garlic (if possible) in the breakfast menus for diabetes.
  • It is better to add the soy sauce and vinegar with spices instead of lettuce minimum.
  • Stop the heavy and flat, alternately, at the restaurant 6-7 times a day in small portions.
  • In addition to these guidelines for diabetes nutritious breakfast, which allows access to other ideas that can support you to control diabetes to some degree.
  • It is vitally important for diabetics to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. If alcohol can not be free of all is that moderate consumption will advisabale dry wine and brandy.
  • The mineral water is desirable in the tap.
  • The level of blood sugar can be adjusted by the addition of a c. Seasonings tea cinnamon 1 / 2. at each meal.
  • Take a good time for sandwiches properly and avoid watching TV, having a conversation, and to explore newspaper while eating.
  • Check the amount of your diabetes at regular intervals and regularly consult a physician.
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25 Percent of Birth Without Medical Aid

More than 25 percent of deliveries carried out without the help of health workers, this contributes to high maternal mortality in Indonesia. This is partly because the number of midwives in the villages are still lacking, so the mothers, especially in remote areas, border and island areas, it is difficult to reach service delivery.

"Delivery of health workers who helped as much as 74.87 percent, still need special attention in order to achieve a target of 90 percent in 2015," said Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, in a written speech read by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health Ratna Rosita after signing an agreement on gender mainstreaming in Jakarta , Wednesday (12/5).

According to data of Maternal Health Directorate Ministry of Health in 2007 the number of registered midwives 53 273 people while the number of existing villages throughout Indonesia for more than 70 thousand. Birth without the help of health professionals involved to contribute to maternal mortality is still high, 228 per 100 thousand live births, according to the Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) Year 2007.

In his opening remarks mentioned, the government tried to reduce maternal mortality to 102 per 100 thousand live births in 2015 to improve access to service delivery by health personnel.

These efforts, among others, was done by multiplying the number of health centers that can provide basic emergency obstetric and neonatal hospital providing comprehensive emergency obstetric neonates.

Health Ministry data shows the year 2007 the number of health centers that category Uncategorized 1290 while the hospital is as much as 183 units. "In addition we also assigned the midwife temporary employees to the area to cover the needs of the village midwife while," he said.

Ina added that the government sent a team of health workers composed of physicians, specialists, midwives and nurses to the health problem areas to quality health services closer to communities, including service delivery. Also enhanced the skills of midwives and midwife facilitated partnerships and shamans.

"Shaman bear hug to partner with a midwife, assisting midwives. They are trained to recognize danger signs of labor and convey information about the problem to the midwife. We are also planning to provide knowledge about breastfeeding and early initiation of breastfeeding to the shamans so they can deliver it to pregnant mothers in their environment , "said Ina Hernawati.
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Panic! That usually happens when Little ill complain. In fact, it could be, the complaint did not show any symptoms of serious illnesses. Recognize that complaints often leveled, and mastered the proper way to handle it.

1. Fever
Fever is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. Fever is one of the conditions that often befall the children. According to Dr. Zakiudin Munasir, SpA (K), a Consultant Child Allergy Immunology, there is a fever that is not dangerous and can heal itself. "But there are also dangerous. For example, high fever or are related to respiratory tract. "That is why, he says, as light as any fever should be addressed immediately.

Immediately measure every time a child with a fever thermometer. Approximately 30-50 percent of the fever caused by infection. The largest is the upper respiratory tract infections (ARI), dengue fever, and typhoid fever. Alert if the temperature of more than 41 degrees Celsius, because it can damage the tissue on the central nervous system (brain).

CLICK - Detailed action taken depending on the type heat. Tolerance limits on a child's body temperature 38 degrees Celsius. First step is to give febrifuge, as he sought the cause of the fever. Wear loose clothes and absorb sweat so that your child does not kegerakan, and place it in the room air circulates well. If the high heat can be aided by warm water compress on the head area, underarms, and groin. "If cold water is compressed by narrowing the blood vessels so that heat can not be removed and detained," said Zaki.

If the heat does not need to be brought down to the doctor, it may be just the common cold due to environmental factors or temperature. Give enough to eat and drink. Bring to a doctor if the fever does not subside after three days treatment itself. For children who have a talent seizure without delay. Immediately take your child to the doctor so the temperature past the normal limit.

2. Flu, Cough, Colds
Cold cough is a disease of the rainy season and transition subscriptions. Coughing caused by a viral infection such as influenza, can heal itself in three to five days. The most important feeding and drinking enough. Do not be provided with food and drinks that stimulate the emergence of a cough. For example, chocolate, instant noodles, ice.

Provision of free cough medicine tailored to the type of his cough. No mucus to cough that is holding were given cough medicine (antitusif). Mucoid cough cough medicine given specifically for slimy. If the cough does not subside after 3 days treated yourself, take it to the doctor immediately.

While the characteristics of the flu are the body's temperature rises, the body feels weak, and headaches. Then, clear the snot out too long from his nose thickens. The disease is rapidly transmitted through air. If the child's condition was not healthy, easy to catch. Equipment provided warm meals and drink enough water, plenty of rest. If not healed well, take it to the doctor.

Try to keep giving your child a lot of drinking. Give warm water, milk, or fruit juice. If the nose is blocked aid by inhaling steam from a basin of warm water.

3. Convulsions
There are many types of seizures. Seizures of short duration is called simple, while that lasted about 15 minutes called complex febrile seizures. The causes varied, such as epilepsy (epilepsy), muscle spasms / cramps, or seizures due to fever.

Because of epileptic seizures occur when the attack occurred. If your child suffered from epilepsy, keep it away from trigger attacks, such as emotional disturbances (stress, tension, anxiety), the light was blinking. If convulsions appear, try the pain gets free air, trying to stop his seizures, since seizures can damage brain cells.

Wedge child's mouth with a spoon wrapped in a cloth, because the condition makes the patient seizure was unconscious so his tongue "falls". "If not elevated, teeth can be broken, his tongue could be bitten, and even break," said Zaki. Then, lay the child on the bed. The important thing to be free of air flow there is no load. Parents who have children often have to provide drug seizures are usually inserted into the rectum.

If the child has the "talent" febrile seizures, ie seizures in children aged 3 months - 5 years was not caused abnormalities in the head or another, be aware when your baby's body temperature to rise above 38 degrees Celsius.

4. Diarrhea and vomiting
Diarrhea is a watery discharge sewage which more often than usual. In a day could be three times or more diarrhea and no shaped aka liquid stools. In fact, can form mucoid fluid or no blood. May be accompanied by vomiting, refusing to drink, limp, eyes look sunken.

Diarrhea can cause dehydration and shock, even death. "First Aid usually replaces the liquid that had come out to give ORS to the child. ORS is the same composition with a liquid that comes out from diarrhea. "Zaki warned, do not give your child medication for adult diarrhea. "It's dangerous, because kumannya detained, not out, could result in worse."

If you do not have a supply of ORS at home, the liquid sugar can be replaced with a salt solution, consisting of one teaspoon of sugar and 0.5 teaspoons of salt with a glass of water. If a child is unwilling to drink ORS or sugar mixture of salt, give him a vegetable juices, mineral water, or broth.

If diarrhea containing blood, immediately take it to the doctor. Similarly, if the diarrhea does not heal within three days. "Take also go to the doctor if vomiting continues, and given intravenous fluids."

5. Fall

If your baby falls for everyday events parents need not panic. For example falling slipping because learning path. "His name is also the children, must have been dropped or bumped. Grease it with the ointment if bumped. Ointment should not be used to tear the wound because it can cause infection, "explained Zaki.

If you fall cause abrasion accompanied by bleeding, stop bleeding with sterile cotton, then wash out the wound, and give an antiseptic. For bruises can be eliminated by means of ice water compresses or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. If the bruising that occurs quite wide, immediately take the child to the doctor. "Similarly, if a child falls accompanied by fainting. Immediately bring to the doctor, because a concussion can happen. "

6. Shortness of breath
Know always crowded because of what history. If the cause of asthma, children from the originator to avoid recurrence of the disease. Among the dust, harsh odors, food and certain beverages. "If you've ever been to the doctor usually doctors equip asthma medications. Stay drunk his medication, if lost no need to go to the doctor again. Else if drunk two or three times does not mean having to go to the doctor lost because of needing the drug more potent. "

In addition to asthma, shortness also be due to many things. If parents do not know the cause, immediate consultation with a doctor's subscription. "It could be caused by ingested foreign bodies that cover the airway." If it really hindered foreign objects swallowed, do not try to retrieve the foreign objects especially if a small object. Lay the child with the head lower, then pat in order to vomit.

7. Bleeding
Bleeding is a discharge of blood from the blood vessels that can cause functional disorders of the body. If there is bleeding, wounds, or try to stop the bleeding, nosebleeds by pressing the location of bleeding.

In severe bleeding, often accompanied by changes in the general condition of children. For example, fainting. For heavy bleeding conditions, without delay, immediately bring the child to the doctor. Give first aid measures while waiting for the handling of a doctor. "If you know the direction of the pulse, press and pulse for several minutes, then loosen, then press again. Do this several times. "

8. Poisoned
Can be caused by food poisoning, insecticides, medicines, or hydrocarbons (kerosene, paint, gasoline). Do not store dangerous goods in close reach of children. Quick give help by providing free air in children. Then, open his clothing in order to get oxygen. Remove the poison in a way to stimulate vomiting. Or give substance such as charcoal proanalisa antitoxin. Immediately brought to the doctor to get further treatment.

Box willing P3K:
1. Do not panic. Master the simple first aid techniques in children. If you do not know, do not be shy ask others who know better.
2. Drugs must be available at home: cough medicine, fever medicine / fever (paracetamol), diarrhea (ORS), antiseptic (iodine, bandages), ointments for itching.
3. Ideally, every home has P3K box, which, besides containing the drug, among others, also contains a sterile gauze, cotton, waterproof tape, scissors, thermometer.

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Babies born in Summer, bone Stronger

Want to have healthy children, strong and tall? So, make sure that you give birth in summer. Experts estimate, sun exposure in summer in pregnant women strongly supports the baby's health.

The conclusion was based on a study involving 7000 children. The experts believe, the key to health and child growth and development contained in the mother when the pregnancy. The mothers who receive much exposure to sunlight, will give birth to children with strong bones.

In that research team from Bristol University, compared the heights of children aged 10 years. The children were divided into two groups, children born in summer have heights up to half an inch taller and wider bones than peers who were born in the winter.

"The bone width is usually stronger and reduce the risk of osteoporosis in old age. Therefore, all the things that affect bone growth is very important," said professor Jon Tobias, one of the researchers.

Pregnant women, especially in a country of four seasons, it is recommended to a lot of sunbathing in the morning sun, especially during the third tri meter pregnancy to meet the needs of vitamin D. "No need to panic and fear of skin cancer risk because the benefits from the sun more," he said.
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Hemorrhoid is a widening of the veins in the plexus hemorroidalis which did not constitute pathological conditions. Hemorrhoid is a submucosal swelling in the anal canal that contain 'venous plexus', the small arteries, and the widened areola tissue.

Hemorrhoid, ambein, or hemorrhoids can be experienced by anyone. However, patients often feel embarrassed or considered not important then the lack of attention to this health disorder. In anatomy hemorrhoid is not a disease, but the physiological changes that occur in blood vessels in the anal pads, such as widening and swelling of blood vessels and surrounding tissue.

These bearings function as a valve / valves that help the muscles in the rectum to hold feces. If there is interference (dams) blood flow, the blood vessels will expand and swell, a condition termed haemorrhoid.

Generally speaking, hemorrhoid divided into two Haemorrhoid Haemorrhoid Internal and external.

1. Internal hemorrhoid,

swelling occurs in the rectum that can not be seen or touched. This type of swelling is painless because there are few nerves in the rectal area. Signs that can be known is bleeding when defecating. The problem is not so simple anymore, if an internal hemorrhoid is enlarged and out onto the lips anus that causes pain. Hemorrhoid seen this pink after recovery can go myself, but it could also be encouraged entry.

2. External haemorrhoid,

attacked the anus, causing pain, burning, and itching. If pushed out by the feces, haemorrhoid can cause clotting (thrombosis), which makes the pile of blue-purple.


Increased venous pressure caused by sediment (low-fiber diet) or hemodynamic changes (during pregnancy) causes chronic dilatation of the submucosal venous plexus. Found at 3 o'clock position, 7, and 11 in the anal canal.

In addition Hemorrhoid also due to:

1. Heredity
2. Pregnancy because of hormonal changes
3. Obstipasi (constipation) are chronic.
4. Disease that causes sufferers often push, for example: benign prostate enlargement or prostate kenker, a narrowing of the urinary tract, and frequent childbearing.
5. The emphasis of return flow of venous blood, such as anal cancer, rectal inflammation, narrowing of the anus, the increase in portal vein pressure (in the abdominal cavity), liver cirrhosis type (contract), a weak heart, and spleen were swollen.
6. Many sat.
7. Chronic diarrhea.
8. Stretch. This example happens to someone who likes to have sex is not normal anogenital.


1. Rectal bleeding, blood coming out can be a trickle but can also be streamed, pink blood, patients usually do not feel sick.
2. Sense of propping, after 'defecate' no sensation of taste scotch, these conditions create the impression that the process of 'bowel' is not over, so that someone more powerful push, this action makes more severe hemorrhoid.
3. Itching, because part of that feels pain in the rectum is difficult to clean, the virus will very easily cause skin infections that trigger a itch sense)


This occurs in pregnant women due to pressure on the venous Hemorrhoid fetal growth. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to suffer hemorrhoid due to rising levels of pregnancy hormones that weaken vein walls in the anus. Many pregnant women who suffer from hemorrhoid after the sixth month of pregnancy due to an increased venous pressure in the pelvic area.

Some pregnant women also experience hemorrhoid during the delivery process due to the strong pressure of the baby. Complications after giving birth also sparked haemorrhoid. For example, soft vagina and the rectum often cause the mother postpone defecation, thus triggering the occurrence of constipation and hemorrhoids)

Clinical Sign

1. Degrees I: fresh red bleeding without pain and itching.
2. Degrees II: Bleeding, prominence, pain, and repositioning of the cuff.
3. Degrees III: haemorrhage, prominent, very painful, and repositioning of the manual.
4. Degrees IV: Bleeding, bumps and equipment, continuous pain, and can not be repositioned.


1. Blood in the anus.
2. Prolapse.
3. Uncomfortable feeling in the anus (probably puritus anus).
4. Expenditure mucus.
5. Anemia secondary (maybe).
6. Abnormalities visible on a typical inspection.
7. Typical picture of the anoskopi / rektoskopi)

Examination of hemorrhoids

Before treatment can be done, it needs careful examination.
1. Diagnose or disease history.
2. Physical examination is the inspection and rektaltouche (digital rectal).
3. Inspection with binoculars is anuskopi or Proctoscopy and rektoskopi.
4. Roentgen (inloop colon) and / or colonoscopy.
5. Blood tests, urine, feces as examination penunjang.3)

Prevention of hemorrhoids

There are many things you can do to prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoid recurrence. Among them:

1. Avoid pushing too strong when a bowel movement.
2. Prevent constipation by eating lots of fiber-rich foods (vegetables and fruits and nuts) as well as plenty to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to smooth bowel movements.
3. Immediately to the rear if the intention CHAPTER appear, do not procrastinate before the feces become hard.
4. Eat vegetables and fruits a lot.
5. Reduce consumption of chillies and spicy food.
6. Sleep enough.
7. Do not sit too long.
8. Gymnastics/sports routine
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