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Healthy food, One of the most important in nutrient intake is food, so the healthy food is the primary factor that must given the attention. Here i shall share any healthy food that can assume for our health.

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Breastfeeding Reduce Maternal Mortality

Breastfeeding or breast milk is not only beneficial for babies, but also the mother. Improved maternal health and maternal mortality can be reduced for post-delivery.

Under the Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) in 2007, maternal mortality still quite high, ie 228 per 100,000 live births. Mother died mainly occurs during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. According to the millennium development goal (MDG), maternal mortality rate (MMR) in 2015 targeted to fall to 102 per 100,000 live births.

"When the baby sucks the breast, the hormone oxytocin is released by the body and stimulates the uterus to contract and remove the remnants of dirt, including the placenta. Bleeding also be reduced, "said Chairman of the Maternal and Child Health Sector Management of Large Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Prof. Ali Bazad. It was proposed at a news conference related to the launch of Maternal and Child Health Movement Towards Achieving Millennium Development Goals and the 2015 National Workshop on "Non-governmental Organizations Statements in Maternal and Child Health 2015 Towards Achieving the MDGs", Wednesday (23/6).

Early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD), which placed the baby on the mother's abdomen and let your baby find her own nipples, go stimulates the release of oxytocin. With breastfeeding, maternal fertility will decline so to avoid a pregnancy within a short time interval. Thus, the opportunity to restore the quality of maternal health and infant care optimally.

Chairman of the Indonesian Lactation Center Utami Roesli the same occasion, said IMD and exclusive breastfeeding is a simple way that can be done uniformly by all the mothers in Indonesia. "This way is to accelerate improvement of the quality of maternal and child health without spending a huge cost, easy, and secure," he said.


Maternal and Child Health Movement Towards Achieving the MDGs in 2015 launched the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Agung Laksono. The movement involves nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs), international,

national level, and representatives of government and nongovernmental organizations from 10 provinces with the worst child mortality rate. Agung Laksono said, among other MDG targets, decreasing mortality and improving maternal and child health quality they spelled out the need for further support.

Advocacy Director of World Vision Indonesia National Workshop Committee Chairman Asteria Aritonang said that although the health status of children in Indonesia increased by 10 years, the decline in child mortality tend to be slow. "If this situation continues, Indonesia could not be determined to achieve the MDG target in 2015, ie for infant mortality 23/1.000 and 32/1.000 for child mortality," he said. (Ine)
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Importance of Fish Oil For Body

Fish oils contain two types of omega-3 fatty Asama important for the health of our bodies, namely docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid and (EPA). DHA keep your brain to function properly and the EPA to maintain the health and beauty of our skin. EPA maintain the beauty of skin by controlling excess oil production so as to prevent acne and slows down skin aging, so delaying the occurrence of wrinkles.

According to a study reported in the Journal of Lipid Research shows that the EPA could prevent UV-induced release of enzymes that destroy collagen in the skin, the destruction of collagen causes the formation of lines and wrinkles of aging. Because the EPA is at once an anti-inflammatory antioxidant, the EPA can protect us from the bad effects of sunlight.

Most of us do not get a sufficient supply of fish oil. Herring, salmon and tuna is a powerful source of fish oil, therefore, confirm that sea-fish menu including one of the recipes in your kitchen.
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Drinking 'Fruit Juice' trigger Diabetes?

IN developing countries, the number of diabetes have increased singnifikan. No wonder, if Indonesia as one of the developing countries also have a number of diabetes patients is quite high.

"Diabetes is a killer disease of blood. Once suffering from diabetes, blood vessel disease can hit anywhere. Small blood vessels of the most widely exist in the kidney and eyes," said Dr Antono Sutandar, Sp.JP, FACC, FSCAI, FAMS, FIHA in media forum event held at Le Seminyak Siloam Hospitals, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Thursday (06/24/2010).

Dr Antono revealed, one compared to three Indonesian men have pre-diabetes. While for in America, people who develop pre-diabetes reaches 40 to 50 cent of the population. The cause of the spread of diabetes, one of them comes from food. It can not be denied, that the Indonesian tongue closely related to sweet-based foods and flour-based, which such a diet is the largest supplier of body vulnerable to diabetes. In addition, eating habits than eating the fruit juice can instantly become one of the triggers of diabetes attack us.

"And, that damage the market is fruit juice. When we eat the fruit, which in our stomach juices. When the stomach in the juice, he's already wasted calories 20 to 40 calories made for juice. Whereas if fruit juice, our stomachs are not stable," explained Dr Antono.

In fact, by eating the fruit of it directly, then the body will produce insulin is lower. What article?

"Carbohydrates in fruit it will release slowly. So the sugar into the blood will slowly enter. When he went into the blood, the body needs insulin production. When the body of the production of insulin, blood sugar down. But it was how much insulin needs fast food on the absorption in the body. eating fruit juices, insulin requirements are higher than eating the fruit, 'explains Dr. Antono.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder caused by deficiency of insulin or a decrease in the sensitivity of the insulin receptor. Insulin itself is a kind of anabolic hormones produced by beta cells in pancreatic islets. So what to do with the habit of eating sweet foods (including sugar) and flour-based foods?

"The more we eat carbohydrates that have been processed, the higher the need for insulin. Until one day the body can not produce more insulin. It occurs when diabetes. When insulin levels are already rising, and can not produce more, then the occurrence of diabetes," Dr Antono demolished. (NSA)[okezone]
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Baby Health - Not All Ice Making Child Flu

Baby Health - IN times of growth, digestion of children are still so vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. No wonder if parents gave great attention on this issue. Moreover, food and health affect children's growth. However, Moms can control their food consumption over 24 hours?

The terms "pocket" very closely with the daily life of children, especially when entering school. It is understandable because many spent their time at school. The mothers worried because the snacks are not necessarily clean and does not necessarily provide benefits. No wonder if the snacks are not identical with something nutritious.

Based on a survey conducted VitaCharm team, the ice became one of the three most preferred snack kids. According to the kids, ice, fun, cool and sweet. Unfortunately, the ice is feared the mother as the most unhealthy snacks.

Moms must have been worried if the little sick after consuming ice. Moms in mind, the ice can make a cough, cold, and ice that is not clean can cause diarrhea. That opinion is not entirely wrong, but there are still things that could be a consideration.

"In medicine, there is no correlation between the flu by eating ice. Eating ice it is okay, as far as what is contained in the ice beneficial for children, such as ice snacks made from milk. Milk contains calcium to support bone growth in children. Better still if the ice snacks to benefit the digestive children. Because at the age of the children, digestion is still not perfect or immature, "said clinical nutritionist, Dr. Ida Gunawan, MS SpGK on the talk show" Ice = Not Healthy snacks? "At Seaworld, Ancol, Jakarta, recently.

About the proper ice snacks consumed the children, Dr. Ida explained that the ice must be manufactured with hygienic production standards. Because of something that could lead to disruption of unhygienic child's digestive system, so it will interfere with the function of other organs.
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Difference Artificial Insemination and IVF - you and your spouse have health check, and have any treatment to improve your fertility. Unfortunately, the program you are still not successful pregnancy. Finally, you intend to participate in an IVF program. But, listen, listen, there are also called artificial insemination. What's the difference?

Artificial insemination, or is also called intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a procedure in which washed sperm from ejaculation to locate the best concentration of the sperm into the catheter. This catheter was then inserted through the cervix into the uterus where sperm are stored. After that, depending on the sperm, so how could he find a way to reach the fallopian tubes and found the eggs to be fertilized.

This procedure can only be performed in women with fallopian tube is open, and is usually combined with some form of stimulation of the uterus, such as injectable Gonadotropins. This kind of medical preparation of the hormones produced by the brain to stimulate the uterus to prepare eggs to be released.

This treatment can be used to treat some cases of unexplained infertility, and cases tend to be low sperm counts.

While the In Vitro fertilization (IVF) or IVF program commonly called, is a process where the ovaries are stimulated to produce many eggs are then extracted from the uterus via suction. This procedure is done by general anesthesia, but without inserting a mechanical ventilation tube through your throat.

Egg and sperm and then placed in a saucer to allow fertilization occurs, and incubated for 3-5 days. Some of the resulting embryo then placed inside the catheter and stored in the uterus with remaining frozen embryos.

IVF is usually done among others by women with blocked fallopian tubes, the advanced reproductive age, men with low sperm count, or unexplained infertility causes.

Embryo chromosomes can also be evaluated through a separate procedure called Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to assess whether an embryo has a genetic abnormality such as Down's Syndrome. Although the IVF program was more expensive, are now increasingly used technology increase the likelihood of success.[]
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When should IVF programs?

Health News - IVF program like the last moments to be able to get a descent after trying a variety of businesses. Initially, the technique of in vitro fertilization or IVF is intended only for the wives who channels her eggs were damaged.

Currently test-tube babies has been expanded indications. According to Soebijanto Prof.dr.Soegiharto exposure, an expert on obstetrics and gynecology from RSCM Jakarta, there are several indications to do IVF techniques, namely:

1. Infertile due to factors oviduct
One cause of infertility is a factor that is not blocked fallopian tubes or scar tissue due to injury caused by endometriosis, infection or surgery.

2. Unexplained Infertility
Approximately 15 percent of cases are Unexplained infertile (unexplained). Diagnosis is done by examining the factors of infertility until laparoscopy did not reveal any abnormality.

3. Low sperm production
Infertility in men can occur if the sperm is very low or abnormal shape or motility (movement) is low. Abnormal shape causes are not able to penetrate the egg cell.

4. Anatomical abnormalities
Anything that prevents sperm expenditure cause infertility. Anatomical abnormalities in the testes could be due to scar tissue scar or infection.

5. Antibodies on sperm cells
In some men there who produce antibodies against their own sperm. Antibodies that attach to the sperm that weakens the movement, so sperm can not penetrate the egg cell.[]
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Slows HAIR LOSS - Hair Health

Hair loss is something that always suffered by human beings, whether male or female, but we can make our hair long persisted in it loss. check out the following articles

Grew older ages, both men and women will experience hair loss leading to baldness or thinning hair. In men, 25 percent of hair loss begins at age 30 years and two thirds in the age of 60 years. These conditions are part of the aging process which we can not prevent, but could be slowed. Tipsnya following:

1. Avoid styling hair attractive nature, such as menguncir, pinching, or hair tie. Pull on the hair can cause hair loss, especially at the side of the head. This type of hair loss called traction alopecia. If the hair pulling scalp causing scarring, the result is permanent hair loss.

2. Often comb hair makes hair on break. Therefore, avoid excessive hair combing. Use a comb to brush your teeth often and gently. In wet conditions when the hair is more fragile than in the dry state. Therefore, be careful combing hair after shampooing.

3. Washing hair with shampoo too often can have a negative impact on the hair. Use a hair conditioner or cream after shampooing hair easier to comb.

4. The use of hair oil or hair care ingredients other continuously will cause inflammation in the hair follicle. As a result hair fall out so easily.

On average we have about 100,000 strands of hair. Every day, the hair will fall out up to 100 pieces. In general, the hair will last up to 4.5 years and grew a half inch every month. In its fifth year, the hair will fall out and within six months be replaced by new hair.
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Disease Child Mortality Causes - Infant mortality rate in Indonesia is 34 babies per 1000 births. Although it has been downhill since the year 1990, that number is still relatively high and far from achieving the millennium development goals in 2015. What are the main causes of child mortality in Indonesia?

Acute pneumonia

In 2003, worldwide there are 10.8 million children die from respiratory disease. Acute respiratory infections (ARI) is the cause of death of 37 percent of new babies born in Indonesia.

Child deaths due to pneumonia associated with highly acute problems of poverty that affect nutrient levels and the inability to access health facilities. With the correct information about the debriefing of this disease on health workers and adequate nutrition fulfillment, death rates from these diseases can be lowered to 42 percent.

Unicef and WHO estimates that 2.5 billion cases of diarrhea occur in children under five every year. In Indonesia, the main cause of diarrheal infant mortality 1-12 months of age (42 percent) and children up to age 4 years (25 percent). Babies who do not get breast milk expressed six times more likely to lose their lives due to diarrhea in the first two months of age.

Health and nutritional conditions, as well as adequate sanitation plays an important role to prevent diarrhea. Immunization needs to be done on children in order to combat smallpox, rotavirus (cause of intestinal flu), as well as other intestinal infections that can cause acute diarrhea.

Complications of newborn

Four million babies experiencing complications at birth and ironically they later lost their lives in the first four weeks. In Indonesia, 37 percent of children under five suffered complications at birth.

There is no denying, manpower, and adequate health facilities supported by the environmental hygiene is essential to maintain health expectant mothers so that they can lower the risk of danger to herself and the baby.

Other causes
Other causes are diseases that can actually be prevented through vaccinations like measles and tuberculosis. Meanwhile, 50-60 percent of infant mortality and child mortality linked to malnutrition.
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Prevent Holes in Children Teeth

Dental care is very important to start from childhood. One way is by paying attention to food intake. Consumption of sweet drinks and obesity is supposed to be the main cause of increased cases of tooth decay in children under five.

In a study of 65 children aged 2-5 years who received treatment cavities on their teeth, found 28 percent of children were overweight, even obese. Also known also 71 percent of children get the calorie intake in 1200 was higher than other children of normal weight.

"We suspect that lack of proper nutrition not only causes the child obesity, but also causes cavities. Unfortunately there is rarely research linking these two things," said Dr.Kathleen Bethin, director of pediatric endocrinology and diabetes from America.
He added that the results of research known generally there is no difference between the total calories consumed by the obese and normal children, but the problem is the selection of foods that diasup. For example too much consumption of sweet drinks or milk.

The main cause of tooth decay is an acid created by bacteria that exist in the oral cavity. Germs will produce acid when there is leftover food that contains sugar and flour, which is sticky on the teeth for a long time.

To avoid the holes in the teeth toddler, do not accustom children to drink milk from a bottle to fall asleep to sweet liquids will not be inundated teeth are too long. When the baby teeth begin to grow, teach children to brush their teeth. Do not forget, your child's teeth checked every six months.[]
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Dogs Able to Detect Prostate Cancer

Usually done by prostate examination digital rectal examination. But there is now a new alternative, namely using the assistance of specially trained dogs.

Shepherd dog type Belgian Malinois which has a sharp smell trained for one year by doctors from the Tenon Hospital Paris, France to distinguish urine from men with prostate cancer and healthy men.

Dogs are animals that have a sense of smell 100,000 times sharper than human and prostate cancer cells is believed to be issued a special smell. Jean-Nicolas Cornu lead researcher, says that dogs are able to identify the odor molecules produced by cancer cells.

In the study the dogs are able to identify correctly 63 of 66 urine samples berkanker and healthy.

Nevertheless, the experts would not rush to conclude the ability of dogs to detect cancer, given the small scale study and further research is needed to prove it.

When later shown a dog can detect accurately, experts believe this method will be more effective and accurate than blood tests to determine the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) which has been the standard examination to screen for prostate cancer.

Own a dog known for its sharp smell. This capability has long been exploited by human being, among others, to detect specific molecules, such as bombs or reveal cases of theft.

Animals do have sharper senses than humans, such as a cat that can see in the dark, elephantiasis, which is sensitive and can detect other elephant footprints tens of kilometers away, and so forth.
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Prevent Testicular Cancer with Healthy Living Patterns

Testicular cancer is rare, but do not take for granted this disease. Like other cancers, without proper handling, testicular cancer can cause death. A healthy lifestyle is one way of preventing this disease. For example, by controlling weight, exercise, healthy diet, and stay away from cigarettes.

According to the American Institude for Cancer Research, 60-70 percent of cancers can be prevented. This data may be able to build us to fix an unhealthy lifestyle. The testes are two small oval organs located in the scrotum (pouch of skin that hangs in the penis). Normally, the testes will drop into the scrotum at birth or one year of age.

When the cause is not known with certainty, testicular cancer usually occurs more frequently in men who experienced delayed testicular descent. Testicular cancer is more common in men aged 15-34 years, but can also be experienced by men of all ages.

Initial symptoms are marked with scrotal pain (lower abdomen), a little enlargement of the testis, or the existence of a small lump on the testicle is not painful. Cancer therapy is by surgical removal of the affected testis, and may require chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
(Koran SI/SI Newspapers/tty)

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Early Detection of Autism Symptoms

CAUSE of autism is still a mystery. However, parents should be able to recognize the symptoms of autism in children. Early detection can provide the best results for the development of children with autism.

Until now there has been no single party knows with certainty regarding the causes of autism that occur in children. Many of the issues that developing the cause of this disease and can not be proved true. Nevertheless, it does not mean parents can only stand idly by waiting for children to grow up until they found the boy is one among patients with autism.

Early Detection of Autism Symptoms

According to Child Neurologists Dr. Hardiono Pusponegoro SpA (K), the war is very important parents in an effort to detect early symptoms of autism in children. "Parents should be alert when in the early growth of infants began to show symptoms of autism," said Hardiono in the event "Autism Now" on FX Lifestyle Center, recently.

There are several symptoms of disorders in infants in the early years of their lives. Among these there is no babbling, pointing with a finger can not, or look less at the age of 12 months. Entering the age of 16 months, the children took out the words that are not meaningful, in contrast with other children as their age. Then at the age of 24 months, children austis usually not able to say a sentence consisting of two words that can be understood. Meanwhile, in every age, autistic children lose the ability to speak or social skills.

"These symptoms are danger signs (red flags) which provide information to parents that the child is likely suffering from autism," said Hardiono again. To ensure this, there are several actions that need to be done. The first step is the screening instruments assessed without further able to detect symptoms of autistic children. Screening can be done by parents, educators, and experts. Next, diagnosis by a psychologist and continued with the assessment that can be managed by doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and teachers.

If the diagnosis proves the child develops symptoms of autism such as behavioral disorders, interaction, and communication, then the therapy should be done immediately. Behavioral disturbances in children with autism such as hyperactivity, tantrums, biting, pulling, damage, up to masturbation.

While disorders such interactions do not make eye contact, do not play with peers, does not share the excitement, and a lack of reciprocal social interaction. The communication disorders vary widely, ranging from delays to talk, not talking, impaired quality of talk or talk not long, the repetition of words or sentences, so to speak which can not be understood.

Providing appropriate treatment and education will improve the autistic child. "The longer I work with patients with autism, the more I am convinced that most patients do not need drugs. Rather good therapy and education, "added Hardiono. Drug therapy is given only if the child behaves like maladaptif aggressive, repetitive, self harm, sleep disorder or hyperactivity, or have other concomitant diseases for example epilepsy and seizures.

If positive children were detected suffering from autism, Hardiono explained, the need for therapy to help fit the needs of children. "As the integration therapy, floor time, behavior therapy and involves parents and appropriate education to help children cope with the situation in itself according to age," he said.

Children Education Specialists, Prof. Dr. Eric Lim, also stressed the importance of early intervention. This is an effort to prepare a special assistance program.
(Koran SI/SI Newspapers/tty),
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Education for Autistic Children

Health news - IN fact, autistic children who had undergone therapy can not be directly incorporated into the school in general. Indeed, some autistic children who can attend a conventional school, but not a few that require special needs school.

So, it needs a combination of therapy and proper education, so children with special needs are able to grow and learn according to their ability and circumstances. Special education system was established for children with special needs with therapies, medical, and education are a big change to their development.

The problem, a school for behavioral disorders, like autism, is still rarely found. Answering this need, Clinics Anakku and institute Kits4kids special education, develop an educational therapy for children with behavioral disorders.

"At Anakku Kits4Kids, children are given an effective therapy and education such as building communication, cognition, exercise, language, touch and massage, music therapy and instruments to match, with the age and ability levels," said the child's education expert, Prof Eric Lim.

Special needs education programs involving affection, behavior, and cognition of children. The results will be evaluated within a certain time to see the children's progress.
(Koran SI/SI Newspapers/tty)[]
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The Benefits of papaya

Who did not eat fruit papaya? Usually people only know that by consuming fruit and papaya will help overcome the obstruction. But in reality, papaya trees have numerous property. Let's see the benefits one by one.

Papaya leaf

become a meat. The mother of the household may not have been more foreign property with papaya leaves to soften the meat. Matrix resin (lateks) in the leaves that will seep into the meat and make it be soft. How, in papaya leaves enter stew meat, or meat wrapped in papaya leaves when boiled. wrapped up with the way the meat for several hours, or rub with the leaves on the surface of the meat. That is useful to transfer the sap (lateks) on the leaf into the meat. In some areas, the process is done with cooking meat with leaves and unripe papaya fruit.
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Bad Habits Adding Fat

Healthy food - There are some habits which unconsciously add layers of fat in the abdomen. The habit is most often done through scheduled meals. Beware, these tactics always backfire. You will eat very much when she was very hungry. As a result, fat will accumulate in the body. Eat smaller meals every three to four hours to meet your needs without thicken the layer of fat in the body.

In addition, prefer white bread than whole wheat bread. In fact, bread wheat or cereals contain a lot of benefits. Both contain insulin which helps your body reduce fat in the stomach lining. Eating brown rice, oatmeal, or wheat tortillas once a day gives a big difference in your diet.

Also avoid intake of artificial sweeteners. You might think that helped to shape the body by eating sugar-free yogurt, diet soda, or other snack foods labeled low fat or low calorie. But, low calorie products loaded with artificial sweeteners. Some nutrition experts argue that artificial sweeteners trigger the metabolism so the body stores more fat, especially in the abdomen.

And, most severe when you consume alcohol hobby. Alcohol has many calories, but does not provide any nutrients. According to nutritionists, while attending a party full of drinks, you are basically inviting deposition of fat in your midsection. If you want to drink, choose red wine. From the research, red wine does not make the stomach stretching.[]
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Kiwi fruit, The Super Fruit

Benefits of fruits - Until now there was not a magic pill that could ward off deadly diseases as well as making slim. But there is another solution, something that not only create a healthy and slimming, but also taste good, namely a kiwi fruit.

Elisa Zied, MS, nutritionist and author of Feed Your Family Right, says kiwis are included in one of the 10 super foods (super food). Kiwi include multitasking fruit because they contain disease-fighting nutrients, taste good, contain fewer calories, plus making the skin young. Really super!

Kiwi fruit is often identified with New Zealand. In fact, the fruit skin and looks like a brown fur is actually originated from China and the new into New Zealand early 1990s.

The success of the kiwi fruit industry in New Zealand could not be separated from services Isabel Fraser, a teacher who brought home the seeds of the kiwi after visiting relatives in China. Kiwi seeds were then given to families Allison, who was wrestling in the field of horticulture. Since then farming in New Zealand kiwi fruit begins.

The original name is The Tao of kiwi fruit. New Zealanders think the fruit has a taste of 'gooseberry' and called 'Chinese gooseberry'. New fruit around the year 1959 was given the name "kiwi fruit" after setting the kiwi bird as a symbol of New Zealand.

Two types

In the world market today, there are two types of kiwi fruit, ie, green (green) and gold (gold). green kiwi Actinidia deliciosa using botanical names and kiwi called Actinidia chinensis gold. Slightly sour flavor of green kiwi and fresh. Medium gold kiwi taste sweeter on the tongue.

Vitamin C content in green kiwi 92.7 mg vitamin C per 100 grams, slightly below the vitamin C content of the gold kiwi reached 105.4 mg per 100 grams.

Nevertheless, according Fiastuti vitamin C content in kiwi green and gold more than oranges and papaya. Meanwhile its vitamin E content than mangoes and papayas.

In addition to vitamins, these two types of kiwi fruit is also rich in fiber is good for the health of the digestive tract. Not only that, the fibers can also be enough to keep blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

Rich in nutrients and antioxidants
One of the benefits of kiwi fruit is a soft texture, delicious taste and aroma are distinctive and fresh. Yet beneath the hairy brown skin, kiwi is the most nutrient-rich fruit.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition showed that of 27 types of commonly consumed fruits such as papaya, mango, and avocado, kiwi apparently has the highest nutrient density.

Size nutrient density (nutrient density) is usually used to measure the dietitian nutritional value of certain food ingredients compared with other food ingredients in equal portions. Higher nutrient density, the better the quality of the material.

Kiwi fruit is also known as rich viamin C, A and E. The content of vitamin C in the kiwi fruit two times more than oranges. While the amount of vitamin E in kiwi twice more than the mango.

Vitamins C and E so we need as a source of antioxidants. According to nutritionists Witjaksono dr.Fiastuti, Sp.GK, one or two grains every day was enough kiwis to meet the requirement of vitamin C per day. "Women aged 19-30 years need about 45 mg of vitamin C per day. Meanwhile, in pregnant women increased to 60 mg/day during lactation and in need 85 mg/day," he explained.

According Prof.Made Astawan, in the book Nutrient Content of Various Foods, in addition to vitamins C and E, another antioxidant found in fruits such as kiwi-carotene, lutein, xanthophyll, flavonoids, and so forth.

Eat foods that contain antioxidants are believed to prevent dangerous illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and premature aging. One theory why someone might be old is due to free radicals. Oxidation process will also cause DNA damage that led to the emergence of cancer.

Antidote to free radicals that are known at this time is an antioxidant. Kiwi antioxidant capacity against free-radical compounds ranked third highest after the orange and red wine.

Antioxidants contained in the kiwi fruit is the most easily metabolized and absorbed into the body's blood vessels. That's why the food sources of antioxidants such as the kiwi is strongly recommended for those who want to be healthy naturally.[]
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Gymnastics Laughter Eliminate Stress

Research conducted Indonesian Psychiatric Association, said 94 percent of the population of Indonesia is experiencing a kind of depression or other disorders. This is one reason National Integration Movement (NIM) organize gymnastics laugh.

"Laughter can create the hormone melatonin, which soothe us so we can cope with stress and depression," said President NIM Maya Safira Muchtar met in the middle of the People's Party event in Gymnastics Laughter page Monas Jakarta, Sunday (14 / 6).

Furthermore, Maya said, laughing one minute, based research with 20 minutes of light exercise. Therefore, with a laugh we can improve oxygen levels in blood, the concentration of 8 points, nerves, relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure, increase endurance, blood flow, massaging the lungs and heart, relieve constipation, blood flow, balancing function and left brain-right brain, as well as reduce the risk of heart disease.

In addition, because at these events there are also sing-song, Maya said that the sound vibrations created from the song gives the brain. Brain like a massage. "That's what stimulates the brain to produce the hormone melatonin. Again, the hormone that keeps us from stress and depression," said Maya.

Gymnastic technique has also become a vehicle for a laugh to know each other. "Another aim to strengthen one another. More relaxed. More understanding. As of 3000 those present were not acquainted," she concluded.
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Usefulness laughed for Health

Clown is like aspirin, only he works twice as fast, "said Groucho Marx, a comedy star whose words are often quoted. Why would he say that? How does laughter heal diseases?

1. The laughter relieve anxiety. Therefore, one can not laugh and feel scared at the same time. Physically it's impossible. Laughter also shrink the size and source of our fears.

 2. Laughter reduces his own curiosity. Therefore, laughter makes us want to socialize with others and relieve loneliness.

3. Laughter reduces aggression and conflict. People who laugh do not be rude to others.

4. Immune system become stronger with a laugh, even reduced levels of stress hormones, heart and circulatory system healthy, and muscles become more relaxed.

5. Laughter is a source of heart-healthy exercise, especially for those who have aged. In addition, the laugh will also create a special breathing pattern is good for the health of the respiratory organs.

6. Laughter works like a virus because it spread rapidly. Spread to the whole world will reduce the anger and violence.

7. Our mental health to be better with a laugh. Stress is reduced, so was feeling angry and worried. However, a sense of happiness and positive attitude increases.

8. We become more creative and able to solve the problem because of laughing. Job satisfaction increased. We can work harder, but feel comfortable. In short, productivity increases.

9. Everyone can laugh. Humans are born with a talent to laugh. Sense of humor is not too needed to laugh.

10. Laughter is a natural process which reduces the pain, either physically or emotionally. This is a natural remedy from the body itself. Vast laugh and you will feel that it only takes a little drugs to enjoy life. @ Diyah Triarsari
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Life Full Laughter Making Younger

Laugh out loud is one of the best and easiest way to drive daily stress that often interfere with our health. That is, the more we laugh, the healthier our bodies and minds.

Old thinking says we laugh only if there is something funny. Plus, not everyone is a born humorist. Humorous or not, it is determined by genes. Yet, the fact is not so. Recent studies show laughter could be trained and performed every day. This is the opinion of Lee Berk, Loma Linda University scientist.

Through his research, Berk concluded that laughter is not separated or who had previously anticipated still have healthy benefits, which reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) by 26 percent.

In addition, laughter may also reduce levels of C-reactive protein. This is part of protein which is one measure of risk a person with diabetes and heart problems. The higher levels of C-reactive protein, the higher the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Therefore, rajinlah laugh though nothing is really funny that can cause us to burst out laughing. Laugh for the little things or to joke that we have ever heard before.[]
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Low Calorie Diets Make Slim Faster - There's another study that proves that diet is the best way to lose weight.

Book of Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults states that the best way to lose weight is to adopt a low-calorie diet, a number of 800-1200 kcals per day. This diet proved to be able to lose weight as much as 10 percent for six months. While the speed of weight reduction is 0.5 to 1.5 kg per week. This fact was presented during book launching Sure-You-Can-Do-Fx Diet in Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (05/27/2010).

However, before beginning to implement a diet with whatever model you know, should you need to know what the true meaning of the diet.

"The so-called diets are not really losing weight.'s Diet food. So, the diet here is how to implement a healthier diet," said Susana STP CSN CWN PDEng MSc, Head of Nutrifood Research Center Division.

So, if you do the diet to lose weight is simply eating less (eg no breakfast, or dinner), do not be surprised if you feel only hunger of whack. "Skip eating it will only inhibit the burning of calories," said Susana.

To lose weight, you need to do is reduce your calorie intake (accompanied by increasing physical activity or a combination of both). Calories derived from nutrients, namely carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. As already mentioned above, the recommended limit is 800-1200 kcals per day. You can still eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but with reduced portion.

For example, a scoop of white rice contains only 24 calories, 34 calories Uduk rice, and fried rice 36 calories. Just count how many spoons which you can consume if you want to restrict your calorie intake per day. Do not forget, you're still going to add side dishes and vegetables into your diet.[]
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7 Tricks of Successful Diets - Eat more fruit, but not as a snack. Drink lots of water, without ice. Every day, someone new advice on how to drive body fat. Instead of helping, which promises a powerful say by various methods of dieting actually makes us confused.

In undergoing slimming program, which should not be overlooked is the health aspect. Do not let the diet program that made it dangerous to health. This time we try to distribute seven dietary tricks from experts who have tested its safety.

1. Avoid sugar corn

A study shows high fructose corn syrup (high fructose corn syrup / HFCS) was significantly increased body weight compared with sugary drinks, even though both have the same number of calories.

That difference comes from the way the body processes these two sweeteners. Both are made from fructose and glucose, but in the second sugar binding components to each other so take the extra step to metabolized. In a HFCS, glucose and fructose has been separated so easily absorbed by the body.

HFCS is not only found in sodas, but also on the bread, cereal, canned fruit, juices, jams as well. Research on this subject published in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 2001.

2. Do not get addicted to sweet foods
It's hard to resist munching donuts, potato chips, or a piece of chocolate. But know of research on mice shows that foods including junk foods that have the same effect on the brain like a drug.

Taste delicious and convenient foods that may arise after consuming only temporary so that dopamine receptors will send a signal to the brain to increase the intake of carbohydrates governing body. Therefore, we do not limit yourself to obsess made.

3. Eating more often
The main mistake dieters make is they wait too long between meals. Hours on an empty stomach can make someone really need a high energy from carbohydrates. As a result it will be difficult to choose healthy foods and no longer care about food portions.

Marissa Lippert, a registered dietitian and nutrition, suggesting that we make arrangements so that eating and snacking on our bodies get accustomed to the routine. Eat small portions every 3-4 hours to maintain stable blood sugar and energy.

4. Notice the breakfast menu

Whatever you busy today, got himself to breakfast. Select a menu high in protein because it proved to make the stomach feel full longer and reduce your appetite throughout the day. This advice seemed to obligatory attempted by those who want to slim.

5. Choose foods with low glycemic index
Glycemic index foods is the ability of a material increase in blood sugar levels. The more rapid rise in blood sugar levels, insulin levels in the body becomes unstable. This can lead to obesity and diabetes. Fiber-rich foods have low glycemic index value than sweet foods, processed foods, or carbohydrate

6. Change mood
Results of research from Cornell University said, one of the tips for successful dieting is to change the environment or atmosphere. For example using a smaller plate or hide the jar of snacks from your view. This simple trick was considered more powerful tool to help you lose weight rather than telling people to change their habits.

7. Enjoy your food
You've probably heard tips for eating more slowly, avoid the television in the dining room, or do not eat while phoning. Basically, the purpose of all this advice is that we better appreciate and enjoy the food in front of us.

Watch what we eat, color, texture, freshness, and taste. Thus, we will experience greater satisfaction than just filling the stomach. In this way, we also will increase the sense of satisfaction of food, including during eating healthy foods.
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Importance of Intake Nutrition at Child

AS MUCH 60 percent of the world's 10 million children die from malnutrition. Two-thirds of children who died was caused by feeding errors. Children become malnourished, so has the body resistance is weak and vulnerable illness.

Many of the parents who think children are just feeding the stomach filling alone. In fact, feeding the child has another element which is far more essential than just to stop crying due to hunger. Indeed, food is necessary to the needs of nutrition, activity, growth and development, healing and disease prevention, as well as human survival.

Behind it, giving food to the baby's mother apparently made a lot of educational value in children. Children are taught to be disciplined, tata karma, invites children to like different foods, and strengthen the relationship of mother and child. According to Dr Sri S Nasar SpA (K), there are several factors that can affect child growth and development, namely genetic or heredity, nutrition, and stimulation.

"Genetic factor because it is the bearer of seed, can not intervene or modified," said Sri time MobiPresinutri launch in the Public Health Center of Bandung Hilir, Central Jakarta, some time ago. Conversely, said Sri, nutrients and stimulation can be designed and shaped so that parents can prepare them optimally.

One source of nutrients that the child is obtained from food. Again the problem is still a lot of parents who have not understood about this. Providing meals to children should be tailored to the needs and capacity of children themselves. This is because children need calories was greater than adults, that is for children under 3 years old need between 100-120 kcal/kg BW/day compared with adults who only need 35-40 kcal/kg BW/day.

But because kids stomach capacity is smaller than adults, then children should not be forced to eat in large numbers as adults. Thus, children should be fed in very small amounts but often. Like for example when adults eat three times a day, for feeding the child can be used five times a day.

For example with the following schedule: early morning breakfast with milk. By noon, give the kids a snack. After that, it's time for lunch and continued giving milk before nap time. Now, when the night, provide dinner and before going to sleep again give children milk. For a snack, a healthy mother can give, such as fruit or pudding.

Please note, children under the age of three years requires enough fats and oils for its development. Others with children over this age, the need for fats and oils do not become a principal. The essential nutrients for growing children, including amino acids (essential), calcium, iron, DHA and AA.

If the child nutrition is not fulfilled, it will suffer from malnutrition. World Body menyinyalir, malnutrition or malnutrition plays a major role towards the child's death. At least 60 percent of the world's 10 million children die from this disease. While two-thirds, died due to errors in feeding. Malnutrition of children under three years, may cause permanent disturbances in the brain. "Or the child may also experience a lack of ability to think," said Sri.

Malnutrition can be caused by nutrient deficiencies or even excess. When a shortage, then in his old age will children will experience bone fragility or osteoporosis, body resistance becomes disrupted, as well as reproductive disorders that can lead to infertility. While malnutrition due to overnutrition resulted in children suffering from obesity, the risk of coronary heart disease, to diabetes.

In order to improve understanding of families on nutrition and stimulation, Sari Husada launches MobiPresinutri that will reach tens of thousands of families in hundreds of areas on the island of Java. Vehicle for nutrition education and stimulation precision of this tour will come to 125 points on the island of Java until July 5, 2010. 'MobiPresinutri' is a specially designed bus, wherein there are about eight types of games supporting child development, as well as a vehicle for nutrition education of mothers and children.

Marketing Manager of SGM George Yudhisthira express, educate people about the nutritional needs are still unmet maximum. Respond to this need, Sari Husada by formula brandsusu SGM and SGM Explora 3 Active 4, creating MobiPresinutri. This also is also a form of support encouraging the role of Sari Husada posyandu scattered in various cities in Indonesia.

"MobiPresinutri will start a roadshow in the Greater Jakarta area, some cities such as Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Solo, Semarang, Madiun, Malang, with a total of more than 10 cities," explained George.

While Ignatius Ari Djoko Purnomo, Corporate Communications Sari Husada explain, other than to reach out to as many people, this activity is also intended to provide inspiration for maternal and child health services such as neighborhood health center or clinic. In addition to neighborhood health center and health center, also will close MobiPresinutri nutrition education in schools, including early childhood education or early childhood.
(Koran SI/SI Newspapers /tty)
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Vegetable Consumption Rate Still Low

Compared to neighboring countries, the consumption of vegetables in Indonesian society is low. Though eating healthy vegetables and can prevent the spread of various diseases digestive function disorders.

Director of Medicinal Plant Cultivation of Vegetables and Horticulture at the Directorate General of Ministry of Agriculture 'Yul H. Bahar' reveals, the current per capita consumption of vegetables Indonesian citizens only 40.6 kilograms per year. Far below the rice consumption reached 139 kg per year.

In addition to cultural factors, low consumption of vegetables was also due to the massive rise in public awareness to consume vegetables that nourish the body. The main menu is still dominated by carbohydrates.

Per capita consumption of vegetables 'Indonesian citizens' distant comparison 'China' which reached 270 kilograms per year, Myanmar's 80 kg, 49 kg Malaysia, the Philippines is 55 kg, 120 kg of Singapore and India 50. FAO recommendation for vegetable consumption per capita 73 kg.

In other countries the consumption of major vegetables in the form of salads. Eating vegetables than healthy body will also encourage the enthusiasm of the cultivation of vegetables. So that will increase farmers' income and promote national economic growth.
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Quite a spoonful of Iodized Salt

Deficiency or excess consumption of iodine can cause thyroid disorders. So how many doses of iodine consumption should we eat?

Based on international standards used in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the maximum iodine intake for someone of about 150 mikogram (mg) per day. Now, to meet, according to Mulyadi Tedjapranata, Medizone Clinic Director of South Jakarta, can be obtained from consuming one to one and a half tablespoons of iodized salt.

But it turns out, though just need to consume less, there are still many people suffering from disorders caused by iodine deficiency. Mulyadi said, this deficiency usually occurs in people who lived in the mountains. "Based on international statistics, currently there are still 2.3 billion people around the world experience a lack of iodine," said Mulyadi. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, there are no supporting data.

Now, to meet the iodine intake, you do not have to fill it with salt consumption. You can get iodine from other foods such as seafood example fish, squid, and shellfish. Iodine is also found in other foods such as eggs, milk, and meat. Only, the content of iodine in the diet is not as much as iodized salt.

But keep in mind is, salt or any material that foods containing iodine should not be carelessly cooked. You see, if carelessly cooked it, the content of iodine can be reduced or lost. As a result, even if you eat salt or food containing a lot of iodine, you will still lack this substance. Finally, you get even just taste salty, without substance that benefit the body.

You need to remember, iodine is a substance that quickly evaporates. If exposed to sunlight, iodine in salt content of fast evaporating. Similarly, if the tangent to the other heat when cooked, iodine also evaporates quickly. In addition to cook correctly, iodine should be consumed early. Iodine intake is needed since I was in the womb because iodine is closely related to intelligence.

A child is potentially suffering from mental disabilities, if the mother during pregnancy and iodine deficiency. Just for information only, iodine is associated with the growth of the brain-forming cells, namely neurons. "Because of the lack of iodine, the growth of brain cells and causes stunted children are also mentally handicapped," said Mulyadi. (Cash/Sanny Cicilia Simbolon)[]
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Healthy Tips: 5 Ways to Add Fiber

Fibre is needed to digest and maintain intestinal health. Eat fiber in the drinks did not need or measured but can be easily inserted in the daily menu. How practical way to consume fiber?

Most common case when the body lacks fiber is constipation or difficult bowel movements. This situation could be if it lasts long enough to trigger cancer cell growth in a large dairy. Fiber helps the intestines work transporting substances that are not needed by the body and also facilitate the circulation of blood.

Actually do not have to bother counting and measuring with the following simple way, the consumption of fiber each day can be improved. Try these five easy ways:

1. Food labels: When shopping for food or packaging, do not forget to read every existing nutrition info on packaging. Look for products with high fiber content. This can increase your fiber intake each day.

2. Add Vegetables: Forget the suggestion that nutritionists have eaten vegetables five times per day. If they can consume as much as possible, especially fiber-rich vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli every time you eat.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables: If you eat fruit and vegetables, try the fresh condition and intact for you to obtain the benefits of fiber. Avoid fruit juices or vegetables that reduce the benefits of fiber for the body.

4. Do the peel: For fruit and vegetables can be eaten with the skin, do not peel them. Because viatamin and fibers are mostly found in the skin of fruit and vegetables. If you want to remove deposits of pesticides on the skin, wash with a special solution eliminating pesticides.

5. Lots of Nuts: Eat more nuts because rich in fiber, it's cheap and filling. If you can try taking in the fresh state as possible. If you must eat the canned product, was the first rinse with water until it dissolved sodium content.
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Natural Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites

The dry season is identical to the breeding of mosquito populations. Material anti-mosquito products that we know the form of a cream or spray which contains a lot of chemicals and their impact on skin health is still questionable.

Most of us have heard there are some natural ingredients such as lemongrass which prevents mosquitoes. In fact, nature still provides another natural deterrent to keep you from mosquito bites. Anti-mosquito naturally, as quoted from the Shine include:

1. Routinely replace water containers that could become mosquito breeding places like a pet drinking fountain, vase, and a pool several times a week.

2. There are certain plants that have an undesirable flavor mosquitoes. These plants include flowers cat whiskers, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, cinnamon, and peppermint. Planted in the front yard and backyard of your home to prevent mosquitoes.

3. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of garlic. Slice the garlic cloves and a dab on the skin or mosquito bite. Can also create a natural anti-mosquito liquid by destroying one part garlic with five parts water. Store in a small spray that you can use as an anti-mosquito spray. If you can not stand the smell attached to the body, with a wet cloth around your current solution is out of the house.

4. Burn 'a pinch of rosemary' such as incense or grill to keep out mosquitoes

5. Certain essential oils, like eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil and castor oil is an effective mosquito deterrent. Mix 10-25 drops of one of these oils with 2 tablespoons olive oil or cooking oil and dab on the skin.

6. Mosquitoes are most active at sunrise and sunset. So, avoid activities outside the home 30 minutes before and after dawn and dusk.

7. Mosquitoes are attracted to something dark. We recommend using white or colored clothes bright when outdoors.

8. Perfume and scented soap flower also disliked mosquitoes. Should note the smell of deodorant and hair products you use.

9. The fan made it difficult for the flying mosquitoes. Being in a position near a fan to make mosquito is difficult to reach you.

10. Parsley mixture with the crushed apple cider vinegar is also effective in preventing mosquito. Rubbing the body with a wet handkerchief in the mix in the open part of the body can protect you from mosquito bites.

11. Bats known as natural predators of mosquitoes. Although terdengar extreme, if a sufficiently large back yard, you may consider maintaining some tail bats that can eat thousands of mosquitoes every night. (VNC)
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Baby skin disease

1. Definition

Skin disease is a disease associated with a network covering the surface of the body, like skin that often occur and are relatively light. Despite the relatively mild nature, if not taken seriously, then it can aggravate the health condition of infants and children.

2. Epidemiology

There are skin diseases worldwide and can strike both men and women. In some skin diseases such as staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, males more affected than females.

3. Cause
Causes of skin disease, namely bacteria (gram-positive bacteria staphyllococcus, hemolyticus group A streptococcal β), a virus (Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV)), fungi (dematormikosis, kandidosis) and infestation by parasites.

Besides hormonal disorders, pigmentation disorders, disorders based on allergy-immunology and skin tumors, and systemic disorders that can cause skin symptoms accompanied by the occurrence of these skin diseases. The reason could also because the baby's skin hygiene is less manicured.

4. Pathophysiology

Poor hygiene and immune deficiencies caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites easily fit into the body. In skin diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, the infection can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream. While at the skin disease caused by parasites such as Sarcoptes scabiei infestation of the living in hair and there lay eggs.

Life cycle through the stages of egg, larva, nymph and adult. Skin disorders arising from scratching itches due to 'sensitization' to the 'sekret' and 'ekskret' Sarcoptes less than a month after infestation. At the time of skin disorders like dermatitis with the discovery of papule, vesicle, urtika, etc..

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Tips for Baby Care

Baby health - Infants are weak and sensitive creatures that need special care as a whole. Caring for babies is not enough only to routine maintenance and regular, but also must be compassionate as it will provide comfort and security to the baby.

Recently many mothers who could no longer care for her baby alone because his job demanded that they should hire a baby sitter. Select a sitter, gentle and patient, but caring for your baby agile. If possible find a baby sitter on the recommendation of your colleagues who know, because now a lot of syndicates selling baby or infant abduction.

In addition, by choosing a trusted baby sitter, you do not need to always be wary if you must leave your child while working. What is important in the care of babies, is baby's attention to good food, drinks, hygiene and clothing her and taking into account the psychological and emotional infant. Although not yet able to speak, but babies can also feel the stress that causes the baby was always fussy.

Cradle and caress your affection is essential that can soothe your baby. When the baby was old enough, the occasional call your baby to walk in a crowded place to introduce her to the outside world. Do not just shut the baby in the house constantly because it can cause the baby not be afraid to interact with others. Also Recommend to your neighbors or colleagues, at the same time you can also showcase your cute baby.

Facilitating the baby with enough toys can also reduce stress levels. Provide adequate play space either in bed or in the bedroom. If possible provide a sufficiently large playroom with no sharp objects in it.

Give your baby the limit to avoid a fall. To while away a variety of your glassware collection, or if possible away from the baby's playroom where you store your glassware collection.

In addition, notice good hygiene and cleanliness of the baby clothes are your neighborhood. Keep your baby-star pet from an animal to avoid the disease is contagious because the virus takso from pets. If your baby has a brother who was not much different from a baby, have helped keep the baby brother sister. Relationships harmonious siblings who nurtured since childhood can carry into adulthood later and they will become brothers who get along.

A healthy baby will grow into a healthy child and it all depends on how you care and attention to your baby's development. Monitor your child's development from all aspects of both physical and emotional and brain development. Understand your baby as an individual and do not let him stress.

You can pamper your baby but you must also provide strict limitations and restrictions when giving your baby is doing something dangerous to herself. Expand is also information about your baby can get from various sources.[]
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Skin Cancer Cream, Effective disguise Wrinkles

early signs of skin cancer may be possible to disguise wrinkles so skin looks younger.

This was revealed from the research field of dermatology, University of Michigan, U.S., against skin cancer cream called Efudix ..

This cream is usually used to treat actinic keratoses, and also can refine rough skin and wrinkles, giving a brighter color, to remove the black stain on the skin.

"Cream the production of 'Valeant Pharmaceuticals' that heals precancerous diseases caused by exposure to sunlight for too long has triggered increased production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what will disguise the wrinkles on the face," said Dr. Dana Sachs as a researcher was quoted as saying Dailymail.

Treatment with a drug known as fluorouracil is not hard. After the cream is applied to the face such as the neck, forehead and lips, at first the skin will become red and itchy. But not long after that, the patient will feel her skin look younger, than the cancer was gone.

Sachs and colleagues conducted a study on 21 people aged 56-85 years with disease actinic keratoses and skin damaged by sun exposure.

Research volunteers wearing the cream on your face twice a day for two weeks. Then the changes observed in the skin through several techniques researchers face a biopsy after six months. [L1]
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Drugs Found for Skin Cancer

Jakarta - The researchers scored the first victory against melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Found an experimental drug that can significantly improve survival.

"We do not have any therapies that have the possibility to live longer than at present," said D Lynn Schuchter of the Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, a specialist in skin cancer who do not have any relationship to the study or the drug manufacturer.

A drug called iplimumab It works by helping the immune system to fight tumors. The Federal Food and Drug Administration has promised to make a quick review so that the drug could be available at least the end of this year.

Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. Last year in the United States, there has been 68 720 new cases and 8650 deaths from this disease. Worldwide, more than 50,000 people die every year due to melanoma.

Studies of skin cancer was followed by 676 people worldwide suffering from melanoma and has attended various treatments, a very sad situation. They were then given one of three treatments, only iplimumab, with treatment of other immune stimulation and immune stimulation treatment only.

After a two-year, 24% of those given the drug only one or a combination of live compared with 14% of those who were given immunity stimulation treatment.

"The average life expectancy about 10 months with iplimumab compared with only six months for other users, and there is an increasing possibility of living for 67% of users of these drugs," said study leader Dr. Steven U'Day from the Angeles Clinic and Research Institute, Los Angeles.

Doctors hope that this drug can provide more benefit when given early to people with this disease. As many as 10% to 15% of patients using iplimumab have side effects related to drug effects for the immune system. Most were treated with high doses of steroids with 14 deaths associated with such treatment. Although, this amount is very small compared to deaths caused by cancer.

This study was funded by Bristol-Myers and Medarex, Inc., a drug development company has purchased the Bristol-Myers last year. A spokesman said that Bristol-Myers has not determined the price, but the treatment is equivalent to the cost of other cancers that ranged thousands of dollars or more each month.

This conclusion was reported in the annual conference of the 'American Society of Clinical Oncology', Chicago and published online by the New England Journal of Medicine. [Mor]
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Nusantara Recipes - Daging Asam Padeh, padang special

Resep Masakan - Resep Padang – Daging Asam Padeh Khas Padang

Bahan Resep Daging Asam Padeh Khas Padang
1 kilogram daging
¼ kilogram cabe merah giling
12 butir bawang putih (digiling halus)
18-20 bawang merah (digiling halus)
Jahe dan lengkuas 1 ruas (sebesar ibu jari)
Daun Jeruk 6 lembar
Daun salam 5 lembar
Sereh 1 batang (ditumbuk sedikit)
Asam kandis 3 butir (belimbing wuluh 6 butir) [...]
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Pregnant Women Drink Soy Milk

Soy milk is great for women who are pregnant because it contains a very high protein and also contain folic acid is needed by pregnant women. But they also suggest to not just the based to milk, there is still a good idea to consume vitamins - vitamins good for pregnant women and high nutritious food.

In general, soy milk has vitamin B2, B2, niacin, piridoksin, and high vitamin B group. Other vitamins contained considerable amounts of vitamins E and K.
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Nutrition and the benefits of soy milk

According to a study of soy milk contains a lot of nutrition and the benefits therein, other than as a substitute for cow's milk, even far richer in nutrients than cow's milk, soy milk can also be used as the best alternative replacement trends in infant formula that contains bacteria evil which endangers the health of children and child children. Gynecology and the benefits contained in soy milk are:

1. Protein, useful for the growth, repair damaged tissue, the immune enhancer. Protein in soy milk is made by a number of amino acids (lecithin/HDL, arginine, lysine, glycine, niacin, leucine, isoleucine, threonine, tryptophan, phenylalanine). Contained in soy protein rich in amino acids known to arginine and glycine which is a component of insulin and glukogen hormone secreted by the pancreas gland in our body.

2. Fats, Very good for the human body.

3. Carbohydrates, as a source of energy or energy in the body
4. Fiber/fiber, useful for the digestive system in the body.

5. Vitamin A, in soybean seeds derived from carotene, which is a basic ingredient of vitamin A, helping the smooth functioning of the organ of vision and bone growth.

6. Vitamin B1, Vitamin B1, or often called tianin essential role in reactions that produce energy in the body

7. Vitamin B2, called jugaflavin, a lot of pigments contained in the milk, cow's milk bail of human milk, or soy milk.

8. Vitamin E, paved the reproductive process and the process of menstruation, medium impotence, miscarriages, and cardiovascular heart disease, increase milk production, helping to extend life, and as an antioxidant. Industrious people who consume antioxidant will look younger than people who rarely consume it

9. Minerals, adding strength to function in bone structure, teeth and nails, and can increase body's resistance to disease. In addition, the mineral also functions in the reproduction process that led to the growth of their bones mature.

10. Polysaccharide that is able to suppress levels of glucose and triglycerides postpandrial, and decreased insulin-glucose ratio postpandrial (after eating), intake of soy milk may help control blood sugar levels that exceed the normal limits, so it helps control diabetes.

11. Isoflavones, Institute of amino acids with vitamins and some other nutrients in soybean seeds have formed flavonoids. Is a type of flavonoid pigments, like chlorophyll contained in plant leaves that are green. These compounds typically have characteristic, which issued a certain odor. Unpleasant odor contained in soybean seed is one sign that the seeds have flavonoids. Scientifically, flavonoids have been proved able to prevent and treat various diseases. And one of the very many types of flavonoids found in soy beans and is very beneficial for health are isoflavones. A Japanese researcher, in the year 1998 suggest every human to consume 50-100 mg of soy isoflavones per day. that isoflavones function for the body is to:

o Smooth metabolism
o Smooth digestion
o It is a nutritional supplement
o Enhance the immune system
o Strengthen bones strukturmatriks
o Stabilize blood pressure
o Lowers blood cholesterol levels
o Stabilizing blood sugar levels
o Preventing obesity
o Preventing kidney disease
o Reduces symptoms of coronary heart disease (CVD)
o Reduces symptoms of stroke
o Reduces symptoms of arthritis and gout
o Reduces symptoms of ulcer
o Eliminate the feeling tired and lethargic
o Reduces symptoms of menopause symptoms
o Slowing the aging of cells
o Preventing the growth of cancer, particularly breast and prostate cancer
o Adding memory to improve cognitive function

12. HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) is very capable to make the process of vascular calcification. Therefore known as bad cholesterol. HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) is the opposite that is holding the process of calcification in a way to suck heaps of cholesterol in the blood vessels, and bring it to the liver and then excreted through bile. Therefore, HDL is known as good cholesterol. Actually, that should always be on notice first is the total cholesterol level should be constantly on guard not to more than 200 mg% Only if the person has normal cholesterol levels who always, it is better to be seen again his HDL level.

13. Calcium is one of the micro minerals that are useful for human body. 99% of calcium found in bone and 1% fed on liquid membranes, in cell structure and cell membranes. Calcium is a mineral that functions very important that

o Effect of neurotransmitters, blood circulation and function of muscle tendons,

o Helps to increase bone strength, in order to prevent brittle bones (osteoporsis)

o Helps blood circulation to normal,

o Assist the formation of cells and proteins to help regulate muscle function,

o Controlling fatty acids (fatty acids) in the colon that can reduce the formation of cancer cells with the aim of preventing colon cancer.
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1001 benefits of soy milk

Soy milk started to increase prestige. First, we recognize processed soybeans as household products. The packaging, just wrapped in plastic, and hawkers peddled by price 500 - Rp.1.000/pack.

But, now, this vegetable milk has been available in supermarkets and hypermarkets storefront. Packaged in glass bottles, selling prices of manufactured soy milk three to four times the circumference of soy milk. Later, this bottled soy milk producers are also quite intensively promote their products on the screen.

The entry of big investors into the business of soybean milk showed the prospects of this business. Understandably, in order to avoid the cholesterol and obesity, the person turns away from cows milk to the dairy plant.

Not only the promised gains, soy milk also contains a myriad of benefits. He is a choice of vegetarian or dieters. "For those who want to diet, a good soy milk because it contains lecithin," so it is with soy milk from Melilea.

Dus, soy milk will supply the nutritional needs of vegetarians and dieters. Soy milk is one of the best vegetable sources of protein. "Protein function for the growth of the body, maintain health and stamina, and replace cells damaged or old," said Rachmawati, food expert

Sahid University, Jakarta.

Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to drink soy milk. One of them, as most soy milk on the market smells unpleasant alias. Some were even told me, it felt good. However for soy milk tastes better than Melilea and savory, there is no unpleasant taste.
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Avocado versatile fruit and rich benefits

Avocado benefits

Almost every part of the avocado tree has a benefit. Avocado wood is useful as a fuel. Its seeds and leaves can be used in the apparel industry. Bark can be used to dye brown leather products.

In the field of beauty, avocado is also often used as a facial mask. The fruit is considered capable of making the skin tighter. Avocados are also useful for hair care such as when doing creambath.

In addition, as fruit, avocados are also of course can be enjoyed as a delicious meal. Various dishes are presented with added avocado as part of the dish.

Benefit-rich substances in the avocado

Avocado has a very high nutrient content. Avocado or avocado at least contain 11 vitamins and 14 minerals is beneficial. Avocados are rich in protein, riboflavin (otherwise known as vitamin B2), niacin (otherwise known as vitamin B3), potassium (or more commonly known as potassium), and vitamin C.

Also avocados are high in fat. But do not be afraid because the fat in avocados is similar to fat in olive oil is very healthy. Contained fat in avocados is monounsaturated fat which have a positive impact in the body. Fat in avocados is also used in making soap and cosmetics.

Here are descriptions of several substances in avocado or avocado are beneficial for our bodies:

1. Vitamin E and vitamin A

Vitamin E is known as a vitamin that is useful to smooth the skin. The mixture of vitamin E and vitamin A are very useful in skin care. The combination of vitamin E and vitamin A make skin supple, removes wrinkles, makes skin look young and fresh.

2. Potassium or Potassium
Potassium (also known as potassium) in the avocado may reduce depression, preventing the deposition of fluid in the body and can lower blood pressure.

3. Unsaturated fat
Vegetable fat in avocados are high in unsaturated. Fats are useful to lower blood cholesterol (LDL), which means it can prevent stroke, high blood pressure, cancer or heart disease. Unsaturated fat in avocados is also easily digested so the body can provide maximum results on the body. Unsaturated fat in avocados also contain anti-bacterial and anti fungal.

4. Oleic acid
Oleic acid is a powerful antioxidant that can capture free radicals in the body due to pollution. Free radicals in the body will result in many health complaints.

5. Vitamin B6
This vitamin is efficacious to relieve pre-menstrual sidrom or pre-menstruation (PMS), which generally suffered by women every month.

6. Iron and Copper

This substance is required in the regeneration of the blood thus preventing anemia.

7. Mangaan and Zinc Mineral
This element is useful to relieve high blood pressure, heart rate monitor and maintain nerve function remained intact.

Healthy Living with Avocado

In some parts of the world, the fruit is regarded as one of the rare and exotic fruit. Avocado may have played an important role in your diet. After feeling a variety of dishes that contain avocado or avocado, you may be able to say that this fruit is actually a lot benefited and also the delicious fruit!
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Carambola Acid eliminate your acne

Apparently a lot of fruits that surround us that we can use to cure acne, one of which is star fruit acids, as we will discuss today. These health tips I got from a blog in Indonesian language ie

Carambola or averhoa blilimbi acid which is still in place familih Oxalidaceae can grow outdoors are berketinggian less than 500 meters above sea level. Sour starfruit certainly can flourish in the tropics in this Indonesian region. How to use star fruit acids to remove acne.

Prepare three Carambola acids or star fruit despair and salt to taste. Then the star fruit acids in grated and mixed with the salt until it is completely uneven. And use is as a powder mixture results in the face with acne.

Carambola acids such kia contain oxalic acid and potassium. In addition it also contains extracts against Staphylococcus.

The local name of the Carambola is for Sunda acid called calincing Java language is called Blimbing wuluh. Who's in madurese called with 'bhalimbing bulu', In Aceh there called 'selimeng', in Lampung balimbing, bali blimbing buluh, in bugus celane, in Ambon takurela, in Flores balimbeng.

If you are unsure of this natural medicine, ask your doctor
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Lotus, Healthy Ornamental Plants

Lotus is now found in many large cities both are planted in pots, or in the garden pond. The main communities in the urban elite to use the water lotus plants are as ornamental plants add beauty to your home or landscaping the yard. In the countryside was widely planted lotus has long been mainly in the swimming-pool which is useful in addition to decorative ponds, as well as for food fish, especially carp.

Lotus plants are usually grown as an ornamental pond. His features that can beautify the park in beautiful mansions. Especially when the flowers are blooming, the more enliven the atmosphere. However, it may be among us did not know that this beauty can be processed into food was delicious and any efficacy for health in order to cure various diseases.

Plants have two types of lotus lotus (Nymphaea pubescens Willd) and Nelumbo nucifera (Nelumbo Nelumbium Gaernth). Many people think that these two plants is the same, because the shape of flowers that are similar and are difficult to distinguish. But actually there is a particular feature to distinguish and identify these two plants.
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Deadly Diseases transmitted between species

Many deadly diseases present in human nature. want to know? The disease sometimes move from human to animal or from animal to human.

Bacteria and viruses are very simple creatures multiply and the disease it causes highly contagious. Currently a number of contagious and deadly disease has been transferred from animals to humans and from humans to animals. What are the deadly disease?

Cross-species infection could come from farms or markets, where conditions create a mixing pathogens. Which gives pathogens the opportunity to exchange genes and equipment up to a previous killing of foreign host.

Transmission can also occur from activities that seem trivial and harmless, like letting a monkey riding on top of your head, a lot happens on the streets in Bali.

Microbes from the two varieties can even be assembled in your intestines, the virus evolved and make some 'dancing' to turn you into a host of infectious and deadly.

Infectious diseases from animals to humans is called zoonosis. There are more than three dozen diseases, whether transmitted through touch as well as from the bite.

As quoted from the LiveScience, Saturday (15/05/2010), the following 10 deadly infectious disease from cross-species:

1. Influenza pandemics

Deadly flu pandemic like the Spanish flu, swine flu or bird flu has struck in several countries. Potential pandemic is very easily spread by direct contact, so that could be very dangerous.

Between 1918 and 1919, Spanish flu killed 20 to 40 million people. This is truly a global disaster. This deadly flu attacked people ages 20 to 40 years, and infects 28 percent of Americans.

And lately also emerging swine flu and avian influenza that has become epidemic in some countries. Now, governments are better prepared, scientifically and logistics to manage the outbreak. However, there is no vaccine against swine flu.

2. Plague

Pestilence known as 'Black Death', is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pesti, most often carried by rodents and fleas. At mid-century, millions of people across Europe died from plague caused by rat fleas that there are many homes and offices.

3. Diseases due to bites

Zoonotic diseases are expected to increase due to the bite of an animal that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. Mosquitoes are the main causes, such as dengue fever and malaria.

There were also outbreaks of disease caused by insect bites, rabies due to dog bites and other wild animals.

4. HIV/AIDS diseases

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, originated from chimpanzees and other primates and the first human infection is estimated at least a century ago. The virus is damaging the immune system, opening the door to a host of deadly infections or cancer.

5. Cat brain parasite that is transmitted to humans

Weird parasite Toxoplasma gondii infects the brain more than half the human population, including about 50 million Americans. Estimated to increase the risk of neuroticism and can cause schizophrenia. The main cause is the cat's house, which is the sexual reproduction of microbes. This usually comes from cat feces.

6. Humans give cats the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers

Cats have been transmitted bacterium that causes peptic ulcers, Helicobacter pylori, an ancestor of mankind since thousands of years ago. And according to scientists, this disease is now spreading to other animals such as lions, zebras, and tigers.

7. Gorillas gave humans pubic lice crabs

Humans get pubic lice from gorillas about 3 million years ago. This disease is not transmitted through sexual contact with a gorilla, but with overnight stay or dining in gorilla nests. The scientists named the disease in the year 2007 'crab'.
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5 Vegetables containing pesticides

5 Vegetables containing pesticides - you're one person who really like vegetables? remember, these days a lot of vegetables that are no longer healthy for consumption, the reason is easy, because the vegetables were sprayed with pesticide materials. kitaharus should therefore be careful in consuming a healthy diet, so as not to become victims of pesticide.

follows we will try to explain the vegetables are very many contain pesticides. so that the vegetables are not good for consumption.

1. Celery

How about celery. Large celery is a vegetable too bad that most contain pesticides. 95% of celery in a test containing pesticides, and 85% contain more than one kind of pesticide. Even one of celery in a test containing 13 other chemical species and the collection of other celery group containing 67 different pesticides. meaning that only 5% of celery contains no pesticides. well we just planted himself at home, by not using pesticides. :)

2. Peach
Peach fruit - perhaps in Indonesia are rarely seen there are still fresh peaches, most have been dried. 96% of the peaches that in tests containing pesticides, and 86% contain more than one kind of pesticide. Even one that tested peach contains 13 other chemical species and one other group contains 67 different chemicals.

3. Strawberry
What about fruit strowberi? let us see the explanation

one strawberry tested group contains 13 types of chemicals being tested to other strawberry contains 53 different chemicals.

4. Apple
Apple fruit was very good and nutritious, but how about these apples contain pesticides?.

Looks like the saying "One apple a day may keep you from being a doctor" is outdated and should be shunned in the days now.

93.6% of apples contain pesticides that in tests, and 82.3% contain more than one kind of pesticide. Even an apple in a test containing nine other chemical species while the other set containing 47 different pesticides.

5. Blueberry

Blueberries are one of the test contains 13 other chemical species. imagine, very scary for your health/us.

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Natural Healthy Lifestyle

Natural Healthy Lifestyle, as expressed by an American health site, explained several studies to be done so that we get the condition of the body in good shape.

To obtain a healthy body, not necessarily with high-paced lifestyle. Because all that can be done without having to spend an acceptable cost. All can be obtained easily and cheaply. A healthy life begins with small changes first.

As for some of the things we must do, is quite simple. You only need to do three main steps as follows:

The first step. Sports. This is the easiest thing to do to our bodies stay healthy. Type of sport that we do to help the burning metabolism within the body. The benefits of exercise are:

* Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

* Improving the ability to move.

* Keep your body maintain flexibility as you age.

* Maintain bone density.

* Prevent osteoporsis.

* Improving your mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

* Improving the ability of the brain in elderly people.

The second step. Light movement. You can reduce body weight, without having to perform heavy exercise. If you are not yet ready to conduct the scheduled program, doing light movements at first. The following are activities to perform minor movement.

* Turn off your television. Play with friends, family. Any activity than sitting silent while watching television.

* A walk. Try to take the opportunity to walk away. No matter how long and how far.

* Take home activities. Doing activities like cleaning the house floor at home, tidying and sweeping the yard of the house.

* Walk a little when you speak. Suppose you were to call someone or talk to other people, do a little walking.

* Make a schedule for moving lighter than you spend time sat in silence.

The third step. Eat enough. Eating a balanced and adequate nutrition is one of support for healthy living. As for the food that must exist in the list of your menu as follows:

* Eat more fruits.

* More to consume vegetables.

* Eat a diet low in fat. Like replacing a sweet tooth by using a low-calorie sugar. Replacing low-fat milk.

* Prepare food substitutes. The point here, we do not keep consuming the same food. Suppose, replaced fish meat, rice and wheat replaced vice versa.

To make our lives healthier, do small changes at first. For us to be better prepared to develop healthy living programs more structured, like a healthy diet tips. Good luck.
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