History of Vitamin C

Year 1536. Jacques Cartier of Quebec City, Canada. Finding a way to heal canker sores with tea made from leaves and later revealed that the leaves are rich in vitamin C.

In 1795. British admiral, determined that fresh oranges 1 fruit/day should be given to the sailors who sailed from the British Navy.

1865. British Chamber of Commerce, impose mandatory to consume fresh oranges for sailors from merchant ships.

1911. Theory of vitamins, published by the Polish biochemist about 4 compounds in natural foods are beneficial to prevent the disease of sheep, ricket, pellagra, and skorbut.

Year 1918. EVMc.Collum, an American citizen began naming system assimilation of vitamins, namely "A component is soluble in fat".

1928. Vitamin C was first purified by the Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who worked in Canbridge, England. He formulated a component called heksurat acid, which eventually became ascorbic acid (Vitamin C first generation). Then, expand again into a second generation of Vitamin C is useful for healing skorbut, such as: thirst, depression, muscle pain, appeared tired, bleeding gums and shortness of breath.

From year to year, the analysis of vitamin C continue to grow, until finally found Ester-C, Vitamin C to the third generation.

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Tips for Sufficient Child Nutrition

Here are some tips that can be done to provide child nutrition:

1. Parents can control the nutrients that children get the nutrients you need according to the growth of age stages. It can be seen among the activities of daily child.

2. When the child enters school age, environmental influences were stronger. Required so that the active role of parents in controlling child development.

3. Proper nutrition according to their age stages to optimize the growth and development of the child to face the challenges of the future that more and more.

4. Parents should prepare them with the best since the early to answer the challenges of the future.

5. One food that can provide nutrition for every age and every one of them is milk that plays an important role in supporting the growth of 3B (body, bone, and brain).
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Supplements for Men's Vitality

Multivitamin supplement is required for all people, especially for those who rarely or do not like to eat fruits and vegetables. Be sure to buy the supplements created specifically for men.

Multivitamins are devoted to women usually tend to contain iron. That does not mean you do not need extra iron, but too much iron can also increase the risk of heart disorders.


For those of you who want to exercise, it is worth taking creatine supplements before and after undergoing a physical training session though. Because creatine supplementation works to accelerate muscle recovery and increase muscle mass growth.


This antioxidant found in red tomatoes has been shown to reduce cancer risks, which is one major cause of death for American men. If you do not like to eat tomatoes, you can take supplements that contain lycopene.

Green Tea
Wonders of green tea never ceases to amaze! Content of antioxidants in it play a role against cancer, green tea also works to burn fat.

If you choose not to consume eight or more cups a day, try to move in the form of supplements, such as capsules. Not only that, green tea also work wonders for your skin.

For your convenience, creatine supplements can be mixed with protein powder when consumed.

Saw Palmetto

Content of this one is very helpful for men, especially when they begin to show signs of hair loss.

In the view of health experts, the content contained in saw palmetto can slow you experience hair loss process. In addition, saw palmetto also serves to prevent and treat impotence, improve health and fitness and vitality of men.

Fish oil
If you have a family history associated with heart problems. The experts claim that fish oil (one to two grams per day) can help prevent heart disease. For that, you can consume fish oil supplements high quality as this can make your life healthy and free of health problems.

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10 Food for the Brain Intelligence

Here is a list of 10 foods that are proven to improve overall brain health. Hopefully you've become to consume daily.

10. Oysters/clams

If you are a hobby of seafood, of course you like to eat it. Research has shown that the oyster is very beneficial for your brain. Oysters are rich in minerals zinc and iron, which helps you to keep the mind sharp and improve your ability to recall information easily. Zinc and iron have been associated with the brain's ability to stay focused and remember information. Lack of zinc and iron can lead to distortions of memory, poor concentration, and of course other diseases throughout the body.

9. Whole Grains

This is brown rice, oatmeal, whole-grain breads, wheat, etc.. Food is working to increase blood flow to the brain is very supportive of the quality and quantity of brain function. These seeds contain lots of vitamin B6, which is full of thiamine. Thiamine is great for anyone trying to improve memory. Scientific research has shown that memory loss has increased dramatically at the time you reach the late 60's or early 70's, eating whole grains is good for you at the age of aging.

8. Tea/Green Tea

You like to drink coffee in the morning? You try to replace it with a cup of tea! Just freshly brewed, green tea or black tea is very beneficial for your brain because it contains catechins. Did you ever have a day where you just feel tired, tired, and "too lazy" to think? Maybe because you are less catechin in your brain. Catechin useful to keep your mind sharp, fresh, and work properly. It also allows for more relaxed and help to combat mental fatigue. Green tea is much stronger than black tea, both very good for you.

7. Eggs

As we get older, our brains begin to shrink because of something called brain atrophy. However, we can fight this natural process by routinely eat the eggs. This is because eggs contain a lot of vitamin B12 and lecithin. Vitamin B12 helpful against brain shrinkage, which is often seen in Alzheimer's disease. Eggs, although very unhealthy if you eat too much, because it is full of essential fatty acids. Egg yolk, although very high cholesterol, also high choline, which is the building substance of the brain cells. Choline can help improve your memory. But do not most, just 1-2 eggs a day.

6. Curry/Spices

Spices very diverse and not limited to the coriander, turmeric, pepper, chili powder, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, mace flower, kelabet, fennel, bay leaves koja, and cloves. This herb is very useful to keep the brain fresh. As the main ingredient of curry powder, curcumin full of antioxidants that help fight brain aging and maintain cognitive function as you get older. Antioxidants are also struggling against free radical damage that can occur in the brain and body. Free radicals can cause inflammation and other diseases in the body. Kari is not only good for the brain, can also fight diabetes and heart disease.

5. Berries Fruit

Blueberry is very good in improving motor skills and abilities you learn as a whole. Most berries, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc., are full of antioxidants that are good for improving brain health. You can help reverse the effects of aging on the brain by eating this fruit once a day. Berry, most contain fisetin and flavenoid, which is very good for improving memory and allows you to easily recall past events.

4. Nuts and Seeds

Looking for snacks that have good things to the brain? Is a snack of nuts and seeds. Like peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and other types of nuts or seeds that you can think of, good for your brain. Nuts and seeds are full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and folate, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. All of these nutrients allows you to think more clearly. They also help you think more positively, because the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids work as natural antidepressants. Some grains and beans are also full of thiamine and magnesium, which is good for memory and cognitive functions of the brain.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, katuk, spinach, etc., very good for the brain of children and adults. These vegetables are very helpful when it comes time to recall old information and the process as you just learned yesterday. This is because these foods are full of vitamins B6, B12, and folate, which is an important compound in the brain needed to break down homocysteine levels, which can lead to forgetting and even Alzheimer's disease. These vegetables are often contains high iron.

2. Fish

Fish as a whole is very beneficial for your health, especially for your brain. Fish is full of Omega-3, which is a fatty acid that is very beneficial to the body in various aspects. Eating one serving of fish a week can greatly reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer's disease. These fatty acids help the brain function because they coat the neurons that have sometimes stiff layer of fatty acids, because the high content of cholesterol and saturated fats in the body. Omega-3 will cover the neurons with good fats, which allows them to move easily throughout the brain. Omega-3 also provides more oxygen to the brain, and allows one to store the new information while still remembering the old information. The best fish to eat for brain health is salmon, tuna, and herring.

1. Chocolate

As you replace your coffee with hot chocolate drink in a day, but delicious, chocolate is very nutritious for the brain. Scientists have proved that the antioxidant content found in only two or three tablespoons of cocoa powder is more powerful than the antioxidants found in other foods, such as green tea or red wine. The main antioxidants found in cocoa, known as flavonols, it is important to help increase blood flow to the brain.
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Benefits and efficacy of garlic for health and endurance

Garlic Benefits

Other studies have shown that administration of garlic essential oil equals 1 gram of fresh garlic/kgBB/day are provided with high-cholesterol diet, will lower cholesterol levels, serum triglyceride levels. VLDL, LDL and increase white HDL.Bawang been used as herbal medicine in medicine for thousands of years ago.

Since the number of components contained in garlic cause the preparation and extraction methods (old and extraction methods and the type of solvent) plays an important role for bioactive components of garlic. Solvent (solvent) is often used is ethanol, methanol, acetone, and water or a combination. Bioactive components found in garlic works in synergy with each other to cause health effects.

Among several bioactive components found in garlic, sulfide compounds are numerous compounds. These compounds included in dialil sulfide or oxidized form called alisin. Same as other phenolic compounds, physiological function alisin has a very broad, including the antioxidant, anticancer, antitrombotik, inflammatory, decrease blood pressure, and can lower blood cholesterol. Epidemiological data also show that there is correlation between garlic consumption with a reduction in cardiovascular disease, such as atherosclerosis (fat accumulation), coronary heart disease, and hypertension.

In the year 2700 1900 BC garlic has been used by workers building the pyramids as drug and antidote to the disease being tired. And around the year 460 BC its efficacy has been praised by Hippocrates. When the world war years 1914-1918 of garlic is used by French soldiers to treat wounds.

In Thailand "Institute of Scientific and Technological Research" made capsule containing garlic extract which is equivalent to 7 grams of fresh garlic per capsule. The dose used was one capsule twice daily for 5 months. In the first month of giving blood cholesterol increases. This is the possibility of erosion of fatty deposits in blood vessels. HDL cholesterol increased after 2 months of delivery. Cholesterol levels decreased significantly after 8 weeks, but only triglyceride levels decreased after 5 months of giving garlic.

Other studies have shown that administration of garlic essential oil equals 1 gram of fresh garlic/kgBB/day are provided with high-cholesterol diet, will lower cholesterol levels, serum triglyceride levels. VLDL, LDL and increase HDL.
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Benefits of Noni Fruit

Know Mengkudu/Pace

Tree 3-8 m tall with a clear main stem. Average edged leaves, yellowish green. The flowers are leaf-shaped bulbs diketiak. Fruit-berbenjol irregular bumps. Reached 5-10 cm in length. pace to grow in chalky soil height of 1.000m above sea level.

Gynecology and efficacy of Noni/mengkudu

Scopoletin, these compounds serve regulate blood pressure. When high blood pressure, help lower scopoletin. Conversely if blood pressure is low, he will raise it. In addition to antibacterial indicated, these compounds also regulate hormone serotonin, which helps reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

Morindin, this substance efficacious in improving the body's defense system. In addition to the above two substances, pace also contains gum, malate acid, citric acid, and antiseptic compounds.

Research Results

Based on the research, there are about 61 more potent compounds contained mengkudu. They work synergistically and mysterious. For example, some compounds that play an active role in the treatment of certain diseases, it does not mean only the compounds that contribute to it. But the prop is also the other compounds. That is why consuming compounds extracted one of his properties would be different than if we drank the juice mengkudu overall.

Say in treating blood pressure. Mengkudu juice can increase blood pressure for people with low blood but on the other side of the blood can lower blood pressure for hypertension. This phenomenon is not going to happen on that mengkudu fruit extract.

According to research dr. Mona Harrison of the faculty of Medicine, University of Bolton, the consumption of fruit juice will help provide megkudu hormone xeronine. Xeronine of work mengkudu contradictory. In people with high blood pressure, lowering blood pressure xeronin be normal. In people with low blood pressure, increase blood pressure mengkudu blood. In other words, mengkudu juice serves as adaptogen, balancing function of body cells.

Mengkudu fruit contradictory effects have also been studied by Y. Murati (1981) from the Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University. Lemon pulp mengkudu provide very significant change in heart, namely reducing the strength of heart muscle contraction, heart rate slowing down and increasing the number of heart coronary blood flow per minute.

Preclinical tests on cats showed limb hipotensif influence, namely reducing the blood flow resistance (vasodilatation) limb blood vessels but also have a cat hipertensif effect. research by A.M. Djojosugito et al. (1975-1976) showed, in the juice mengkudu there are at least two components are opposite.
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How to take care your Teeth

Caring for teeth is very important to us, why not, your teeth are very sensitive things from our bodies. What if your teeth hurt? really very disturbing.

And also very easy gear holes, because a lot of leftover food instead of living due to no good in treating tooth. so, how to correct dental care? follow the following tips.

Here Tips Caring Dentistry

1. Brush your teeth, most people already understand some of these ways, the need to remember try to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, or at least after a big meal. It is also necessary in the recall are Tooth Brush dressing when it's the age of 3 - 4 months. Do not forget to brush your tongue too, because the tongue is one of a gathering place for the bacteria that causes bad breath.

2. Drinking Water After a meal, drink water after every meal, try the first White Water

3. Expand eating fibrous fruits, in addition to health, the fruit can also help to remove dirt in my teeth

4. Eat balanced, do not eat too much eat one type of food, but try to balance

5. Avoid bad habits like biting nails, sucking the bottle, opened the bottle with your teeth, etc..

6. Check Doctor Gigi into every 6 months, this goal to see the development of our teeth and gums.

Maybe it's some things we can do in caring for your teeth bright and responsible. Not expected to hurt your teeth naturally and may also be too sick to heal.
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How to Correct Brushing your Theeth

Not the same as brushing your teeth with toilet brush scrubbing furiously, despite the dirty mouth is more dirty than the WC. because the mouth is a zoo of bacteria.

Want to know how to brush your teeth good and right ...?

First select the brush that fur is not too coarse or smooth. So "the mediocre".

Next consider the following picture and do it gently, according to the following sequence.

1. Put brush position 45 degrees to the gums
2. Brush movement from the gums down to Upper jaw teeth (like poke)
3. Movement from the gums brush up for the lower jaw teeth
4. Brush entire surface facing the lips and cheeks and the inner and outer surfaces of teeth in this way.
5. Brush chewing surfaces of teeth from the rear to the front.
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7 Leg Muscle Exercises To Avoid Varicose veins

Many women long for smooth legs without varicose veins. To make it happen, they often become afraid to do sports activities that involve the leg muscles. They worried about the trigger and exacerbate the problem of varicose veins in the legs.

Yet with just the right movement will improve blood circulation and prevent the formation of varicose veins. A good exercise for people with varicose veins or its prevention, among others, swimming, walking, cycling, jogging, and, aerobics.

Here are some exercises to improve leg strength and muscle, improve blood circulation, and help prevent and reduce varicose veins,

1. Stretch your legs

Make the most stable places like stairs. Standing on the steps with the foot pedestal front. Lift the body, then slowly lower the heel or rear foot to the step below. This poses as resting your feet on the wall between the stairs.

Stick to the wall or railing for balance the body. Perform this movement as much as 40 times. This exercise works the back stretch the calf muscles.

2. Pedaling
Lying on the floor with his hands behind or under the buttocks. Lift feet off the floor and do the pedaling motion, as if you were riding a bike. If you hold the lower leg, this movement also tightens the abdominal muscles.

3. Walking with toes

We walked around the house, try to walk with toes (tip toe-ing). These exercises stretch your calf muscles.

4. Using the right shoes
While cleaning house, doing simple movements that effectively form a calf muscle strength. Walk with heels for some time.

5. Leg lifts

Lying on the floor with hands at your sides or under the buttocks. Press your lower back and buttocks to the floor. Lift one leg straight in order to remain perpendicular to the floor. Hold this pose as long as you can and then put the foot down. Repeat with other leg. These exercises increase blood circulation in the legs.

6. Lunges
Lying on the floor. Pull one knee into your chest, and hold the foot in the back of the knee. While in this position, flex the foot. Movement must be done slowly and firmly in a couple of times count. Perform the same movement on the other foot. This exercise makes the muscles of the leg work.

7. Rest after exercise leg muscles
To prevent and reduce varicose veins after exercise involving leg muscles, try a leisurely walk or stand for a moment. You can also make motion lay on the floor with my bottom almost touching the wall. Then, lift the feet high and leaning into the wall. This movement provides for adequate rest your feet.
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8 Tips How to Avoid Elephant Foot Disease

Elephantiasis is a disease due to filaria worm larvae are transmitted by mosquitoes, either house mosquito, sewer, forest or swamp. Find out how to avoid it because if you've already got and feet swollen like an elephant's hard to go back to normal and endure a lifetime.

"Elephant foot disease is a disease that is very scary, because in addition to disrupt the appearance and difficult activities, patients also usually have a bad stigma from the environment," said internist, "Prof. Nelwan SpPD" in a press conference the results of investigation of filariasis cases in the building of the Department of Health Indonesia, Jakarta.

"But the public needs to know is, someone who has suffered from elephantiasis, or whose feet had swollen extraordinary, can not transmit the disease again. It is precisely those who appeared healthy and had experienced swelling, but no larvae mikrofilaria can transmit the disease to others, "said Dr Solah, epidemiologist who was also present on the occasion.

The problem is, we can never know any healthy person who is infected larvae mikrofilaria. And every day the mosquitoes hanging around us. Therefore, the person best advised to avoid mosquito bites everywhere.

Meanwhile, experts parasitology "Prof. Saleha Sungkar, MD, DAP & E, MS" saying that the cause of elephantiasis is not itself a filaria worm larvae, but the child's filaria worm, called mikrofilaria larvae.

To find out if someone has it or not the larvae, the larvae examination should be done in the body. However, larvae can be detected only at night, because mikrofilaria only go out at night alone. "So, if you want the test to night, between dusk to dawn," he explained.

According to Prof. Saleha, worms that live in the human body is like a parasite. "They were just passengers, did not intend to kill. But with their presence in the body, the body's metabolism so disturbed, "he said.

If the worm filaria, the larvae mikrofilaria carried by mosquitoes will clog vessels and lymph nodes that can not flow to all parts of the body smoothly. As a result, there was swelling of organs, such as the arms, legs or genitals.

Someone who is infected larvae 10-14 days mikrofilaria submarines are those most at risk for disease transmission engine elephantiasis. "They still look normal and asymptomatic. So the only way to prevent transmission is to decide to use the drug distribution chain. This will be easier than killing a mosquito carrying the number of larvae was very much, "said Saleha.

In the early stages, usually the patient will experience a recurrent fever, a painful lump in the groin or armpits, and palpable as a cord vein red and sore from the groin or armpit. Whereas the advanced stage (chronic) will occur intermittent enlargement of the feet, hands, pocket balls, breasts and female genitalia.

"If the lump is pressed but back again, it still can be treated and cured completely. But if it is very severe surgery, but it was only to improve appearance only, can not return to its normal shape, "said Saleha.

Therefore, the use of drugs Carbamazine Diethyl Citrate (DEC) and Albendazole to prevent the spread of larvae mikrofilaria highly recommended, especially in an area that has reached endemic levels. "Called the endemic areas if the level reaches 1 percent spread. So we decided to do a mass treatment in the "Bandung" because of its endemic level is 2 percent, "explained Director General PP & PL, Prof. Tjandra Yoga.

Consumption of drugs should be done continuously for one year, if it is 5 years new worm really dead. Although there are side effects after taking the drug, but the effect it will disappear within 3-4 days. "Better to suffer than 3 days to suffer for life because of the disease," said Saleha.

There are several places that could become mosquito nest transmission of the forest elephant feet, water plants, sewer/water lines, marshes, mangrove forests and paddy fields.

To be safe from mosquito bites cause elephantiasis, prevent it by:

1. Sleep using mosquito nets
2. Vents (ventilation) home screen closed smooth
3. Install mosquito
4. Liniment put on anti-mosquito
5. Cleaning places brood of mosquitoes
6. Conduct spraying to kill adult mosquitoes
7. Following the filariasis mass treatment programs in health
8. Checking himself into the clinic or doctor if a neighbor or family affected by filariasis
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Slender Tip: Eat Every 4 Hours

It turned out to have the hunger signal levels, ranging from very hungry, hungry, until a little hungry. This all became the benchmark for controlling the excessive appetite. But if we are still difficult to distinguish hunger, do not worry, use the clock as a measure.

Health experts say, usually to an empty stomach 4 hours after the last time we ate. That means, we are permitted to eat food every 4 hours. This method is even safe to apply to the middle of our diet.

If we wait until the stomach was completely empty, we will be more motivated to eat all the food presented in front of the eyes, according to Pauline Dr. Endang, MS, SpGK, head of nutrition agencies Fatmawati RSU. Not only that, when the stomach was completely empty, we become selective in choosing foods.

Research in England also proved, the number of workers who still want to chew unhealthy snacks after lunch, tend to decrease. This compared with the number of workers who are motivated snack in the afternoon. "The eating every 4 hours to maintain stable blood sugar levels, while preventing the desire to eat too much," said Kate Geagan, RD, a dietician from the United States.

So from now on, every time hunger strike before the scheduled dinner arrives, prepare a healthy snack. Thus we can hold the hunger until dinner arrived. Select a handful of unsalted nuts and fruit platter.

Two types of food rich in fiber and water so that the stomach remains full with the number of calories that are not much. But remember, do not keep snack made of cheese or dried fruit on the desk drawer or in the bag. Make sure the snacks that we keep in the desk drawer is a kind of solid food.
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10 Tips to Lose Weight

From year to year, a resolution to lose weight was abandoned just like that? Do not want to lose it all. Start taking your body to move slowly and go for the ideal body weight digits of your dreams. No need heroics, enough with the small steps only, really. This is an example.

1. Establish training goals that make sense. If not, it's no good you practice. Try to start preparing the time to exercise two times on weekdays and once on the weekend with long practice 30 minutes. If you only have 20 minutes time was no problem. The key is to start moving and keep moving.

2. Compatriots have been great and can be hyper too. However, when the fellow you have is the one who opposite sex, such adjustments must be made. Men should realize that women are not always able to match his intensity level. To avoid coercion of men to make partner practice harder. What feels right for the he sometimes does not so there for you. Therefore, do not be forced. So even with the taste of food.

3. Men burn calories faster than women because men have more muscle mass and can burn 30-40 percent more calories while training with the style and the same intensity. It is not realistic to expect the same results in men and women at the same time with similar exercises. So do not compare yourself with your partner when it comes to how many numbers are successfully reduced when starting to train with.

4. Healthy snacks you can make yourself. Combine almonds, soy nuts covered with chocolate, and yogurt.

5. Experiment with herbal ingredients such as rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, and dill. Not only will improve the taste of food, but also contain many nutrients.

6. Look for fresh air. Go to the gym from day to day can make you feel like a routine and this is a dangerous thing to attempt to practice you. Occasionally, changing the atmosphere is by walking, or running, or cycling outdoors.

7. Set the screen saver on your computer screen to die every half hour or use the alarm on your wristwatch as a marker that it's time you move. Move to do some light stretching, such as body lift with his hand on the bench, push ups while facing the wall, and others. Or, simply by moving from his seat and began circling the room. Just do not to interfere with the activity of your work.

8. Watch around you and see that there is still much you can do to practice on the sidelines of your time. For example, tidy yard, pulling weeds, sweeping, mopping, and others. Another trick you can do is to stretch his legs, while tippy-squat when called. Or lift the foot while stretching while watching TV. Try to take the moment as an opportunity to exercise.

9. Not the type of person who can get up early? Many kok people like you. Do not stare at the talk that says you must exercise in the morning. The best time for you to exercise is when your energy is at its highest point. Most people give up when trying to force him to practice in the hours when his body refused to move. So, do not sign up for a yoga class at 06.00 when you know it will be difficult for you to force yourself to come every schedule. Morning, afternoon, and evening is the ideal time to exercise, depending on your body.

10. As with your partner, try to shop for groceries together. On each trip, choose healthy foods for the 1-2 start. This way, you can spend time together and plan meals together. If necessary, use a recipe book to follow a healthy diet every week.

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Tips for White Teeth and Healthy

Healthy teeth can boost appearance. The reason is, beautiful smile is closely related to healthy teeth, white, lined up, and strong.

Regular teeth cleaning and dental check, and limit foods that contain excess sugar is one way that you must do. But not only that, the food you eat also affect your dental health.

If you want to have healthy teeth, there are several lists of foods to avoid and what you can consume. Following a brief review of Carefair:

List of foods that you must avoid are candy

Chewing food peak position that you should avoid. Some specific types of candy is worse effect on the teeth. Strongly Mengemut candy or sweet chewing the afternoon is the worst thing you've ever done because it can damage the teeth. Sugar content of the candy will still stick to the teeth in the duration of time long enough, and this of course the main cause of tooth decay.

Therefore, you can replace the candy with a piece of cheese or a piece of sugar free gum. Cheese is rich in calcium also one of the ingredients needed by the teeth, and gums, and can increase the saliva in your mouth to neutralize the remaining acid from sweet foods you eat.

Foods that you should consume for White Teeth and Healthy

Healthy eating can contribute to your beautiful smile. Foods that contain antioxidants also contribute to strengthen the gums stay healthy teeth and prevent the gathering of plaque on teeth. Vitamin C, flavanoids and coenzim Q10 is a good content for a healthy smile because they serve to protect the gums from damage.

Your smile is the most important asset. You can keep it by choosing the right foods, and you will look more impressive with the white teeth and healthy and more beautiful smile. Have beautiful teeth like a pearl right now.**seoku.net**
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Benefits of Vitamin D for body

VITAMIN D or vitamin that can be obtained from food or produced by human skin exposed to sunlight, play an important role in improving the body's immune system.

The presence of vitamin D is very crucial for the body. Therefore, the weapon T cells of the body, the cells that attack and destroy bacteria and viruses that lodged in the body. Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have found that vitamin D was very important to activate the human immune system. Without vitamin D intake is sufficient, killer cells of the immune system (T cells) will not be able to react and fight serious infections in the body.

Well, that T cells can detect and kill foreign pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, the cells must be triggered first and then transformed from inactive cells and become dangerous killer cells are ready to find and destroy all the attackers.

The researchers found that T cells depend on vitamin D in the activation process. Thus, the body will be vulnerable if the deficiency of vitamin D in the blood. Researchers from the Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology Professor Carsten Geisler said, when dealing with T cells of foreign pathogens, these cells will be held device or antenna signal, known as the vitamin D receptor, which will search for vitamin D.

"This indicates the T cells must have a vitamin D or the activation of the cells will stop. If the T cells are unable to find enough vitamin D in the blood, they will not even begin to mobilize, "said Professor Carsten, as quoted reuters.com.

The results of these discoveries made scientists believe that providing much needed information on the immune system will help regulate the immune response.

This is important because not only fight the disease, but also in relation to the anti-immune reactions in the body and organ transplant rejection. After an organ transplant, T cells can attack the donor organ as "foreign attackers". In autoimmune diseases such as arthritis or Crohn's disease, the fragments of T-cells (cells to attack foreign body) leads to the body to attack itself.

For the research team, identified the role of vitamin D in the activation of T cells has become a major breakthrough. Scientists have long known that vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium and vitamin has also been involved in diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. But what was revealed is how the true role of vitamin D is essential to activate the human immune system.

Furthermore, Carsten said the findings could help overcome the disease and even infectious disease outbreak. The study will also be very useful in developing a new vaccine, which works exactly as the basic formation of the human immune system. And reacted well suppress the body's natural defenses in critical situations (as in the case of organ transplants and autoimmune diseases). Benefits of vitamin D is also recognized by other researchers "Chris Griffiths" from "Queen Mary". Chris said, vitamin D helps increase the body's immune system's ability to fight infection.

"We found that a single dose of vitamin D that is large enough to improve one's immunity against the bacteria."

Until now there has been no significant research on the optimal intake of vitamin D needed by the body in one day. However, experts recommend for men and healthy women aged 14-50 years, it is recommended to take vitamin D as much as 5 micrograms or 200 international units (IU) per day. Once the age of 51, the recommended intake increased to 10 micrograms or 400 IU per day. Furthermore, at the age of 71 increased to 15 micrograms (600 IU).

The problem, perhaps there is still much to trivialize the role of vitamin D is. Sometimes people only consider the intake of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, but not much notice the little things like vitamins, particularly vitamin D. Macro nutrients are needed, but micro-nutrients are also very important in preventing disease, maintaining the immune system, ensure the body's energy levels, and various roles of vitamins and other antioxidants.

Vitamin D, including vitamin fat-soluble, and are required to maintain the body's general health. But because these vitamins are fat soluble and stored in fat cells of the body, this vitamin can be toxic if consumed in excess amount. Vitamin D can be found in some foods, including milk, cod liver oil, salmon and mackerel, tuna and sardines, cereals fortified with vitamin D, eggs, and margarine.

Another way the easiest to get this vitamin is briefly dwell on the early morning sun. Besides drinking milk, this is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you get vitamin D intake is sufficient.

Not necessarily every day if you're busy. But every person is recommended to get exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes, 2-3 times per week. Make sure as many parts of the body exposed to sunlight. This is to enhance the absorption of vitamin D by the skin.

Then with the heat of this world, the ozone layer is getting thinner, ultraviolet light is more dangerous, whether the sun is still a good morning for the upcoming vitamin d for our bodies? answer only clever people who know.
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Benefits of Bananas For Beauty

Besides bananas health benefits also has benefits for our beauty, among others:

1. Dry facial skin
Miller one ambon bananas until smooth. Add two tablespoons of olive oil, heat briefly over low heat. After cold apply evenly on the face of the previously cleaned. Let dry to 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water. Do it every day.

2. Skin smoothing hand and foot

Mas Rub the banana peel in the hands and feet on the rough / broken. Do it every day.

3. Nourish hair
Mas banana skin drying five dry and mashed up into powder. Add the chicken eggs taken her yellow and one cup water, stirring evenly. Apply on the hair.

4. Blackened and hair loss prevention

Take the new bulbs harvested bananas in moderation, chopped and grated. Squeeze then take the water. Give the hair and scalp with a massage. Do it every morning.
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Bananas Ingredients and benefits

In fact in one screw has a yellow bananas contain 11 mg of calcium, phosphorus 35 mg, 1 mg iron, 503 mg potassium, 260 IU of vitamin A, 1 mg of niacin, and 14 mg of vitamin C. Bananas have also been given the gift of chromium content that functions in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Chrome along with insulin facilitate the entry of glucose into the cells. Chromium deficiency in the body can cause disturbance of glucose tolerance.

Bananas contain three natural sugars types: Sucrose, Fructose and Glucose. These substances may provide additional support and contribution of direct energy and have plenty of low gilkemik index is good for brain activity.

Carbohydrates, carbohydrates contained in a banana is a complex carbohydrate that provides energy absorbed by the body faster than the rice bread and biscuits. So, eat a banana if you are lazy to eat rice.

Iron, because high in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of hemoglobin (red blood cells) are very good, especially for patients ANEMIA.

Potassium substance that is high enough and low in salt, so it is good for blood pressure to be better. It also can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and Strooke disease. Potassium is a vital mineral reply to normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and body fluids to control levels. When we are experiencing STRESS (yg obsession interfere dapt body), the metabolic rate to rise, and therefore a reduction in potassium levels. This can be controlled with a light meal of rich banana potasiumnya levels.

Ants acid substances (acid neutralizing) the nature of the body, this substance is very good for those who suffer from heart disease.

In addition to substances above, bananas also contain many other important substances, including: Tryptphan, a type of protein that the body into serotonin, known to relax can take effect, Vitamin B6 & B12, which fiber diet can help to restore stomach, magnesium, etc..
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Apple Fruit Benefits - Manfaat Buah Apel

Eat an apple every day and the body will be spared from the disease. Thus the meaning of the English proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Appearance of red apples and ripe imagination and taste to invite people to look at.

Apple called forbidden fruit, the sensual and has its own charm. More than that, this fruit has many health benefits, namely:

1. Lowering cholesterol levels.
Apples contain phytochemicals known, effective antioxidants against bad cholesterol, in addition to lowering bad cholesterol, apples also increases good cholesterol (HDL). Pectin and acid content of D - glucaric acid in apples contributed to help lower bad cholesterol in the body.

2. Preventing lung cancer and healthy - lung.
Flavonid substances in apples may reduce the risk of proven lung cancer - lung to 50%. Research from Cornell University in the United States also found that substances in the skin of apple phytochemicals inhibit the growth of colon cancer by 43%.

3. Preventing heart disease and stroke.
Apple proved to prevent stroke. Publication of research in Finland (1996) shows, the pattern of flavonoid-rich food incidence of heart disease is lower.

4. Lose weight.
As a good source of fiber, apple good for digestion and help you lose weight. Apples are an excellent snack for people who are trying to lose weight because the high fiber content, thus preventing hunger comes more quickly.

5. Dental hygiene.
Apples also contain tannins, a useful substance to prevent periodontal tooth decay. Gum disease is caused by sticking together its plaque-forming bacteria.

6. Make women stay beautiful

Content of boron in apple shown to help women maintain hormonal levels of estrogen at menopause. Maintaining estrogen means to reduce the distortion caused by hormone imbalance dikala menopause, such as hot blast, pain, depression, heart disease, osteoporosis.

7. Protect the body from the flu virus.
According to him, very good cider attacks against viral infections because of stamina and increases the body's immune thanks to the apple juice consumption. (Delicious / Dt).
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Knowing the benefits of kiwifruit

Did you know kiwi fruit (Actinidia deliciosa)? Kiwi fruit has a distinctive shape, which is oval with a furry brown skin. While green pulp / golden and sweet, mixed with a little sour.

Many people think, kiwi fruit from New Zealand. This can happen, because New Zealand is the country's largest producer of kiwis in the world. In addition, the name "kiwi" with the name of the country's unique bird. The correct, kiwi fruit originated from China. It's called a "Chinese gooseberry".

Kiwifruit seeds brought to New Zealand in the early 20th century (between 1904 to 1906) by Isabel Fraser. He is the principal Wanganui Girls College, New Zealand, who visited China to see the schools. Since then, growing kiwi fruit in the country.

Benefits of Kiwi Fruit
A New Zealand based company, which markets the kiwi fruit to more than 70 countries around the world, has invested millions of dollars of research funds to find out the benefits of kiwifruit. Well, their research proved that the kiwi fruit has fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, folic acid, carotenoids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, copper, iron, zinc and other antioxidants is high enough. Kiwifruit also contain glycaemik index (GI), and fat and low cholesterol.

What are the benefits of all the vitamins and minerals? According to experts, kiwifruit can increase immunity. Kiwifruit also good to prevent spinal defects in babies, also encourages the brain and cognitive development of children. In addition, kiwi fruit can be used to maintain blood pressure and heart health. And, helps maintain digestive system health and vision, which usually decreases due to aging.

How to Select and Save the Kiwi Fruit

Interested in a kiwi fruit? You can buy them in various supermaket major cities. But remember, you can not find out where the kiwi fruit is ripe and ready to be enjoyed only by the skin appearance alone! So, you need a special trick. To get a ripe kiwi fruit, press the upper side (the learned) and the bottom with his thumb and forefinger. If a little soft, meaning the kiwi was ready to eat.

So, what to do if you already bought a kiwi fruit immature? Put the fruit into a fruit bowl or paper bag with apples and bananas. In the process of maturation, apples and bananas produce ethylene, and this will accelerate the maturation process of other fruits. Then, in order preserved kiwi fruit, put the fruit into a plastic bag or a special fruit boxes, and store in the refrigerator, separate from other fruits.
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Benefits of Petai Fruit

Petai fruit is fruit that was familiar in your ear. Petai known as the fruit that makes a very unpleasant smell. But perhaps, many do not know that petai contain 3 natural sugars sucrose, fructose, and glucose in combination with fiber.

Petai fruit not only provide energy, but also able to prevent and overcome several illnesses and conditions. When compared apples, petai has protein 4 times more, carbohydrates over twice as much, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice as many vitamins and other minerals.

Research has proven that two servings of petai Able to provide enough energy to do the heavy activity for 90 minutes.

Benefits Petai Fruit


Because they contain high iron, petai can stimulate the production of red blood cells and help in case of anemia.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Petai contains high calcium, but low in salt, so good for reducing blood pressure.

The brain's ability

Fruits high calcium can help increase the brain's ability to learn.


Because of the high fiber, petai then restore normal bowel action.

Mosquito bites, itching, and swelling

Rub the affected area bites, itching, and swelling of the petai skin.


Vitamin B6 and B12, as well as calcium and magnesium contained petai help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

So, it does not mean that the aromatic smell is not useful. Of course the first to know its contents and benefits and then you can try it please.
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Tips on Maintaining kidneys Health

Normally, no one wants to fall ill. But if you overdo the disease has come, do not dawdle, do the treatment immediately as optimal as possible. If allowed to drag on, the more severe illness, and greater treatment costs. In the case of kidney stone disease and urinary tract, severe kidney damage will force you to wash the blood throughout life.

What should you do to deal with this disease?

The following steps will help you:

1. Pay attention to symptoms.

Not all back pain a sign of kidney stones. This disease has several characteristic symptoms that are related to each other. If these symptoms seem, you should be suspicious.

Common symptoms of kidney stone disease are:

Pain or aching in the back of the upper waist or rather under the last rib.

At some level of pain inflicted stabbing pain, radiating to the side to follow the urinary tract. Not urinate smoothly. Desire exist but repeatedly issued back only slightly. Frequent urine reddish. This is a sign of urinary tract walls scratched or injured by stone chips. Sometimes it feels pain when urinate. The same time, the water there are pieces of art sand or small stones.

2. Medical Conduct

Treatment of kidney stone disease should be tailored to the severity of the disease. Simply put, there are three methods of treatment that can be done. Drinking lots of water plus a traditional herb that has diuretic effects (launched urinate). This method works only deal with small stones. Stone diameter less than 4 mm. Drink lots of water will help dilute and dissolve the rock art to easily carry out the body during urination.

3. Actions stone destruction (liptotripsi)

This method is intended to stone size between 4-30 mm. Having crushed stone, then stone removed through a process of urinating or urinate.

Lithotrypsy can be done with various techniques. It's called ESWL (extra corporeal shock Lithotripsy), which destroys the stone with shock waves which are activated from outside the body. This way most convenient and very minimal pain. Other lithotrypsy technique is crushed stone with ultrasound firing on stone. Lutrasonik wave that enters the body through a hole made in the pelvis or through a small tube inserted through the urinary tract to reach the location of the stone. The cost to do this lithotrypsy a dozen million rupiah reached.

4. Conducting Operations

These actions have done if the size of the stone more than 30 mm. Could also apply to the stones that are smaller when the patient's condition does not allow lipotripsi enforced. Operation requires no costs less, can reach 2-3 times the cost lithotrypsy. Sometimes, despite surgery, patients still need other treatment measures.

5. Treatment if relapse

If you've ever suffered from kidney stones, do not let this disease came over. Once or twice might not be a problem. But for the long term, your kidney is at stake. Not a bit of kidney failure occurs begins with kidney stones treatment that is not perfect.

The following tips can help minimize the recurrence of kidney stones pain:

- Expand drinking water

- Eat all things necessary, do not overdo it.

Many cases of kidney stones occur because the precipitation of vitamin C, uric acid, calcium, and magnesium excess.

- Expand the motion. Sitting or lying down too long to make the bones release calcium motivated. This could trigger the formation of stones in the kidney and urinary tract.

Hopefully these tips can help us in maintaining our kidney health.
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Traditional Medicines for Diabetes Mellitus

Early symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, thirst, crystalline lens changes shape so that the vision is blurred for a while, and others.

Diabetes arises inability to change glucose into energy. When blood sugar is too high, the kidneys can not filter all the blood so that urine contains glucose.

Medicine (Choose one recipe below:

Traditional Medicine 1:

1 point dried avocado seed afterwards powdered. 5 grams of powdered avocado is brewed with 200 cc of water.

Usage: Take 2 times daily potion

Traditional Medicine 2:

4 rambutan seeds dry roasted and then ground smooth. After that, rambutan seed powder boiled with water sufficiently.

Usage: Drink while warm, 2 times daily consumption

Remedy 3:

2-3 tablespoons of soy powder consumed enough water, then drink.

Usage: 2 times a day Consumption
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Cashew water was drug ulcers

Cashew water and red ripe really tempting thirst.
Know ye, that pink water containing vitamin C is also efficacious to cure ulcers!!

Cashew water. who is not familiar with this pink. He often grows next to our house, this tree was full of virtues and benefits of the drug. One of the benefits of "pink water" this is as a healing medicine sprue disease. How do I make medicine from pink water thrush? follow the following.

Here's how:

Cashew bark about our water 10 grams (the young), washed & finely ground plus half a glass of boiled water and filtered. Results are used to rinse the filter.

Hopefully you canker sores disappear!
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Foods that should be avoided by gout sufferers

For gout sufferers is expected to be aware that foods can cause you serious illness.

Here are some foods you should avoid when you are attacked by uric acid.

1. Drinks and alcoholic fermentation such as beer, whiskey, wine, tape, and wine.
2. Also, do not touch at all the names of seafood such as shrimp, scallops, oysters, crabs,
3. Various types of canned food like sardines, corned beef.
4. Various offal such as liver, kidneys, heart, brain, lung, spleen, intestines,
5. Certain fruits such as durian, avocado and coconut ice.

As for the food that you need to reduce his intake, in the sense that little portion you can still eat, namely:

1. Fish, lamb, chicken, beef,
2. Tempe, emping, nuts, oncom,
3. Some types of vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage and bean sprouts.
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Traditional Medicines for Gout

Uric acid is caused by uric acid content in blood pressure. Gout is uric acid attack of severe until the patient was in pain. If arthritis is pain in the bones. Uric acid metabolism are the result of one element of the protein, the substance of the castle and the kidney is the organ that regulates the stability of levels in the body and will bring the rest of uric acid into the urine drainage.

However, if uric acid levels were excessive, the kidneys will not be able to arrange it so that the surplus would accumulate in tissues and joints. Automatically, the kidneys will also be susceptible to interference. Ingredients high uric acid caused aches and pains in the supply of profound, if it is very severe, the patient can not walk.

Medicine (Select One of the ingredients below):

Concoction 1:
200 grams of red potato, cardamom 5 points, 5 points cenkeh, nutmeg 1 egg, 1 vertebra thumb cinnamon, 15 grams of red ginger, 10 grains of pepper, and brown sugar to taste boiled with 1 ½ liters of water until the remaining ½ liters. The water is drunk while warm, and sweet potatoes can be eaten. Usage: Consumption regularly 2 times a day

Concoction 2:
10 bay leaves boiled with water to 400 cc 200 cc of water left, then the water is drunk while warm.

Usage: Consumption regularly 2 times a day

Other alternatives:

1. Soursop just eaten or in juice, eat/drink every day

2. 7 pieces of bay leaves in two cups boiling water, to stay 1 cup, drink morning and evening

3. Grated squash and drink filtered water taken each day.

4. Balsamic vinegar and finished with honey mixed sizes plus one tablespoon honey 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar warm water plus/50 cc and taken for 1 week woke up this morning and reply 'go to sleep tonight

5. Raw potatoes and Malang apples in the juice.

Keep your health as well as possible. life is very precious.
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The Action of Asthma Prevention

All health disease of asthma attacks should be prevented. Body disease asthma attacks can be prevented if the triggering factor is known and can be avoided. Body disease that is triggered by exercise can be avoided by taking medication before exercise. There are prevention efforts that can be done to prevent the disease, among others:

1. Maintain a healthy body
2. Environmental hygiene
3. Avoiding trigger asthma attacks health disease
4. Using drugs antipenyakit asthma, a disease prevention

Each patient must try to make disease prevention measures. But if the symptoms are arising are required anti-asthma drugs to overcome the symptoms of the disease and subsequently maintained for patients free from asthma symptoms.

1. Maintaining Health

Maintaining a healthy body is a business that is inseparable from asthma treatment. If the patient is weak and undernourished, not only susceptible to disease, but also means easy to get asthma attacks and its complications. Efforts to prevent this disease include a food eating good nutritional value, drinking a lot, adequate rest, recreation and sport appropriate to overcome the disease. Patients are encouraged to drink lots except where prohibited a doctor, suffering from other diseases such as heart disease or severe kidney.

2. Environmental hygiene
Environment where people with daily living greatly influenced the emergence of asthma attacks. The situation is very important as the home note. Houses should not be moist, enough ventilation and sunlight. Drainage should be smooth. The bedroom is a place that needs special attention. Bedroom should contain as little as possible items to avoid house dust. (medicastore.com)
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Prevention of Asthma Attack

Prevention of an asthma attack is most important is to avoid pencetusnya factor. Trigger factors are as follows:

1. Allergens, allergic factors influence asthma. Babies and small children is often associated with things that contain dust mites at home like, flakes or animal fur, mold spores are in the house, etc.. Or it could also be caused by certain foods. To learn more obvious types of allergy can be skin allergy test at the hospital.

2. Infection, infection in infants and children is usually caused by a virus. But sometimes also be due to bacteria, fungi or parasites.

3. Irritant
, may be a hairspray Irritant, perfume, smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipe, the sharp smell of paint and hazardous air pollutants other. The cold, dry air and cold water is also a trigger asthm.

4. Weather, changes of pressure and air temperature, wind and humidity associated with the acceleration and the occurrence of asthma attacks.

5. Physical activities
, heavy physical activity like running and riding a bike can cause an asthma attack. Laughed and cried loudly can also be an asthma trigger.

6. Infection of upper respiratory tract.

7. Psychic, the psychic factor is the trigger that should not be ignored. The lack of attention or do not want to acknowledge the problems associated with asthma, either by the children themselves or by their families, will slow down or even hamper prevention efforts. Conversely too afraid of an asthma attack can also aggravate asthma attacks.

So, try to always consult with a family first, if there is one health disorders of family members. Do not hide. take care of our health!
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Known Disease Elephantiasis

Elephant Foot Disease - Disease Foot elephant or in medical terms is called filariasis is a disease that can be contagious. Elephant leg disease occurs due to the Filaria worm and the disease can be transmitted between humans to humans through various types of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes which suck the blood of victims who had suffered previous Elephant Foot Disease, where the blood which is inhaled to infected larvae, and then be transmitted back to others while the mosquitoes bite people.

Symptoms of disease caused by Elephants Foot Fever is a repeat for 3-5 days, and the fever will disappear if adequate rest, and will reappear when working hard. Traits other Elephant Foot disease is a swollen lymph nodes, without causing injuries groin area, armpits and will appear reddish, accompanied by fever and pain.

Usually the swollen area due to the elephant leg disease will be accompanied by swollen lymph nodes, and then may rupture and ooze pus with blood.

Enlargement legs, arms, breasts, testicles, and will look reddish and hot is also one of the characteristics of the symptoms of elephantiasis.

Clinical symptoms of victims of chronic elephantiasis patients were settled on the enlargement of legs, arms, breasts and testicles (skroti elephantiasis).

Ways to prevent disease elephantiasis can be done in several ways, including:

- Avoiding the bite of infected mosquitoes that can transmit the disease elephantiasis.

- Clean water plants in the marsh which is a brood of mosquitoes, store or drain water as a mosquito sanctuary.

- Clearing the bushes around the house, and doing water draining places that can support the proliferation of mosquito larvae into.

Hope we Can keep our healthy life.
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Efficacy and Benefits of Papua Red Fruit

A. Cancer and Tumor
Cancer, one of the number one killer disease in the world. Cancer or tumor caused by a hormonal disorder that resulted in travel growing meat in normal tissues. This cancer can strike any part of the body, such as the uterus, breast, and even the brain. The disease had terminal cancer can cause death.

Role of red fruit in helping the healing of this cancer is that tocopherol content and relatively high betakaroten. Both these chemicals work together as antioxidants and enhance the immune system. As antioxidants, these compounds serve both to prevent and suppress reproductive cancer cells. Omega 3 is contained in the red fruit can also improve the function of damaged tissue, so it is recommended for people with "ca mammary or breast cancer.

Utilization of red juice to help the healing process of cancer should be combined with other herbs, such as white Intersection, Intersection mango, and taro mice that could kill cancer cells.

Cancer patients who had improved generally drink raw juices of one teaspoon twice a day. If you are drinking the juice, it is suggested not taking supplements containing vitamin E because vitamin E is contained in the red juice was high. Cholesterol condition should always be checked, because some people who ate the red fruit tends to increase cholesterol. Also recommended before taking a red fruit juice, cancer patients and consult with a doctor who specializes herbalis handle cancer.mmae disease or breast cancer.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) that causes AIDS (aquired imunodeficiency syndrome), attacks the human body until the immune system becomes weak or missing. Therefore, people infected with HIV and have follow-up disease, usually can not recover because they have no immune system can fight the disease. This follow-up disease that causes the death of AIDS patients.

The immune system HIV/AIDS patients will usually weaken and if another disease could meet his death because his immune system weakened and unable to fight the disease. In the process of healing, red juice will improve the immune system and break the protein compounds into food HIV/AIDS. As a result, HIV/AIDS is increasingly weakened because they do not get food for breeding.

One of the chemical compounds in the red fruit is tocopherol or vitamin E and beta-carotene. Tocopherol and beta-carotene is functioning as an antioxidant and can improve the immune system become the main problem with HIV/AIDS. Both these compounds can also ward off free radicals. With the immune system is increased, patients with Al DS are expected to resist the attack penyakt follow-up. Tocopherol and beta-carotene are also combined to finally break down the amino acid needed by HIV, so the virus does not obtain food for survival. High protein in the red fruit can also help the protein intake required by people with AIDS. Combination with Centella asiatica and sambiloto can also be done, because it can serve as Centella asiatica antivirus and sambiloto as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory.

To help the healing of AIDS, this red fruit should be consumed as a companion and not leave medicine from doctors. Oil red fruit can be given as much as one teaspoon three times a day.

C. Blood Pressure
High blood pressure caused heart work that serves as a blood pump is not running as it should. Work of the heart in pumping blood that is too fast is what is called high blood pressure disease. One of the triggers of this phenomenon is the lack of blood oxygen and/or the blood is too thick. High blood pressure is accompanied by a narrowing of blood vessels can cause strokes.

Role of natural tocopherol in the red fruit is then worked thins the blood and facilitate blood circulation, so that the oxygen content in the blood to be normal. Due to blood viscosity and oxygen content to be normal, automatic blood pressure down or normal.

D. Uric Acid
The disease occurs due to uric acid liver function did not work properly, so that the liver produces too much uric acid. Uric acid is then deposited in the kidneys and into rock, then carried through the bloodstream to the body and accumulate, especially in the tips of fingers and toes.

Role of tocopherol in terms of helping the healing is to dilute the uric acid and facilitate blood flow, thus improving liver working system. Working system right liver is then able to reduce uric acid production and improve the work of the heart. Natural fat in the red fruit also can block out excess uric acid.

Although he was eating a red fruit juice, gout patients should remain on a diet to abstain from food that can trigger gout disease.

E. Stroke

Stroke is a disease that attacks the brain. The disease is usually caused by a frozen blood and accompanied by a narrowing of blood vessels. High blood pressure also became one of the triggers of this disease. If blood pressure rises, blood clot, and there was narrowing of blood vessels, blood supply to the brain will be reduced. In fact, the blood vessels can rupture. This disease can cause paralysis in the limbs, either total paralysis or paralysis of one.

Role of red fruit is to prevent and help treat a stroke. Chemical compounds that act is tocopherol. Tocopherol is in the red fruit is a natural tocopherol and prevents blood clots with thin. The effect, blood clotting can be avoided and the flow of blood to the brain becomes smooth. Red fruit also serve to improve the working system of the heart. Until the blood pressure is too high can be decreased.

Red juice to prevent and help cure a stroke can consume as much as one teaspoon 2-3 times a day. In addition, stroke patients are encouraged to notice the pattern of eating with a diet and not eat warfarin.

F. Disorder of eyes

Diseases that often strike the eye, such as temporary blindness and blindness disease, usually caused by deficiency of vitamin A. The body Meanwhile, vitamin A can not be produced by the body. This is where the role of beta-carotene in the red fruit. Beta-carotene is absorbed by the body and then converted into vitamin A.

G. Herpes

Herpes is a skin disease caused by the herpes virus. The disease is characterized by watery rash on the skin very itchy taste. Rash of this disease can attack the whole body or in the area around the genitals. Currently there are two types of herpes is herpes that attacks the skin and genital herpes attack. Skin herpes can attack all parts of the body surface of the skin and genital herpes are generally attacked the area around the human genitals. The spread of this virus is usually through sexual contact, clothing, sweat, and from an unhealthy environment.
Empirically, people with herpes who drank red juice and put the oil on the affected area of the body through the healing herpes. However, scientifically not known what compounds can cure herpes is.

H. Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes mellitus is often also called blood sugar disease. The disease is caused by disrupted pancreatic work, so it can not produce insulin in sufficient. As a result, disturbed carbohydrate metabolism and glucose can not be processed by the body, the sugar content in the blood increases, and then expelled along with urine. The symptoms of this disease is blood sugar content of sugar in the urine, weight loss, always thirsty and hungry, and urinate constantly.

Medical treatment for this disease is to regularly inject insulin. In addition, patients should also set up a strict diet and eating patterns. Diabetes healing process can be assisted by way of red fruit oil consumption for natural vitamin E or tocopherol it contains. Tocopherol in the red fruit of this will improve the work of the pancreas, so fungsiny, ja to secrete insulin to be perfect. To better maximize labor resources red fruit oil, people with diabetes mellitus is recommended to abstain from diets with foods that can cause diabetes mellitus.

I. Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis or bone loss usually attack people who are elderly, especially women. The cause of osteoporosis is calcium deficient, so the body takes calcium from the bones and causes bones to become porous.

The ability of red fruit and help prevent osteoporosis caused healing juice contains high calcium. In every 100 grams of fresh red fruit contains 54,000 mg of calcium. And helps prevent osteoporosis treatment can be done by consuming the red fruit in the form of pasta, fresh red fruit, red fruit and oil.

J. Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid, hemorrhoids, or ulcer is often also called haemoroid. The disease is caused by swelling at the end of the release channel or rectum. The man who attacked at the anus hemorrhoid will feel hot and sick. This tormented feeling will occur mainly after eating spicy foods or during a bowel movement (BAB). In cases of severe hemorrhoid, sometimes anal glands can get leaned out. Such hemorrhoid is by the doctor usually will be operated.

Until now many hemorrhoid sufferers who have recovered after taking the red juice in a matter of weeks. However, there has been no information from the medical community about the efficacy of red juice in curing piles.

K. Lupus
According to the survey, until now there are at least 5000 people who died from the disease lupus. These diseases can be known by bercakbercak existence of a red butterfly shaped like a wound or bite scratches. This disease is an autoimmune disease that attacks the immune system from within and not able to recognize his own body tissue. Immune system lupus usually become wild and attack yourself. Who had severe lupus can cause an attack on the joints, skin, kidneys, liver, lungs, blood vessels, and brain. Usually this disease is also accompanied by appetite and weight loss, and hair loss.

Lupus disease there are two types, ie, discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Lupus species attack only DLE skin. SLE Lupus Lupus is more dangerous than DLE for attacking internal organs, and very dangerous. If lupus attacked a pregnant woman can result in miscarriage. SLE will usually gain weight when suffering is often exposed to the sun directly. Until now has not known for certain causes of this disease.

Role of red fruit in helping to cure the disease lupus is improving patient stamina. Red fruit in the treatment of this disease also function as antioxidants. Red fruit that is consumed is expected to boost the immune system, so that people with strong stamina and be able to fight the disease. Until now some of those with SLE who ate red juice has shown positive developments.

L. Increase Libido or Aphrodisiac

In the red juice testimonials help increase sexual libido in men. However, from experiments conducted on 10 men, various levels of age, different effects, depending on his physical condition. There are reacted 15 minutes after drinking it, there is an hour or two hours, and some that did not react at all.

Vitamin E in a high number of red fruit can help improve sperm production, especially for men who lack sperm production. The combination of high vitamin E and the amount of energy that reaches 360 calories in fresh fruit is expected to act as aprodisiak.

M. Helps Improve Intelligence

One way to help improve the intelligence of the human brain is to stimulate the growth of the baby's brain in the womb and in infancy. One way is by taking the form of essential acids omega 3 and omega 6. Both should be consumed together to make the work effective. Compounds of omega 3 and omega 6 is found in red fruit as much as 7.8% and 8.8%. Both omega can stimulate the brain power that continues enhance intelligence.

Oil red fruit to enhance the brain works can be consumed in the form of oil or used as cooking oil when sauteing or cooking food. In the meantime, the children are encouraged to consume as much as one teaspoon once a day.

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Red Fruit from Papua

Red Fruit from Papua

According to the trust the people "Dhani Tribe" in Memberamo, Papua, thousands of years ago, their ancestors descended from the "Mount Pugima" to the area to gather Wesakpog. Mount Pugima, according to them is the "mountain Jayawijaya" which is the highest mountain in Indonesia and Wesakpog is an area in the "Valley Baliem". After gathering in Wesakpog, ancestor of the Papuans is then continued on without bringing supplies and equipment at all. They then spread to all corners of the compass.

On the way, some of them were stopped for a rest and make a fire. According to the "Tribe Dhani", in which they rest is, the Creator of the equipment down the bows and arrows, stone axes, flint, a variety of plants, and pets. Plant is of sweet potato and red fruit. Meanwhile, suspected pet pig. After mematikkan flint, they burned red sweet potatoes and fruit. Time red fruit is then given to the pet. In place of rest and make a fire that they then make a settlement and develop into various kinds of current interest.

On the way, some of them were stopped for a rest and make a fire. According to the "Tribe Dhani", in which they rest is, the Creator of the equipment down the bows and arrows, stone axes, flint, a variety of plants, and pets. Plant is of sweet potato and red fruit. Meanwhile, suspected pet pig. After mematik (hitting stones to fire) stone fire, they burn and sweet red fruit. Time red fruit is then given to the pet. In place of rest and make a fire that they then make a settlement and develop into various kinds of current interest.

Meanwhile, some Papuans ancestors walked on land and traveled across the ocean partly using rafts. Allegedly, those who crossed the sea to the continent of Australia and the embryo-going Aboriginal tribe.

Until now, remains red fruit food portion of the population of Papua Island, especially those living in areas Jayawijaya Mountains. By population, the red fruit is used as a mixture of everyday foods. They racked red fruit after the burn with a rock. Red fruit is the result of their consumption of juice with sweet potatoes, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Meanwhile, the grounds or the pasta is given to their pet pig.

In a ceremony burn stone, red fruit becomes main elements. Ceremony bakar stone usually done for collect society, especially within one tribe, when there an event, like wedding, days christmas, idul fitri, new year, celebration harvest, worshiping ancestor, death, or for strengthen relationships family ties. Dish of grilled stone ceremony is incomplete and less enjoyable if you do not use fruit that is still a family with this pandanus plant (red fruit).

Plant Description

Red fruit
plants are plants that are still one family with pandanus plants. Pandanus conoideus in their natural habitat (The island of Papua) grows from the lowlands near the coast to the highlands. In fact, the mountain slopes at an altitude of Jayawijaya 2500 m above sea level. This plant can be found. These woody plants grow branches until a branch 5. Ribbon-shaped leaves are prickly edges-small thorns. Higher plants can achieve 15 meters. Roots shaped hanging air roots to a height of one meter from the base of stem. The plant is fruiting at the age of three years from planting.

Red fruit is generally oval-shaped or slightly longer square. 30-120 cm long fruit. 10-25 cm diameter fruit. This fruit is generally red, brownish red, and some are yellow. Outer rind of fruit resembling the jackfruit. These skins consist of a structured collection of seeds in the hearts empuluratau located inside the fruit. In Papua, some areas became centers of red fruit are areas that lie along the mountains Iereng Jayawijaya. Among Kelila, BOKONDINI, Karubaga, Kobakma, Kenyam, and Pasema.

Red Fruit Ingredients

Until now, chemical compounds contained in red juice was not uniform, especially tocopherol and betakaroten. Some red fruit samples examined showed levels of tocopherol and beta-carotene content of different. The number of these compounds contain two are influenced by the growing plants and the manufacturing process. Tocopherol and high beta-carotene obtained from the fruit that comes from upland crops and through the right cooking process. The process of cooking with high heat and a long time to reduce the content of these two. Content of chemical compounds is also influenced by the type of red fruit. Papua own hinterland can be found at least 14 plant species or varieties of red fruit.

Juice samples of successful red barugum investigated by the Faculty of Food and Nutrition, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) shows the content of chemical compounds as shown in the table below.
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Red Fruit Oil is A Treating Fruit For Chronic Diseases

Pandanus Conoideus Lam/Red fruit is special and typical plant or endemic which grow at Papua island. But most population could seen at Jayawijaya, Jayapura, Manokwari, Nabire, Timika, and Ayamaru Sorong.

Red Fruit plants are grow among the density of tropical forest, spread within cool mountain climate on 2000-3000 meters above sea level in Papua.

The Latin name of Red fruit is Pandanus Conoideus Lam.

Red Fruit Oil is included pandanus family with 16 m height with free stand limp 5 to 8 m height supported with rhizome at lower limp. The shape is oval and the bud covered with fruit leaves. The length of Red Fruit is 55 cm, 10-15 diameter and 2-3 kg weight. The color is bright maroon red and a few of them are brown and yellowish brown.

There are 30 variant of Red Fruit (Pandanous Conoideus/Buah Merah), but there are 4 varieties only which has high economy value among others such as long red (merah panjang), short red (pendek merah), brown and yellow. Red Fruit (Pandanous conodeus) which are used as a medicine is long red and the size is around 100 cm length and 18 cm diameter length. It has blunt edge. Cylindrical shape and heart point with 7.5 kg weight.

Red Fruit Oil is being cooked and consumed as a traditional food in Papua. Red Fruit Oil extract is consumed by everybody as a supplement food and to cure many disease.

Red Fruit can treat lethal diseases.
It can make us strong and healthy and good for hard worker as well.

International Pharmaceutical Standard

During the manufacturing process of buah merah, the producer imposed the highest production standards in a sterile room and utilize only stainless steel equipment - an International pharmaceutical standard - to produce high quality products.

Good Manufacturing Process

Employing only skilled professional agriculturist, pharmacist, and chemist, the manufacturer is focus on delivering the best quality products - "RFO".

More info get here http://www.buah-merah.com/index-english.htm
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Soluble Vitamins In Water

Water-soluble vitamins consist of two groups, namely vitamin B and vitamin C. Both vitamins are essential for the health of the human body. Initially vitamin B and vitamin C were given names based on the labels of the test tube as vitamins were found. Because the test tube to the vitamin B was carrying more than one vitamin, then the vitamins in the B test tube labeled B1, B2, and so on.

If vitamin C has many functions, such as the role of antioxidant vitamins B of which there are 8 of this act to assist the enzyme in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as in the manufacture of DNA and new cells.

Vitamins that dissolve in water:

Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
Niacin (nicotinic acid, nicotinamida, niasinamida, vitamin B3)
Vitamin B6 (Piridoksin, piridoksal, piridoksamin)
Folate (Folasin, folic acid, pteroilglutamat acid, vitamin B9)
Vitamin B12 (Kobalamin)
Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)
Biotin (Vitamin B8)
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Vitamin for Our Skin

We unconsciously forget as skin health. sometimes we think just the face alone. In fact, the entire skin of our bodies. not only for the health of our bodies. But our skin also needs to be maintained. That's also when we want to look nice and fresh until we are old.

To get enough vitamin intake, we can get it through food. Another alternative is through the additional supplements. For the skin, additional supplements can be obtained orally (drink) and a cosmetic that can be applied to the skin surface. These two kinds of useful ways to help combat premature aging of the skin.

Here are some useful vitamins that keep your skin health.

1. Vitamin A
The main function of vitamin A in skin restructuring process is to support the development and regeneration of skin cells. This vitamin deficiency can cause dry and scaly skin. Products Vitamin A stimulates skin cell division at the top and enhance the function of cells that protect the skin.

Most of the vitamin A is packaged in the form of ready-made vitamins and skin moisturizers with Ultraviolet protection for dry skin. Quintessence of this vitamin is known as Retin A, or retinol/retinoids. These materials are now often found in products for skin care benefits to shed dead skin, so according to the wrinkled skin (skin layer over the entire visible to the lower layers of skin more fresh), and also acne prone skin (open acid content of obstruction which is in the pores of the skin).

2. Vitamin B

Its function is to retain moisture and regenerate skin Panthenol substance that results from vitamin B is the only substance of vitamins that can be applied to the outer skin, and can be absorbed to the inner layer of skin. The benefit is to maintain balance and to keep moisture, so the effect is to balance and maintain skin moisture. Because of its soft and able to renew the skin cell tissue, as well as the effect of light in the sun, so it is not surprising that these vitamins are often packaged into products or daily skin care at night. (Day Cream and Night Cream).

3. Vitamin C

The main benefit is to reduce cell damage and strengthen collagen network. The cells of our body, including skin cells every day "battered" by destroying substances called free radicals, which contain many substances destroyer ultar violet rays from the sun, pollution and even stress experienced by our own bodies. To combat these free radicals substance, we need vitamin C.

Vitamin C serves as a catcher substances such radical (referred to as antloksidan) and protects the skin cells and body. In addition vitamin C also can move the skin cell activity and monitor the formation kolegen tissue (tissue that makes skin elastic) and help the healing process. This vitamin is usually packed in small capsules, or mixed with other emulsion because the nature of these vitamins are fragile and easily broken down.

4. Vitamin E

Serves as a radical catcher substance or antioxidant and skin protector. This vitamin deficiency makes the skin appear wrinkled. The function of vitamin E is the same as vitamin C, a substance that is as radical catchers, repairing aging and improve skin moisture. Another plus is the vitamin E is also maintaining, even increasing the level of resilience/elastitas on the skin.

This means that the vitamin E skin can last for faster visible and not easily wrinkled. This vitamin also reduces infection therefore vitamin E is very good for sensitive skin, for example sensitive to sunburn. In protective products, leather/sunscreen, vitamins are used as a barrier against external effects that can cause dryness of the skin.
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Steak Gindara, Healthy Without Salt

Salt was instrumental in bringing in any food palatability. In the body, salt is needed to regulate the fluid in the body cells, also regulate the degree of acidity in the blood. However, the body requires only small quantities of salt and limited. Salt naturally already available in almost all foods, especially in vegetables, fruits and sea food. High salt content in the body can lead to various health problems, such as hypertension or high blood pressure which may result in the emergence of a heart attack.

Here's one recipe for a delicious meal still guaranteed, but cooked without salt. Good luck!


For 2 Serves

(preparation time: 15 minutes)
Water 2 tsp grated ginger
1 tsp garlic parut
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp sesame oil
2 slices (@ 200 g) fillet gindara/Snapper
1 tablespoon olive oil

How to make:
(cooking time: 10 minutes)
1. Mix the ginger water, garlic, lemon juice, and sesame oil (for marinade). Mix well.
2. Marinate the fish with marinade. Let stand for 15 minutes.
3. Heat a heavy skillet (grill pan), add the olive oil. Grilled fish with basting occasionally until cooked flavor. Turn, brown fish. Lift.
4. Serve steak with salad gindara.
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Tomato Destroy Free Radicals

In the red pigment in tomatoes, the other has more value. The red color in tomatoes more lycopene, a substance of antioxidants that can destroy free radicals in your body by smoking, pollution and ultraviolet rays. Also, later known lycopene is also efficacious help prevent cell damage that can cause cervical cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. "It was lycopene not only found in tomato, but also in red wine, watermelon and papaya. However, lycopene is the most abundant in tomatoes. "Leane said.

To receive benefits, especially for adults. Advanced Leane, tomatoes should be eaten every morning as much as one or two. Sour taste in tomatoes comes from citric acid content caused fresh tomatoes, so it can increase appetite. This sour taste is very good in consumption as we experience the nausea or the consumption by the women who have PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome). If you can not take it with a sour taste, especially for those who have ulcer disease, Leane was not advised to consume even in the form of juice that has added sugar, because it would aggravate the disease condition.

Prepared for the Better

Different fresh tomatoes with other vegetables, which is more beneficial if eaten raw, turned out better tomatoes mixed with food or crushed before eating. The researchers found that lycopene in tomatoes was issued more than a tomato eaten directly without being processed first. Unfortunately, despite its abundant content lycopen, tomato paste and tomato sauce are sold in the market are laced with lots of food additives such as dyes or synthetic preservatives. This additional material fact stimulate the emergence of many free radicals that trigger cancer.

Benefits of Tomato:

* Helps reduce the risk of heart problems.
* Eliminate fatigue and increase appetite.
* Inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the prostate, cervix, breast and endometrium.
* Slows the decline in function because the influence of age (age-related macular degeneration).
* Reduce the risk of appendicitis.
* To help maintain healthy liver, kidney, and prevent bowel problems.
* Eliminate acne.
* Treat diarrhea.
* Increasing the number of sperm in men.
* To restore liver function.
* Overcoming obesity.

Source: blog.iwanudin.com
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Efficacy and Benefits of Tomatoes

benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes, is the easiest plants encountered. The bright color really interesting. In addition to vitamin C and A, the tomato is said to cure various diseases.

If traced its history, or Lyopercisum esculentum tomato initially found around Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. In France, the tomato is called 'apple of love' or pomme d'amour. Told as a love apple, because tomatoes are believed able to heal impotence and increase sperm counts and increase agility movements.

Tomatoes are also widely used for dishes, such as soup, juice, pasta, etc.. It was a bit sour and even create your appetite increases. Further studies by DR. John Cook Bennett from Wiloughby University, Ohio, as the first to examine the benefits of tomatoes, in November 1834, shows that tomatoes can cure diarrhea, attacks bile, indigestion and restore the function lever. Other researchers from the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, also managed to find the benefits of tomatoes the other. According to him, a yellow gel surrounding tomato seeds can prevent blood clotting and clotting that can lead to heart disease and stroke.

It is also recognized by the doctors of nutrition, Dr. Leane Suniar Manurung, MSc. Seeing so many benefits of tomatoes, then either consumed any tomatoes at an early age. "Moreover, tomato timggi also contain vitamin C and vitamin A, which is useful to boost immunity." But what kind of tomatoes consumed good? If you look at the market, we can find tomatoes in two colors, namely red and green colors. This color difference shows vitamin content. According Leane, a good tomato is red tomato consumption. Red tomatoes contain vitamin C and vitamin A five times more than the green tomatoes. The more ripe tomatoes, the rich content of vitamins. "Because it was a small child should be accustomed to eating lots of red tomatoes. This is essential for healthy eyes, "says Leane. So, no doubt giving the bullet a little tomato. Since the age of 6 months, a child begins to get used to eat tomatoes mixed with other vegetables.

More detail,,of tomatoes benefits, click here
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Tomato Benefit

Tomatoes contain:

Vitamin C - there is a useful antioxidant to help remove free radicals in the body.

Tomatine - potent anti-inflammatory, carotene and citric acid. If the tomato rubbed on the face, the citric acid content may help lift dirt and grease, so they can use natural acne medicine with just rubbed it gently on her face.

Carbohydrates - if consumed regularly can be an additional source of energy for the body necessary for the performance of various body functions, such as the brain and stimulate the muscles of the body. Good News right for the dieter who are low carb diets. Carbohydrates from the fruit more easily digested and better than the carbohydrates of rice/noodles/bread.

Fat - well this is important precisely for the dieter who are reducing food intake. Fat also contains essential fatty acids are beneficial to the skin and other body parts. Also works well to dissolve the vitamins A, D, E, K are good for the eyes & circulation (TIPS Good ni, kalo taking vitamin supplements, should also consume fat. Because no reply, vitamins will throw away from the body because there is not temenannya to digest vitamins that - you know about this will be discussed at another topic, ok!).

- in the body become a source of amino acids the body uses to build and replace cells damaged.

Tomatoes become a mainstay to detoxify the body through juice therapy. In fact, according to research Ohio State University, tomatoes may help prostate cancer treatment, thanks to antioxidants (lycopene) they contain.**www.indonesiaindonesia.com**
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Benefits of Turmeric for Health and Beauty

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a herbaceous plant from berimpang-jahean ginger family (Zingiberaceae), which originated from tropical South Asia. These plants need a temperature of 20 ° C to 30 ° C and rainfall to grow a normal routine.

Plant part used is the rhizome much it. Turmeric rhizome is used extensively in the field of food. Kari is one type of food that uses turmeric. Yellow pigment in turmeric (coded E100) used to protect food products against sun damage. When used with other pigments, namely annatto (E160b), turmeric can be used to give color to cheese, yogurt, butter, and margarine.

Chemical compounds contained in turmeric is kurkumin (polyphenol compound) and essential oil. Kurkumin is an active compound in turmeric, which is found in two forms Tautomer, namely the keto form in solid phase and the enol form in solution phase.

A 2004 study at the University of California showed that "kurkumin" compounds can inhibit the accumulation of destructive beta-amyloid in the brains of Alzheimer's disease and also describe plaques that have been there before.

Given also that "kurkumin" is a compound MAO-A inhibitors (monoamin oxidase) is strong at doses above 150 mg/kg. Inhibitory efficacy of MAO-B is at doses above 550 mg/kg.

A recent study on laboratory mice showed that turmeric can slow the spread of breast cancer to the lungs and other body parts.

Kurkumin also have the efficacy to relieve pain. A study published in November 2006 in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism shows the effectiveness of relief kurkumin as inflammation in the joints. This compound is a natural inhibitor of COX-2 enzyme.

A study in 2008 and concluded that turmeric is also able to reduce insulin resistance and prevent type 2 diabetes in laboratory mice.

In addition to the health benefit, turmeric is also useful for skin care and beauty. Several formulations of sunscreen (sunscreen) contains turmeric. Turmeric paste is used by women in India to remove the excess hair on the skin.

Compounds THCs (tetrahydrocurcuminoids) in turmeric useful as antioxidants and skin brightening, which has prospects in the manufacture of cosmetic formula.
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